Bookworm.   The Library   Bookworm.

[ History demands my Testimony. Albutross.]

Reading.                                         A massive Library.             Art                  Dillon 2014.                          Reading.

A Picture can say a thousand words, there will soon be ten thousand pictures in our Library.

My contribution to modern Art click here My contribution to Modern Art.

My Pencil drawings.Pen and Pencil drawings.

Click here to see beautiful art at its best    Pure Art

Click here to see images that educate us Education.

Click here to see video films produced by all the staff at homemade Video films.

Telegraph and Argus. 1907.

A few pages from the Telegraph and Argus Staff Mag 1938 

The Black Dyke Mills

photos of old markets in Bradford.

A Brief history of Wibsey Buttershaw and Bradford [With rare old and new images of Bradford]

Buttershaw Waste Treatment. [Engineering at it's best]

our Innovation's [Futuristic Idea's]

Yorkshire and Humberside Coast [Vanishing Fast]

Images of modern Bradford taken in the year 2005/6/7/8

Beautiful pictures of our England [Our Heritage]

Beautiful Shibden Hall, Halifax, England.  WoW.

The Bible [under construction]

Space and Time  [A trip into the unknown]

Bradford Interchange 1975.              The Gentle Sex

Hepworth and Grandage put on here in July 2019

Empire Stores Bradford England put on here is January 2019.

Bradford Northern.        The Town that bred us         Mackintoshies 1958

Stonehenge                                              The Tower of London 1830

Lord Mayoress of Bradford             Gracie Fields 1932                       Dancing for Joy.

The National Museum of Photography Bradford England 1993.            A long journey

Yorkshire Speaks                   Gustav Dore                   Bradford Resevoirs

Bradford University Rag 1971                  Learning to drive in the 50s

Bolling Hall Museum 1923.                  Views of the United Kingdom 1900

A roam around Bronteland                     Bradford Stock car racing.            

The Bradfordian                 Crofts engineers           Kays Fashion from 1982.

I Loved but never knew this Lady.                  Parkland Textiles

A particular Accent                     Old Bingley.                 Cudworth collection of  

York Treasure House                    Fountains Abbey.                         Jane is here

Exercising.              U.S.A.           Old English School pics     

Pictures of Graffiti  Graffiti                  Album by Evangeline Saywell from 1904 to 1974

Fly on the wall                     Dragonflies.                       It's just a load of Balls

We aquired an old Book about 1930s Humour in New York, it is damaged but we repaired it

Tournament of Roses in Pasadena USA 1973. Put on here in 2018.

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