Master's Bedroom

There is only one Master in this world and that is the way it will always be and no matter how hard Human beings try to destroy the Master, they will fail and eventually the Master will destroy the Human being. For thousands of years or even millions of years the Human being has had respect and sometimes even worshipped the Master, but now in these so called modern times the Human being has been neglecting the Master in a catastrophic way and she is getting really fed up and annoyed with us. We are referring to mother Nature of course, because she is the real Master, not only of this world, but also of our destiny and its up to the humble Human being to start respecting her again. We [the humble Human beings] rely totally on Governments to make decisions relating to how we should conduct our lives,  that could be our Fatal mistake, because in reality Governments are only interested in one thing and that is power. Governments have no interest in the feelings of the average humble Human being or in the Master herself. Governments, but not all governments I must stress, do more damage to the Master by approving certain policies just to save money and other policies that damage the environment. Lets take War for an example. Some wars are justified in the respect of freedom and we all want freedom so we are all willing to fight for it, but in doing so we destroy vast amounts of the Master's world, but the Master is very resilient and she will fight back and restore the damage. Eventually one day we will use weapons of mass destruction which will of course alter the Master's Delicate balance and she will punish us for it by destroying the humble Human Being. Life itself will not end because the Master knows that it is only the Human being that is destructive and so therefore Skunk's and hyenas will live on. 

There was a volcanic eruption in Iceland and over the last three days all flight traffic over the United Kingdome and parts of Europe has been affected, no aeroplanes are allowed to land or take off for safety reasons. Today is the 18th of April 2010 and still the upper atmosphere is full of very fine volcanic  dust which is considered very dangerous to jet engines and aeroplane bodywork, the ban looks like its going to be here for a while, people have been left stranded all over the World, some are turning to ferrie's to get home from holidays. It is a classic example of how Nature can upset our lives whenever she feels neglected, a simple change in the wind direction plays havoc with human pastimes. We have seen three light aircraft flying over Wibsey in this time which are not under any restrictions as yet.

The terrible news of yet another oil tanker sinking and spewing out thousands of tons of fuel oil into the sea off Spain is a prime example of our total disregard for the delicate balance of Mother Nature. How can this happen in these modern times of strong steel and plastics. Surely somebody should make some sort of worldwide decision in respect of who can transport cargos like these safely or not.

Mount Etna has started erupting furiously over the last couple of weeks and is still spewing out thousands of tons of Molten rock and hot dust and dangerous gasses.

The Master is obviously sending a message to us all.   

The Master work's in mysterious and wonderful ways, when she decides it is time for one species of plant or animal to be extinct she immediately replaces it with another. One day it will be Humans turn to be extinct. She made a mistake in producing Humans and has learned a valuable lesson when  it comes to replacing Humans. So she has decided not to bother just to be on the safe side.

The Master has been hard at work in August 2004. With all the bad weather we have been experiencing in the United Kingdom. Take a look at these pictures taken on the 18th of August 2004 at 8.30pm. Lightning

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