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Albutross was a grafter born and bred, who worked initially in a Dry Cleaners down the Beck in Buttershaw, and did two Paper rounds at the same time at the tender age of 12 then at 15 in an iron foundry and did indeed pass his indentures to become a fully qualified Moulder and Coremaker. He passed his city and guilds part one and two with distinction. When he was 17 he had three jobs going at once. He got married at 19 years old and is still married to the same girl. [But not for long soon we will be amongst the Divorced People]

I have managed to get an etching of Old and New images of Crofts Engineers where I served my apprenticeship, to some they will look just like a pencil drawing, to me they are images of immense value to local history.

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Albutross  believes in giving credit where it is due. [Good or Bad]

Albutross's Heroine was Jane Tomlinson. This Lady was an inspiration to all Human Being's. Sadly she passed away on the Monday 3rd of September 2007 in St Gemma's Hospice. We remember and honour a very great lady. In June 2003 she was awarded the MBE for her work and then she was made a CBE four years later.

Albutross's Hero was Fred Dibnah Steeplejack. Born in 1938. Died in 2004. This man was a real Grafter. A true Englishman. If only we could get a Prime Minister with just an ounce of Fred's common sense.

Albutross's room contains 3 fire's that will never be turned off.   

This painting was copied out of a fantasy art book my father  bought. He asked me to pick a picture out of the book so he could paint it. When he finished the painting, we were all amazed at the quality. My father was suffering from Parkinson's disease and somehow he managed to get a small gap between both the women's lip's. People with Parkinson's start shaking quite violently and you have to see them doing it to realize how difficult it must have been for him. Anyway well done dad the painting will stay in our family for as long as thieves allow it.

If you click on the lips you will get a close up of the Painting

On the odd occasion in his life Albutross has had to work away from home to earn cash for the family. He has worked in London and Kent and Devon and Cornwall and other places all over Great Britain. It is not much fun when you have to work away from your family to earn a living. He even went to the Falkland islands for 8 months which included Christmas 1986.  Albutross even went to Scotland and worked for pennies. Albutross took a job working nights also for even less pennies. He has never been in the armed forces but did try in 1970 to get in but was not allowed to join up for medical reasons. He had two brothers and several cousins who were in the Army.

I was a smoker for thirty years and I stopped smoking when I had a bet with a Friend on old years night 1997. I bought twenty cigs at 10.30pm and smoked 11 by midnight, which was the time that the bet started. It has been the hardest thing that I have done in my entire life and the craving lasted for years afterwards, even now in the year 2002 I still fancy a fag but the craving has gone and all in all I am proud of myself for doing it and my advice to anybody who smokes is to do what you want and not what other people want, in other words do not give up unless you really want to. If you do decide to give up I wish you good luck.

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A Friend of mine asked me to make a Bingo board for the patients on ward 6 in our local hospital. The patients have been in hospital for long periods of time and my friend being the kind person she is decided to try and alleviate the patients boredom by playing games and bingo was one of them. It took me all day Sunday to make the board. How many people would give up their treasured Sunday boozing time up to help others. not many I wager.

I was surfing for charity sites to try and find out how to volunteer for helping charities. I came across a site called and saw an advert for a Volunteer wanted to build a website for a local organisation. I contacted the and I Volunteered to build them a website for nothing in return. Do not get me wrong I could do with the money, but I wanted to help some local charity because that is the type of person I am and this was an ideal way of doing it. It must have been my destiny because the site I was going to build was for a organisation called The friends of Judy Woods and I know them woods very well indeed because as a child I often went down there to play on snotty mountain with my mates [that's what we called it because it was always muddy] the site is about halfway constructed and a link will appear on this site when I have finished.

Here is the link to the site Finished on the 1st of August 2003      judy woods

Unfortunately three years after starting the website the owners got funding and transferred the website without my permission to someone else...Thanks Guys, so much for volunteering.

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I worked in the Falkland Islands in 1985-86 on the Airport as a Civilian, I was not in the Army or Navy or Air Force, I tried to get into the Army in 1970 but failed my medical. 

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