D.I.Y. Jobs

Househusbands have to be highly trained in D.I.Y. by doing jobs yourself you could save the Family budget a fortune. A plumber alone could charge an hefty amount for plumbing your washer in, so do - it - yourself and keep the Family budget online.

Even if it takes you a while to do it and you get water all over the place you will be proud of yourself when you have finished.

Some jobs are too big and you will need professionals to help.

When it is time to decorate a room and some of the work you are not keen on doing.  Start doing the work you don't mind doing and get your lass to do the rest on her days off. 

If you get paint on your hands and have not got any turpentine or white spirit try WD 40 but make sure you wash your hands in soap and water afterwards. 

Have a go at making your own garden ornaments instead of buying expensive ones, it is really quite simple with the right tools. We made a birdbath out of leftover concrete from a Neighbour's driveway, obviously we asked the neighbour first for the concrete and made a mould from old fencing and put an old Pyrex dish in the middle to create the bath area, when the concrete had set we prised the dish out and rubbed the rough edges down and put it on top of some flat stones from the garden, the birds use it all the time.     Total cost = 0.0p That is what House husbandry is all about.

This Househusband is busy building a garden pond using the most basic of materials and saves a pretty penny in the process, he even bought his trousers from a car boot sale. A dedicated Househusband is he. 

Some Househusband's like to train their children at an early age to do D.I.Y.This youngster is already well trained in the use of an hammer and nails.  

I did some work in the garage and a rack fell down on to my head, I ran about the garage rubbing my head and swearing like a trooper, it hurt like hell. I advise you all to invest in an hard hat. 

All paints and household cleaning fluids are potentially dangerous if misused. Children wont see the dangers. So keep them stored in a locked cupboard out of harms way. 

D.I.Y. can be quite dangerous if your not careful. I helped someone replace a single socket with a double one, we turned all the power off at the mains and replaced the socket no problem. Then we put the power back on and tested the socket. The person I was helping said My lamp will not work and pointed it towards me, for some reason I pointed to the lamp to indicate there was no bulb in, unfortunately I did not know it was plugged in and my finger touched the electrical points that connect to the bulb, that is when I got the shock of my life and felt the electricity flow through my finger and screamed "it's switched on" the person turned it off immediately and I pulled back shaking like a leaf. It is a good job my heart is as strong as a bull's or I would be dead.

I had to cut an old tree down in the Househusband garden, we do not like cutting any tree down but this one was dying anyway. It had a girth of about 6 inches. We stripped all the dead bark off and snipped the branches to about a foot from the middle and cut the tree itself to six foot long. we then painted it all over with clear varnish and set it in a mixture of sand and cement and let it set overnight. Now it stands proudly in the Househusband conservatory and is used for umbrellas and hats.  Total cost = 5.00 for clear varnish.





The oven in the our Home needed replacing so we all chipped in and bought a range oven. It will take a really big turkey to fill it. We wanted to put the new oven on a solid [clean easy] surface. but as we are always looking for ways to save money we did not want to pay for new tiles.  Salteena came up with a bright idea. She had noticed a load of Yorkshire stone chippings and offcut's in the back garden. Why do you not use them to support your new cooker. We did and it looks really unique and unusual. Well done Salteena.

Invest in an automatic garage door opener with a remote control, especially if you have an up and over double garage door, it makes life so much easier.

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