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Most of the gossip that is spread around this beautiful country of ours, originates from our back gardens. Old wives tales and general mudslinging was the norm in the olden days of Housewife's. well there will be none of that in this back garden. We professional Househusbands will be using this back garden to give tips and advice on gardening. Anybody out there who has any useful tips on gardening send them in to us, of course we will print any we think will be useful to gardeners and D.I.Y. enthusiasts alike.   

A lot of people I know use garlic in their cooking and it is easy enough to grow in your garden. When you buy a bulb of garlic from the shop, split it up into cloves and plant it in a sunny part of the garden. The best time to put them into the ground in my experience is November, you do not need to water garlic at all because it prefers hot dry summers and will get all the water it needs from the soil.

Mushrooms are lovely to eat but I find them hard to grow, some people go to the woods to get mushrooms and they say they taste wonderful but you have to know which ones are safe to eat. A good idea is to have mushroom parties with a organized trip to find mushrooms, obviously one member of the party has to know about the dangers of mushrooms, but it is a good idea and the kids would love the day out.

Here are some pictures of mushrooms found in our garden or thereabout. Click on the small image to get access to a page about that particular mushroom.

Mushroom. April 2011   Mushroom on old Tree. 2013.

Blueish mushroom.   Mushroom   Small Mushroom  Orange Mushroom.  White mushroom.  yellowish  Light Brown. 

A Smelly dark and light brown mushroom.    Family of Brown mushrooms.    Mushrooms April 6th 2011.   Yorkshire pudding mushrooms 2011   Two Mushrooms spotted 26th November 2011.   More Mushrooms. 2012

Creatures seen in the back. Click on the little images to see them.

Burrowing in hard cement.   Flying Ants June 2010.   Strange lump.   Froghopper.   Magpie.   Bee.

Small moth.   Flying Ant.   Red Spidermite.   Moth. 

Do not burn garden rubbish until after tea time in case your Neighbour's have their washing out.

  If you own your home and do not know the ins and outs regarding the back garden fence, it is supposed to be the responsibility of the house owner to keep the fence in good condition to his or her right looking away from their home.

We help our neighbour's whenever we can. They are both elderly and they try their best to keep their garden in shape, but some tasks are too much for them, hopefully someone will do the same for us someday.

We have had a pond in the garden for a lot of years, the pump has not been turned off for the last 7 years and is still going strong, on the side it says made in England. Say no more.

Do not leave tools in the garden overnight burglars may use them to get access to the house.

When an old tree dies and you need to cut it down, leave a stump about ten feet high and use the tree as a feature for your garden. We did just that and at the top of the tree stands a plastic otter on its hind legs, going up the tree are four plastic squirrels, halfway up the tree is an Owl on a branch.

  Have a Rosemary Bush in your garden. It smells gorgeous.         

April 23rd 2007. In the back garden I saw a Cat with something in its mouth, after closer inspection I realised it had caught a mouse. I tried to get the mouse away from the Cat but it swiftly scarpered into the neighbours garden. I managed to get a few pictures and a small video of the Cat and Mouse. Click here to see them.  Smokie and Jerry.

Some people believe there are Fairies and Goblins at the bottom of their gardens and ours is no exception, if you would like to see them in their natural habitat click here.  fairies and Goblins.

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