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Let's talk about holidays, baybee.   Click on any link to see Pictures from that Holiday or Day trip, as you scroll down you will go into the Past..

Fougeres Forest 2024.

Cromwell Bottom, Brighouse 2022 

Landivy in France. 2021.

 A visit to Lindisfarne in August 2018        Ross 2018

Farne Islands August 2018.            Duddo five stones

Yeadon Tarn 2018

A Trip to Judy Woods 2nd of April 2017.

Gorron near Mayenne in France March 2017. 

We went to see the Cow and Calf at Ilkley 29th December 2016.

We went to Dolgellau in Wales October 21st 2016.

We went to the Aeropark 25th of August 2016.            

 went to Herce near Gorron in France October 2016.

I went to Hull in June 2016.                   

    We went to Marsden Feb 28th 2016

We went to Malham 7th of February 2016.  and Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire, England 2016.

We went to Hardcastle Crags, Halifax, England January 2016. for a day trip.

In 2015 I went to Australia.Australia 2015.

Wymouth 2010

An Englishman in the loire valley, France 2010. loire valley

Lanzerote 2006Lanzerote 2006.

Blacpool trip 2007. Blackpool 2007

Settle trip 2007Settle 2007.    and agin in 2008.Settle and about 2008.

Goa in India 2007.Goa in India.

A day trip up to Ogden Water Ogden Water, Halifax.

A Day trip to Howarth on the 16th of May 2009.

We love our food and we cook 90% of it ourselves, our Dining room is designed and decorated to make people feel relaxed and comfortable whilst they are in it, this creates a nice friendly atmosphere during our meals. We like to have wine with our meals and red is a favourite. It is supposed to be served at room temperature but we prefer it chilled. Life is all about doing the things that you prefer rather than doing the things that other people recommend.

What could you say to your wife when you did not decorate the dining room on your day off.

1. Sorry love but Jehovah witnesses came and I was talking to them for hours.

2. Sorry love but your mother came and it took me ages to dig a hole big enough to put her in.

3. Sorry love but I had to watch with mother.

4. Sorry love but England were beating Germany at football and I could not miss it on TV

5. Sorry love but our new neighbour asked me in for coffee and I ended up fixing her plumbing.

6. Sorry love but I had to go into the garden to sunbathe in this glorious sunshine, you know we do not get much of it in Yorkshire.

7. Sorry love but my love for being Lazy took over. 

8. Sorry love but it was all right when I left it.     

9. Sorry love but I was abducted by Alien's.

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