About us

Originally there were four of us involved in creating this website.

We started to build it in 1999. It used to be called The househusbands, then we changed it to The house of Hell, and finally we settled for anenglishmanshome.co.uk. OOps but once again in April 2012 we changed it to http://www.the-moulder-and-the-albutross.co.uk.

Now 25th of October I have returned it to      http://www.an-englishmanshome.co.uk

It is designed purely For Fun, Humour and Nostalgia.

In 2004 the other's left the home to venture elsewhere.

Now Albutross has taken full control over the Website.

Perisher and Salteena have gone to outer Mongolia.

Muffler is now a working man. [Well he was but int now]

This website will become my legacy for generations of my family to come. I hope all people from all over the World find something  either to make them laugh or to make them smile. It is hard work maintaining it and is now totally and utterly the work of one man. The cost of building and marinating it rests on my shoulders alone.

We do not earn any Money from the Website but hopefully we will earn a lot of respect

We have had our very own Logo made.

If you would like to see the logo in more detail click on the little picture.


If you would like a logo creating for your website, top up your bank account and get in touch.

Underneath is the original drawing and plan we did in our Kitchen in 1999 of our idea for this Website, it took a lot of hard work and sleepless nights to get it off the ground and onto the WWW. We did not have any training in College or University we worked it all out ourselves.

Webmaster  2004 Albutross

Web Design Albutross and Muffler.                      Photography Albutross.

 Web Content Albutross and Perisher and Salteena.       Stories  Albutross and Perisher.

 Here is a Beautiful English House in Esholt, Yorkshire. The Picture was taken a long time ago.

House Map 



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Mufflers room



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Stories and Tales some fiction some fact



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