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Have a large box situated in a convenient place for all those objects that anyone in the family has left about the house. Place objects in the large box and when anyone asks where their belongings are, tell them they are in the jumble box. They will soon learn to stop leaving things about.

When trainers start to smell a bit put them in the washer with a couple of towels and a bucket of washing powder. They should come out smelling a bit fresher.

Always make sure your washing machine is bang on level because if it is not level it will rattle on just like the old fashioned washer woman.

On several occasions we have made the mistake of putting yellow or red socks in with the whites, this causes vast amounts of upset in the family home and should be avoided.

Get each individual in the home to do their own ironing, not only will it save the househusband precious time it will also get rid of one of the most boring chores of life itself.

Invest in Condenser Dryer, they are one of the best improvements to household appliances ever. Their is no moisture at all coming out of the dryer when working, all the moisture is gathered up inside the dryer itself and then it is pumped up to a reservoir for easy disposal. No external flues needed, they can be put in any room apart from the bathroom of course.

Split dishwasher tablets into two pieces and use each piece seperately in the dishwasher, you will get the same results at half the price.

While the washer is washing, Visit our Library to see some beautiful Images of the Area where we live.

If it is not raining, allway's put your clothes from the washer onto the washing line. This saves a lot of money on electricity. Only use the Dryer when it is the only option.

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