We can, and will, moan on this page.

Parliament [Laugh Out Loud.]

Nobody has moaned on this page for ten years, so here goes. Parliament is full of incompetent People and needs to be restructured in its entirity, even down to all the MPs advisers and Staff, get rid of the lot. 15th of September 2019.

Cabinet Meeting held in Bradford.

I have just heard that there is a Cabinet meeting in Bradford today 29th of June 2010. All the Cabinet members are here, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, William Hague to name but a few. I am not going to moan about this event even though I am writing about it in the toilet area of my Virtual Home. I honestly hope it does some good for the Bradford  people, for they deserve a better deal.


No one has moaned on here for a while, but I feel the need to moan about what is happening with the banks at the moment, [October 2008]  for a lot of years banks have made millions out of ordinary struggling to 'survive' customer's, apparently last year was a bumper year for profits and all the fatcats got fatter than ever before. What baffles me and a lot of other people is why they are in the state they are in now, maybe it is me that is a bit thick, maybe it is me being a bit lacking in the old brain fluid, whatever it is, it is baffling. Why the fook does the taxpayer have to bale out these fatcats? Why can't we just leave them to sort it out themseleves? If education is the root cause of this misdemeanor, in a few years money won't be worth a toss and we will all be trading with food and life skills.  Fin Albutross

British Broadcasting Company or BBC.

A guest went on a website advertised by working lunch on bbc tv on the 9th of November 2007.
The website is called
The website offered gennuine goods at cheap prices from asian coutnries.
They ripped them off to the tune of  950
The goods they received were forged, fake, crap, shite.
When they complained to the BBC and to and to the rippoff merchants who sold them the shite, their words fell on deaf ears.
The BBC allowed these people to advertise on their popular tv show called Working Lunch.
No wonder there is no trust in this world if the BBC are allowing rogues to advertise on their channel.

Everybody has to pay tax, it is part of everyday life, but that does not mean that we cannot moan about the way our taxes are spent by the government of the day. Every government who has took office in Great Britain has always been hell bent on increasing taxes on anything that the least well off can afford, simply by using the pretext that it is not healthy. I am talking about cigarettes, tobacco, beer, whisky, all the things that our forefathers consumed in order to get through life. Cigarettes are one of the things that we know are bad for our health yet people smoke them because of their calming and relaxing effect. Why is it that all of the E.E.C. except Great Britain enjoy cheap cigarettes and still manage to live longer than us. Why is it that we pay vast amounts of hidden taxes on our everyday consumables. Our Government are not to be trusted in any way, they simply get us all to vote them in and then do literally what they want. I simply cannot understand how our Transport Industry can stay afloat with the cost of diesel nowadays. Next time it is your turn to vote, do not bother, you will cause more controversy by not voting than you would do by voting.  At the end of the day it does not matter who gets in and new labour have proved that.  The year 2002

 Fin   0laf

 When you go on holiday to France or Spain in your old banger with the wife and kids and decide to bring some cheap cigarettes and booze home, do not forget you are an easy target for the government's tax agents [custom and excise] they will pass a wagonload of illegal immigrants in order to confiscate your lovely old car. The year 2002

  Fin  Guest smuggler

We received a letter from the council, it says they are going to try and become a green council and collect junk mail to recycle. I applied to join the scheme because I am all for recycling and at least they are trying. Then I received a letter saying I would get a grey wheelybin to put the paper in. It soon came and we started filling it with cardboard and paper. It took two weeks to fill and we put it out on the scheduled day and they came at 2.30pm to empty everybody's wheelybin. What happened next put me off the idea. Someone was knocking on the door, I was halfway through a game of poker with the lads, I went to the door, it was the dustbin man.

"Is that your bin mate?" he asked.    

"Yes it is." I replied.     

"Well I am sorry, but we cannot empty it."         

"Why not?" I asked  

"Because it has got the wrong type of paper in."  

"You're kidding." I said sounding shocked. 

"No mate, wrong type of paper and there should be no cardboard in it."   

"Well what type of paper should it be then?" I asked in anticipation for his answer.  

"It should be junk mail  and magazines only, no cardboard or toilet paper." he replied.    

"Well I have heard of some daft schemes but our council comes up with some beauties, leave it I will take it to tip." I said   

I did not bother filling it again and cannot understand why they could not take cardboard, but saying that I do realize that at the end of the day, councils are under the guidance of the government. Enough said.

Fin  guest moaner The year 2002

Mobile phones I hate Mobile phones ringing in public places.   Fin  Perisher

We are all sitting on a time bomb if crime in this country is not curbed.  Fin  Perisher

Why is there no toilet paper in here when I put my rectum on this seat? why? why? why?.  Fin  Guest shiter

The council are asking people in our area what can be done about rubbish in and about peoples gardens and businesses. I say this.  make everybody responsible for their area around their home or business right up to the centre of the road, if they do not keep the area tidy do the same as the courts do with people that do not let their children go to school. Put them in prison for a week or two. It is no good fining them. The street's will soon clear up. The year 2002  Fin  guest streetcleaner

When we were kid's 40 years or so ago, we had the luxury of being able to roam around as we pleased and often walked for miles and miles to have good clean fun. The wood's were a favourite haunt and we loved going there and making swing's with old rope, you could enjoy life here in beautiful Yorkshire. Unfortunately thing's are different now and you have to keep your children on a short lead. I blame so called do-gooders, people who try to get evil people released from prison, do-gooder's do more harm to society than they do good.   The year 2002 Fin  Albutross

I had a load of beer and cider last night celebrating the golden jubilee, I cannot keep off this toilet.   Fin Albutross


The Septic tank has been emptied at last.  Fin  Muffler

Have you ever noticed that when you ask any council for advice relating to any subject they never really want to help you. Let's take rubbish as an example. we know someone who has an asbestos garage they want to get rid of. They were not right sure what the rules were regarding getting rid of asbestos and asked other people first before contacting the council. nobody knew what was the proper way to get rid of it. So they phoned the council. The council said you have to put it in bags and take it to this address and that was it. I mean come on council this is supposed to be dodgy stuff, what is the proper way to handle it, how can we get rid of it safely, not everybody has access to a wagon so how do we get it down to this address, if we hire a wagon will they let it be used for dumping asbestos. I think council's should start thinking about helping people in a more constructive way. [instead of giving orders].   The year 2002  Fin  Albutross

Them two old Fossil's Muffler and Albutross never replace the toilet paper in here.    Fin  Perisher

If wit was shit Perisher would be constipated.  Fin Albutross

Here I sit broken-hearted, Came in for a shit but only farted.   Fin Dixie.

The weather in England is so depressing at the moment. It has rained constantly for the last few weeks and several towns in Yorkshire have been flooded, when will it stop.  The year 2003  Fin  Perisher

The troops that are in Iraq 20th of September 2004 should be brought home to the United Kingdom. To protect the British people from criminals and killers who are killing and injuring more people than ever. The Police cannot handle it alone. Every day someone is murdered and robbed. All the government do is twist the truth. Fin Albutross

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