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Perisher I am a single individual. I consider myself a whiz kid with computer's and I enjoy life to the full, I am still only 30 years old [year 2000] and I have a girl in every port. My hobbies include scuba diving and wrestling. I go off regularly to other exotic parts of the world and the others do not see me for weeks on end. My favourite car is the old mini cooper with a souped up engine, racing colour green. I keep fit in my own gym and I do not smoke. I have nothing against people smoking and I believe governments take advantage of ordinary people's weaknesses. I have always worked for myself and I mainly repair computers for a paid hobby. I have no interest in football but still I wish England good luck in the coming world cup. 

This is one of my favourite gif's.

The person who created it is a genius and I salute his talent. The Animal itself is one of natures better creations.

I love the finer things in life and the Beauty of a woman who is dressed ready to go out on the town is a wonderful thing to see. The elegant way she spends her time making herself look a million dollars, the sweet smell of her expensive perfume, the redness and fullness of her sensuous lips, her eyes and face gleaming with excitement when I arrive to take her out, the sheer envy of the taxi driver as we climb into the cab. Oh god I love life.

This is my new dog. I won't call him early because he won't get up. I won't call him spot because he has no spots. I won't call him boomerang because he won't come back. I will call him Gideon.

 One of my hobbies is scuba diving and I love being underwater with the ocean's wildlife.

If Albutross And Muffler ever get a job I will stand drop of York.

My pet tarantula has disappeared, I think it is under the gas fire but I am not sure, It will come out when it is hungry.

I went to the pub for a quiet drink on my own yesterday night, it was not busy and football was on a big screen in the middle of the bottom wall, it was world cup football Ireland versus Germany. Anyway in walked the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, she was stunning and had a beautiful yellowish suit on. She just strolled up to the bar and shouted to the landlord "hoy mush giz a pint a larger will ya". Like they say looks aren't everything.

I watched England play Argentina in the world cup. I have never really been interested in football but I like to see my country do well in any sport. The game was extremely good to watch and I was at the edge of my seat nearly all the way through, when Michael Owen hit the corner goal bar I nearly had an heart attack, and when David Beckham was lining up to take the penalty shot I actually prayed to god for the first time in my life, there was I kneeling in front of my television actually asking God to let him score, it must of worked because he hit the ball with such precision and strength it went straight in. Then the Argentineans tried to level the score and the ooh's and rrr's came flooding out of my mouth, it was sheer entertainment and all I can say is  Well done England.

I think it is time to get a new car, at the moment I am running around in a racing green mini cooper, it is ten years old and still running strong but I need to upgrade. It will still stay with me, even when I get my new one. I will still keep it clean and polished. The car I am thinking of buying is a little larger with more leg room and four doors. The price is right, but I will play for time and try to get it at a bargain price.

Watch me clean my Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy

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