Let the be Light.      Modern Art or Art Revival      Let the be Light.

Call it what you want but we all have different ideas of what modern art is, here is my attempt at creating some using a bit of antique art mixed in with new.  Each little image will take you to a larger better spec  version of that image, all are the copyright of the webmaster of an-englishmanshome.co.uk

Some of the images were extracted from the Illustrated London News which include fascinating stories relating to the said images.

one day, you will seem to be scrolling down this page forever. [If you have the patience]

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    An unfinished Oil painting 2011.    Cool Horses 2014.         

 Shake hands.   Planet Earth.   Iron Foundry in the 1800s   Playing with the Truth   Keep Britain Tidy.   Eye just gotter get outer this place.

after Gustav Dore.   Daniel.   Eiffel Tower.   Icicles in early morning.   Louis Wain.   Bradford Brick Company 1907.

Superb.   Montages.   The General Public.   Any Questions.   Britannia.   Oberon and Titania.

Homer meets the Dorset Giant.  Incantation.  Has it bin raining?  Stonehenge at night.  A Spoon-full of Earth.  Get yourself into gear and try to produce a masterpiece.

Compassion.   Models at Stonehenge.   Moonstruck.   A Bloodshot Eye.   Holding the Monkey.   Asleep in the darkness of night. 

Sleep Apnea.  Moon Goddess.  Pergola Belles.  Hull Whaler 1844.  Macbeth.  Robin.

I eat in the House of Commons canteen.   It's another World.   Dogfighting.  Get to Pub.   Chilling out.   Don't Pee into the wind.

High Class Hairdressers in early 1800's..  Fine art.  Highway to the Stars.  The Grim Reaper.  Gold pure Gold.  Printed by the Sun.

Boston Fire 1844.  Old London.  Lottery.  Stairway to the Moon.  Old London 1660 ish.  The Ventura taking the World for a cruise.   Give the Dog a Bone.

Cycle Racing.   The Eagle has eaten.   Laying new Cobbles in the Strand 1885.   Aurora Borealis. 1847   The Grand National 1844.   Oak Tree struck by Lightning 1847.

Only once in a Blue Moon.   Doodling.   Painting on thin ice.   Berwick Upon Tweed.   Cats Picnic.   A Picture of Stonehenge taken in 1885.

Thomus Moore.   Tears of the Earth.   Relaxing.   Boa constrictor.   Just Ornaments.   Dilemna.   He's got Man Flu.

Lister Park Tree. 2008  Faith, Hope, and Charity.  Halifax Parish Church 1850s  Scaredy Cats.  The Oracle.   St Albans Cathedral. 1800.  The Birds.

The Tempest.   Shepherdess.   Smokebreak.   Dore.   Just Flowers.   Lowther Castle.  Orrary.

 The Three Witches after  [John Mcwhirter 1886]   The Flower Girls.   Fatcats.   The Battle for Life.   Druids collecting Mistletoe.   Fear 2.

partial eclipse of the sun  Say Cheese.  Beachy Head.  William Rufus.  A Montage.  Wasp in Amber.  The Dead Centre.

Colour.   medieval bedroom.  A Natural Blonde.   Actors Balade.   Where's my glasses?   Island of Statues.   Statue of Christ. Argentina.

Mousecatching School.   The Hunter.   Kittens.   Mum will go potty.   The Spider in the Web.   Stonehenge 1845

Robin Bank    A Rock feature.   Table of Flowers.   Heartbeat.   Lucky Horseshoe.   Old Fogey.

St Michaels Mount, England.   Beauty in the Extreme.   From an old engraving done in the early 1800s.   Put it on a wooden platter.   I'll gee yer a quid for it.   Lady in red.   Owl.   Dovedales.

Malham Cove, Yorkshire. 1820 .  Valley of the Beavers.  Relaxed Writing  A Cavaliers Pets.  The Wayfarers.  Michael Angelo.  Sundown at Stoke Pogis Church.

The Foundery in London.  Knight of the Round Table.   King Arthurs round table.   Ye Olde Beg Inn.  Bardon Tower.  One eyed Riley.  Two faced briggand.

Windsor Castle.  Robin.  Cruelty.  Greenwich Observatory. 1800s  Shelf Windmill 1904 ish.  A Windmill somewhere in England 1850s  Baldu.

St Nicholas, Newcastle.   Champagne.   Etruria Pottery works.   Beauty and the Beast.   Anyone seen owt er Tony.   Taxing candlelight.

 Dancing with snakes.   A Church at Sea.   Donkeyworld.   Adam and Eve.   Way up North.   Westminster Bridge.

Howarth Parsonage.   Wool Packs Inn. Bradford 1800s   Born Lucky.   The winner takes all.   Geese going to roost.   Weigh House, Eastcheap.

10000 years B C   Illustrated News building 1854   Horses.   Chelsea Church.   William Tell

Bradford Cathedral.   Church side fair.   Hall of Pleas.   Waterside Farm.   Houses near Bradford Parish Church.   Ice Cold Drinks.  Straford on Avon Church.

Grass is greener over there   Bradford Cathedral 1760   Bell made in Bradford, Yorkshire.   Abbey   Goa.   Street party.

Dogs Dinner.   Mr and Mrs A. England.   Lady Godiva in the mountains.   Scapegoat.   Holding up Time.   Ghosts

Lady Godiva.   Blueprint for Skyscraper in Blackpool.   Tigers.   Lions.   Fear   Colloseum.

English Ship.  Stonehenge    Picture Frame.   Insects.   Blacksmiths at work.   bidford  

Building Hadrian's wall.   Sennens cove   Humming birds.   Haymaking.   A Wishing Well.   Cricket.

  Stonehenge under repair.  Jungfrau  Matterhorn  Tree House in a graveyard.  Termite Hill.  The Windmill.

Church   Vampire Bats.   Faults.   Dentist.   Tree   Swimming

The Archway.  Women.  Reflections  Flower collectors.  Infants Asylum.  Candlelight

 Riverside.   Gunslingers.   The Halifax Gibbet.   Jungle book.   Old London Bridge   Fish

Hot stuff.  The Globe theatre.  Windsor Castle.  Fattorini.  Howlers.  Mural

Seals   'Hey up' Vikings are coming.   Britons.   http://shop.takeawaybooze.co.uk   Edinburgh Castle 1723.    Lady Godiva.

Studio artist.   English Warship.   Cross.   Joan of Arc   Steam Car.   The Secret Garden.

 Lion Tamer.  Richard the Lionheart.  Dudley Tennant.  Goose Girl.  Witch.  The Storyteller.  Red mist.  Countryside

Moonlight.    Swimming.   No ball games.   Sun    Teddy boys.   weeding

tower   Sun on high rock.   Moonlight   Its only a moose   blue sky   horses  Cats eyes.

 skateboarding   dante   Dante   dante   York   Superwoman

'Hey up' Romans are coming.   Weapon disposal   Stonehenge in England.   Richmond Castle   Dancing the old fashioned way.   Harry will you get back to the Webmill.

  Our Lady    The Sunrising over Yorkshire 2007.    Give me a Carrot     Archer at Stonehenge    pissing in the street.     Drawn in 1955

Poppy.    Sun Worshippers.   A Unicorn on the Beach.    More Sun Worshippers.   Surfing the World Wide Web.    Shattered Nails   

 Mural.   Steam Car.   Bierley Hall.   Battling.   Oliver Cromwell   Mural


gee up

test pic          Ted.    Translation.


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