Charlie the West Highland Terrier. 2007

When the family pet started to limp we all got a bit worried and at the same time came up with our own explanations as to what was causing it. Some of us thought he had got some glass in his foot, others thought he had sprained it. There was no blood or identifiable injury to his leg. After a short while it was decided to take him the vets to see if they had any idea why he was limping. On examination the vet decided to send Charlie to a specialist in Halifax. It seemed that Charlie's condition was baffling everyone. It wasn't until we took him to see another specialist in Brighouse that we found out exactly what was causing the limping. This is a true story of Charlie's road to a better quality of life after having an operation to cure the limp.

A couple of photos before the diagnosis. Charlie 2007

After diagnosis Charlie was offered two types of operation that could cure is limp.

1. TTA Tibial tuberosity advancement.


2. Lateral fabella suture.

He was looking confused and unsure of what was happening so we decided for him and went for the Lateral fabella suture.

A few x-ray images Charlies X-rays.

After the operation. Poor Charlie.

A couple of photos during Hydrotherapy. Charlie swimming.

It is now February 2008 and Charlie is as fit as a butchers dog. Click here to see a small video of Charlie. Roll over Charlie.  Roll over Charlie.

Charlie was insured and the insurance company paid for the opearation and other medical fees totalling over 2500.

In February 2011 we noticed Charlie limping again, we thought it may be the same problem as last time and arranged for him to have an xray at a vets in Halifax. After the xray the vet told us it was Arthritus in both legs that was causing the problem, he will recieve medical treatment to ease the pain, The xray can be seen by clicking on the small image underneath.

Xray, March 8th 2011.

Underneath is a couple of Pictures of Charlie In July 2018.

This is the last Picture of Charlie because He died today, he was  sixteen and a half years old on the 28th of January 2019.

R.I.P. Charlie my best Friend.

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