The Odeon on Manchester Road Bradford, August 1940.     [this picture was taken in 1955].  This Webpage created in 2016.

My Mum went to the Odeon on the night it was bombed by Hitler, she remembers going with her friend Alice Dewhirst and her friends Dad to watch a Film called "Its a Date.", she remembers leaving the Odeon and walking up towards Manningham Lane whilst hearing the Air raid Sirens wailing and she heard the Bombs whistling as they fell down onto Bradford, when she got to Trafalger Street where she lived all her family had left home to go to the Air raid Shelter, Alice's dad took my mum to his Home, Alice and my Mum were nine years old, the Cinema was empty when the Bomb struck, no one was hurt, but all were scared.

The Odeon building has got a "C" on it.

Underneath is a couple of images of the damage caused during the raid to the interior of the Odeon.