Georgina Key. The Story of a War Hero.

When I worked for Age Concern I came accross a lot of Beautiful People, one of them Was Georgina Key, I was assigned to Georgina to teach her the use of Computers and the Internet, I visited her Home on several occassions to do my task, during a conversation she mentioed her Husband who had died a couple of years previosly, she told me she had written a short Story about him and showed me it, I was very impressed and moved by her Story and asked Georgina if I could put it on my Website, she agreed and gave me a copy. I have been very busy what with Health problems and Family life problems and have not had the time to put the Story on here until now the 6th of November 2016. After teaching Georgina the use of Computers and the Internet she met a new Man in her life using Online Dating.

I wish Georgina Key all the best for the Future and thank you for the Story.