Dorset 2006

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I went down by invitation to see our Voose and his family, on Thursday the 21st of July. I was booked on the 8.40am flight to Southampton from Leeds Bradford airport, the flight was delayed by an hour due to fog at Leeds Bradford. We took off at 9.30am. The journey took approximately 40 minutes by plane and then Voose and his dearly beloved picked me up in the car to take me to their home. It was a very relaxing and beneficial trip. Some of the images of the wildlife and area are stunning.

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On the second day of  my visit to Dorset we were all having drinks in the back garden when something flew fast over our heads, it was about 9.45pm. We could not figure out what it was. The next night the same thing happened so we tried to photograph the strange creatures flying around us, we did not manage to get an image, but on the third night we gained some amazing images of Bats. We watched the bats for several nights, they always came out at about 9.23pm from a little gap in the neighbours loft.

After three days watching these wonderful creatures builders started to work on the home where they were roosting, we just watched them working on the guttering and thought that was all they were going to do. Unfortunately the next day they started to work on the soffit leading up to where the bats were entering and leaving the loft. I mentioned to the builder that there were bats in that home, but he just carried on working.

We went on the internet and found some information relating to what to do about the situation that had arisen. The Bats were protected by the law of the land so we called the Bat Warden to inform them of the bats. He then informed a third party who informed the police to make sure work was stopped until an investigation was instigated. A police woman came to the home where I was staying and asked me where the bats were. I told her, she then proceeded to go to the house and asked for the work to stop.

A short while later and the Bat Warden arrived at the home and we had a brief chat about the Bats. He also went to the home to see the owner and the builders. Arrangement were made to leave a small gap in the soffit for the bats to get through.




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underneath is an image of the bat-house put up in March 2007.

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