Everyone on the planet gets toothache and when it arrives it can be very very painful. In England in the fifties sixties and seventies I can remember a person with toothache could get treatment at any Dentist almost instantly. Now it is a completely different kettle of fish. I started with severe toothache on the 27th of March 2007, I managed to get to see my Dentist on the 29th of March, on examination he did an x-ray of the tooth that was bothering me and then informed me that I had an infection in and around the tooth, he gave me a prescription for some strong antibiotics and said he could not remove the tooth until the infection was gone. I made another appointment for April the 30th and was asked by the receptionist if I wanted to go on the cancellation list. I agreed to go on the list, this meant that if someone cancels their appointment before this date then the receptionist will ring me up and ask me to attend.

I suffered severe pain until the antibiotics kicked in about five days later. On the 2nd of April the receptionist rang me up and asked if I could come in the next day at 9.20 am. I said "Yes". I was so relieved to say the least that I was going to have this tooth removed the next day. I took a picture of the tooth before and after extraction purely and simply for my story.  It is a true story and needs to be told, some of the images may not be considered tasteful so I ask those of a nervous disposition not to look at these images.

Some of the images will make you cringe, but one will almost certainly make you laugh, if it dunt, then you are not human.


I was lucky to get treatment, but there are millions of people in England that struggle to get to see a Dentist, my heart goes out to these people for I know what it is like to try and get emergency treatment.


The NHS Dentist who treated me was extremely  professional in every way and did an excellent job of extracting the devilish tooth. 


Click on a small image to see a higher spec version of that image.



The tooth still in.                 The tooth is out.


Underneath is five images of the tooth at different angles.



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