Albut Ross  has taken a lot of photographs over the years.

Here are some of his Favourite Images. Click on the small pictures to gain access to a full spec version.

Photography allows other people to see.  Albut Ross 2006



Scarborough 70s              

Loch Ness. 2009   Amazing.   Bee having a drink 2014.   A Sparrowhawk in my back garden 2014.   A Pink Rose just for You 2014.  

   The Red Arrows 2009.   A Glacier in Norway 2008.   Unknown skull   Barrow-in-Furness.   The Hoad Monument.   Snow February 2009.

   Spider on a thred. 2014.   Cooling Towers.   Lake district 2008   Lake district 2008  Driving in the Fog.  Bat   The Red Bus Cafe.

Mushroom Tree.   Power Station as Sun comes up   Small Dick.   What a load of Bull.   A squirell in an apple tree.   Slugs Mating.   A Tree growing in mid-air.

  On Calendar 2007      A boil on a tree.     

   Sharks on the Scottish coast.            






       Partial eclipse of the Sun by the Moon          The beautiful blackbird.

If you are of Polish origin you may like to look at the two pictures underneath.


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