Telegraph and Argus. 1907.

We have purchased a very old copy of the Telegraph and Argus 1907, it will take me years to put it on here,  but rest assured I will try my best before I come to rest.

Some of the original text is in a bad state so we have repaired it best we can. There is a Story behind every little picture on this page,

 click on any one.

Be aware some of these stories are  Cruel, Sad and Evil, and taking any of these files is an act of Theft.

Drawings and Pictures from the Telegraph and Argus 1907.Pictures.  

The first Story I can relate myself as I was burnt by Molten Iron in an accident at work in the Foundry.Explosion in Foundry 1907.  Saint Peters Church. 1907 Saint Peters Church. 1907

Servant Girl Poisons herself 1907.Servant Girl Poisons herself 1907.        They Sued Bradford  Corporation.They sued Bradford Corporation. 1907

Presentations 1907.Presentations 1907.        Football in 1907.Football 1907.      Queensbury Church, Bradford, England. 1907Queensbury Church, Bradford, England. 1907

Inhuman Humans 1907.Inhuman Humans 1907.           A Brutal assault. 1907A Brutal assault. 1907           Ferrocious Dog 1907.Ferrocious Dog 1907.

Death in employment 1907.Death in employment 1907.        Death by Drowning 1907. Death by Drowning 1907.         Doctor Morton Prince 1907. Doctor Morton Prince 1907.

They need A wash 1907.They need A wash 1907.                 Y.M.C.A. Bradford, England 1907.Y.M.C.A. Bradford, England 1907.              Snippets 1907.Snippets 1907.

A violent Prisoner 1907.A violent Prisoner 1907.             Mount Street Mill fire 1907.Mount Street Mill fire 1907.               Car crash 1907.Car crash 1907.

Suffering in Bradford 1907.Suffering in Bradford 1907.    A Coffin for us Paupers. 1907A Coffin for us Paupers. 1907 A Speeding Pony and Trap. 1907.A Speeding Pony and Trap. 1907.

Buttershaw spectator fined 1907.Buttershaw spectator fined 1907.        Cow had Anthrax. Cow had Anthrax.         Steeton Boy run over 1907.Steeton Boy run over 1907.  

Unwanted Kisses 1907.Unwanted Kisses 1907.         Womens fashion 1907.Womens fashion 1907.         We need better roads 1907.We need better roads 1907.

It is not Butter. 1907It is not Butter.  1907      William Scruton talking about local pubs. William Scruton talking about local pubs.     Idle Person 1907.Idle Person 1907.      

Wibsey Man gets his Goose. 1907Wibsey Man gets his Goose. 1907     A Job in Canada.A Job in Canada 1907.      A Job Snow shovelling 1907. A Job Snow shovelling 1907.

A Council experiment 1907.A Council experiment 1907.       Tramway receipts 1907. Tramway receipts 1907.        Esholt discussed 1907.Esholt discussed 1907.  

Madman gets a Tram. 1907Madman gets a Tram. 1907   Do not lose your Head. 1907.Do not lose your Head. 1907.    Smoking stops you killing. 1907Smoking stops you killing. 1907

Bradford City FC 1907.Bradford City AFC 1907.      Gladstone memorial 1907.Gladstone memorial 1907.     Bradford Cinderella Club 1907. Bradford Cinderella Club 1907.

Robbers 1907.Robbers 1907.        Obscenity in 1907.Obscenity in 1907.        Even more Robbers 1907. Even more Robbers 1907.

A Bradford runaway an exciting affair. 1907.A Bradford runaway an exciting affair. 1907.            Shooting accidental or not 1907. Shooting accidental or not 1907.

Third set of Teeth at 60.Third set of Teeth at 60.                       Buttershaw Man kicked by a Horse 1907. Buttershaw Man kicked by a Horse 1907.

Domestic help wanted 1907.Domestic help wanted 1907.                               The Personality of the Teacher 1907.The Personallity of the Teacher 1907.

Hollings Hill, Bradford Cycling accident 1907.Hollings Hill, Bradford Cycling accident 1907.             The Health of Bradford 1907.The Health of Bradford 1907.

Cocoa advert 1907.Cocoa advert 1907.           Lost and Found 1907.Lost and Found 1907.               Heroism in 1907.Heroism in 1907.

Sent to an Institution in 1907.Sent to an Institution in 1907.   Signalman sees his Child killed 1907. Signalman sees his Child killed 1907.   Suicide ny Coal Gas 1907. Suicide ny Coal Gas 1907.

A snippet of whats in the bookUFO   Skating in Bradford 1907. Skating in Bradford 1907.       Strange.Strange.

Scholemoor burglary 1907. Scholemoor burglay 1907.   France 1907.France 1907.       Humber.Humber.


Shooting Stars and Fireballs 1907.Shooting Stars and Fireballs 1907.   Loads of Gold and Silver 1907.Loads of Gold and Silver 1907.   Doctor Who.Doctor Who.

The Channel Tunnell.The Channel Tunnel. 1907    Dog commits suicide 1907. Dog commits suicide 1907.    

 School of Art 1907.Bradford School of Art 1907.

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