Smart Meter 2016.

I decided to get one of those Smart Meters so I could Pay online for our Gas and Electric instead of having to go to the Shop, they are installed in less than an hour, they put a new Gas and Electric meter in, unfortunately they would not turn the Gas on because they said there was a leak in the House, they did not look for the leak they just cut us off and left, this was not the situation I relished as it was freezing in our Home and we was not sure what to do, anyway after a few hours I decided to get in touch with the Gas board who told me to get a Gas Safe Engineer to come and find and repair any leaks. I found out one of my Cousins was indeed a Gas safe Engineer and I got in touch with him and he came to check the House for Gas leaks. He found several Gas leaks and fixed them all.

Its strange that whenever we try something it never goes smoothly there is allways a problem.

So now my Gas and Electric are both online. Here are a few pics.

We topped up online and can keep an Eye on it.