The Seeds of Life. 2020.






One and a half million Perfectus years ago, two True Human Beings were going to be sent on a mission to sow seeds of human kind onto a newly discovered planet that their councillors had named Earth. For thousands of years their forefathers had been scanning the night skies from their own planet called Perfectus, every now and again two of their kind are sent to specific locations in the universe, to extend and promote the population of their species. Edvax and Wacka were the ones who had volunteered and were waiting to see if they were chosen to go and populate this new planet. Both were family men who enjoyed life and all that went with it.

The story starts on the planet Perfectus where Edvax and Wacka were eagerly waiting the outcome of the Seeds of Life committee meeting.


Chapter one: - On the planet Perfectus. page 4

Chapter two: - The Farewell Party. page 18

Chapter three: - The Holiday. page 31

Chapter four: - The Mission. page 81

Chapter five: - Earth. [Two million years B.C.] page 110

Chapter six: - The Fetids. page 147

The Seeds of Life [ part two.]

Chapter one: - Cryogenics. page 179


Chapter one.

On the Planet Perfectus

People on Perfectus lived long fruitful lives, the average lifespan of a Perfectusian was 1000 of their years, a Perfectus year was one and a half times that of the Earth year, their Sun was one and a half times bigger than the Earth's, they had two moons, their solar system consisted of eleven planets two of them were occupied with living beings, everybody had a role to play in their society, all were treated with respect and dignity, violence of any kind was not acceptable, robbery was non existent, rape was not in their dictionary, these were the True Human Beings, they were an ambitious and peaceful race. Their main aim in going to the planet Earth was to spread their seed and populate this particular part of the universe that was so strange to them. The Council for True Human Life were meeting this very day to plan an expedition to go to this weird but wonderful planet to plant the seeds of Humankind.

Adonis, a big good looking blonde haired man who was the leader of the Council for True Human Life and twelve True Human Beings were sat around the council table, six women and six men, all discussing the mission to populate this dark area of the Universe.

“We have a duty to inhabit this planet.” said Adonis with passion.

“What type of life exists there at the moment?” asked Nobulas eagerly.

“Who will go on such a long journey?” asked Trebor.

“It is populated by large docile creatures that eat green vegetation and fruit, it also is populated by large evergreen trees and has vast amounts of water, it would be a perfect place for us to plant our seeds.” replied Adonis.

“Yes, but it is so far away, who is it that will go on such a long perilous journey?” repeated Trebor.

“We have got two volunteers, they are both willing to go and populate this extraordinary planet. They are both well trained and eager to go. We have scanned this planet for countless years and it is the ideal place for our seeds to grow, the Council needs to vote now, before the worm window shuts.” said Adonis passionately.

All the councillors were mumbling to themselves, most of them agreed it was the ideal place, but one councillor was not so happy about the situation.

“It is time to vote.” said Adonis abruptly,

“All ye that are in favour put your hand up now.”

Eleven out of the twelve councillors put their hand up, one did not.

“All ye that are against put their hand up.”

Thomus put his hand up, he knew in his heart that something was not quite right about this planet, he was one of the workers on the scanning crew and he had serious doubts about sending someone there for colonisation, the colours coming through the scanner were too far towards the red spectrum, in his eyes that was a bad sign.

“The yes’s have it.” said Adonis,

“Let it be recorded that I am strictly against it.” said Thomus

“The meeting is now over. I will personally tell the two volunteers to get ready for travel, the worm hole will shut next week on Funday at 6ad.” said Adonis.


Meantime Edvax Smith who was one of the volunteers, was in his garden tending his favourite Orchids, the Sun was shining bright. He had been told previously by Adonis the leader of the Council that he would be allowed to take two plants and three animals of his own choice with him to colonise on the new planet, providing of course that the council agree for this planet to be seeded. Edvax was confident that they would agree.


Edvax’s beautiful wife Junifer was looking at Edvax through the window; she loved and admired him so much. She thought of how much she was going to miss her man if he had to go away. If only she could go with him, but the council will not allow True Humans to go on these long journeys with any member of their close family for safety reasons, in case anything went wrong. The Council do not want two members of the same family put at risk, so it was a case of be patient until his return home, it will only be 101 years, not long for a Perfectusian.


The windows in a Perfectusian home were not made of glass, they were made of an electrically generated force field which allowed people to go through, but stopped flies and pests from entering, it was an ingenious innovation. The Perfectusian’s were far more advanced than most of the inhabitants of the known Universe, their society was unique and Utopian.


Junifer was happily looking out of her window admiring her man when she heard the sound of the doorbell coming from the front entrance, she went to see who was there.

“Is Edvax in?” asked this fine figure of man.

“Yes, come in.” replied Junifer.

“My name is Adonis. I have come to let Edvax know of the final decision made by the committee.”

“Sit down. I will get him for you.”

Junifer went slowly outside, a tear was coming out of her left eye, she feared that Edvax would be going away soon, she knew she may never see him again.


“Yes dear.”

“Adonis is here to see you.”

Edvax looked at Junifer; he kissed her on the lips.

“I love you Junifer.”

Edvax had a feeling he was going away for a long time, he knew in his heart he would miss his wife dearly, he would also miss his three grown up children, but it had to be done, we have to promote life elsewhere in the Universe. He was only 602 years old and Junifer was only 506, so there was plenty of time for settling down.

Both of them walked into the room holding hands.

“Adonis, I am glad to see you.” said Edvax.

He went over and shook his hand.

“The council have decided to send you and Wacka Plate to the outlandish planet called Earth.”

Junifer started to cry, Edvax consoled her.

“Don’t cry, I will keep in touch Junifer, Wacka will look after me, he is highly trained in the art of self defence and medicine.”

“I can’t help but cry Edvax, it is a bit of shock to be told it is going to happen, please be careful.”

“I will.” said Edvax as he cuddled her.

“The worm hole shuts next Funday at 6ad, so you have a week to get ready and say your farewells.” said Adonis.

“Right sir, thank you very much for allowing me and Wacka to go, we will not let you down.”

“Your spacecraft is ready, all you have to do is put your personal items into the shuttle. I bid you a safe journey and wish you good luck.”

Adonis shook Edvax’s hand, then he proceeded to go to the front entrance.

“Goodbye Junifer, if you have any problems please get in touch with the council.”

“Okay Adonis.” replied Junifer.

Adonis summoned an air taxi and went on his way to tell Wacka the news.

Junifer put her arms around Edvax and kissed him.

“Why did you have to volunteer?” she asked him emotionally.

“Let’s not go through that again Junifer, you know it means a lot to me and to all the people of this planet, we have to promote life on other planets, anyway I have got to go now that the council have agreed to the mission, so just make the most of it, don’t forget I will be back in 101 years, it will soon pass and then we can retire to a life of Riley.”

“Riley. Who is Riley?”

“I don’t know, it just came into my head, it must be one of Wacka’s sayings.”

Meanwhile Wacka was playing a game of palooka at the local True Humans club, he was losing the game and the other man was giving him a hard time. Adonis walked into the club.

“Wacka?” he shouted.

“Yes sir.” replied Wacka.

“The mission has been approved by the council, you set off next week. The worm hole shuts at 6ad on Funday.”

“Oh, right boss, does Edvax know?”

“Yes he does, you had better get in touch with him as soon as possible.”

“Okay boss.”

“The spacecraft is ready, so get your personal things packed and place them in the shuttle.”

“Okay boss.”

Wacka shook Adonis’s hand and off he went.

“Good luck and have a safe journey.” said Adonis as he walked away.

“Thanks boss, we will no let you down.”

Wacka turned around to finish his game of palooka, his opponent who was winning the game was full of the joys of spring, but it was Wacka’s turn to play, he took careful aim at the silvery ball, he fired his gold ball towards the silver one, it went straight into its chosen pocket and then he put every other ball down into their respective pockets and he won the game, he felt as proud as punch, the other player congratulated him on his play. Wacka went out of the club smiling and caught an air taxi to Edvax’s home.

Air taxi’s were compressed puffs of air held together with a force field, they were sent around the planet on a constant stream, each puff was coloured differently, for a local journey the colour was green. Wacka waited a few minutes until he saw a green puff of air, he used his communicator to get in touch with the puff of air, it came straight down towards him, he climbed on board, it was like flying on a cloud, it would only take a few minutes to get to Edvax’s home. These taxis were so cleverly programmed that it was impossible for them to crash into anything, they were the safest form of transport on the Planet.

Edvax had wondered back into his garden, he was preparing his best orchids for the journey, they were the first plants he had chosen to take with him, his other choice was a tree, it was called the lucka, lucka tree, the wood was a deep brownish black colour, it was perfect for making furniture and could be used to build long lasting homes. Edvax thought it would be useful for the humans on the new planet.

Wacka was getting close to Edvax’s home, the air taxi started to go down, it landed in the front garden, Wacka got off the taxi and went straight to the front door, nobody has to pay for transport on the planet Perfectus, air taxis were there night and day, all you needed to do was summon one down, you had to make sure you summon the right colour, depending on your destination.

Junifer was in the front room, she was watching virtual travel on the monitor on the wall, the entrance bell rang and Junifer went to see who was there.

“Hello Junifer, is Edvax in?”

“Hello Wacka, go on through he is in the back garden.”

He went into the garden, Junifer followed him.

“Edvax, my old fruitbat, how are you?”

“I am as sound as a hound that has just gone round, how are you Wacka?”

“I am as rough as a puff that is up the duff” said Wacka laughing.

“We are on our way, Edvax.”

“Yes I know. Adonis came to see me this afternoon.”

“What plants are you taking Edvax?”

“The yellow and purple Orchid and the lucka - lucka tree. What are you taking?”

“The wanga ganger plant and the olive tree.” replied Wacka.

“That is a good choice Wacka; the new humans should find good use for them.”

“What animals are you both taking?” asked Junifer.

“I will take the Cheetah and the Albatross. I will let you choose the third Junifer.” said Edvax with affection.

“I will take a dolphin and a golden eagle, my wife Patreena can pick the third.”

“We are going to make a beautiful world for the new humans, let us hope they look after it.”

“How is Patreena Wacka?”

“She is as fine as a gallon of wine at nine, at the moment she is putting the kid’s clothes on the washing line” said Wacka smiling.

“Are the children okay?”

“Yes, all six of them are snug as a bug in a rug.”

“Junifer is not happy about us going Wacka.”

“Why, what is the problem Junifer?”

“I will worry about you both.” said Junifer sadly.

“Junifer, you do not have to worry. I will look after Edvax and he will look after me. It is our destiny to go to this planet, we need to sow the seeds of Humankind, it is our duty as True Humans to colonise other worlds, if you get fed up you could always go to our home and stay with Patreena for sixty years or so. Now tell me what you are choosing for Edvax to take to this new planet?” asked Wacka.

“A Wolf.” replied Junifer.

On Perfectus, wolves lived alongside True Humans. They were highly regarded as one of nature’s gems. Junifer had made a good choice ‘thought Edvax’.

“Right I will have to go. I need to ask Patreena what animal she has chosen for the new planet.” said Wacka.

All three went towards the front entrance. Wacka went through it first. They all stood outside for a brief moment.

“Both moons are out tonight.” said Edvax.

“It looks so beautiful.” said Junifer.

“Yes, it’s not a bad sight for a clear night. Look over there two shooting stars, quick make a wish Junifer.” said Edvax.

Junifer made her wish, but kept quiet about what she wished for.

“There is a green taxi over there Wacka.”

Wacka summoned it down.

“Right see you later.” said Wacka.

“Bye Wacka.” said Junifer

“See yer mush.” said Edvax.

The taxi lifted up and slowly set off into the distance. Edvax and Junifer stayed outside for a while holding hands and staring into the darkness of space.

“look to the right of that bright star, that is where we are going, it will take us 45 years to get there and 45 years to get back, we have to spend 11 years on the planet to pick the best places for sowing the seeds of life. If we miss the opening of the new worm hole, we will have to wait on the planet for another fifty years for another one.”

“Oh Edvax, please do not miss it, I could not cope with the worry and stress.”

“Do not worry Junifer. Wacka is an expert at that sort of thing, he will not let us down, he will make sure we go through the new opening. Let’s go inside and make love until the we fall asleep.”

They both walked back into their home.

Wacka was getting close to his own home and he could see the roof of his large dwelling. The air taxi went down and landed in the front garden. Wacka got off and went inside, then the air taxi floated away into the night sky.

“Patreena I’m home.” he shouted.

Patreena came running into the front room.

“Hello dear.” she said.

“Hello gorgeous, how are you this beautiful evening?”

Patreena went straight to him and gave him a big cuddle.

“I am okay Wacka.”

“Where are the kid’s?”

“They are in the field, playing airball.”

“Patreena, the council have agreed to let me and Edvax go and plant seeds on the new planet Earth.”

“I love you Wacka, you are so brave. How long will you be away?”

“Only 101 years, it will soon pass my love and we are going to have a farewell party on Perfectday at 11ad.”

The Perfectus calendar was longer than the Earth’s, a month was 52 days, a week was 8 days and a day was 30 hours.

The Perfectusian’s used nice words to name their days.

Sunday was called Niceday,

Monday was called Moonday,

Tuesday was called Chooseday,

Wednesday was called Marriageday,

Thursday was called Pubday,

Friday was called Funday,

Saturday was called Restday,

The extra day was called Perfectday.

“Patreena, I need to know what animal you would like me to take to the new planet Earth.”

“Oh Wacka, it is so considerate of you to ask me. I would like you to take the Dodo.”

“Your wish is my command, the Dodo it is, now get up them stairs and get ready for a night of shear lust and passion.”

“What about the kid’s?”

“Oh shit I forgot about them, come on let’s go and round them up.” said Wacka.

They went outside and into the field, the kid’s were still playing airball and were all enjoying themselves.

“Children, your dad is home.” said Patreena.

“Daddy.” said the youngest.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy.” said the rest.

All the kid’s greeted Wacka and surrounded him with love and affection. Patreena was smiling and admiring her husband.

“Listen kid’s I am going away for a short time. I want you all to look after your mum for me, make sure she does not spend too much time on her own, and keep her company while I am away. Your aunty Junifer may come over for a while, look after her as well.”

“Daddy, where are you going?”

“I am going to plant seeds of Humankind on a planet called Earth, your uncle Edvax is coming with me.”

“How long will you be gone?” asked Andorra.

“Only 101 years.”

“But daddy, that is a long time.”

“No it is not, it will soon pass, just promise me you will look after your mum.”

“Okay daddy.” said the little girl.

“Alright dad.” said the oldest.

“We love you daddy.” they all said.

All the Kid’s were speaking and trying to cuddle their dad, all at the same time. Wacka was overwhelmed with the affection, but this was Perfectus, a place where love was the top priority. You can sense the strong feeling of love wherever you went on this beautiful planet, even the animals were friendly. It was Utopia.

One of the other planets in their solar system was situated at the other side of the Sun. It was Analogous and had a parallel orbit to Perfectus, so they never actually passed each other by, which was a good thing really because the other planet was occupied with violent ugly creatures that legend said could eat any Perfectusian alive. No Perfectusian has ever been there and come back to tell the tale. There are terrible horror stories relating to this horrible place. The Perfectusian’s called it the Planet of Certain Death.

“Come on let’s go inside, it is getting late, it has been a long day.” said Wacka.

“What would you like for your meal Wacka?” asked Patreena.

“I will have Dodo and chips please.” he replied.

“Wacka.” shouted Patreena. [Dodo was her favourite bird.]

“Just kidding love, I will settle for beans on toast.”

“Would that be hasbeans or humanbeans?” asked Patreena whilst laughing.

“Yer, very funny, just give me ordinary frogs beans.” said Wacka.

“Okay love.”

“What do you lot want to eat?” Patreena asked the children.

“We want same as dad.” they all replied.

Patreena pressed the relative buttons on the food processor, it made a humming sound and out popped the food.

“Here you are my dears.” said Patreena.

All of them sat down on their air chairs and had their meal.

The next day [Restday] Adonis was in the scanning facility, he was making adjustments to the scanner, it was crucial to the mission that they had the most up to date information relating to the new planet, he set the scanner controls for maximum efficiency, the power of the scanner was immense. Adonis wanted it to be even more efficient, he asked his fellow engineers to double the memory and processing power of the scanner, this would enable the Perfectusian’s to keep a very close eye on the events taking place on the new planet.

The engineers stripped half of the scanner down and replaced the durable drive with a newer version, the memory modules were replaced with more efficient recall modules and then the engineers put it all back together.

Adonis switched it on, the screen lit up.

“Set the controls for the new planet.” ordered Adonis.

The chief engineer adjusted the controls, all of them were amazed at the images that were appearing on the large screen.

“Wow, look at that.” said Roomeo.

Adonis was too gob smacked to speak, he just looked at the beautiful blue planet.

“It is just like Perfectus.” he said.

“Not as big and not as much oxygen, but well chosen.” said Toenee.

“Right I want all the committee and the two volunteers here A.S.A.P.” ordered Adonis.

“Roomeo, it is your responsibility to make sure this scanner is in prime working condition for the next 102 years, if need be make a second one as back up.” said Adonis.

“Yes sir.” said Roomeo.

Edvax was in the garden when a light message flashed in front of his eyes.

'It read “Edvax get to the scanning facility A.S.A.P.”

“Junifer.” he shouted.

“Junifer, Junifer, where are you?”

“I am upstairs on the toilet, what is up?”

“I have to go to the scanning facility, do you want to come with me?”

“Yes okay, but give me two minutes to comb my pubic beard.”

The scanning facility was not local, so Edvax had to flag a yellow air taxi down, these were rarer than the green ones, but were twice as fast.

“Come on Junifer, we need to go.”

“Coming.” she replied.

The yellow air taxi landed. Edvax climbed aboard, he was wondering what Adonis wanted him so urgently for, maybe they had cancelled the mission.

“I am here.” said Junifer,

“Hurry up then, climb aboard, come on, climb aboard.” shouted Edvax excitedly.

Junifer climbed onto the air taxi, the taxi slowly rose up into the sky, a force field encircled the two of them and the taxi sped off at an incredible speed, Edvax put his hand on his wife’s knee and smiled.

Wacka was in the bath, he was washing his pride and joy when Patreena walked in.

“What are you doing with that knife Wacka?” asked Patreena.

“I am cleaning it for our mission, this knife has got forty two functions, it will be just right for the years we have to spend on the planet.”

“Wouldn’t you be better off with a toaster?”

“Don’t talk daft Patreena, where would I plug it in?”

“I never thought of that.”

“Scrub my back Patreena.”


At that moment a light message flashed in front of his face.

“Wacka get to the scanner facility A.S.A.P.” said the message.

it was signed ‘Roomeo’

“I have got to go to the scanner facility Patreena, do you fancy coming with me?”

“Yes I do.” she replied.

Wacka climbed out of the bath, his gorgeous wife dried him down. Wacka’s other pride and joy was gleaming like a staff of polished steel. Patreena looked at it with admiration, she patted his bottom, come on love no time for that. He got dressed and they went downstairs.

“Right children, me and your mum have to go out for a while.”

“Okay dad.”

“Where are you going daddy?” shouted the youngest, she was only six years old bless her.

“We are just going to the scanning facility at the other side of the country, we will not be long.” said Wacka.

“Bye kids.”


Wacka went outside and summoned a yellow air taxi down, it came straight away and both climbed onto it. The taxi rose up into the sky, the shield was activated and it sped off at an incredible speed, Wacka kissed his wife on the cheek.

Edvax and Junifer arrived at the facility first, and went straight inside and sat down at the refreshment counter in the lounge.

“Would you like a drink Junifer?” asked Edvax.

“Yes please.” she replied.

“What would you like?”

“I will have a portini and soda, on the rocks.”

Edvax went over to the portable serving station, he pressed two buttons and out came two drinks. He took them to the air table where Junifer was perched.

“Here you are love.”


“I wonder when Wacka will arrive?” asked Edvax.

“Oh, it will be soon. I hope Patreena is with him.”

“You are joking aren’t you? Wacka and Patreena are glued together, he very rarely goes anywhere without his dearly beloved, they are like our two moons, seldom separated.”

Junifer smiled, she knew Edvax was right, it was going to be hard for all of them when the mission starts.

At that moment the two of them walked in through the entrance.

Edvax and Junifer stood up.

“Wacka me old fruit and nutcase, how are you?”

“Edvax, you old piece of smelly wolf shit, how are you?”

Both hugged each other with gusto.

“I am okay.” they both said in unison.

“Patreena, your hair is beautiful.” said Junifer.

“Junifer you look so radiant.” said Patreena.

“It is that good old Perfectus fresh air that invigorates the body.” said Junifer.

“Have you tried something different on your hair Patreena?”

“Yes, it is essence of olive oil, you mix it with two drops of wolf piss, stir it up and then you put it all over your hair for two days.”

“Wow, it looks great.” said Junifer.

“Yer and the wolves keep following her all over the place.” said Wacka laughing his head off.

“I think you are taking the piss Wacka.” said Edvax.

“These two are a laugh a minute, aren’t they Junifer?” said Patreena.

A big smartly dressed fellow came out of the room next door.

“Adonis is ready for you, will you please walk this way.”

“Hang on a minute, I can’t walk like that.” said Wacka.

“Wacka, control yourself.” shouted Patreena, sternly, but not unkindly.

He smiled at her. They followed the man into the facility. Adonis was at the front, all the committee were there. The large video screen was covered up.

“Edvax, Wacka, welcome. I see you have brought your gorgeous wives with you, sit down, we want you to see what we have seen.” said Adonis.

Everybody sat down and the screen was uncovered by the engineers.

“The scanner has been upgraded, we can now see the planet in full colour. Engineer, show our guests the blue planet.” said Adonis.

The video screen came to life, there was an eerie silence as the image came into focus. Everybody in the room was in awe at the beauty of this blue planet.

“Wow, it is beautiful.” said Patreena.

“It is out of this world.” said Junifer.

“Why don’t we all go and live there?” said Nobulas.

“It is one of nature’s gems.” said Trebor.

“Listen we cannot all go live there, so concentrate on the mission in hand. Edvax and Wacka will sow our seeds of Humankind and hopefully in a million years or so, the planet will be populated by our own kind. But it is crucial that all goes to plan, we do not want any mishaps.” said Adonis.

“Just look at the colour of that sea.” said Patreena.

“Edvax, Wacka, come over here please.” said Adonis.

They both went over towards the controls of the scanner.

“Thomus is worried about the shift to the red side of the spectrum, you can see it clearly on this graph. I personally think it is just about on the safe side, so your mission will go ahead as planned, we will be sending you with six plants and the D.N.A. of six animals specially chosen by the committee, some of the animals will be the real thing and will just need breeding and feeding on the way. Have you picked your plants and animals yet?”

“Yes sir, we have.” replied Edvax.

“Good, then go home and prepare for your farewell party on Perfectday, we will all see you there.”

“Thanks boss.” said Wacka.

“Thank you sir.” said Edvax.

“Come on girls, let’s go home.”

“Adonis, can I have a picture of the blue planet?” asked Junifer.

“Of course you can. I will send you a copy by light message.”

“Me as well, please.” said Patreena.

“You can get Edvax to make you a few copies from the original.” said Adonis.

“Okay Adonis, thanks.” said Patreena.

The two couples went back into the lounge area.

“Do you fancy a drink before we go Wacka?” asked Edvax.

“Do bears, have picnics in the woods?” replied Wacka.

That was Wacka’s wicked sense of humour, what he meant to say was “yes.”

“I will have a portini on the rocks.” said Junifer.

“Me too.” said Patreena.

“I will have two of those.” said Wacka.

“You all sit down and I will get the drinks.” said Edvax.

Edvax pressed the same button five times, the drinks instantly appeared. Edvax murmured to himself,

“Now that is what I call service.”

He pressed another button and a silver air tray appeared, he placed the glasses onto the air tray and then he took the nice cool drinks over to the others.

“Here you are my little fruitbats.” said Edvax.

“Oh lovely.” said Junifer.

“Thank you.” said Patreena.

“This is the food of the gods, cheers Edvax.” said Wacka.

“Cheers everybody.” said Edvax.


All of them touched glasses at the same time.

“This is going to be a very exciting mission.” said Wacka.

“Yes it is, I hope nothing goes wrong.” whispered Edvax.

“Just be careful, stick to the plan and make sure you do not miss that worm window. Please make sure you look after Edvax Wacka, you know what he is like for wandering off on his own.” said Junifer sounding concerned.

“Yer, he is a bit like an Albatross, there one minute and gone the next.” said Wacka smiling.

“You do not have to worry about me. I have the survival skills of the cat. I still have the sense I was born with and my heart is in the right place. Me and Wacka will do our duty and in doing that duty we will protect each other from any danger.”

“We are so proud of you two.” said Patreena.

“Yes we are.” said Junifer.

“Come on drink up, we have to go home and sort our families out. After the party tomorrow we can go away for a few days rest before we set off on our mission.” said Edvax.

They all finished their drinks and walked outside.

“Get a yellow double air taxi Wacka; I want to talk to Junifer on the way home.” said Patreena.

“Okay my love.” said Wacka.

The air taxi soon arrived, all boarded it and the girls sat in the back. The air taxi lifted off and the safety force field was initiated, it sped off into the clouds.

“Edvax and Wacka will take us away for a few days Patreena, where do you fancy going?” asked Junifer.

“The golden isles in the north prolific, it is the most beautiful place on Perfectus. I have always wanted to go there. Unfortunately red taxis are very rare and we have the six kids to worry about, so we have not really had chance to go.” said Patreena.

“We have been there, you are right it is beautiful. I will have a word in Edvax’s ear and try and convince him it is the place for us all to go.” said Junifer.

“That would be nice Junifer.”

“In the meantime, you tell Wacka of our plans.”

“Okay Junifer.”

The air taxi lowered down towards Wacka and Patreena’s home, the force field vanished. They were on the ground, both of them got off the taxi.

“See you later you two.” said Wacka.

“See you tomorrow at the party.” said Edvax.

“Bye, bye.”

They all started waving to each other, the air taxi lifted up, the force field initiated and it sped off into the clouds.

“Edvax.” said Junifer seductively.

“Yes dear.”

“Do you remember when we went to the golden isles 109 years ago?” she asked.

“Yes dear I do, it was one of the best times of our lives.”

“Well I would like to go again, with Wacka and Patreena and all of the kid’s. It would be the perfect place for us all to go, it will only be a brief visit, but Patreena told me she would love to go there.”

“Junifer, that is a good idea, we will go there on Niceday that will give us four days holiday on the golden isles.”

“Edvax you are a True Human in a million. I love the very essence of your soul. I love every inch of your body, even the little bit that sticks out.” said Junifer affectionately.

“Woe-Woe- steady on love. That little bit is my pride and joy.”

She cuddled him and started laughing.

“If you do not come back from your mission, I will kill you.”

“If I don’t come back, it means I am dead anyway.”

“Do not say that Edvax, you are scaring me.”

Edvax put his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.

“You worry too much Junifer.” he said.

The air taxi started to go lower, they could see their home, it soon landed and they got off.

“Come on let’s go in and have some dinner, I am starving and pined to death.” said Edvax.

“What do you fancy?” asked Junifer.

“I fancy you lying on an air bed, with golden berry and cream all over you.”

“Yes, that is fine, but what do you fancy for dinner?” she asked.

“I’ll have Albatross egg and chips.” he replied.

Albatross egg is a delicacy on Perfectus, the eggs are produced by using DNA and genetic techniques. The eggs are grown in incubators until large enough to eat.

[They were not the real thing.]

All the food on Perfectus was produced under strict guidelines and regulations. No live animal was ever killed for food. D.N.A. and genetics played an important part in food production. All animals were given the right to roam and be free. It was only their D.N.A. that was used to produce food. Any Perfectusian could go into any of these food factories and inspect them at any time night or day, all life was sacred to these True Humans. There were no secret government installations, there were no weapons of mass destruction. The only weapons available were stored in big warehouses ready for the armed forces and they had not been used for over a million years. The only reason they were there, was because of the fear associated with the Planet of Certain Death, the thought of what was on that planet made Perfectusian’s tremble at the knees.

After Edvax and Junifer had eaten their dinner, they sat down and watched the monitor, the programme they were watching was about holidays to the golden isles.

“Look Edvax, it is the same place where we are going.”

“Have you told Patreena and Wacka yet?” asked Edvax.

“No I haven’t, I will send them a light message now.”

She pressed a switch on the monitor, out came a beam of light. Junifer talked into the beam of light and recorded the message.

It read,

Patreena, Edvax says it is okay for us all to go to the golden isles for our few precious days away. If you are watching the monitor, then switch to channel 601. They are showing the golden isles. We will be setting off early on Niceday. We will have to order a red air bus because there will be fifteen of us altogether, can you organise it?

It was signed ‘Junifer’

She pressed the send button and waited patiently for the reply.

Meanwhile in Wacka and Patreena’s home, they were just relaxing on an air settee, the kid’s were in their rooms asleep.

The light message opened directly in front of Patreena, she read it out to Wacka and both were overjoyed.

“Send a reply, telling them we will organise the red air taxi.”

“Okay Wacka.”

She pressed the switch on the monitor to send a message and at the same time she switched the monitor on to watch the programme.

“Put it on channel 601 Patreena.” said Wacka.

The light beam shone directly at Patreena, she spoke into it.

It read,

Junifer, we will organise the red air bus, and we will pick you up at your home. Get your kid’s to wait there with you.

signed Patreena. She sent it.

The message was read by Edvax and Junifer and the holiday was on.

Edvax and Junifer’s kids were all grown up. One was married with no children and another was single with a boyfriend. And there was Gideon, who was their only son, he was single.

On the monitor in Wacka and Patreena’s home, it was showing the beautiful golden isles. Patreena could not take her eyes off the screen, a view of the sky was shown. An Albatross flew directly across the screen; it looked so graceful with its long slender wings and lovely yellow beak. Even though it was daylight you could see both the moons in the background. There was no wind, the temperature was 21 degrees Celsius and the sun was shining bright onto the mountains. It was sheer beauty.

“I can’t wait to get there Wacka.”

“Yer, it looks good from here Patreena.”

The programme finished and they went to bed.

Chapter Two.

The Farewell Party.

Today was Perfectday and it was the day of the farewell party. The organisation of the party had been going on all night. Adonis had asked his people to organise a special party for Edvax, Wacka and their families. True humans from all over their world would be there. It was arranged for this particular day, just simply because it was the only Perfectday on the calendar that was before the date of their departure. Usually farewell parties would be held the day before departure but on this occasion that was not possible because the worm hole was due to shut on Funday at 6ad [24 o clock]. The mission had to start well before or at the very latest 4ad [22 o clock]. This would give them the minimum of two Perfectusian hours to launch and enter the worm hole, once inside, it did not matter that it was closing.

The actual time of launch was scheduled for 2ad [20 o clock].

The time at that very moment was 9bd, the Plate family had just awakened and Wacka was in the bathroom.

“Hurry up dad.” said Theodorra, one of his young daughters.

“Go into the other bathroom.” he replied.

“I can’t, because Salteena’s in there.” she moaned.

Wacka opened the entrance to the bathroom.

“Go on then, but hurry up I need to polish my crown for the party.”

“Okay dad.”

Wacka was losing his hair. He could, if he wanted, get treatment for it, but he liked being a bald headed git, he liked the way the women patted and rubbed his bald head whenever they walked past him. If he had long hair they would not do it. He was a bit of a buggeroo was Wacka

Wacka waited patiently while his daughter was in the bathroom, eventually Theodorra came out.

“It’s about time.” said Wacka.

He went back into the bathroom and polished is bald head.

Perfectus women were all extremely fit and nubile. They rarely showed ageing, none had wrinkles, none wore glasses and none ever had a headache. It was the perfect utopian world for a True Human to live. It was no wonder that violence, jealousy and envy were non existent.

Edvax was also in his own bathroom; Junifer had just climbed out of the bath. Her long jet black hair was wet; water was dripping off her beautiful slender body.

“Can I dry your body for you Junifer?” asked Edvax.

“If you desire.” she replied.

He took the towel from the shelf and started to dry Junifer’s gorgeous figure. He rubbed the towel down her back and over the cheeks of her soft round bottom. Then he slowly moved down both her legs to dry her feet. He went back up towards the little beaver in between her thighs. He dried the tender little piece of bacon that was hanging down below the beard. Junifer shivered at the touch, he kissed it and said “hello” it wobbled from side to side. He moved further up, towards the belly button, he dried it with care, kissed it and said “hello” again, he was nearly finished drying her down. He just had the two peaks to do. When he reached them he smiled, they wobbled and wobbled at his touch. He could not stop drying them down; the sight of them wobbling was just too much. He kissed them both and was filled with lust for his wife who had the Perfectus bust, and Junifer ended up so satisfied, wasn’t she just?

Two hours later and their children arrived. They came with their respective partners; all went into the front room, sat down and were having a drink and a chat.

“How is the business doing Jack?” asked Edvax.

“Oh it is great. Everything is being modernised, we have started to make a new scanner for the seeds of life committee. It is a very big order and should be ready in 40 years. Just in time for when you arrive on the planet Earth. How are you going on Edvax?” asked Jack.

“Oh I’m All-right Jack.” he replied.

“Hey dad, will you bring me something back from Earth?” asked his eldest daughter Helena, who was married to Jack.

”What can I bring you back, there are no shops on Earth, there are no food processors or vendors. It is a totally wild and unpopulated planet.”

“Any unusual rare flower would be fine.” said Helena.

“Okay, I will keep my eye out for a nice flower just for you.”

“Cheers dad.”

“What about me dad, will you bring me something back?” asked Clifteena, his youngest daughter.

“Yes Clifteena I will bring you a small bird, if there is any.”

Clifteena stood up; she went over and hugged her dad.

“You are the one and only true dad.” she said.

“How will any bird survive for the journey back Edvax?” asked Clifteena’s boyfriend Bill.

“We put them in suspended animation; they can survive for anything up to a thousand years.” replied Edvax.

“Wow that is fantastic; I didn’t know you could do that.” said Bill.

“Helena, where is our Gideon? He should be here by now.?” asked Edvax, sounding concerned about the whereabouts of his only son.

“He is working away dad, he told me he would meet us at the party.” she replied.

“Is Gideon coming on holiday to the Golden Isles with us?” asked Edvax.

“Yes he is.” replied Helena.

“Excellent, we should be in for a few good days relaxation before me and Wacka depart. It is important that all our family are there to see us off.”

At that moment Junifer walked into the room, she had a beautiful low-cut red dress on; she had such a lovely smile on her face. What could have made her smile like that they all thought to themselves. Only Edvax and Junifer knew where the smile had come from.

“Hello everybody.” said Junifer.

“Hello Mrs Smith.” said Bill whilst admiring her beautiful big pointed ear rings.

“Hello Mrs Smith.” said Jack whilst admiring her other two equally sumptuous assets.

“Hello mum.” said the girls.

“Is everybody ready for the party?” asked Junifer.

“Yes we are, our Gideon is coming later mum, he told me he would meet us there.” said Helena.

“Edvax your mum and dad and my mum and dad will meet us there.” said Junifer.

“Are they going on holiday with us Junifer?” asked Edvax.

“No love they are not, they have other things to do.”

“Well never mind at least you lot will be there.” said Edvax with a wry sigh.

“Right Edvax, go order our air taxi, we need one with six or eight seats.” said Junifer.

“Okay love.”

Edvax went outside and summoned a double yellow air taxi, the skies were busy due to it being Perfectday, everyone on the planet were needing air taxis to go to the party; eventually one came after waiting several minutes.

“It is here.” shouted Edvax to all those inside.

Everybody came out and climbed aboard the special six seated taxi. Junifer looked gorgeous in her red dress. The taxi lifted up, then the force field initiated and off it went into the deep blue sky.

Wacka and Patreena were in their front room, all the children were with them.

“Patreena, you look pretty dam good in that blue dress.”

“Thank you Wacka, you don’t look bad yourself.”

“Will you order a taxi Wacka?” asked Patreena.

He went outside and summoned a yellow eight seated air taxi.

“It may take a few minutes dear; they seem to be a bit busy.”


Patreena was looking into the mirror, she had no make-up on. Perfectus women did not need much make-up, lipstick was the favourite choice and was used extensively.

“It is here.” shouted Wacka.

Patreena and the kids went outside, all boarded onto the air taxi. It lifted up, the force field initiated and it zoomed off into the blue sky.

The sky was full of air taxis. Wacka could not remember ever seeing so many, not even at other true Humans leaving party’s. There was never such an influx of air taxis, maybe the planet Perfectus was getting overcrowded, maybe it was time to physically colonize even more worlds. It needed discussion and thought. Wacka was thinking all this to himself; he intended to mention it to Adonis.

“Look over there dad, it is uncle Edvax and auntie Junifer.”


“Over there to the right of us, they are in the yellow taxi, the third behind the red one.”

“Yes, I can see them.”

“Go faster daddee.” said the youngest.

“It is an air taxi love, I have no control over the speed, it is all automatic.” said Wacka.

“What about your spacecraft dad, is that all automatic?” asked his eldest son Airran.

“It has both automatic and manual controls, me or Edvax can override the auto controls and go faster if we need to.”

The air taxis started to go down towards the ground. It was a fantastic sight to see the different colours, all in a line, all at the exact same distance apart. It was a once in a lifetime experience to witness this. The Perfectus committee’s scanner took thousands of years to find suitable habitable planets. It has spent countless years searching throughout the known Universe. To be chosen to plant the Seeds of Life was an honour and a privilege. This party was all about those two who were chosen, the mission was not going to be an easy one, it was going to be a very dangerous and perilous journey.

Wacka’s air taxi landed first, the kids cheered when they got off. Edvax’s taxi landed two and a half minutes later.

The atmosphere around them was carnival and electric. Thousands if not millions of people were spread over a vast area.

Edvax spotted Wacka and his family. All of Wacka’s kids came running over to greet Edvax, Junifer and the others.

“Uncle Edvax.” they shouted with joy.

“Hello kids, how are you?” said Edvax.

Junifer picked the little one up and gave her a big cuddle.

“I like your dress auntie Junifer.” said the youngster.

“Oh thank you and I like yours.” said Junifer to the little girl.

“Isn’t the sky busy?” said Wacka.

“Yes it is.” replied Edvax.

Edvax went over to Patreena, he kissed her on the cheek.

“Hello Patreena that is a nice dress you are wearing.”

“Thank you Edvax.”

Wacka went over to Junifer, he kissed her on the lips.

“Hello Junifer that is a beautiful dress you are nearly wearing.”

“Thank you Wacka, you old bald headed rascal.”

They all set off down towards the main celebration area. Jugglers, magicians, fire eaters, wolves, albatrosses, ambassadors from other parts of the world, all the beautiful things relating to Perfectus life, were there.

“Mum, look at that lovely albatross in the sky.” said the youngest of Wacka’s kids.

“Yes dear, they are so elegant and gracious.”

There was a giant arena in the middle of all the people; they separated to make way for the two intrepid space travellers and their families. Every now and again someone would go over and shake Edvax and Wacka’s hand.

“Good luck lads.” some would say.

Patreena and Junifer felt like queens. They both looked so regal, the skin of their bodies was glistening in the sunlight, and people went up to them and said,

“You must be so proud.”

“Yes we are.” they both replied.

They approached the centre of the arena, all the committee were already there. Edvax and Wacka’s families were given a prime position at the top of the arena. They all sat down on special air seats.

“Let the celebrations begin.” shouted Adonis.

The entire crowd cheered, the sound was deafening. A giant orb of light appeared in the centre of the arena. Virtual creatures that had been brought back from previous missions appeared from the orb. A brief description of where it was from and what it was called was above the orb. No matter where a person was situated they could see the show. An animal with a big head and massive teeth came out of the orb; it was about 60 foot tall, it looked so realistic that the sight of it made some of the children scream in fear. The animal was named Tyrannoflawless Rex; it was brought to Perfectus 63 million years ago. It was not a docile creature, it was in fact quite ferocious and nobody on Perfectus was allowed to breed it. Fortunately this was just a 3d image so it was harmless, but there were genuine exhibits in the natural past museum, in the capital city of Perfectus. These were capable of being brought back to life; there was no record of where the animal had come from. It was one of the first to be brought back all those years ago, the only person to know any information about them was Thomus, he was the committee member who had reservations about this particular mission. He was a bit of a dark horse; he seldom spoke about his work, maybe he knew more than he was actually saying.

The second 3d image was of a dolphin, this animal was brought to Perfectus 50 million years ago. It was so loved and admired by all Perfectusian’s that they were bred in abundance and all the seas of Perfectus were well stocked with these beautiful creatures.

The third 3d image was of a dodo. Patreena smiled when she saw it, she looked at it with such admiration and affection. It reminded her of a toy that she had in her bedroom cabinet, [oh what joy], she thought.

Seventy six 3d images of animals and plants came out of the orb over the next two hours, some were beautiful and others were just plain awful. All were from alien planets.

The orb started to vanish, people started to get up to sing and dance. Wacka, Edvax and all the family went down to the centre of the arena and joined in the festivities.

Thousands of air balloons were released and floated high into the air, when they reached a certain height they burst and released millions of flower petals, they floated down and settled amongst the revellers, the children cheered and tried to catch them before they hit the ground, it was a sheer delight to see so many people enjoying the fun. Everyone was laughing or smiling, this was what life was all about on Perfectus, this is what life should be all about on all planets where True Humans live, this is what the Perfectusian’s wanted to create on barren unpopulated planets, they wanted to spread love, joy and contentment, they wanted to prolong the True Human Race.

All True Humans on Perfectus were treated the same, even those with darker or lighter skins than others, it did not matter to them, every True Human had a soul and a conscience, this is all that mattered, the two go hand in hand, without one the other is nothing, any human without a soul is dead, any human without a conscience should be dead.

Wacka was having the time of his life, he loved dancing; he loved the social bonding that dancing created, but he was feeling a bit thirsty.

“Edvax lets go over there for a drink.”

“Get me two, it’s your turn to go to the bar.” replied Edvax.

“Come with us then.”

“Why what’s up, your not frightened that the T-rex will come back are you?”

“No don’t be daft you silly old git, just follow me.”

They both walked over to the drinks area, all it consisted of was five vending machines just stuck there suspended in fresh air, all a customer had to do was press a button and out come drinks or food.

“Edvax, what do you want to drink?”

“I’ll have two pints of old frogeye beer.”

“Why two?”

“Because I am thirsty.”

Wacka pressed the relative buttons and both their drinks appeared,

“Here you are Edvax my old fruit bat.”

“Cheers Wacka my old twatface.”

Both sat down at an air table and started chatting.

“Nice weather for this time of year Edvax.”

“Yes it is, isn’t it?”

“Edvax have you ever tried them realistic fantasy daydreams?”

“No, I can honestly say I have not.”

“Well, with me being a bit older than you, I have tried them on the odd occasion.”

“Are they any good?”

“They are fantastic, even Patreena has had a go.”

“How does it work?”

“Well it is a bit like when you summon an air taxi, you do more or less the same thing, but instead of searching the skies you search your mind, it only works when you have your eyes open, its a bit like dreaming but you are awake, the other night me and Patreena were in the garden looking at the night sky, Patreena wanted to see a night owl, we waited ages for one to come past, unfortunately none came, so I suggested she use the daydream method, she concentrated on an image of the owl and it appeared as if by magic and then she had complete control over the owl.”

“Wow, that is super, I have heard about the process, but I have never known anyone that has actually done it. I tell you what it will be handy for us when we go on our mission.”

“Yer, that’s what I was thinking.”

The girls and the children joined them.

“Get us all a drink Wacka” said Patreena seductively.

“All of you come over one by one and I will get you a drink.”

The eldest went first.

“I’ll have a pint of scrumpy” said Bill.

“I’ll have a pint of old fogey” said Jack.

“Surely you mean old frogeye Jack?” said Wacka.

“No I mean old fogey, it is a guest beer from the golden isles.”

“Oh right, I might try that myself.”

“I will have a pint of barnacle beer.” shouted a voice from the crowd; it was Gideon, Edvax’s son.

Edvax stood up to greet his only boy, who incidentally was a fully grown man now.

“I was getting worried about you, where have you been?”

“You know me dad, work is my trade.”

“Give him a beer Wacka” said Edvax.

Gideon then went over to his mother.

“Hello mum, how are you?”

She stood up and put her arms around him and cuddled her son.

“I am fine love.”

“Hi Jack.” he said.

“Hello Gideon.” he replied.

“Hello everybody else.” said Gideon.

Everybody shouted hello, by this time Wacka had managed to get half the drinks.

“What drink would you like Patreena?”

“Can I have portini on the rocks, please.”

“What about you Junifer?”

“Portini on the rocks with grapefruit juice please.”

He gave them their relative drinks. Just the little ones to sort out now, he asked them all one by one and eventually finished ordering the round of drinks and he sat down.

“Phew that was the biggest round of drinks I have ever ordered.”

“Good job it is free Wacka.”

“Yer it is, I don’t know how those people on some of the planets that have to pay, cope.”

“They are not as advanced as us Wacka.” said Junifer.

“I wonder what it is like on the planet of Certain Death. I have never heard anyone talk about it, have you Wacka?” asked Jack.

“I only know that out of all the known Perfectusian’s that have actually gone there, none have ever come back, so it is widely assumed that it is a very dangerous and hostile world; some reports say that the creatures that live there are flesh eaters and they thrive on raw meat, especially raw human meat.”

“Yes that is true, but one day we will be well equipped enough to safely explore that planet, at the moment we give it a wide berth because our force fields do not work there.” said Edvax.

“Yes and we cannot scan it properly due to it being in a parallel orbit to Perfectus, we have sent probes there but they also never make it.” said Wacka.

“I wish you both good luck on your mission.” said bill,

“Yes so do I, in fact I would like to propose a toast to your trip, will everyone stand please.” asked Jack,

Everyone stood up,

“May God be with you and make sure you have a safe and successful mission to plant the Seeds of True Human Life on the new planet Earth.”

All said “Here, Here.” and clinked their glasses.

75% of Perfectusian’s believed in God, only a few believed in the devil, to them all life was sacred, very few had experienced fear or terror, so there was little thought of the Devil. Their life was perfect. Only good things happened on Perfectus. There was the odd occasion when a mission to other planets failed and the two Perfectusian’s who were on that mission perished, but this was very rare, as a general rule, as far as the Perfectusian’s were concerned, the Devil only existed on other worlds and not on their own.

“Edvax, it is your turn to go get the drinks.” said Wacka,

“Junifer, go to bar for us love?”

“Okay, what do you want?”

“Just put -same again- in the console on the vending machine.”

Junifer went over to the vending machine and ordered the drinks, she asked the children to help her carry them back to the others.

“We will be drunk tonight Wacka.” said Edvax,

“Yer, we will, that old frogeye beer is quite potent and by the look of your Gideon so is the barnacle beer”

Gideon was in the middle of the Arena dancing with a tall dark haired girl; he seemed to be struggling to stand up and was wobbling a bit, he must have had the odd drink before he came to the party.

Patreena stood up and went over to Wacka, she took his hand.

“Come on Wacka, let’s dance.”

Wacka stood up and both went down into the arena, Edvax and Junifer soon followed, the computerised band started playing slow music, both couples put their arms around their partners and smooched to the music.

Edvax and Junifer kissed each other.

“I will miss you” said Junifer.

“I will miss you” said Edvax.

“Junifer, me and Wacka were talking about the method of fantasy daydreaming, apparently him and Patreena have tried it and it worked fine for them, so it would make it easier for us to cope, if we used it while I was away.”

“How does it work Edvax?”

“All you have to do is imagine an object and focus on an empty area and that object will appear in that area, you can then manipulate that object in any way you want, it is a bit like summoning an air taxi, the principal is the same.”

“You mean if I think of a wolf, then that wolf will appear.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“How did you find out about that?”

“Well apparently it was invented a lot of years ago, to help lonely old people cope with their loneliness, the old people could think of their long lost husbands or wives and conjure up this 3d image of them, they could also touch and feel the image as if it was real.”

“That is remarkable, it means if I am in bed, I can think of you and you would appear, then if I wanted, I could make love to your image.”

“Yes that’s right, you have got it in a nutshell, we can still see each other, even though we are billions of miles apart, but take note it only works when you are awake, it does not work while you are asleep”

“Wow, so it will make it a lot easier for us to cope, Edvax never forget, I want the real you to come back home, so do not miss that worm hole.”

“I won’t miss it dear.”

“I love you Edvax.”

“I love you too Junifer.”

They went and sat back down.

“Patreena, it is your turn to go for the drinks.” shouted Edvax.


Patreena went over to the vending machines, she pressed a button and a screen came up, she pressed another button which said “same again” on the touch pad, then all the drinks appeared.

Wacka went over and helped her bring the drinks back to the table.

“Here you are everybody, the drinks are on me.”

“Cheers.” said Edvax.

“Patreena, Edvax has been telling me about the fantasy daydream method.”

“Yes I know about it Junifer, I had a go the other night, there is only one problem with it.”

“What is that Patreena?”

“Only the person who is doing it can actually see it, so you cannot have a group experience.”

“I think one day it will be upgraded to include group participation, it would be good fun creating our own horse racing or Albatross racing.”

“We will have to make do with the basic method until then, but it will still be good fun.”

Adonis walked towards their table.

“How are you all enjoying the party?” he asked.

“It is great.” said Edvax.

“This is a reet proper do Adonis and this beer is second to none.” said Wacka

“What are you drinking Wacka?”

“Oh, I’ll have a pint of old frogeye beer please.”

“No, I did not mean that, I simply meant what are you drinking?”

“Oh right, well in that case I’ll have two pints” said Wacka laughing his balls off.

“You will never change Wacka.” said Adonis.

“I will on Funday, because I have to put my spacesuit on.”

At that moment everybody laughed. Adonis knew that Wacka was a bit pissed so he let him off with this bit of discretion.

“Right I’m off, I hope you have a nice time in the golden isles and I will see you at 12bd on Funday.”

“Okay Adonis.” said Wacka.

“Bye Adonis.” said Edvax.

Adonis went away. In the arena the party continued. Gideon was still dancing with the long haired girl, he must have lost a stone in weight with all that exercise he was getting.

“Patreena, let’s go to the wash-room.” said Junifer.

“Don’t be long girls, it will be dark soon and there is a light display due to start.” said Edvax,

“Yer and don’t forget to wipe your beards.” shouted Wacka with a big grin on his face.

“Don’t be so crude Wacka.” said Patreena.

The girls set off towards the top end of the arena.

“My Wacka is well pissed Junifer.”

“Yes I know, but they deserve to have a good time, who knows what is going to happen on the mission.”

“I don’t know about you Junifer, but I am dead worried about them both.”

“Yes so am I, but there is nothing we can do about it, unless we stowaway on the spacecraft and keep an eye on them.”

They both laughed at the thought of it and carried on to the wash-room.

“Wacka it’s your turn to go for the beer.” said Edvax,

“You are kidding, it can’t be my turn.”

“It is I have been twice the girls have been twice and you have been once.”

“Oh okay then, come on kids give me a hand with the beer, uncle Edvax is getting thirsty.”

“Dad can I have an ice lolly.” said Wacka’s youngest girl.

“Of course you can my little cherub.”

He picked her up and gave her a big cuddle; they went over to the vending machines, he ordered the ice lollies for the kids first, he took one and gave it to his youngest daughter.

“Here you are my little love.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“You are very welcome.”

He gave one each to all the other kids that were there and then he ordered the drinks for the others.

“Here is your refreshment ladies and gentlemen; I hope you enjoy yourself while consuming your drinks.”

“Cheers Wacka my old fruit bat.” said Edvax.

“Thank you uncle Wacka.” said Helena.

“Thanks uncle Wacka.” said Clifteena.

“Cheers Wacka.” said Bill.

“Thank you very much.” said Jack.

“Uncle Wacka, you are a gentleman and a scholar.” said Gideon.

“You are all extremely very welcome.” said Wacka.

“Wow, look at that up there.” shouted one of Wacka’s children.

“What is it?” asked Helena.

“It is the light display, it must have started.” said Edvax.

The night sky was being lit up, there were loud explosions up above, fireworks were going off all around, the whole sky was a mass of coloured flashing light, everybody was looking up towards the display where rockets were zooming into the atmosphere and exploding with huge force expelling different shapes and sizes of flashing light.

Patreena and Junifer came back and sat down.

“Look at that one.” shouted Clifteena.

It was a massive rocket that exploded with such a force that the ground shook; words were being formed with the resulting light, this is what it said in large letters.

- Wacka and Edvax Good luck on your mission -

People could see it displayed from wherever they were, it was all over the sky, it was phenomenal.

“Junifer it is your turn to go for the drinks.” said Edvax.

“What already are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, of course I am, Wacka went last time.”

“Oh all right then, what do you want?”

“Same again.”

The display of light started to wane, it was now getting quiet, some people were going home, they wished the two spacemen good luck on there way past them and shook their hands. Junifer came back with the drinks.

“Here you are everybody.”

“Thanks gorgeous.” said Edvax.

“Cheers Junifer.” said Wacka.

“Ta mum.” said Helena.

The others had gone back into the middle of the arena and were dancing again. Gideon was well pissed up to the eyeballs, but somehow he was still standing up and smooching with the long haired girl, all the kids were also dancing.

“Well Edvax, I am going to have to look at your ugly mug for the next 101 years.”

“No you won’t, you will be asleep for half the time, so it will only be 50.5 years, of looking at my ugly mug and if you take into account the amount of time that you will be looking at the spaceship controls, it will reduce to 30.8 years, then take into account the times you will be on the toilet, it will be 20.3 years, minus the time when you will be daydreaming, will make it 9.1 years, then deduct the time when you will be looking in the mirror, will make it a total of approximately 3 minutes, so you can boil an egg whilst you are looking at my ugly mug.”

“Edvax, you sure have a head for figures.”

“Yer I know, just look at Junifer’s, she has a figure second to none.”

“Come to think of it Ed, so has my Patreena.”

“Wacka, nature did a great job when it produced the female True Human being.”

“Ed, is it Junifer’s turn to go for the beer?”

“Yes it is.”

“No it is not, I have just been.” said Junifer, sternly but not unkindly.

“Well where is it then?”

“You have drunk it.” she replied.

“Oh right, so it must be Patreena’s turn then.”

“I will go, but I think you have had enough, don’t forget we are up early tomorrow, to get ready for our holidays.” said Patreena,

“Okay love, we will make this our last drink.” said Wacka.

Patreena went to the vending machine and ordered the last round. Edvax had managed to go to the bar only once all night, somehow he had dodged going on several occasions, the crafty old git.

The beer arrived. Patreena placed it around the table taking care to put the right drink opposite the right person.

“Cheers love.” said Wacka.

“Cheers Patreena, your Wacka doesn’t like going to the bar does he?”

“No Edvax he doesn’t and neither do you.” said Patreena.

Edvax started laughing to himself.

“Come on then Junifer, lets get up for the last dance, it is nearly time to go home.”

Junifer got up and walked towards Edvax, she lifted him up out of his air chair.

“Come on then you old goat.” she said to him.

Edvax stood up, wobbled and nearly fell down again.

“Oops that was close.” he said.

They both went down into the arena and started dancing to the beautiful music, they put their arms around each other and canoodled, he whispered into her ear.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I have got six inches, is it too big for you?”

“Roses are red, daffodils are yellow, my old boyfriend, was a lot bigger fellow.” answered Junifer in a sexy comical sort of voice.

Edvax and Junifer were both laughing. Wacka and Patreena joined them.

“Hey, what are you two laughing at?” asked Wacka.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” said Edvax.

Wacka and Patreena started dancing and put their arms around each other, he whispered in her ear.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I have got 7 inches, is that too big for you?”

“Shut up you daft twat.” said Patreena.

They started laughing to themselves, typical of Patreena; she was always the one to put a direct stop to nonsense.

They all danced for ages, one of the kids came running over and asked,

“When are we were going home mum?”

“Soon, very soon.” replied Patreena.

After another few precious moments dancing they went back up to their seats and decided it was time to go. It had been a very good send off and now they had their holidays to look forward too, before Wacka and Edvax go on their epic journey.

Wacka summoned two air taxis to take them all home.

The air taxis came more or less straight away.

“Come on kids get on the taxi.” said Wacka.

“We will see you tomorrow Edvax and Junifer.”

“Yes, see you tomorrow, don’t forget to sort the air taxis out for us Wacka, we are going on our hols early in the morning.”

“Yer, but not too early I hope.”

“About, ten o’clockish, Wacka.”

“Okay that sounds about right, are your kids being picked up at your home Edvax?”

“Yes, they are staying there tonight.”

Wacka and Patreena and their brood got onto their air taxi and went home.

Edvax, Junifer, Gideon, Helena, Bill, Clifteena and Jack got onto their air taxi. It lifted off and the force field was initiated, it then sped off into the dark sky towards their home.

Some people were still in the arena, dancing and carrying on. It had been a good evening and everybody enjoyed it. Tomorrow they all go to the golden isles for a few days rest.

Chapter Three

The Holiday

The next day [Niceday] everybody in the Smith household was up at 8bd. Edvax was the first into the bathroom. He had a hangover and took some special tablets that would get rid of it quickly. Junifer was feeling okay and was in there with him combing her hair. Gideon and the rest of them were queuing to get into the bathroom. Edvax and Junifer came out and went downstairs to check their cases and have some breakfast.

“I am looking forward to this bit of a holiday Junifer.”

“So am I Edvax.”

“What do you want for breakfast Edvax?”

“I will have scrambled dodo egg on toast.”

“Do you want grey pepper in it?”

“Yes please, just for a change.”

Edvax sat down at the air table, a light message appeared before his eyes.

It read,

Good morning Edvax. I hope you are up and getting ready for your hols.

it was signed Wacka.

Edvax pressed the reply button and sent this message,

Yes Wacka, we are all up, we are just having breakfast. Make sure you order our red air taxis for 10bd.

Another message soon followed.

Do not worry, we will not forget, enjoy your breakfast.

Junifer placed the scrambled dodo eggs in front of Edvax.

“Thank you love.” he said.

Junifer sat down with him and poured out a cup of sweet herbal tea, she gave it to him.

“What are you having Junifer?”

“Just a bit of toast with Thornberry jam.”

All the others walked in. Junifer got up to see what they wanted for breakfast.

“Sit down mum. I will make ours.” said Helena.

Junifer sat back down.

“Good party last night dad.” said Gideon.

“Yes it was.” came the reply.

“Did you have a hangover Gideon?”

“No, I never have hangovers dad.”

“Well you are one in a million then.” said Edvax.

They all were having breakfast and making chitchat, Edvax was feeling slightly nervous, but he kept it to himself.

It was time to go outside and wait for the air taxi. Everybody was ready and waiting patiently, the time was 9.45bd. Edvax was making sure everything was turned off in the home and switching on all the force fields. It was not that he was worried about being burgled, they were just needed to keep out flies and other troublesome insects, instead of windows they had force fields at all exits and openings. These force fields allowed air through to keep the home smelling fresh.

At 10bd the red air taxi arrived, everybody placed their luggage on board. It was time to go. Wacka’s air taxi was already in the air, it was hovering and waiting for Edvax’s taxi. They would both be travelling together for the journey to the Golden Isles. Edvax climbed aboard, the taxi lifted up into the air, its force field initiated and it took position behind Wacka’s taxi. They both sped off high into the sky.

The view below was incredible, there were no solid windows to look through, it was just a force field, therefore nothing was spoiling the panoramic view. They flew over the capital city of Perfectus, it was called “Perfection” - “Wow” what an incredible sight, it was absolutely massive and so clean. Some of the buildings were so tall they would peep through the clouds. Twenty four billion True Humans lived on Perfectus. 1 billion lived in this city alone. Nobody on Edvax’s air taxi spoke for several minutes, they just could not take their eyes off the view of their beautiful world from above, a view that Nature and True Humans had taken millions of years to create.

After one Perfectusian hour of flying they were high above the deep blue sea, they could see old fashioned boats on the water, the odd whale would pop up out of the waves, taking a breath of air before sinking back into the pollution free deep sea. Some beautiful dolphins were swimming in groups and following the boats.

This was Perfectus, a place where nature is well looked after, a place where animals are not afraid of True Humans, a place that the Perfectus Committee hope to recreate on the planet Earth.

The Golden Isles were now in sight, they could see them just ahead. The air taxis started to go lower down. There were no clouds in the sky. They were going to stay on one of the islands in the middle of one hundred and one all together. Their island was called Purity, this was because of the quality of the fresh water that comes out of the mountains, it is so pure that it is considered the elixir of life.

Edvax’s air taxi landed just outside of the villa where they will stay for the next three days. Wacka’s was just over the road.

Everybody disembarked and retrieved their luggage. The air taxis lifted off and sped away.

The sun was shining bright, there was no wind. Edvax and the others went into their temporary home, they had a good look around and picked a bedroom to sleep in. There were seven rooms altogether so they were spoilt for choice.

Wacka and his family also had seven rooms to choose from, his children were running around cheering and laughing.

“Come on you kids pick a room to sleep in.” said Patreena.

“Can I sleep with you and dad mummy?” asked the youngest.

“No love you cannot, you can sleep with your sisters.”

Wacka spotted the perfect room for him and Patreena.

“Patreena come and look at this.” he shouted.

She went in to look at the room he had found, there was a large double bed in the middle of the room, it had pillows filled with dodo feathers and moss, the sheets were made of some sort of organic natural material, they were very soft and so smooth.

“Wacka this is the one for us.” said Patreena affectionately.

He kissed her on the cheek and then he put the luggage inside the room. They went to sort out the kids. The eldest had picked a room at the end of the villa. The others were not so sure, so Wacka picked a room for them. The three youngest ended up all together, the three eldest had a room each.

“Right we are all settled in now, let us have something to eat.” said Wacka.

“Okay love, what do you fancy?” asked Patreena.

“I fancy you, but surprise me.” said Wacka.

“You can have me later, in the meantime I will fill your stomach with sheer delight.” said Patreena.

When Patreena had prepared the families meal, everybody sat around the air table to eat. Wacka kept smiling at Patreena, he knew he was in for three days of sheer delight and utter passion, providing he can get the kids out of the way of course.

Edvax and his family were also having something to eat. This time they were both involved in the preparations, their children were grown up and quite capable of sorting themselves out, but Junifer wanted to cook them the first meal on this holiday, from food she had brought with her.

The six of them sat down to eat fresh fish and chips, made using old methods and an old recipe that went back 10,000 years into the smith family. The batter was so crispy that it crackled to the touch, the chips were so golden brown and succulent that Edvax could not help eating half a dozen of them during the cooking process, the newly picked peas from the garden of the villa were cooked to perfection.

“Junifer, this is the best fish chips and peas that I have ever had the pleasure to eat.” said Bill.

“Junifer, I agree with Bill.” said Jack.

“Mum is the best cook on this planet.” said Helena.

“You cannot get food like this using the vending machines.” said Jack.

“What methods do you use Junifer?” asked Bill.

“Well I use an ancient method of cooking that has been handed down to our family and Edvax’s family from generation to generation. It all depends which oil you use for the actual cooking process, those ready prepared meals you get from the vending machines are okay, but this is a special occasion and we need to make an extra effort for Edvax’s sake. I want to make sure he does not miss that worm hole and to show him what he will be missing if he does.”

“Junifer, I will not miss the worm hole, and besides, I already know what I will be missing.”

“Mum, that was a very tasty meal.” said Clifteena.

“Mum, can I move back into the family home when dad goes on his mission?” asked Gideon.

“Of course you can love, but I may be going to Patreena’s for a few years.” replied Junifer lovingly.

“That’s okay, I just want to make sure you will be allright while dad is away.” said Gideon.

“Only loneliness can get me Gideon. I will look forward to you and the others being there when I need you, after all it will not be easy to be without your dad for 101 years, he seems to think it will soon pass, maybe it will for him for he will be in suspended animation for most of the time, I will not.”

“Listen everybody, it is my destiny to do the mission and all of us have to get through it the best we can, now lets not let negativity spoil our three days away, especially after such a beautiful meal.” said Edvax in a lecturing sort of way.

Wacka had finished his meal and was in the swimming pool. The kids were all playing hide and seek. Patreena was reading a book called “The Hidden Planet” the family were enjoying their time away.

“Patreena come into the water, it is nice and warm.” said Wacka.

“No. I am relaxing reading this book, if I finish it you can take it with you to Earth.”

“Patreena, I will not have time to read books.” said Wacka.

“Send Edvax a light message and ask them to come over, Junifer is a very good swimmer.” said Patreena.

“Okay, I will.”

He went over to the vending machine and typed in a light message, he sent it off.

Edvax was in the kitchen washing up when the message arrived, it read,

Edvax, get yourself and your family around here for swimming lessons, we have got a large warm pool to frolic in.

signed Wacka.

Edvax finished the washing up and started to look for Junifer and the others. They were all in the garden.

“I am going round to Wacka’s, there is a swimming pool there, is anyone coming with me?” asked Edvax.

Everybody shouted “yes” including Clifteena which was a bit unusual because she did not like swimming.

“I will just go get my best two piece, wait for me Edvax.” said Junifer.

“Okay my little angel of love.” said Edvax.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, the ozone shields were working. These were initiated whenever the sun got too strong. The shields had the ability to check on an individual’s skin type and adjust the amount of radiation that goes on their skin.

It was the perfect way to sunbathe, no one ever suffered from sunburn on Perfectus.

Junifer came out of the door in her two piece swimsuit, she looked so stunning that Edvax was having a change of heart.

“Come on let’s go back inside for a quick trip through the triangle of desire.” said Edvax.

“Edvax, there is plenty of time for that.” she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

When he realised what she had said, his blood pressure went down slightly, he grabbed hold of her with both arms and gave her a long kiss on the lips.

“Come on then, let’s go around to the Plate’s villa.”

They both set off towards the Plate’s villa, all the others were already there. Junifer immediately dived into the deep end of the pool hardly making a splash, her slim body sliding through the water like a dolphin, it was a sheer delight to watch.

“Hello Patreena.” said Edvax.

“Hello Edvax, are you going into the water?”

“No, I am not too keen on deep water, it gives me ear ache.”

“You could get your ears seen to by a specialist.” said Patreena.

“Yer I know, maybe one day I will. What is that book called that you are reading?” asked Edvax.

“It is called -The Hidden Planet- by Albut Ross.” replied Patreena.

“I have never heard of him, is he famous?” asked Edvax.

“I don’t know if he is or not. The book was in the lounge of our villa.” said Patreena.

“What is it about?” asked Edvax.

“It is about the planet that is at the other side of our sun. The one that is on a parallel orbit to ours, we call it -The Planet of Certain Death-, but he calls it -The Hidden Planet.”

“Strange fellow, maybe he knows something we do not.” said Edvax laughing.

“Well I have only just started to read it, but I will let you know if it is any good in a day or two.” said Patreena.

Edvax proceeded to lie down onto the air-bed, once he was settled he listened to the sounds that were all around him. It was so relaxing and quiet. The kids were still playing hide and seek. Wacka and Junifer were in the pool larking about. Gideon and the others had gone for a walk down to the beach. It was time for a kip for Edvax and he soon fell asleep.

Gideon, Bill, Jack, Helena, Clifteena and Wacka’s eldest daughter Andorra were all on the beach, talking about their dad’s mission.

“I hope they both come back home, if anything happened to either one, it would be devastating for us all.” said Helena.

“Wacka is a highly trained medic and he is well trained in the art of self defence, he will look after Edvax.” said Bill.

“Edvax is the scientist and trained pilot, one cannot manage without the other.” said Jack.

“You are all worrying too much, those two know how to look after themselves. I will bet you all anything you like that they both come back, maybe not all in one piece but still they will return.” said Gideon.

“Look, look over there.” shouted Andorra.

“Dolphins.” said Helena.

“They are coming close to the beach, lets go in to meet them.” said Clifteena.

All the girls rushed out and dived into the sea, the dolphins came straight up to them and started to play around them, the girls were laughing and swimming with the dolphins. Helena climbed onto one of the dolphins back, it swam out to sea and back. Andorra did exactly the same, but she fell off. The dolphins were enjoying the fun just as much as their friendly True Humans. Even Gideon went into the sea to join in. Bill and Jack were not so keen on swimming so they stayed on the beach.

Wacka and Junifer were still in the pool. Edvax was fast asleep. Patreena was well into her book. The holiday had got off to a fine start. What more could any True Human ask for? It was sheer bliss.

The sky was getting dark, clouds were forming over the island. It started to rain, lightly at first, then it came down very heavy, it was the beginning of a thunderstorm. Gideon and the others had already come out of the sea and were on the way back to the villa. The first drop of rain to touch Edvax’s head woke him up. It started to thunder, lightning flashed and lit up the dark sky. Junifer and Wacka got out of the pool. Patreena was already in the villa with the kids. Edvax, Wacka and Junifer soon joined her. The heavens opened up fully, the rain was warm to the touch. Gideon and the others came running into the villa.

“Wow, what a storm.” said Helena.

They all stayed by the window to watch nature at work. The crackling sound of the thunder was very loud, the fork lightning so dramatic and spectacular. The storm went on for half an hour and then the sky cleared up. It was over.

Storms in this area of Perfectus rarely lasted for long, they come and go like nomads.

Everybody went back out to the pool area.

“Mum we swam with dolphin’s today.” said Andorra.

“Did you love, how nice, I may try that myself, where were they?” asked Patreena.

“We went down to the beach and they just came up to the waters edge, I spotted them first. Me, Gideon, Helena and Clifteena went swimming with them.”

“I am taking dolphin D.N.A. to the planet Earth. We are going to produce a colony of dolphins on the planet.” said Edvax.

“That will be good Uncle Edvax, the new humans will like them.” said Andorra.

Junifer dived back into the pool. Wacka was relaxing on an air bed. Patreena went back to reading her book.

A beautiful white furred wolf walked into the area, it stopped and took a drink of water from a pool left by the thunderstorm.

Andorra beckoned it over to her, the wolf came closer to her.

“You are a beautiful creature.” she said to the wolf as she was stroking its soft white fur.

The wolf sniffed and licked her face and seemed to kiss her on the cheek.

“I am also taking wolf D.N.A. to the planet. Junifer asked me to.” said Edvax.

“What would a planet be like without these gorgeous creatures?” said Andorra, whilst still cuddling the white one that had just roamed into the villa.

Junifer got out of the pool and went straight over to her favourite animal. She stroked its back and seemed to bond to it instantly. They were both looking into each other eyes and seemed to be communicating with each other.

“Do you like it on this island?” said Junifer to the wolf.

The wolf just looked into her eyes and blinked as if it was replying to her question. Edvax was watching his stunning wife and smiled in admiration to her sensitivity towards the creature, she had chosen well he thought. The wolf started to slowly walk away and went towards the woods.

Junifer dived back into the pool, closely followed by Andorra.

Edvax was still watching his wife; passion was running through his veins. What can I do to tempt Junifer into the villa? He was thinking and at the same time watching her swimming about in the pool, he looked around for inspiration. He saw a lone bird flying high in the sky. Then it came to him. Edvax had a brilliant idea and at that very moment he decided to send his wife a light message. He got up and walked into the villa and switched the monitor on, he pressed the correct switch to bring up the message screen.

He wrote this message.

Dear Junifer.

I have been looking at your stunningly beautiful exquisite sexy body all day. I would like to meet you in our villa to make mad passionate love to you. If you are agreeable and would like me to explore your uppermost regions of desire, then come along and meet me there. As you know from the past, your triangle of love will benefit the most from my tender touch.

signed Edvax.

He sent the massage and then he went to his own villa and climbed into the shower. Junifer was still in the pool when the message flashed in front of her eyes, she read the message and climbed out of the pool, a small shiver ran down her spine, she shook the water off her body as a response to the shiver, then she casually walked away from the rest of the group, when she was out of view she started to run, her passion was almost running wild. The message had stimulated her desire so much that she nearly had an orgasm just thinking about it.

She ran into the villa shouting,

“Edvax, Edvax?”

“I am in the shower dear.”

She rushed into the shower room pulling her swimwear off as she went. She saw Edvax’s small arse sticking out of the shower, she climbed into the shower with him and they immediately put their arms around each other and started kissing and canoodling.

“I love you Edvax.”

“I love you Junifer.”

“That was a beautiful message you sent me.”

“I did not know how to get you to come, without involving the others.” said Edvax.

They climbed out of the shower and went into the bedroom.

Both were still wet from the shower. Junifer fell onto the bed and lay on her back. Edvax kissed her on her lips then nibbled her ear lobe, his desire to go straight down to the triangle of love was overpowering, he tried to fight it and concentrate on Junifer’s uppermost regions, but the temptation was just too much, he moved slowly down the perfectly formed body of his wife and rubbed the two beautiful orbs of flesh that were stuck out like proud melons, he could not resist kissing one of the nipples on the way, his tongue took a tour around the belly button and the triangle of love was in sight, he slowly pushed Junifer’s feet upwards towards her bum, this made the love triangle more accessible and protruding. He kissed her thighs on both sides, he found the base of the triangle and he placed the sensitive piece of flesh in between his tongue and teeth and gently nibbled. Junifer shivered at the attention her triangle of love was getting.

“ooooooh That is nice.”

Edvax licked and sucked the tender piece of flesh. Junifer was wriggling with pure delight, more and more he sucked, pulling it gently away from the body and letting it go back on its own.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop.” she screamed.

His tongue went inside the triangle of love, in out, in out, shake it all about. Junifer arched her back acutely.

“I am coming, I am coming.”

Edvax immediately sucked harder on the tender piece of flesh which made Junifer go into a fit of sheer unimaginable ecstasy. He took this opportunity to move up and insert his now so powerful manhood into the very triangle he had so amorously massaged with his tongue, it went right up to the hilt, he thrust so hard for several strokes and ejaculated 50 billion spermatozoa into Junifer’s shivering body. He collapsed onto her saturated torso, he kissed her on her lips.

“Wow that was pure passion.”

Junifer could not reply, she was out of breath and still quivering. Edvax went back into the shower, he washed his sweaty body. He climbed out and went back into the bedroom, Junifer was still on the bed.

“Junifer, are you okay?”

She looked at him and slowly put her legs back down.

“Edvax, where did you get that tongue from?”

“God gave it to me.”

“You will have to leave it here for me, when you go on your mission.”

“Don’t be silly love; I need it to make faces at Wacka.”

She laughed and climbed out of bed, she kissed him on the lips.

“I am going into the shower.”

“Okay love.”

Wacka was still in the pool. He was going from one end to the other time and time again, swimming as fast as he could. His rippling muscles were at full stretch, but he knew he had to get fully fit for the mission. Patreena was still reading her book, now and again she would giggle or cringe at its contents but she could not put it down.

Gideon, Helena, Clifteena, Bill, Jack and Andorra were at the other side of the pool sunbathing and talking about life in general. The young ones were all in the play area, playing on the slides and toys.

Edvax and Junifer reappeared at the pool area, nobody had noticed they had been missing. They both lay down onto their own air bed and relaxed in the sun. They stayed there for the rest of the day, there was a vending machine in the villa where they could get instant refreshment and food whenever they needed it. One by one they left the pool and went to bed.

The next day of the holiday, everybody arose very early.

Wacka went straight into the pool to do his get fit routine. Patreena was preparing breakfast for her family. Edvax was preparing breakfast for his family.

Yesterday they spent the day around Wacka’s villa. Today they planned to go on a walk all around the island.

In Edvax and Junifer’s villa everybody was sat around the air table waiting for breakfast. Edvax started to put dishes with food in them onto the table, they contained fresh fruit, cereals, protein sausages, scrambled eggs, toast, honey and other culinary delights.

“Serve yourself.” he said to his family.

They all started to tuck in to the food that they wanted for breakfast. Edvax sat down with his family and started to consume his favourite breakfast of dodo scrambled eggs on toast, with a large pot of herbal tea to wash it down. Junifer was having toast with fresh fruit topping. Gideon, Jack and Bill dived into the protein sausages and scrambled eggs. Helena and Clifteena had a bowl of cereal.

“Where are we going today Edvax?” asked Bill.

“We are going to explore the island; it is only ten sectrons all the way around, so me and Wacka thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of an expedition or safari to see what is on it.”

“Do we need any special clothes dad?” asked Helena.

“Just make sure your feet are covered up with strong shoes, in case there is something creepy underfoot, your personal ozone layers should protect you from the sun, the rest is up to you.” “We used to go exploring with our dad when we were kids, mostly down to the woods.” said Gideon.

“I am looking forward to it.” said Jack excitedly.

“I think all the lads should take a back pack each, filled with light refreshment and water. I will take a camera and towels. The girls should take cups and towels.” said Edvax.

“Would you like some more toast Edvax?” asked Junifer.

He looked at Junifer, she had skimpy shorts and a small vest on, she looked ravishing, he tried to think of something else to take his mind of it.

“No thank you dear.” he replied.

“What time are we setting off dad?” asked Gideon.

“About 10.00bd.” he replied.

“Right thanks for the breakfast dad, I am off for a swim.” said Helena.

“Yes thank you Mr Smith, I am going with Helena.” said Jack.

Both got up and went out of the villa.

“Are you going with them Clifteena?” asked Edvax while staring at his gorgeous wife.

“No dad. Me and Bill are staying here until we go on the expedition.” she replied.

Edvax was saddened at this news, he was hoping they would all go swimming and leave him and his wife alone for a few precious moments. Then he had another brainwave, he realised he could do what he had done the day before and send Junifer a light message asking her to meet him somewhere. He went outside into the villa garden and he walked over to some trees and then down a hill to a stream, he found a bit of a cove close to the stream, the sun was shining onto the cove, perfect he thought, this is the place where I will ask Junifer to meet me. He had to go back to the villa to send the light message, as he walked up the hill a flash of light sparkled in front of his eyes, it was a light message from Junifer.

This is what it said.

Dear Edvax; my passion for you is boiling over, your tongue is in my deepest thoughts, if you are in the same frame of mind I will meet you at the old ruins at the other side of the cove by the stream. I am already there at this very moment, waiting for your attendance.

signed Junifer.

Edvax turned around to go back to the place where he had just been, he passed the cove and saw the ruins ahead, he ran towards them. Junifer was lying on an air bed, she was naked.

“Junifer, how did you get here so fast?”

“Edvax we have been married for 500 years. I can read your mind like a book. I know your needs and you know mine, so stop using your tongue for talking and put it to good use.”

“Wow, what a woman.”

A Perfectus woman, a woman with desires and dreams, a woman with love in her heart, a woman who knew what she wanted, a woman who knew what other True Humans wanted, a woman who knew what Edvax wanted.

He took all his clothes off and lay at the side of his gorgeous wife. They made love like there was no tomorrow. They made love like newly-weds. They made love to please each other. They made love because it was a natural thing to do.

Wacka and his family were still at the breakfast table. Patreena was serving the food. The children were all chattering.

“Get what you want.” said Patreena.

Wacka started to dish the food out for the youngest.

“Do you want some scrambled egg Theodorra?” he asked.

“Yes please daddy.” she replied.

He gave her some eggs on toast.

“Here you are my little cherub.”

“Thank you.” she said.

The others just helped themselves. Patreena sat down to eat.

“Wacka, we will not be going too far on this walkabout will we?” asked Patreena.

“Why?” asked Wacka.

“Because Theodorra is only small and going too far may hurt her and you know what Edvax is like when it comes to walking about, he does not know when to stop.”

Wacka laughed, he knew what she meant.

“Patreena, I will not let anything hurt my little cherub. I will carry her if need be and anyway we can turn around at any-time during the trek.”

“Okay dear.”

“Can I go with Helena and Clifteena?” asked Andorra.

“Of course you can love.” said Wacka.

They all had their breakfast in peace, it was now 9.00bd. Wacka did the clearing up.

“Wacka what time are we meeting Edvax and Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“At 10.00bd.” he replied.

“Good that means we have time to do other things before we

go.” said Patreena.

“What other things?” asked Wacka.

“I want you to show me all the different ways of using those daydreams, practise makes perfect.” said Patreena.

“Oh, okay then.” said Wacka.

He finished clearing up and went outside to the swimming pool. He sat down on an air bed. Patreena followed him out and sat on the next bed.

“When you create a dream, can you make things larger than they really are?” asked Patreena.

“Yes you can.” said Wacka.

“Can you make the 3d image do things that in reality they cannot do?”

“Yes you can.”

“If I created an image of you and tried to make it fly, would it fly?”

“Yes it would, the only thing you cannot do is make the image do bad or illegal acts. These virtual dreams were invented to help people whom had lost loved ones or to help people who were lonely. It is a virtual reality aid and you are lucky to be able to use it, make sure you use it wisely.” said Wacka.

“I will.” said Patreena.

Gideon and the others were in Edvax’s garden. It was 9.30bd.

Edvax and Junifer walked casually into the garden.

“Where have you two been?” asked Jack.

“Do not be nosy.” replied Junifer.

“We have been for a stroll.” said Edvax.

“Edvax you look very tired.” said Jack.

“Do not worry about me. I’m allright Jack.” said Edvax with a smile.

Edvax and Junifer rushed into the villa, they had not got much time to freshen up and get ready for the trek. They immediately got into the shower and washed each other down and then they dressed as quickly as possible, both had a beaming expression on their face, both smiled at each other, both were content.

When they went outside everybody was sat there waiting for them, including Wacka and his brood.

“Come on then you lot; let’s get going, we cannot sit around here all day chatting, we have an island to explore.” said Edvax in a bossy sort of way.

They all stood up and checked that they had not forgotten anything.

“I will go in front. Wacka will go at the back end, you lot can go in the middle. Junifer you walk behind me love. Do not wander from the trail whatever you do.” said Edvax.

Off they went towards the woods; as soon as they entered things went wrong. Bill had gone out of line, he had decided to pick a bluebell for his girlfriend and unfortunately he fell down a hole in the forest floor, he let out such a scream that the birds in the woods took to flight. All those that were in the line behind him started laughing, those that were in front turned around to see what all the commotion was about. Edvax rushed back to see what was happening. He saw Bill on the floor with his legs in the air and his arse stuck in a hole.

“What you doing down there Bill?” asked Edvax.

“I went to pick a bluebell and fell down this hole. Get me out please.”

“Wacka, give us a hand to pull Bill out.” shouted Edvax.

Wacka came rushing up, he looked at poor Bill.

“Nay lad, you look a proper twat in that position, you were told not to wander from the trail so why did you?”

“It’s a long story, just get me out of here will you.” said Bill.

“I will get his legs, you get his arms and we will pull him out.” said Edvax.

Wacka grabbed Bills arms. Edvax grabbed his legs both tried to pull Bill out of the hole. Bill started screaming.

“Something is biting my arse, get me out quick.”

Clifteena moved a bit closer to Bill, to try and reassure him.

“Only insects bite; other creatures do not bite True Humans Bill.” said Edvax.

Wacka and Edvax pulled as hard as they could but unfortunately Bill was stuck tight.

“Give us a hand Jack.” asked Wacka.

Jack walked over and helped them attempt to pull Bill out of the hole. Bill screamed out again.

“Look something is biting my bloody arse. Every time you try to pull me out it bites me.”

“Gideon, go get something to dig around the hole with and a light of some sort from the villa.” said Edvax.

Gideon went straight back to the villa and tried to find a digging implement, he looked all over but could not find anything. He went out into the garden, he saw a shed and went in, it was full of tools so he picked up a shovel and a torch, the torch was solar powered and worked. He then ran back to the others as fast as he could.

“Bill we will try and dig around your body and make it easier to pull you out.” said Edvax.

“Is there anything biting you at this moment?” asked Patreena.

“No.” replied Bill.

“That is strange. It is as though whatever is biting you wants you to stay there.” said Junifer.

“I do not want to stay here.” said Bill nervously.

“We will not let you stay there silly.” said Clifteena.

Gideon came running over.

“Here you are dad.” he said.

Edvax took the shovel and started to dig around Bills body.

After a while he gave the shovel to Wacka.

“You have a go Wacka, you are fitter than me.”

Wacka started where Edvax had finished and soon had made the hole bigger.

“Give me that torch Gideon.” said Wacka.

He looked under Bills arse to see if he could see what was biting him. Suddenly he jumped up and started laughing out loud, the others looked at him bewildered.

“I know what is biting him.” said Wacka.

“Give me that torch.” said Edvax.

Edvax got down onto the floor for a look, he also could see what the problem was and. He jumped up and started laughing.

“Edvax, tell us what you are laughing at.” shouted Junifer.

“He is being bit by the roots of a tree, every time we try to lift him the roots close onto his arse and nip it giving the impression something is biting him.” said Edvax whilst still laughing.

“It is not funny, I am in genuine pain down here.” said Bill.

“Oh, never mind love, you will be out soon.” said Clifteena affectionately.

“Wacka get your pride and joy out.” said Edvax.

Gideon, Bill, Jack, Clifteena, and Helena were all eager to see what Wacka’s pride and joy was. He went into his pocket and pulled out a large tool.

“Is that your pride and joy Wacka?” asked Jack.

“Yes it is, I cannot live without my knife with its 42 functions.”

“I want one of them dad.” said Gideon.

Wacka knelt down where Bill was trapped, he proceeded to cut the roots of the tree with the saw attachment on his sharp well kept knife. The roots of the tree were cut one by one and Bill was able to break free.

“Thank you Wacka.” said Bill.

Bill tried to look at his arse but could not see if there was any damage.

“Clifteena, can you see any blood?” asked Bill.

“No love, but your arse is a bit red on the right cheek.”

“Come on Bill, let’s get back on the trail.” said Edvax.

Bill was not a happy chappy, his arse was stinging, he was embarrassed and his pride was hurt.

Edvax went back to the front of the line, the others all got in line.

“Right then, lets try again. Do not wander from the trail unless I say so.” said Edvax.

Some of them could not stop laughing, especially Jack who was positioned behind Bill and could see him feeling his arse every so often to comfort it. Clifteena was just in front of Bill and kept looking back to see if he was okay.

Edvax was in full walking mood now and the pace was slightly increased, he knew that the youngest might struggle so he did not go too fast.

“Look, look up there.” shouted Patreena as she pointed into the sky above the trees.

They all stopped to have a look.

“It looks like an Eagle.” said Jack.

“It cannot be an eagle so far out to sea, this island is far too small for eagles to live.” said Wacka.

“It is a wild Guillemot. They are a close relation to the long hairy-mots that live in the Bermuda love triangle.” said Edvax.

The group restarted on their trek through the woods. Edvax started to take them down towards the stream. The grass was getting longer and tickled their legs as they walked through. He was going to show them the old ruins where he and Junifer had been earlier in the day; he could see them in the distance.

“We will stop for a rest at those old ruins over there.” said Edvax while pointing them out.

Junifer went a bit red in the face and smiled at Edvax, he smiled back at her, they both held hands.

They all walked to the ruins and sat down to have refreshments.

“Are you okay Bill?” asked Edvax.

“I am a bit sore, but I think I will live.” replied Bill.

“How old are these ruins Edvax?” asked Jack.

“I do not know, probably millions of years by the look of them. Have a look around to see if you can find anything that will give us a clue as to how old they are.” said Edvax.

“Okay.” said Jack.

“I will come with you.” said Helena.

“Can I come?” asked Andorra.

“Yes if you want. Does anyone else want to go with us?” asked Jack.

“What about you Bill?” asked Helena.

“No thanks. I just want to rest my weary ass.”

Some of Wacka’s kids went with them. It was not a big place so there was little chance of them getting lost.

“Wacka, where did you get that knife?” asked Gideon.

“I had it specially made by the engineers at the institute of science and technology.”

“Could you get me one?” asked Gideon.

“I will ask the engineers when we go to the launch pad on Funday.”

“Oh thanks uncle Wacka.” said Gideon.

“It is a tool that is made by our finest craftsmen, you will have to make sure you look after it properly.” said Wacka.

“I will make it my pride and joy, just like you did.” said Gideon.

Edvax was sat on a stone with Junifer at his side, he took hold of her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“I love you.” he whispered into her ear.

She smiled at him and kissed him on the nose.

“I love you too Edvax.”

“Patreena did you finish that book you were reading yesterday?” asked Junifer.

“No, not yet.”

“Is it any good?”

“Yes it is. It is one of those books that when you start reading it, it is hard to put it down.”

“Can I read it after you?” asked Junifer.

“Will you have time to read it?” asked Patreena.

“Patreena found it in the villa Junifer, so we cannot take it away.” said Wacka.

“I will copy it onto light disc for you Junifer and then you can read it at your leisure.” said Edvax.

“Oh thanks love, do not forget will you.”

“I will not forget.” said Edvax.

Wacka stood up and went to the edge of the ruins, he looked so fit and masculine. He was in fine condition for the mission.

Jack and the others came back from their walk around the ruins.

“Edvax we have found something interesting.” said Jack.

“Come and have a look dad.” said Helena.

Everybody stood up to go have look at what they had found.

It took a while to get there. Jack showed them an old stone with an inscription on, it was not written in their language.

“What does it say dad?” asked Helena.

“I do not know, but I will find out. Wacka give me your knife a minute.” said Edvax.

Wacka passed the knife to Edvax, he withdrew a tool from the knife and took an image of the inscription on the artefact.

Underneath is a copy of that image.





Using a function on the knife Edvax sent a copy of the image to the headquarters’ of the Council for True Human Life. He accompanied it with this message.

Roomeo, could you please decipher this inscription for me. It was found on an old artefact on the island of Purity in the Golden Isles. signed, Edvax.

“Can we take the thing home with us dad?” asked Clifteena.

“No, definitely not, these old artefacts belong where they are found. Only the Council can remove them from their original position. We have to protect our history and heritage. What we could do is have a copy made, but first we will wait and see what the inscription says in our language.”

“Will it take long to decipher?” asked Helena.

“Roomeo is an expert on old artefacts, he will not take long.” replied Edvax.

Everybody sat down to wait for the light message reply.

Edvax looked at other items of interest around the area, no sooner had he found something than the reply from Roomeo came.

This is the reply.

Edvax I have deciphered your inscription and this is what it says.

God created man in his own image

A Human exists in a body of flesh with a soul.

Signed....... Roomeo.

He showed the image to everyone.

“Wow these ruins must have been a place of worship.” said Junifer.

“Yes, even all those millions of years ago man believed in God.” said Wacka.

“It is a holy place and we should respect the area.” said Patreena.

“I will place a copy of the Artefact on the new planet Earth.” said Edvax.

“Let us leave it as we found it and move on.” said Wacka.

“I will just take a few more images for Roomeo, he likes these old relics.” said Edvax.

Edvax took several more images of the old ruins and sent them to Roomeo. Then they all got back in line and rejoined the trail. Edvax walked away from the ruins and over the shallow stream. The others followed him in single file, nobody dare wander from the trail. The young ones were still enjoying the trek and never moaned once. There were small hills in the middle of the island but Edvax avoided them and was intent on walking around the island rather than through it. They approached the beach and started to walk alongside it. The sun was beating down and their ozone fields started to initiate. Wacka was happy to be in the rear, he could keep an eye on his children better from there. Edvax was happy being out in the front, he enjoyed taking people on long healthy walks. Even Bill had got his sense of well-being back.

Edvax noticed a few dolphins out to sea, he knew they would come in as soon as they sensed Humans.

“Does anybody want to go swimming with the dolphins?” he asked.

Most of them shouted “yes.”

“Go on then, I will give you an hour to swim with them, then we get back on the trail.” said Edvax.

Wacka and Patreena were the first to go into the sea, closely followed by Junifer, Andorra, Helena, Clifteena, Gideon, and Airran, the rest stayed with Edvax on the beach. It was fun to watch them swimming with the dolphins, those creatures were the most intelligent beings on the planet, apart from True Humans of course.

Edvax thought he would practice with the daydreaming. He looked directly at the dolphins and imagined one of them leaping out of the water and into the sky, suddenly this is exactly what happened. He then manipulated his dolphin to fly over to him and hover above his head. Then he touched its skin with his hands, it felt so soft and silky. The 3d daydreaming was quite realistic, even the touching of the image gave him the impression it really did exist.

The sound of someone’s voice shattered his daydream.

“Uncle Edvax, I am cold.”

It was Wacka’s youngest child Salteena.

“Come here love and let me check your ozone layer.” said Edvax.

The little girl walked over. Edvax checked her ozone layer and noticed it was on full, this meant that all of the suns rays were being filtered out, leaving the poor girl cooler than she need be. He looked in Patreena’s bag for a coat or jumper for the little girl and he found one.

“Let me put this on you Salteena.” said Edvax.

He put the jumper on the girl and she soon warmed up.

“Thank you uncle Edvax.” she said.

“You are very welcome.” he replied.

He went back to his daydreaming, but could not help but notice a large dark cloud moving in the far distance above the sea. He wondered what it could be. It was not a rain cloud because it was all alone. It seemed to move up and down as if it was a flock of birds. He kept a very close eye on it and fumbled for Wacka’s knife in his bag. Before he had found the knife which had a zoom lens on it, he realised it was not a flock of birds but something a bit more sinister.

“Bill, get all the kids together and put a force field around them. That cloud over there is coming closer and I think it is a swarm of insects.” said Edvax.

Bill did what he was told. Edvax went to the waters edge and shouted Wacka and the others, unfortunately they were all too far out to hear him. He ran back and searched for Wacka’s knife. The cloud was getting closer and looked a lot bigger.

“Where is that bloody knife?” he shouted.

“Edvax, it is getting awful close, you had better get in the force field.” said Bill.

“Edvax it is a swarm of bees, I can hear them buzzing.” said Jack.

Edvax found the knife and opened the light message utility, he immediately sent a light message to Wacka and a copy to all of them that were in the sea. Bees were a protected species and could not be harmed in any way. It was imperative that everybody was protected from the bees by the force field.

This is what the message said.

Please get out of the water and put a force field around yourselves as soon as you can. There is a large swarm of bees coming straight towards us.

If you are under the water you will be protected from any stings, but if you want to witness a natural spectacle then come ashore.

signed Edvax.

It started to get dark, the swarm was blocking the light from the sun. Everybody who was in the water started to come out and run towards Edvax and the others. Junifer was the first to get back, she put her arms around Edvax.

“Wow, it is the biggest swarm I have ever seen.” said Junifer.

Everybody was now safely in the force field. All were spellbound watching this spectacle. Millions of bees were now surrounding them, the buzzing noise was extreme.

“There must be a queen amongst them.” said Wacka.

“Whoever spots it first will get a prize.” said Patreena.

“It is over there on that piece of wood.” shouted an excited Salteena while pointing in the right direction.

She was right, it was on a piece of wood and some of the bees seemed to be dancing around it.

“What are they doing?” asked Andorra.

“They are asking the queen for directions, they need to know where to go next.” said Patreena.

Patreena was an expert on animals and insects, she had studied them all her life, she knew that bees would fight to the death to protect their queen. The queen lifted off and the swarm followed her, they went inland and after a few moments were gone.

“That was a fantastic sight, did you get some pictures Edvax?” asked Patreena.

“Yes, I did Patreena.”

“It is something you will only see once in a lifetime.” said Wacka.

“Yes and we all have seen it today.” said Junifer.

“By the way Patreena, Salteena was feeling cold so I gave her a jumper to put on.” said Edvax.

“Okay Edvax, thank you.” said Patreena.

“Come on everybody, turn the force fields off and let’s get back on the trail.” said Edvax.

“Mum, where is the surprise that you promised?” asked Salteena.

“What surprise Salteena?” asked Patreena.

“You said that whoever sees the queen bee first will get a surprise.” said Salteena.

“Yes I did, I completely forgot.”

Patreena looked into her bag and pulled out a piece of candy on a stick.

“Salteena you have got the eyes of a hawk, we should have called you Hawkeye when you were born, here is your surprise.” said Patreena as she gave her the lolly.

Everybody got back in line and rejoined the trail.

There are 36 hours in a Perfectus day, it was now midday [18 o’ clock].

The Perfectusian’s named the time before 18 o’ clock as B.D. and named the time after 18 o’ clock A.D.

B.D. means before dinner and A.D. means after dinner.

In other words it was dinner time and Edvax had plans to stop at the end of this beach, to rest and to eat, it was not far to go.

When they reached the area, Edvax informed them it was time to rest and eat. Everybody chose somewhere to sit or lay and the food was laid out on an air table that Wacka had constructed. A mini force field was initiated around the food, this would allow True Humans to touch it but insects were instantly repelled away.

“The foods ready, help yourself.” said Wacka.

All were hungry, they eagerly tucked into the well set out buffet. Edvax was eating a dodo sandwich. While he was eating his sandwich he was wondering what type of food he would have to eat on the planet Earth.

He and Wacka would be on the planet for 11 years. Food would be supplied for the journey and a vending machine would be on board, but 11 years was a long time to survive on a strange planet, the vending machine may only last for 6 or 7 years depending on Edvax’s and Wacka’s food intake. Edvax wanted to keep this as a food supply to fall back on, rather than a food supply to survive on. So it would be imperative to find some sort of food source on the planet itself. It would be his job to find that food supply.

Junifer could not help but notice that Edvax was deep in thought, she went over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Are you okay love?” she asked tenderly.

“Yes, I was just thinking about things to come.” he replied.

“You mean the mission to Earth?”

“Yes, it is my job to find a source of food on the planet.”

“You will find foods that will be so unique that you could bring them back for the rest of us to try.” said Junifer.

“Yes, you are probably right Junifer, maybe it is just me worrying over nothing.”

She kissed him again, but this time on the lips.

“What time is it Edvax?” asked Wacka.

“It is nearly 19 A.D. and we should get back on the trail soon.”

“I am just going into the woods for a pee.” said Wacka.

“Watch out for those willy snappers Wacka.” said Bill.

“What are you on about Bill?” asked Wacka.

“I am talking about willy snappers that live on these small islands in the Golden Isles.” replied Bill.

“Are they dangerous?” asked Wacka.

“Well, I have only heard about them from word of mouth, but people say they are large flesh eating spiders that can smell flesh from several feet away. Once they have got the scent they pounce onto their prey. Then they inject very strong venom which disables the victim instantly. Once you have been injected you are in deep trouble for there is no antidote for the venom.”

“I suggest you put a force field on before you start peeing Wacka.” said Patreena whilst laughing.

“Wacka you should have had a pee in the sea.” said Junifer.

“If a spider comes near me, I will have it for supper.” said Wacka.

He was only joking of course. All life on the planet Perfectus was sacred. Spiders were dangerous, but people could easily avoid them by simply using their force fields whenever necessary and that is just what Wacka did and peed in safety.

“Come on everybody, it is time to get back in line and go on the trail.” said Edvax.

Everybody got back in line and as soon as Wacka got back they set off on their trek. The sand dunes were getting bigger and Wacka had to pick up his daughter Salteena to carry her, the little girl was getting tired. Edvax kept to the left hand side of the dunes where it was a bit flatter and easier to walk. Some of the group were whistling, others were singing and the mood was very relaxed.

Junifer moved closer to Edvax and held his hand and they both walked the trail together. Jack and Helena were also holding hands. Wacka put Salteena onto his shoulders, she was giggling and laughing. They walked for a few hours and came across a small cove, they ventured in and sat down on the beach. The sea was so calm it looked like a sheet of glass.

“We will stay here for a while.” said Edvax.

“I am going for a look in that cave.” said Gideon.

“Can I come with you?” asked Andorra.

“Yes you can Andorra, does anybody else want to go?” asked Gideon.

Jack, Helena, Andorra, Bill, Clifteena, Airran, Angelina and Theodorra went with Gideon to the cave.

The rest stayed on the beach sunbathing, some turned their ozone layers off to get a suntan.

“When they come back we will have a game of rounder’s.” said Patreena.

“I have not played that game for years.” said Junifer.

“Have you got a bat and ball?” asked Wacka.

“Yes I have, it is in my bag. I found it at the villa.” replied Patreena.

“Why don’t we have a practise game while the others are away?” suggested Edvax.

“Good idea, we will do just that. Junifer help me set up four posts.” said Patreena.

They made a pitch consisting of four bases [posts] they used bags and coats for the bases. A square was created by marking the sand for the bowling area. The batting area was marked with a stick that was stuck into the ground. The pitch was ready.

“What are the rules Patreena?” asked Wacka.

“We pick equal teams, then one team fields and the other bats. You can only bowl underarm. If the ball is too high it is a no ball. If it is too low or bounces it is a no ball. The batter has to stand near that stick and the others have to stand well back till the batter has batted. If the batter hits the ball and reaches the second post he or she gets ½ of a rounder, if they reach the fourth post they get a full rounder. The bowler has to stay inside that square, if they move over the line it is a no ball. I will keep score and my word is final.” stipulated Patreena in a serious sort of bossy voice.

“Oh I love it when you talk like that.” said Wacka.

Patreena smiled at Wacka.

“Right the pitch is ready, let’s have a game before the others come back.” said Patreena.

There were only six of them; which included- Wacka, Edvax, Patreena, Junifer, Bambeeno [Wacka’s second Son] and Little Salteena, but it did not matter as they were only messing about until the rest got back.

“I will bowl and you all take turns to bat.” said Patreena.

Edvax took the bat first. Patreena threw the ball underarm at Edvax, who missed the ball completely and started to run around the pitch. Wacka managed to get the ball and touch Edvax before he got to the 4th post.

“You’re out.” shouted Patreena.

Salteena went next, she held the bat with both hands. Patreena took aim and slowly threw the ball towards Salteena, she hit it hard and the ball went towards the sea.

“Run around the pitch Salteena.” shouted Junifer.

Salteena started to run around the pitch and managed to get to the 2nd post and then Junifer shouted,

“Stop there Salteena.”

Wacka was next. Patreena threw the ball a bit harder towards Wacka, he hit it hard, dropped the bat and started running.

“Salteena you run as well.” shouted Junifer.

Both of them managed to get past the 4th post before the ball was retrieved. They earned rounder’s.

Bambeeno was next to bat. Patreena threw the ball towards him, he hit it hard and started to run.

“Leave the bat behind, Bambeeno.” shouted Wacka.

“Sorry dad, I forgot.” said Bambeeno.

He managed to get to the 3rd post before the ball was retrieved.

It was now Junifer’s turn to bat. Patreena threw it nice and slowly towards her best friend. Junifer hit it hard towards the cliffs; she started to run and managed to get all the way around the 4 posts before the ball was retrieved. It earned her 1 rounder.

Everybody had batted apart from Patreena.

“You have a go at batting Patreena.” shouted Wacka.

“I will bowl.” said Junifer.

Patreena took hold of the bat. Junifer threw the ball at Patreena and it went straight over her head.

“No ball.” shouted Patreena.

“What do you mean no ball?” asked Edvax.

“If the ball goes above the head or bounces on the floor then it is a no ball.” stipulated Patreena.

Wacka threw the ball back to Junifer and she tried again, this time she took more careful aim and threw it towards Patreena. She hit the ball with such force that it nearly went into the sea, then she set off running around the pitch and past the 4th post.

It earned her 1 rounder.

The kids who had gone to the cave were looking at some old paintings on the walls which looked so ancient.

“I wonder who painted these?” asked Helena.

“We have to take some pictures of them for uncle Edvax.” said Andorra.

“That is a good idea Andorra, here is my camera, you can take them.” said Helena.

“If I had a knife with 42 functions like uncle Wacka has, I could send them to him by light message.” said Gideon.

“My camera is just as good, dad can copy all the images to his album.” said Helena.

“This cave goes down far into the ground.” said Bill.

“Maybe there is more paintings further down.” said Jack.

“How old do you think they are?” asked Angelina.

“They must be millions of years old, nobody uses that type of paint anymore, it looks like some form of plant extract.” said Gideon.

“It is our ancient forefathers that have painted these images, they were trying to make a record of their lives onto the walls. They struggled to survive in those days, we take everything for granted nowadays.” said Bill.

“Ooh Bill, you are getting all philosophical aren’t you dear.” said Clifteena.

“I think we should go back to the others.” said Jack.

“I agree.” said Helena.

They all started to walk out of the cave and along the beach.

They could see the other group in the distance.

“What are they doing?” asked Theodorra.

“They are running around for some reason.” said Jack.

“Maybe they are being attacked by someone or something.” said Bill.

“Bill I have told you a million trillion times not to exaggerate.” said Clifteena.

They started to run towards the other group, their hearts were all beating faster. The other group were still running around in circles. As they got closer the penny dropped.

“They are playing rounder’s.” shouted Andorra.

“Oh great I love rounder’s, we play the game at school.” said Theodorra.

They reached the group that were indeed playing rounder’s.

“Can we join in?” asked Theodorra.

“Of course you can, we have been waiting for you all to come back so we can have a proper game.” said Patreena.

“We will have to sort out two team’s first.” said Junifer.

“Wacka and Edvax will be on opposing teams.” said Patreena.

“Everybody else will have their names put into a bag and will be drawn out separately.” said Wacka.

“There are fifteen of us. Salteena is the youngest so she can join which team she wants to.” said Patreena.

All the names were put into the bag.

“The first six names will be on Wacka’s side.” said Patreena.

Junifer started to draw the names out of the bag. The first one to come out was Bill then Junifer, Andorra, Bambeeno, Clifteena and Airran. The rest were on Edvax’s side, which included- Patreena, Theodorra, Helena, Jack, Angelina and Gideon.

“Right the teams are now sorted; there is only you to sort out now Salteena, which side do you want to go on?” asked Patreena.

“I want to go on daddy’s side.” replied Salteena.

“Edvax we will toss this piece of wood into the air, you say which side will show and if you are right then you can pick whether you want to bat or field. Do you understand?” asked Wacka.

“Of course I understand. I guess it will be the side with the burnt bit on.” replied Edvax.

Wacka threw the piece of wood into the air, it landed with the side without the burnt bit on, so it was Wacka’s choice of whether to bat or Field.

“We will field first.” said Wacka.

Everybody cheered and someone shouted,

“The game is on.”

They took their respective positions on the pitch.

Junifer was the bowler and Jack was the first to bat, he waited patiently while Junifer was getting ready to bowl. She aimed carefully and threw the ball underarm towards Jack. It was a good ball, he hit it with a strong hand, the ball lifted high into the air. He set off running to the first post, the ball was still in the air and was flying towards Bambeeno. Jack carried on running to the second post. Bambeeno was in a good position to catch the ball. Jack was running towards the third post. Bambeeno caught the ball with both hands, there was an almighty cheer from Bambeenos side.

“Well done Bambeeno.” shouted his mum Patreena.

“Well done lad.” shouted his dad Wacka.

Jack was utterly gutted, he just could not believe that he was the first to go out.

“Jack you’re out, go and sit on the outside of the playing area.” shouted Patreena.

Jack went away. Angelina was the next to bat. Junifer aimed carefully and threw the ball towards Angelina, she hit the ball with full bat and it went straight towards the sea, she started running to the first post. Clifteena was chasing the ball. Angelina carried on to the second post. Clifteena threw the ball back to Junifer and Junifer nearly touched Angelina with the ball before she reached second post.

“Nearly had you out then Angelina.” said Junifer.

Angelina smiled and said,


It was Helena’s turn to bat. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball towards Helena, she hit it with half a bat, it went straight along the ground towards Airran. She only managed to get to the first post before Airran sent the ball back. Angelina managed to get past the fourth post.

Gideon was to bat next. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball towards him. He hit it with full bat and the ball went high into the sky towards the cliffs.

“Run Helena.” shouted Gideon whilst he was running, he managed to get all the way around all four posts before the ball was returned.

“That is a total of 1½ rounder’s so far.” said Patreena.

Theodorra was next to bat. Junifer aimed carefully and threw the ball slowly towards Theodorra, she managed to hit it with full bat and the ball went straight under Junifer’s legs towards Bambeeno. Theodorra started running to the first post and then onto the second post and she stopped there.

“That is 2 rounder’s so far.” said Patreena.

Now it was Patreena’s turn to bat. Junifer carefully aimed the ball and threw it quickly towards her. Patreena hit the ball with full bat high into the sky towards Bambeeno. She started to run to the first post then to the second post. Bambeeno was in the right position to catch the ball. Patreena carried on to the third post and then Bambeeno once again caught the ball, everybody cheered out loud.

Patreena was devastated.

“I can’t believe it. I just cannot believe it.” she kept saying.

Wacka went over to Bambeeno and put his arms around him.

“Well done lad, that was a bloody good catch.” said Wacka.

Patreena was banished to the side of the pitch with Jack, the ½ of a rounder that she got was not allowed due to her being caught out.

Edvax’s team was being whittled down fast and now it was his turn to bat. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball quickly towards Edvax. He hit it with full bat, the ball went high into the air towards the sea, he started to run towards the first post, then the second post and he managed to get all the way around and past the fourth post before the ball was returned.

“That is 3 rounder’s altogether.” shouted Patreena.

It was Angelina’s turn to bat again. Junifer took careful aim, she threw the ball gently towards Angelina and she hit it with full bat. She ran towards 1st post and then towards 2nd post. The ball was heading towards Bambeeno, he lined up to catch it, the ball headed straight for his hands and he dropped it. Angelina carried on towards the third and fourth posts. She had scored a full rounder thanks to Bambeenos dropped ball. He was gutted, she was overjoyed.

It was Helena’s turn to bat again. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball towards Helena, she hit it with half bat. It went slowly towards Wacka. Helena started running towards the first post and stayed there. The ball was quickly returned.

Gideon’s turn to bat and Junifer aimed carefully and threw the ball quickly towards Gideon; he hit it with full bat. Helena starting running towards second post, Gideon ran towards first post. The ball headed straight towards Wacka, he lined up to catch it. Helena was heading for the third post. Gideon was halfway to the second post when Wacka caught the ball.

Everyone cheered,

“You’re out.” said Patreena.

Gideon was not a happy chappy. Helena carried on to the fourth post. Edvax’s team was now down to four. It was Theodorra’s turn to bat.

Junifer took careful aim and slowly threw the ball towards Theodorra, she hit it with half bat, she started running towards the first post and stopped there.

It was Edvax’s turn to bat. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball quickly towards Edvax, he hit it with full bat and it went high into the sky towards Bambeeno, Edvax started running towards the first post then towards second post. Bambeeno was lined up to catch the ball, but he dropped it again. Edvax carried on and made it all the way past third and fourth posts.

Bambeeno was gutted, he could not understand why he did not catch that last ball.

“Never mind son, you cannot catch them all.” said Wacka.

“That is 4 rounder’s altogether.” shouted Patreena.

Angelina was next to bat. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball gently towards Angelina, she hit it with full bat, it went straight towards Andorra. Angelina ran to the first post and then to the second post. Andorra was in line to catch the ball and she cupped her hands carefully together. Angelina was on her way to the third post when a great cheer was heard. Andorra had caught the ball. Angelina was out, she went over to where the others were sat.

“Never mind love.” said her mum Patreena, while at the same time giving her a cuddle.

Only Theodorra, Edvax and Helena were left and it was Helena’s turn to bat. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball gently towards her, she hit it with half bat and it went gently towards Junifer, she picked it up. Helena only managed to get to the first post.

Now it was Theodorra’s turn to bat. Junifer threw the ball gently towards her, she hit it with half bat. The ball went straight towards Junifer, she picked it up. Helena only managed to get to the third post. Theodorra only managed to get to the first post. Edvax realised they were in deep trouble, he knew that he had to come up with something special if they were to win the game.

It was now his turn to bat. Junifer took careful aim and threw the ball quickly towards Edvax. He hit it with full bat and great force, the ball went high into the sky. Helena easily made it to the fourth post. Theodorra also made it to the fourth post. Edvax was still running and went past the second post. The ball was still rising into the sky. Edvax went towards the third post when the ball started to fall, then he made it to the fourth post. Then to everyone’s astonishment a large bird caught the ball in mid-air, nobody could believe what they were seeing, the bird had the ball in its beak and was flying away with it.

For the first time in 500 years, Patreena and Junifer were speechless. For several moments nobody spoke at all, all were just gaping at the sky with their mouths open. Everybody was totally and utterly surprised by what had just happened.

“We win, by four to nil.” said Edvax.

“No you don’t.” said Bill.

“Yes we do. You did not score any rounder’s.” said Edvax.

“We never got chance.” said Junifer.

“Okay then, we will have to abandon the game due to unnatural causes.” said Edvax.

“Unless someone has another ball.” said Wacka.

“It was the only one in the villa.” said Patreena.

“Well it was great fun while it lasted.” said Jack.

“It was a good game for you Jack.” said Bill laughing.

“What type of bird was it that took the ball Patreena?” asked Helena.

“It was a wandering Albatross. They have very large beaks and strong wings, they can fly for weeks on end.” replied Patreena.

“Why did it take the ball?” asked Andorra.

“I do not know. It is something that I have never heard of or seen before.” replied Patreena.

“Right everybody, let’s get back onto the trail.” said Edvax.

Most of them were disappointed at not being able to finish the game, they were mumbling amongst themselves and reluctantly formed a line and started to follow Edvax back onto the trail. The time was 24 o’clock; it would take approximately 4 hours to reach the villas. Edvax was walking nice and steady. Junifer was close by his side. Wacka was carrying his youngest daughter Salteena on his shoulders. They come to an area of sharp long grass.

“Be careful walking through this grass, it is very sharp and will cut into your skin.” said Edvax.

“You could put your force fields on, to protect your legs.” said Patreena.

The warning had come too late for Angelina, who screamed out loudly.

“I have cut my leg, it is bleeding.”

Wacka put Salteena down and ran towards his other daughter.

He looked at the wound, it was bleeding badly. He took his knife out of his pocket and revealed a tool from it.

“This may sting a bit Angelina but it will stop the bleeding.” said Wacka.

He squeezed the two sides of the wound together and cauterised it with the laser tool from his knife, the wound healed almost instantly. Angelina moaned quietly but coped bravely.

“You will be okay now love, the wound will heal overnight.” said Wacka, who was an expert in medicine.

He put a force field around Angelina to protect her from further injuries. All the group were impressed by his expertise.

Now everybody had initiated a force field around themselves. They were following Edvax, without daring to deviate from his tracks.

On Perfectus accidents do happen and people do die from the more serious ones, but it is rare due to the high standard of medical care that is available to all living things.

The grass was getting longer and thicker, it was coming up to the waist of the tallest of the group, which was Wacka, but the force fields were working perfectly and the blades of sharp grass were merely pushed to one side. Edvax looked out to sea, he could see another group of dolphins far out, they were jumping out of the water and back in, squeaking at the same time. Junifer moved closer to him and held his hand, he squeezed it gently and pointed to the dolphins. They came to another cove that was much bigger, he could see turtles burying their eggs into the sand.

“Can we go down and watch them?” asked Clifteena.

“No love we cannot, they should not be disturbed while they are burying their young.” said Patreena.

“We can rest for a while and watch them from here.” said Edvax.

The group came out of the grass. They settled down for a rest and to watch the turtles laying their eggs. There seemed to be thousands of them, all shovelling sand and making holes in the beach. Salteena went over to her mum.

“Can I have a drink mummy?” she asked.

“Of course you can my love.” replied Patreena.

She gave the little girl a drink and asked if anybody else wanted one, nearly all of them said,


Edvax took some images of the turtles with his top spec camera.

“I have got some pictures for you uncle Edvax.” said Andorra.

“Have you dear? What are they of?” asked Edvax.

“The cave we went to, in the other cove, had some old paintings in it. I took some images for you using Helena’s camera.” said Andorra.

“Can I have a look at them?” asked Edvax.

Helena gave Edvax the camera, he looked at the images.

“Wow these are fantastic. I will send them to Roomeo, he will send experts to the cove and make it a museum. Thank you very much Andorra.” said an excited Edvax.

Andorra felt proud and happy that she had done something useful. Wacka and Patreena were also very proud of her.

The group stayed to watch the turtles for an hour.

“Come on then, Lets get back onto the trail.” said Edvax.

Everybody stood up and got in line. Wacka picked Salteena up. Edvax started to walk along the edge of the beach and went back into the long grass. Suddenly a flock of birds emerged from the long grass and took to flight, they were making a loud shrieking noise as they went up into the air.

“What the heck’s that?” shouted Edvax.

Nearly everybody in the group were scared to death, none expected it to happen. Some of the girls screamed out loud. Edvax’s heart beat went up to 160 per minute. Junifer’s heart beat went up to 180 beats per minute. Bill collapsed into the grass, he was shaking with fear. Jack lost control of his bowels and was shaking like a leaf. Wacka nearly dropped Salteena. Andorra fell to her knees and covered her eyes. Clifteena started crying. Bambeeno never batted an eye lid. Gideon’s eyes were transfixed to the birds. Angelina was stood up trembling. Airran was on his knees covering his face with his hands. Theodorra was crying. Helena was hugging Jack. Patreena was just stood there wondering what all the fuss was about.

“What is up with you lot? It is only a flock of birds.” shouted Patreena.

It was a while before the group got back its composure.

“Blood and sand that bloody scared me to death.” said Junifer.

“It made me shit myself.” said Jack.

“My heart rate has trebled.” said Edvax.

“I cannot stop crying.” said Clifteena.

“My legs are like jelly.” said Bill.

“I think I have started my periods.” said Theodorra.

“Airran looks as though he his praying.” said Wacka.

Helena was still shaking and hugging Jack.

Then the mood changed in the group. Edvax started laughing, he could not stop laughing. Junifer also started laughing, one by one the fear went and laughter took over.

The laughter was so infectious that even Bill was contaminated by it. He did not laugh much at the best of times but now he was in full throttle, his jaw was hurting as he laughed. Clifteena had tears of laughter running down her face. Even Patreena could not keep a straight face, she was laughing so much that she peed herself, something that she has never done in her entire life.

Gideon could not cope with the laughter and tried to think of something sad to stop him laughing, unfortunately this did not work because he could see the pee coming out of Patreena’s shorts, which made him laugh even more.

Edvax was laughing so hard that he got lockjaw and could not release it. This made Junifer laugh harder and she also started to pee herself. Wacka saw Junifer’s dilemma and he got lockjaw. Each and everyone were laughing their socks off.

“Dad is laughter good for the soul?” asked Andorra.

Wacka could not answer his daughter due to his lockjaw.

“Yes it is.” said Patreena.

“Mummy why are your shorts wet?” asked Salteena.

Patreena could not answer her daughter, and just carried on laughing. Some of the group were curled up on the floor laughing, it was nearly half an hour before they stopped.

Edvax’s jaw released, he went over to his wife and kissed her on the lips.

“I love you.” he said.

“I love you too.” she replied.

“Come on you lot, lets get back on the trail.” shouted Edvax.

The others lined up. Wacka picked up the giggling Salteena. Edvax set off, giggling to himself on the way. He checked his bearings, and then he realised they were closer to the villa than he first thought. [Then he had an idea].

The others genuinely thought they were still hours away from the villa. Edvax knew he could play some sort of practical joke on them just for a bit of fun, but what could he do. He pondered for a while and thought about it. Then it came to him, but he had to involve Junifer. He whispered into Junifer’s ear.

“The villa is just a short distance away through those trees.

You creep away and go to the villa and prepare a meal for us and if they notice you are missing; I will pretend you have got lost.”

“Edvax, I cannot prepare a meal for fifteen people all on my own.” whispered Junifer.

“I will get Gideon to help you.” he said quietly to Junifer.

“Okay then.” said Junifer.

“Right everybody, we will stop here for a while and rest, then we will be on our final trek to the villa.” shouted Edvax to the group.

He walked over to Gideon and told him the plan. Gideon agreed to help his mum prepare a meal for the entire group.

“Right Junifer, Gideon has agreed to help you, sneak off now while no one is looking and Gideon will soon follow. Send me a light message when the food is ready.”

Junifer was quickly out of sight and when the opportunity arose Gideon followed her. Edvax started talking to the others to take their minds off the fact they were missing.

Junifer soon reached the villa. The oven was switched on as soon as she walked in. She started to look in the large freezer to see what she could cook for the group, there were large frozen pieces of fish and frozen potato chips. She looked deeper into the freezer and saw some frozen peas. ‘She thought to herself’. That is what we will have, fish chips and peas- cooked the old fashioned way. No vending machines for us tonight. Gideon walked in.

“Hello mum, what are we making for tea?”

“We are having fish, chips and peas, the old fashioned way, we have already had it once this week but we will have it again.” she replied.

“What do you want me to do?” asked Gideon.

“You prepare the batter using the recipe written in the book on the air table and I will prepare the peas.” replied Junifer.

The batter recipe was thousands of years old and here is a list of the ingredients.

4oz of flour, ½ an oz of butter [melted], 1 tablespoonful of cream or milk, 1 yolk of an albatross egg, 2 whites of dodo eggs, a good pinch of salt, ⅜ of a pint of warm water.

Method = Sieve the flour into a bowl, add the salt, and the yolk, then butter and, cream or milk and stir until smooth, adding the water gradually. Beat it well and put to one side for at least half an hour. Then add the whites of the dodo eggs that were stiffly whisked previously. Then use as required.

Gideon made the batter using extreme care in its preparation.

Junifer cooked the peas using another old recipe. They were soaked in salt tablets for a while and then put into a pan and boiled for half an hour. This assured that they would be ready for when the fish and chips had been cooked.

“What would you like me to do now mum?” asked Gideon.

“You can increase the size of the air table to make sure that fifteen people can sit comfortably around it and then put the knives and forks out.” replied Junifer.

“Okay mum, your wish is my command.” said Gideon.

Junifer had defrosted the fish and was cutting it to equal portions. She placed five pieces into the batter to soak. The oil that was in the big pan was nearly at the cooking temperature that was needed to cook fish in batter. She placed a drop of batter in to see if it was ready; it started to sizzle and floated to the top. This was a clear sign that the oil was ready for cooking. She took five pieces of fish out of the batter and placed them into the pan of oil. She took note of the time and intended to take them out after seven minutes of cooking. During this period she would turn the fish once.

In the meantime she prepared the chips. After about twenty five minutes all the fish had been cooked. They were placed in the oven to keep warm. The chips were now cooking in the oil.

Gideon had prepared the table and was looking for another job.

“Gideon, send your dad a light message and tell him the tea is nearly ready.” said Junifer.

“Okay mum.” said Gideon.

Edvax was laid on his back relaxing, and then the light message came in front of his eyes.

It said,

“Dad, the tea is ready.” signed Gideon.

Edvax immediately stood up and shouted,

“Where is Junifer?”

Patreena stood up and looked around.

“She was here a moment ago.” said Patreena.

Everybody then stood up and looked around.

“Oh my God, where is my mum?” asked Helena.

There was a stark sense of concern amongst the entire group.

“We will have to find her, it will be dark soon.” said Edvax.

“I will find her Edvax.” said Wacka.

Wacka pulled out his pride and joy. He took a tool from it and pressed a switch. A signal came through on the small monitor on his knife. It pointed towards the woods.

“She is somewhere over there.” said Wacka.

“How do you know that dad?” asked Andorra.

“Everybody has their own ozone layer and we can detect it using satellites in orbit around Perfectus. It only works if it is turned on and Junifer’s is switched on.” replied Wacka.

Edvax realised he could not go too far with the pretence of pretending Junifer was missing so he let Wacka lead the way to find her. The entire group followed Wacka into the woods.

It was not long before one of them spotted the villa and shouted out.

“Look over there, is it the villa? Are we are back at the villa?” shouted Bambeeno.

Edvax smiled to himself, he could not wait to see all their faces when they see what Junifer and Gideon have prepared for them as a treat. He knew the food would be all ready for when the group walked in.

“Is anyone hungry?” asked Edvax.

“Yes.” they all shouted at once.

“I could eat a scabby dodo.” said Wacka.

“Lets all go into our villa and see if there is anything to eat.” said Edvax.

The group went in the direction of Edvax and Junifer’s villa. Junifer saw the group arriving to the left hand side of the villa.

“They are here Gideon.” said Junifer.

Gideon went outside to greet them.

“Hello everybody.” said Gideon.

“Where did you get to?” asked Helena.

“We were worried about you and your mum.” said Patreena.

“I was dying to go to the toilet and dad told me the villa was near, so I sneaked off.” said Gideon.

“What about your mum?” asked Wacka.

“Oh she has been very busy doing other things.”

Edvax pulled Gideon to one side.

“Is your mum ready for the group to eat?” asked Edvax.

“It is all ready dad.” replied Gideon.

“Go into the dining area everybody. Junifer is waiting for you all.” said Edvax.

They walked into the dining room all looking a bit perplexed as to why she was waiting for them. Patreena was the first to enter.

The food was all laid out and ready for the guests. A name plate was in each individual’s seat.

“Oh my God, Junifer you have been so busy, it looks fantastic.” said Patreena.

“Find your own seat and sit down.” said Junifer.

One by one the group walked in. Some were stunned at the sight, others were overwhelmed. Wacka was speechless.

Everybody sat down to their meal of old fashioned fish, chips and peas. The aroma coming from the food was tingling their taste buds. Each and everyone started to eat their fish and chips. Salt and vinegar were on the table. Bread was cut into triangles with a small smidgeon of best butter pasted onto each slice. The fish melted in the mouth with sheer taste and delight. The peas were so tender and juicy. The chips were soft inside and brown and crispy on the outside. Everyone ate their food at a slow pace and relished every morsel.

“Junifer, this is the best fish and chips I have had since yesterday.” said Patreena.

“Mum I love you.” said Clifteena.

“Junifer, will you marry me?” asked Bill.

“Junifer, come with me to Earth. I will leave Edvax here to cook for Patreena.” said Wacka laughing.

“Can I have some more bread?” asked Bambeeno.

“Can I have some more peas?” asked Andorra.

“Can I come live with you?” asked Jack.

“Mummy, I am full.” said Salteena.

“It was a beautiful meal Junifer.” said Edvax.

“Can I have some more chips?” asked Airran.

“That fish was gorgeous.” said Angelina.

“I need to go to the toilet.” said Theodorra.

“Mum, how did you cook such a fantastic meal all by yourself?” asked Helena.

“I did not do it on my own, Gideon assisted me.” replied Junifer.

“Well done Gideon. The meal was definitely a surprise. We all thought you were lost Junifer. If it were not for the fact that your ozone layer was switched on we would be still out there looking for you.” ” said Wacka.

“I was going to tell you that the villa was near but you found it on your own Wacka.” said Edvax.

“You are a crafty old goat Edvax.” said Wacka.

“Yes and my heart is in the right place.” said Edvax.

Wacka stood up and raised his glass, then they all stood up.

“I would like to propose a toast. It is an honour and a pleasure Edvax to know you and your beautiful wife Junifer.”

“Ditto.” said Edvax.

The group had finished their meal and were chatting amongst themselves.

“How did you make that batter?” asked Patreena.

“I found an old recipe in an old book that was in the villa. Gideon mixed the batter using the old recipe.” replied Junifer.

“You must give me the recipe Junifer.” said Patreena.

“I will.” replied Junifer.

“Would you like another drink Wacka?” asked Edvax.

“Yes please.” replied Wacka.

Edvax went to the vending machine and ordered everyone a drink.

“Wacka will the new humans on Earth have access to this type of food when they have evolved?” asked Jack.

“Yes they will. The committee have already ascertained that fish are in abundance in the seas on Earth. There are also plenty of vegetables and fruit already on the land, but we do not know of which varieties as yet, but the committee are sending potatoes and peas to the planet anyway.” replied Wacka.

“Will anyone from our planet be allowed to visit the Earth after colonization?” asked Helena.

“Yes they will, but only on scientific missions. The committee will have to keep a close eye on the planet to make sure that the new humans evolve into True Humans.” replied Wacka.

“What if something goes wrong and the new humans do not evolve into True Humans?” asked Bill.

“That is a chance in a billion, in other words it is a very small chance of happening. In the past we have colonized hundreds of planets and not one mission has gone wrong.” replied Wacka.

“Well let us hope and pray nothing goes wrong this time.” said Patreena.

“Is everybody on the committee convinced the planet is ideal for colonization?” asked Bill.

“No, there is one member that says there is a shift too far to the right towards the red spectrum.” replied Wacka.

“Who is the member?” asked Jack.

“It is Thomus.” replied Wacka.

Edvax returned with all the drinks, he placed them in front of the individuals in the group.

“What are we doing tomorrow Edvax?” asked Patreena.

“Today is Moonday. Tomorrow is Chooseday I think we all should do as we please. We have all had a good day together today. I want to spend some time alone with Junifer before we go on our mission.” replied Edvax.

“You are lucky Edvax, your kids are grown up, mine are not.” said Wacka.

“Wacka there is no reason why you and Patreena cannot spend a day on your own, the others will be okay if they stay around the villa.” said Edvax.

“I will look after them.” said Clifteena.

“We will all look after them.” said Helena.

“Me and Junifer will float off on our own and Wacka and Patreena will float off on their own, the rest can stay by the villa.” said Edvax.

Wacka finished his drink.

“Right Patreena let us go home, I am tired out with all the exercise we have had today.” said Wacka.

“So am I love.” said Patreena.

Wacka and his family all stood up and left kissing Junifer on the way out.

“Goodnight.” they all said.

“Goodnight.” replied Edvax and the others.

All of the group went straight to bed and fell asleep within minutes.

The water was deep, bubbles were rising in front of his eyes, he could see a big fish with large teeth coming fast towards where he was. Fear was gripping him and he was trembling, he tried to swim but could not move, he tried to scream but could not breathe, he was trapped and had nowhere to go. The fish got nearer and nearer, its jaws opened showing massive teeth. Thoughts entered his head, it is the end, my life will be no more, forgive me God for I have sinned. Now the fish was there in front of his face, he had only a few seconds of life that remained. The massive jaws opened wider and covered his face, he could feel its teeth dig into his neck.

The whole villa was awoken by screaming.

Junifer tried to calm her husband down.

“What’s up love?” she asked.

Edvax was sweating and was still half asleep, he thought he was dead and could not talk.

The kids came running in.

“What is up mum?” they asked.

“I think your dad has had a nightmare.” she replied.

“Is he okay?” asked Helena.

“Yes he is.” replied Junifer.

They went back to bed.

Edvax was still shaking and trying to catch his breath, Junifer cuddled and consoled him.

“Are you okay love?” she asked tenderly.

“Am I alive?” he asked Junifer.

“Yes dear, of course you are alive. You must have had a nightmare.” she replied.

“I was in this deep water when a ferocious big fish came to eat me and I could not get away from it. It had its massive mouth around my head and its teeth dug into my neck and chopped my head clean off.” said Edvax whilst still shaking.

Junifer consoled Edvax and took his head in her arms and kissed his forehead.

“You are in safe hands now love.” she said.

The thoughts of the mission were obviously having an effect on Edvax’s mind, the both of them just laid there and slowly fell to sleep.

The next day Edvax was up bright and early. Junifer slept in and arose an hour after him.

Edvax had spent an hour in the kitchen and made the breakfast for all the family. There were sausages, bacon, dodo eggs, hasbeans, tomatoes, toast and a variety of cereals all set out on the air table.

Jack, Bill, Helena, Clifteena, Gideon, Junifer and Edvax all sat down for breakfast.

“Wow, you have been busy Edvax.” said Bill.

They all ate their breakfast in relative silence.

Edvax could not get the bad dream out of his mind.

When they had all finished the quietness was interrupted.

“Thank you Edvax for a lovely breakfast.” said Junifer.

“Yes, thank you dad.” said Helena.

“Those dodo eggs were gorgeous Edvax.” said Jack.

“How did you cook those hasbeans?” asked Bill.

Edvax never heard any of the comments, his mind was on the awful dream he had experienced during the night. The sight of that fish with its massive jaws swallowing his head was uppermost in his mind at that moment.

“Edvax.” shouted Junifer.

“Edvax, Edvax.” she shouted again and again.

Edvax came to his senses and looked a bit shocked.

“What’s up love?” he asked.

“The kids are talking to you and you are ignoring them.” said Junifer.

“Oh sorry, I was in a world of my own. I cannot get that dream out of my head, all I can see is the mouth of a big fish.” said Edvax.

“It will go in time.” said Junifer.

“Dad, if the mission is affecting you so much, why are you going?” asked Clifteena.

“I have got to go love, it is my destiny. I will be okay as soon as I get into the spaceship. Everyone has dreams, good or bad.”

“We will tidy up dad, you and mum go and enjoy your day together.” said Helena.

“Tell us when you will be coming back and we will have a meal ready for you.” said Gideon.

“Make a meal for 26 o’ clock.” said Edvax.

Junifer and Edvax left the dining area and went into their bedroom to get ready for their day out on their own.

“Do not pack much Junifer.” said Edvax.

“What about a few sandwiches some water and a towel?” said Junifer.

“Yes, that will do.”

“I am looking forward to our day out Edvax.”

“Yes I am as well. I will take my camera and a penknife, we will go to the little island over there to the right of those trees, we could use the motor boat down by the cove to get there.” said Edvax.

They both set off out of the villa, waving to the kids as they went and the kids waved back. It took about half an hour to reach the motor boat. Edvax helped his wife climb into the boat and then he went over to the controls. The boat was powered by magnetic motors that were engaged by closing two poles together, as soon as Edvax closed the poles it started to move out to sea and towards the little island. The sun was blazing down and both their ozone layers were initiated automatically.

Junifer sat on the back of the boat and was admiring her husband’s slim muscular physique and she felt happy and content. She knew they were going to have a good day in more ways than one.

Edvax concentrated on the journey to the little island which he estimated would take about an hour.

“What do they call this island Edvax?” asked Junifer.

“It is called Atelier.” replied Edvax.

“Why do they call it by that name?”

“In the old days, the island was used by artists and sculptors for inspiration and relaxation and they gave it that name for some reason, but nowadays it is derelict and abandoned.”

They were approaching the beach. Edvax carefully steered the boat towards an area where the sea was gently flowing over the sand and the boat came to a stop.

“Stay in the boat love, until I get it tied up and safe.”

He took the rope that was tethered to the boat and tied it around a large rock near the edge of the sea. He then went to give Junifer assistance in getting out of the boat.

They both walked up the sandy beach, each carrying a bag.

Junifer started to take what little clothes she had on, off.

“What are you doing Junifer?” asked a bewildered and excited Edvax.

“If this island is deserted and there is only me and you on it, then I think we should walk around naked and get back as close to nature as possible.” replied Junifer.

“That is a super idea Junifer, but we must leave our shoes and socks on, there are a lot of stinging insects and plants on this island.”

Edvax took his clothes off and placed them in his bag, he was left with a pair of old boots and white socks on.

“Edvax you look a proper sight in them old boots.” said Junifer whilst laughing.

“Junifer you look proper delectable from where I am standing.”

Both of them were laughing and kissed and cuddled each other.

“Come on lets get going.” said Edvax.

“Let me go first Edvax.”

“Go on then, but be careful of where you are treading, we do not want you in a hole like Bill was on Purity Island.”

Both started to laugh again.

“That was funny, wasn’t it Edvax?”

“Yes it was Junifer, but I don’t think Bill was laughing.”

Junifer started to walk towards the centre of the island. Edvax was following at a close distance. He tried his best not to look at Junifer’s perfect arse as they wandered through the undergrowth of the island, but it was really difficult. He tried to think of other not so attractive things to try and control his amorous feelings towards his gorgeous wife. They had been walking for about an hour and Junifer was quite a distance in front, Edvax saw Junifer bend down to the ground, she looked as though she was touching her toes.

‘What is she doing?’ he thought to himself.

As he got closer his blood pressure was rising. Junifer was still bent over and he could see daylight coming out of her triangle of love, her legs were spread just at the right distance to allow the flesh on the base of the triangle to gently wobble in the gentle breeze. His instinct was telling him to prepare for love in the woods and his manhood strengthened beyond belief.

Never in his whole life had he seen such a wonderful erotic sight. Here was the most gorgeous woman on Perfectus, with her legs spread apart and bent over as though she was waiting for some sort of deep penetration. How could he disappoint her, he knew what his duty was as a husband and a lover, he just could not let her down and he took full control of his manhood and aimed it in the right direction, by now the veins were bulging and the stiffness was incredible. He was nearly there and entry was guaranteed, but Junifer stood up and Edvax was shocked.

“What’s up with you Edvax.” asked Junifer.

“Errr, nothing love. I just saw you bending over and wondered what you were looking at.” replied an embarrassed Edvax.

“You look as though you are ready for action Edvax.” said Junifer whilst looking at Edvax’s manhood.

“You should not bend over like that when you have no clothes on Junifer.” said a disappointed Edvax.

“There is plenty of time for that sort of thing Edvax, now look at what I have found.” said Junifer.

“Oh my God, it is a black orchid.” said Edvax.

“Yes it is and I discovered it and that is why I was bending over to get a good look at it.” said Junifer.

Edvax knelt down to get a closer look at one of the most beautiful orchids he had ever seen, unfortunately the blood pressure in his manhood was still high and he touched it on a twig, which in turn made him yelp.

“For the love of God.” he shouted.

“What’s up love?” asked a shocked Junifer.

“I just caught my cock on a branch.”

“Oh never mind love, let me kiss it better.”

Unfortunately this made it worse because it brought the blood rushing back into his manhood and it was uncomfortable walking about with a stiff rod of flesh between his legs.

“Junifer lets just have a quickie, I cannot walk about with this between my legs all day.” said a frustrated Edvax.

“Okay then get it stuck in, but hurry up and remember I want to make love properly later on today.” said Junifer.

“Okay love.” said Edvax while inserting his manhood into the triangle of love.

No sooner was it in, that it was out. Junifer never even realised he had put it in.

“That was the quickest quickie that I have ever experienced.” said Junifer.

“In, out, shake it all about.” said Edvax.

Both of them took some photographs of the orchid. Edvax took a sample of the pollen and the D.N.A. of the orchid.

“I will be able to reproduce this unique plant at our home and then maybe take some to the planet Earth.” said Edvax.

“Will you have time to reproduce them Edvax?” asked Junifer.

“I will do the early stages of reproduction on Pubday and transfer it to the spaceship on Funday. It will give me something to do on the trip to Earth.” replied Edvax.

Edvax’s manhood was now safe to walk about with so they started to get back on the trek. Edvax decided it was best if he went in front with Junifer walking behind. The sight of Junifer’s naked body was just too much to be in sight, so therefore out of sight was out of mind. He also put his field on just in case.

They walked towards a big rocky hill with a stream running down the middle, there was a waterfall ahead. Edvax headed straight for it. The stream was only shallow so he walked in the middle of it, the water splashed up as he put his feet into it.

There were no fish, it was just not deep enough. As they approached the waterfall they could see shimmers of light through it.

“Let’s have a shower under the waterfall Edvax.” said Junifer.

“It will be cold Junifer.”

“Yes but it is warm out here in the sun and we could turn our ozone layers off to make it feel warmer in the waterfall.” said Junifer.

“Okay, you have convinced me.”

Both turned their ozone layers and fields off and immediately felt the full strength of the sun on their bodies.

“Wow, that is hot.” said Junifer.

“It is one of the nicest feelings, to be warm.” said Edvax.

“Come on let’s go into the waterfall.” said Junifer.

Both put their bags down and held hands and then walked slowly underneath the waterfall, the water cooled them down.

“This is wonderful.” said Junifer.

“It is freezing.” said Edvax.

“Don’t be so soft Edvax.”

Junifer started to wash Edvax’s body with her hands and a bar of soap she had brought with her.

“You think of everything Junifer.”

“It was how I was brought up Edvax.”

He put his arms around her and cuddled her and kissed her on the forehead. She washed his back and cleaned his balls, she felt them gently and noticed one was bigger than the other.

“Edvax you have only emptied one side.” she said.

“Don’t be silly love; you know that one is bigger than the other. It’s natural; men are born with one ball bigger than the other.”

She had reached his feet but decided to go back to his balls for another feel. She gave them a good squeeze and he yelped.

“Junifer, don’t be so rough.” he shouted.

“Oops sorry love, I did not realise they were so tender.”

She could not understand why one bollock was bigger than the other and decided to ask why.

“Edvax, why is one bigger than the other?”

“Well it is nature’s way of natural selection. The big bollock has male sperm inside and the little bollock has female sperm inside, when the sperm tries to swim towards the egg, nature has given both sexes an equal chance of getting there. Everyone knows that boys have a little extra to carry than girls so nature has given them an equal chance of fertilising the egg by making more male sperm than female. So for every one female sperm there are two male sperm.”

Junifer did not know whether to take Edvax seriously and decided to drop the questions altogether. His version of the reason one of his balls was bigger than the other just did not sound quite right.

“Wash me Edvax.” said Junifer.

Edvax started to wash his gorgeous wife and decided to have a bit of fun in the process, he washed her long hair and neck and went slowly down to her breasts.

“Junifer, why does one of your nipples stick out further than the other?”

“Both my nipples are exactly the same, so don’t talk daft.”

“Junifer, I am telling you that your left nipple is bigger that the right.”

Junifer had a look at her nipples and tried to gauge both sizes at the same time.

“Edvax you are having me on, now give it up and carry on washing my body down.”

Edvax realised he couldn’t convince her that it was true, so he went down to the lower regions for an inspection of the triangle of love. He noticed that on one side of the triangle the flesh was slightly bigger than the other side and the piece of flesh at the end of the triangle was even bigger than the other two. He kissed all three and asked Junifer a question.

“Junifer, how come your love triangle has three pieces of flesh and all three are slightly different sizes?”

“Edvax, if you don’t stop talking daft I will throw you to the leeches.”

He stood up and kissed her on the lips and as he looked over her shoulder he noticed light coming through the waterfall.

“Junifer, I think there is a way through the waterfall.”

Junifer looked around and she also could see the light.

“Get your bag and we will go through for a look.” said Edvax.

Both picked up their bags and started to walk through the waterfall, it led to a cave with an exit about thirty yards ahead.

“Be careful Edvax.” said Junifer.

“We will put our force field back on, just in case.” said Edvax.

Both held hands and walked warily into the cave and out of the other side. They saw a beautiful oasis and slowly walked towards it still holding hands.

“Take some pictures Edvax.” said Junifer.

“Put your clothes on first.” said Edvax.

“I don’t mean pictures of me, I mean pictures of this place.” “Oops, sorry love.”

Edvax took several pictures of the entrance and of the oasis.

“Come on let’s explore the place.” said Edvax.

Both carried on walking down a little hillside and towards the wooded area, there was a small lake in the middle.

“It is like we have discovered a hidden garden.” said Junifer.

“We will go to the lakeside and have a bit of a picnic.” said Edvax.

Edvax noticed a large tree with yellow fruit on its branches.

“Junifer, I will climb that tree and get some fruit for the picnic.”

“They are big fruits, just get one and we will share it.” said Junifer.

Edvax struggled to get on the first branch but eventually made it, he sat down with the branch between his legs and he slowly shuffled along to the nearest fruit, he was taking exceptional care not to crush his nuts. He reached up and cut the stem of the large fruit from its branch and it fell to ground where Junifer was waiting to catch it, she caught it with no problem at all. Edvax then shuffled backwards towards the trunk of the tree and stood up. He was going to jump down onto the ground but hesitated.

“Climb down Edvax, do not jump.” said a worried Junifer.

“I will put my force field back on, and then I will be okay to jump.” replied Edvax.

He initiated his force field and jumped down, it was a bit of a shock when he hit the ground but he was okay.

He turned his field off.

“What type of fruit is it Junifer?”

“It looks like grapefruit.” she replied.

They carried on towards the lakeside, it took them half an hour to reach it, then they sat down and admired the view for a while. Junifer placed a towel on the floor and put all the food onto it, both started to eat.

“Edvax do you think the planet Earth will be as nice as Perfectus?” asked Junifer.

“The early indications are that it is a beautiful planet with an excellent ecosystem.” replied Edvax.

“Will the new True Humans look after it?” asked Junifer.

“If all goes to plan, the new True Humans should be equal to us and therefore should treat their home planet with respect and dignity. If things go wrong, then it is possible that they might abuse it, but this has never happened before and is highly unlikely to happen now.”

“I hope you are right Edvax, it would be sad if they turned out to be subhuman.” said Junifer sounding worried.

“There is no such thing as a subhuman Junifer.”

“Will there be any communication between our planet and theirs after the seeds of life have been planted?” asked Junifer.

“Like I have said before to Bill and Jack and the others, every hundred thousand of their earth years two Perfectusian’s will go and check everything is okay and report back to the Seeds of Life Council. If on the unlikely event things are not going to plan then we will try and put it back on track. A few probes will also be left on the planet to keep a close eye on the ecosystem.” replied Edvax.

“One of the council’s members was unhappy about this particular planet and voiced his concerns. What was his name I have forgotten?” asked Junifer.

“That was Thomus, he is a brilliant scientist and his concerns were well documented, but the council decided to go ahead anyway.”

“Will the new humans have our mannerisms and languages?” asked Junifer.

“Yes they will. They also will be educated by some of the Perfectusian’s who go there to check on things. If you and I were able to go there in two million years time, then hopefully it would be like living here on Perfectus, there will be slight differences in the atmosphere and the gravity will be weaker, but this would be an advantage to us as it would be easier for us to get about and to get away from any dangerous situation. In a nutshell Perfectusian’s will be like superhuman beings compared to the Earth people, but this is only due to the difference in the size of our planets and the size of our sun compared to their sun and the fact we have two moons and they only have one. Other than that they should turn out exactly like us, if all goes well.”

“I hope it does all go well Edvax, but we will never know because we will be dead and gone long before then.” said Junifer.

“Yes, but our descendants will be here to discover the truth.”

“This grapefruit is so juicy and succulent Junifer.” said Edvax

in an effort to change the subject.

“Yes it is.” she replied.

“The lake is so flat and calm, it is like a sheet of Ice.” said Edvax.

“Yes and I am going to go for a swim in it to cool down. Are you coming Edvax?”

“No love, I am not and I am not going swimming either, you know I don’t like deep water.”

Junifer took off her boots and socks and stood up and went towards the lake, she walked into the water and shivered slightly as the coldness enveloped her body. She soon got used to it and was swimming around, but staying close to the edge.

“Come in for a paddle Edvax.” she shouted.

Edvax decided to go and paddle in the water and took off his boots and socks. Then he walked over to the edge of the lake and walked in.

“Junifer, it is absolutely freezing, how do you cope with such coldness?” asked Edvax.

“You are a softy at heart Edvax, you have to grin and bear it, it is good for you.” replied Junifer.

“That is debatable. I think heat is good for you and cold is bad for you.” said Edvax.

Junifer started laughing at her husband who was obviously feeling the cold because his manhood had turned into a shrimp and the balls he was bragging about earlier were non existent, but Edvax was not laughing, in fact he was downright miserable and decided cold water was not for him and promptly got out of the water and lay down at the side of the lake and watched his wife enjoy herself.

“Junifer the cold is getting to you, I can tell.” shouted Edvax.

He was referring to her nipples, which were stuck out like two beaks of a dodo.

“I feel good.” she replied.

Edvax laid back and enjoyed the sun, he turned his ozone protection field off and relished the heat from the sun. It was not long before he was back to full temperature and after a while he got so hot that he had to go back into the water to cool off a bit. This he did not relish, but even he could only take so much heat. Junifer stopped swimming and slowly walked through the water towards Edvax.

“Were you too warm dear?” she asked.

“Yes, I was a bit, but now I am freezing again.”

“Come on let us go back to the lakeside and make passionate love.” said Junifer.

Both walked casually back to the edge of the lake and their bodies were nearly frozen and they were both shivering. Edvax put his arms around his gorgeous wife and kissed her, the coldness was persistent but would go eventually, especially with the red hot passion that was in both their hearts.

“What the bloody hell are you two up to then?” shouted this familiar voice.

Edvax and Junifer turned around to see who was shouting, both were stunned and extremely embarrassed.

Wacka and Patreena were stood there looking at the hapless duos assets, both were laughing.

Edvax immediately picked up a small leaf from the ground and tried to cover up his manhood. Junifer tried to cover her embarrassment with her hands.

“Wow Junifer, those nipples are like chapel hat pegs.” said Wacka laughing.

“Edvax, where has your little willy gone?” asked Patreena.

Edvax and Junifer tried to get to their clothes, but Wacka was barring their way.

“Hey up Wacka you twat, let us get dressed.” shouted Edvax.

“Well I have seen some small ones in my time but yours takes the biscuit.” said Wacka.

“The water is freezing, why don’t you go in and we will see if yours shrinks?” said Edvax.

“Mine will shrink, but it will still be bigger than yours when it hasn’t shrunk.” said Wacka.

Edvax tried to work out what Wacka had just said but decided not to bother.

Junifer was beginning to warm up and her nipples were getting back to normal, she dressed quickly and so did Edvax.

“Edvax, take no notice of him, size does not matter, it is what you do with it that matters and anyway your tongue makes up for what you lack down below.” said Junifer.

That was supposed to be comforting, but Edvax felt a bit inadequate at the comments being made.

“You know what they say about little acorns Wacka.” said Edvax.

“No, I do not know, please tell me.” said Wacka.

“They grow into big oak trees.” replied Edvax.

“Edvax, do not take what Wacka says to heart, he is not as big as he thinks.” said Patreena.

“How did you find this place?” asked Junifer.

“We decided to swim to this island and have a look around. I found the waterfall and we went through it and we saw you two down here.” said Patreena.

“How long have you been watching us?” asked Edvax.

“About an hour.” replied Patreena.

“That makes you both peeping toms.” said Edvax.

“No it doesn’t, a peeping tom is someone who looks into someone’s home and spies on them. You two were in the public domain with no clothes on, so you invited other people to look at your naked bodies.” said Wacka.

“Well I suppose you are right.” said Edvax.

“Anyway at the end of the day, does it matter? You were both obviously enjoying yourselves so who cares if someone sees your small bits.” said Wacka.

There was a pause in conversation while they both finished getting dressed.

“Have you got anything to eat?” asked Wacka.

Junifer gave Wacka and Patreena some food, both gulped it down as though there was no tomorrow.

“What is the water like Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“It is nice and cool.” replied Junifer.

“No it isn’t, it is absolutely freezing.” shouted Edvax.

“I am going for a swim, are you coming in Wacka?” asked Patreena.

“Yes dear, I am.” he replied.

They took their footwear off and jumped into the lake.

Edvax and Junifer just laid on the lakeside and relaxed in the sun, both of them were thinking of what the future will bring. Tomorrow is Marriageday and it was to be their last day together before the mission.

On Pubday, which is the day before Funday, Edvax and Wacka have got to go to the launch centre for debriefing and decontamination. They will not be able to have physical contact with anyone on the planet Perfectus until after their mission ends. This was a safety measure to make sure none of the D.N.A. that was being taken to the new planet was contaminated by anything on Perfectus and also to make sure no dangerous bacteria was sent to the new planet Earth. Junifer was feeling sad at the thought of not seeing her husband for 101 years. She moved her hand over to his and gave it a tender squeeze, he responded by stroking her hand with his other hand and he leant over and kissed her on the forehead.

They watched Wacka and Patreena frolicking in the lake, they were both very strong swimmers and they seemed to be enjoying swimming in the freezing water.

“Junifer there is a bird in that tree that is singing, what type of bird is it?” asked Edvax.

“I do not know.” replied Junifer.

“Maybe we have stumbled on a new species.” said Edvax.

“It is an ugly little thing and look at the size of that beak.”

“I will take a picture and send it to Roomeo for analysis, he will let us know if it is a new species. If it is we will be able to name it what we like.”

He took a picture with his camera and sent it by light message to Roomeo, and then he went back to relaxing in the sun.

An hour later and a light message flashed in front of his eyes.

This is what it said,

Dear Edvax. The picture is of a bird that is not in the natural history archives of the planet Perfectus, so I can confirm that you have discovered a new species and you should name it A.S.A.P. and send the name to me to be be registered.

Best regards Roomeo.

“Junifer, it is a new species, we have discovered a new species of bird.” said Edvax excitedly.

“What are you calling it Edvax?” asked Junifer.

“Well, it is ugly and it has got a very long beak. It smells a lot because I can smell it from here, and I have noticed it is always lying down, so it must be a liar.” said Edvax.

“Yes, yes that is all well and good, but what are you going to call it?” asked Junifer.

“Hempee.” replied Edvax.

“Well that is the daftest name for a bird I have ever heard.” said Junifer.

“Don’t ask me why Junifer, it is just something that keeps popping into my brain.”

“What is an Hempee?” asked Junifer.

“I do not know, but it must be something that is not nice.” replied Edvax.

“Sometimes I think you are from another planet Edvax.”

Edvax laughed at his lovely wife’s comment. He sent the name he had thought of to Roomeo, who then recorded it in the archives of natural history of Perfectus.

“Edvax what are we doing tomorrow?” asked Junifer.

“Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday Junifer, so we will stay at our villa and make love seven times during the day.”

“Why only seven times.” asked Junifer.

“Because it is my lucky number.”

“How many times will we make love at night time?” asked Junifer.

“What is your lucky number?” asked Edvax.

“It is twenty one.” replied Junifer.

“Well if you add two and one together you get three, so we will make love three times.” said Edvax.

“Why do we have lucky numbers?” asked Junifer.

“It is human nature to create these seemingly needless things, all humans do it just to amuse themselves and to create a fun environment for us to live in. Just think how boring life would be without the trivialities of life.” replied Edvax.

“Yes, I see what you mean. Just like when you gave that ugly bird such a strange name, that also was a triviality of life.” said Junifer.

“Yes Junifer, but something put that name into my head and the only way to get rid of it was to give the name to that bird.”

“Maybe one day we will find out why.” said Junifer.

“Maybe.” said Edvax.

Wacka and Patreena came out of the water and walked over to the others. Wacka splashed cold water all over Edvax.

“Wacka you dozy snipe-nosed twat, be careful.” shouted Edvax angrily.

“Oops, sorry Edvax I forgot you were allergic to clean water.” said Wacka whilst laughing.

Junifer looked at her husband and realised he was getting a bit stressed out and ratty now as the departure for their mission drew closer, she went over to him and cuddled him.

“It is getting late love, shouldn’t we be making our way back to the villa?” asked Junifer.

“Yes, I think we should.”

“Are you coming back with us in the boat Patreena?” asked Junifer.

“Yes we will.”

The four of them prepared for the journey back to the villa.

“I will send them a light message to let them know we are on our way back.” said Wacka.

“Good idea Wacka, you never know they may have prepared a nice meal for us.” said Edvax.

“Yes and a pig may fly past with a dress on.” said Wacka.

All of them started laughing.

They started walking towards the cave entrance to the waterfall.

“Wacka, Junifer has found a black orchid.” said Edvax.

“Where?” asked Wacka.

“About halfway between the beach and the waterfall.”

“Did you get any D.N.A. samples?” asked Patreena.

“Yes I did and some good pictures.” replied Edvax.

“You will have a garden full of black orchids soon then Junifer.” said Patreena.

“Yes, it looks like we will.” said Junifer.

“I won’t have time to do it before we go on our mission love, so it will have to wait until I come back, unless you do it Junifer.” said Edvax.

“I may give it a go, it will be a nice surprise for when you come back.” said Junifer.

“We won’t be back for 101 years and by that time they will have turned green.” said Wacka still laughing.

“Wacka, Edvax also discovered a new species of ugly bird.” said Junifer.

“You are kidding.” said Wacka.

“No I’m not, he saw it on that tree over there. He photographed it and sent a picture to Roomeo for identification.” said Junifer proudly.

“What was it like?” asked Patreena.

“It was the ugliest creature we have ever seen. It had a large beak and its feathers were a minging green colour. It kept lying on its back and spitting upwards.” replied Junifer.

“Did Roomeo identify it?” asked Wacka.

“He said it was a new species and told me to name it.” said Edvax.

“Well what did you call it?” asked Patreena.

“For some strange reason I had this weird name in my head and called it a Hempee.” replied Edvax.

“Edvax, you are a man after my own heart and if you had to pick a name for something so ugly and gruesome then the name you have picked is perfect.” said Wacka.

“You two will be well matched on this new planet called Earth, because I think you are both from another planet.” said Junifer.

“Yes and so do I.” said Patreena laughing.

“Come on let’s go.” said Edvax.

They started to walk slowly towards the cave entrance to the waterfall. Wacka was in front, then Patreena, then Junifer and finally Edvax. Wacka was whistling as he walked, he was happy and relaxed. They went into the cave and heard the sound of running water; it was dark, but was dimly lit by the sunlight reflecting off the waterfall.

Patreena tripped up on a stone.

“Did you enjoy your trip?” asked Edvax whilst laughing.

“Yes thank you.” she replied.

All four walked through the running water and emerged from the other side wet through. The sun soon dried them out, and it was not long before they found the boat. They climbed aboard and Edvax put the boat in motion towards the island of Purity. Nobody spoke for the journey across the calm water. They disembarked at the other side and promptly set off towards the villa. All of them were tired and were very hungry.

“Hopefully the kids will have made us a meal.” said Junifer.

At the villa, Jack and Bill were putting the finishing touches to the meal that all the kids had prepared for their parents and in-laws. They had used the vending machine to produce the food, but that did not matter, it is the fact that they had thought about their parents enough to make them a meal for when they return. The meal itself looked absolutely sumptuous and it was a credit to the people who prepared it. Originally it was Helena’s idea to prepare the meal and she soon got the others to help out, even Salteena the youngest of Wacka’s children was involved, her job was to prepare the air table and organise fifteen air chairs. On Perfectus everybody joins in. all Perfectusian’s have this natural urge to help others, none can resist this urge to give their assistance at any function or party. They have this unique sense of compassion and well-being.

Wacka, Edvax, Patreena and Junifer were just over the hill and Airran had spotted them, he ran into the villa.

“They are coming, they are coming.” he ran all around the villa shouting.

Clifteena grabbed hold of him.

“Where are they?” she asked.

“They are just over the hill.” he replied.

“Right then, let’s get everybody together and go meet them before they enter the villa.” said Helena.

Airran carried on running around the villa to tell everybody the plan, those who already knew of it went outside.

Helena could see Wacka’s head bobbing up and down over the brow of the hill. Wacka was by far the tallest of the group.

It was not long before all the kids were outside of the villa. All were eagerly awaiting arrival of their parents.

“Do not forget, we will pretend we have not made any tea.” said Helena.

“What if they ask us if we have made some?” asked Theodorra.

“We will simply change the subject, it is only for a bit of fun anyway.” replied Helena.

Wacka was the first to come over the hill. Theodorra ran towards him and threw her arms around him.

“Hello daddy.” she said.

“Hello my little cherub.” he replied.

He held her hand while they walked towards the others.

“I am starving have you made any tea?” asked Wacka.

“Did you have a good time uncle Wacka?” asked Clifteena.

“Yes love we did and your dad found a new species of bird and a new orchid.” replied Wacka.

“Have you made any tea?” asked Edvax.

“Did you get any pictures uncle Edvax?” asked Airran.

“Yes I did and I got some D.N.A. and pollen from the orchid.”

“Helena dear, have you made any tea?” asked Junifer.

“Mum did you go swimming?” asked Gideon.

“Yes love I did go swimming in a beautiful cold lake.” replied Junifer.

“Andorra, have you made any tea?” asked Patreena.

Little Salteena could take it no more; the tension was just too much for her.

“Mum we have all helped to make you some tea.”

“Salteena, you little grasser.” said Bambeeno.

All of them started laughing and then strolled into the villa to eat their carefully prepared meal. Even Wacka was amazed at the quality of the food on offer. The group sat down and chit chatted amongst themselves whilst eating their meal, and it was not fish n chips.

Edvax took a few moments to reflect on the near future. He had butterflies in his stomach, his nervousness and anxiety was getting worse, but he had to hide it otherwise he would not be allowed to go on the mission. Wacka on the other hand was stronger both physically and mentally. Wacka’s thoughts were in his bedroom. Only one more day to go and the mission would begin.

“What are you doing tomorrow mum?” asked Helena.

“We are staying around the pool all day.” replied Junifer.

“Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday so everyone can do as they please.” said Edvax.

“Just like we have today, hey dad.” said Gideon.

“Yes son, just like we have today, that is why it is called Chooseday.” replied Edvax.

“We don’t want any mishaps, so it is best we all stay close together. Especially you Bill, we know what you are like for getting stuck down holes in the ground.” said Wacka.

Everybody laughed at the thought of Bill when he got stuck in the ground. Bill was the only one not laughing.

The next day was Marriageday. It was considered a holy day and it was the favourite day for Perfectusian’s to get married. On this day many Perfectusian’s would go to their local Temple for prayers and reflection. On Perfectus anyone can attend a wedding without invitation. Temples were amazingly large buildings with ample room for thousands of people. A marriage between two True Humans was considered sacred and divorce was not in their dictionary. Sex outside of marriage was allowed if both partners agreed, sex with other people was allowed if both partners agreed. Nobody ever committed adultery, there was no need to do it. Deceit was none existent; lying was considered a terrible sin. Sex was a good thing and the Perfectusian’s had no hang ups relating to it. If a partner considered another True Human attractive and wished to have sex with them, then they had two alternatives. One was to ask their partner for their permission and the other was to daydream and create the image of the person they admire. Both were equally effective in the satisfaction of the True Human urge to fornicate and reproduce.

When the people in the Plate villa woke up, Wacka was the first to emerge; he went outside and dived into the swimming pool. Patreena was the next up and she went to wake up the young ones.

In the Smith’s villa, Junifer was the first to emerge, she went around to the Plate’s villa and dived straight into the pool. Wacka was swimming from one end of the pool to the other as though his life depended on it. Junifer just slowly swam from one end to the other, both were oblivious to the other.

Edvax was the last one in the Smith household to awaken and by the time he had got up the rest had gone on their individual ways. He wondered where Junifer was and then he saw Airran in the garden.

“Have you seen your auntie Junifer?” asked Edvax.

“Yes, she is in the pool with dad.” replied Airran.

Edvax went around to the pool area.

“Have you had some breakfast Junifer?” asked Edvax.

She did not hear her husband’s question. He put his hand in the water and stroked her arse has she went past; she put her head out of the water to see who had touched her bum.

“Have you had some breakfast Junifer?”

“No, not yet.” she replied.

“I will make you some scrambled dodo eggs on toast.”

“Okay love.” she replied.

Edvax went back to the villa and made Junifer her breakfast.

She soon came in and they both sat down to eat it.

“That is perfect timing Junifer.”

“Wacka is as fit as a Wolf.” said Junifer.

“Yes I know, at the academy he came first in all the trials.”

“One thing is for sure, if danger confronts him in the water he will be able to swim away from it.” said Junifer.

“Yes, but only in water.” said Edvax.

“That planet Earth is two thirds covered in water.” said Junifer.

“Did you sleep well Junifer?” asked Edvax.

“I slept very well, did you?”

“No not really, I was awake half of the night.”

“Never mind love, when you go on your mission you will be asleep for 90 years, give or take a day or two.” said Junifer.

“We have to awaken once every year to release pressure and check our instruments.” said Edvax.

“Release what pressure?” asked Junifer.

“Well, apparently True Humans are so fertile that the male sex organs carry on producing sperm and spermatozoa without stopping, the scrotum will expand to accommodate this extra fluid until eventually the scrotum will burst, so we have to release the pressure once a year minimum.”

“How do you do that?” asked a bewildered Junifer.

“We have to place our willy into a uniquely shaped vessel which is under vacuum and it sucks the fluid out and ejects it into outer space.”

“Have you ever done it before?” asked Junifer.

“You are kidding aren’t you, me and Wacka cannot let it build up for two days never mind a whole year.”

Junifer started laughing, she realised what she had just said.

“Anyway it is all part of the mission, on the planet itself we will have to think of other ways of releasing it.” said Edvax with a wry smile on his face.

“I have no doubt you will find a way Edvax.”

They finished their breakfast and went to the pool area.

Wacka was still in the pool. Patreena was sat at the side reading the book she had found a few days before.

“Have you nearly finished that book Patreena?” asked Junifer.

“I will finish it today. Wacka has copied it onto a disk so you can read it at home Junifer.” she replied.

“Is it any good?” asked Junifer.

“It is a very good but strange story; the author says it actually happened, but I find it hard to believe.” replied Patreena.

“I am looking forward to reading it.” said Junifer.

“Where are all the kids?” asked Edvax.

“Most of them have gone down to the beach to swim with the dolphins, the youngest are over there in the play area.” replied Patreena.

Edvax climbed onto an air bed and fell asleep. Junifer dived back into the pool and swam to her hearts content. Wacka was still in there relentlessly swimming length after length. Gideon and Bambeeno came into the pool area and both dived into the cool water.

As they were they all enjoying themselves, Adonis was in his council chambers with Roomeo and Nobulas. They were discussing an urgent message that had come through from the scanning room.

The message read,

The worm hole window is closing sooner than we anticipated, the mission will have to be brought forward by twelve hours.

“Roomeo, send a light message to Wacka and Edvax and tell them the mission is being brought forward by twelve hours, they will have to make their way home today.” said Adonis.

“Yes sir.”

Roomeo immediately sent the message to both of the intrepid seedanauts.

The light message that was sent to Edvax was unable to initiate due to him being asleep. Wacka on the other hand was wide awake and sat on the edge of the pool talking to Gideon when the message flashed in front of his eyes, he read it and rushed over to Edvax and tried to wake him up.

“Edvax the mission has been brought forward.”

Edvax thought he was dreaming and did not answer Wacka.

“What do you mean?” asked Junifer.

“The mission is being brought forward because the worm hole is closing sooner than first thought.” replied Wacka.

“By how much is it being brought forward?” asked Patreena.

“Twelve hours.” he replied.

“That means we have to go home tonight at 20 o’clock at the latest.” said Junifer.

Junifer went over and tried to wake Edvax up, he seemed to be in a deep sleep, but eventually his eyes opened.

“What’s up?” he mumbled.

“The mission is being brought forward by twelve hours and that means we have to go home before or at the latest 20 o’clock.” said Junifer.

“What time is it now?” asked Edvax.

“It is 14 o’clock.” replied Junifer.

“We have six hours to sort ourselves out.” said Edvax.

“I will send a light message to the kids to let them know what is happening.” said Wacka.

“Get them to come back up here Wacka.” said Edvax.

Junifer realised that she will not spend another night with her husband for 101 years, she began to cry uncontrollably, tears were streaming down her face. Edvax went over and consoled her.

“Do not cry Junifer. Please, please do not cry.”

“I cannot help it Edvax.” she said sobbing her heart out.

“To see you cry makes me feel so sad, don’t make me sad.”

She put her arms around him and hugged him tight.

“You had better come back you old rat-bag.” she said.

“I will come back. I will definitely come back.” said Edvax with a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes.

Patreena was also feeling the strain and she was crying as well. Wacka was consoling her.

“We are a sorry lot aren’t we?” said Edvax.

“True Humans do not like to be split up from their families for such a long period of time.” said Junifer.

“Yes, I know that love, but some of us have to make sacrifices in order to plant the seeds of life and colonise other worlds.” said Edvax.

“Everybody will be okay when we are on the mission.” said Wacka.

Junifer and Patreena regained their feeling of well-being and cuddled each other for a few more minutes.

The kids all came back from the beach. Helena and Clifteena went to their mother and put their arms around her, this made Junifer start crying again. Patreena was also surrounded by her children and they were also crying.

Edvax signalled Wacka to follow him into the villa.

“Are you excited about going on the mission?” asked Edvax.

“Yes I am and the sooner we get it over with the better.” replied Wacka.

“We will be heroes when we come back.” said Edvax.

“If we come back.” said Wacka.

“Both of us will come back.” said Edvax sternly.

“I will wish you good luck now Edvax.” said Wacka, whilst shaking Edvax’s hand.

“I wish you the same Wacka.” said Edvax.

Both went back into the pool area where the others were.

Gideon came over to his dad and shook his hand.

“Good luck dad, take care of yourself and take care of uncle Wacka.”

“Thank you son and you look after your mum for me.” said Edvax.

“I will dad.” said Gideon.

Things settled down a bit after an hour. Junifer and Edvax went into their own villa to relax.

They climbed onto their bed and just laid there for a couple of hours with their arms around each other.

“You were supposed to make love to me seven times today.” said Junifer.

“I know love, but things have changed. I will make it up to you when we get back.” said Edvax.

“I think we should start packing and get ready to go.” said Junifer.

“Yes dear, we should.”

They both started to pack up their belongings and carried the cases outside. Wacka and Patreena were already packed and sat waiting in the garden. The atmosphere was a bit solemn and nobody spoke much. Wacka summoned an air bus. It soon came and they boarded straight away. The air bus lifted off and the force field initiated. Their few days holiday was over. The Air bus went straight to the shuttle launch area and all disembarked. There was no time to lose. Wacka and Edvax had to go straight to the decontamination unit. Once inside the unit the mission was considered irreversible and there was no way out of it. Outside of the front doors of the unit were two lines of people, on one side were Wacka’s family and friends, on the other side were Edvax’s family and friends. All were there to say their final farewells and good wishes. Both the intrepid seedanauts slowly walked down the line and shook people’s hands and both were wished good luck. Edvax came to his mother in-law, she smiled at him and put her hand into his and mumbled something inaudible. Then the father in-law shook his hand vigorously and shouted out loud,

“Good luck Edvax, I hope you have a successful mission.”

Then he came to his dad who had a tear in his eye,

“Good luck son, look after our Wacka won’t you.” he put his arms around Edvax and hugged him. Then Edvax came to his mum who was crying, her voice trembled as she said to her son,

“Good luck love, please come back in one piece.”

she kissed her son and cuddled him for a few seconds. Edvax was choking up but kept it well hidden. He came to his brothers and sisters who all wished him farewell. Then he came to Clifteena and Bill,

“Good luck Edvax.” said Bill.

“Good luck dad.” said Clifteena, who then kissed and cuddled her dad.

He came to Helena and Jack.

“Good luck Edvax” said Jack.

“Good luck dad.” said Helena who was crying, she kissed and cuddled her dad.

Then he came to Gideon,

“Good luck dad, bring me a trophy back.” said Gideon.

Last but not the least; he came to the end of the line where his beautiful wife Junifer was standing. She was crying and shaking, they put their arms around each other and kissed and cuddled for several minutes.

“Good luck Edvax, please do not miss the worm hole, please come back home.”

“I will love, I will.”

“Be careful and don’t take any chances, please come back all in one piece and don’t lose that useful tongue.”

Edvax smiled,

“I will not lose my tongue dear.”

Wacka and Edvax slowly walked to the entrance to the unit.

They both turned around and waved to the crowd and Wacka shouted out,

“Farewell my fellow True Humans.”

At that very moment an Albatross flew high above them and shit on Wacka’s shoulder, the crowd started laughing. Edvax and Wacka did not know why they were laughing, both blew kisses to their wives and then walked into the unit.

The crowd dispersed. Junifer and Patreena went home together with their children. The Albatross excreting on Wacka’s shoulder had eased the sadness slightly, but it was going to be hard for both families to cope without their beloved husbands and dads.

Chapter Four.

The Mission.

Adonis and the other members of the council were inside the unit. All were chattering amongst themselves. Adonis went to greet his two seedanauts.

“Are you both excited now you are at the start of your mission?” asked Adonis.

“Yes Sir.” said Edvax.

“Yes Sir.” said Wacka.

“Well today will be a busy day. We will brief you about the flight and of the mission itself. Then you will be placed into the decontamination unit. When you are clear of all contamination you will be transferred to the shuttle, which in turn will then take you to your spaceship which is orbiting Perfectus at this very moment.”

Nobulas walked up towards Wacka.

“Wacka, what is that on your shoulder?” asked Nobulas.

Wacka looked at his shoulder, he could see what looked like bird shit, he wiped it off with an old rag.

“That must have been what the crowd were laughing at.” said Edvax.

“It may bring me good luck.” said Wacka.

Adonis asked Roomeo to show Edvax and Wacka the animals and plants that the council had chosen to take to the planet.

“Under no circumstances can any of the insect or bacterial life be disturbed in any way. The only life we can introduce to this planet are plants, mammals, birds and of course True Humans.” said Roomeo whilst pointing to a blackboard with a light pointer.

The full list is as follows =

Animals = Rat + Mouse + Horse + Rabbit + Beaver + Panda Bear.

Plants = Strawberry + Grapefruit + Pear + Ivy + Oak Tree + Willow Tree.

Wacka’s choice = Animals = Golden Eagle + Dolphin + Dodo

Plants = Ganja Wanja + Olive Tree.

Edvax’s choice = Animals = Cheetah + Albatross + Wolf

Plants = Lucka Lucka tree + Orchid.

The D.N.A. from some of these Animals and Plants is already on the spaceship, including the new Orchid DNA that Edvax discovered not so long ago.

“I have to mention the reasons that the council have chosen these particular specimens for the new planet. If anything goes wrong with the progress of the new True Humans and things do not turn out as we had planned then the Rat and Mouse will be used to eliminate any faulty Human beings.”

Roomeo was interrupted by Wacka who asked a question.

“What do you mean by eliminate human beings?”

“It is extremely important that the new humans are True Humans. If for some strange reason they turn out to be violent humans then we have to eliminate them at all costs.”

Roomeo was interrupted again by another question.

“How can we destroy other human beings when we as a society are totally against killing any kind of life?” asked Wacka.

“We cannot and will not allow any sort of human hybrid to survive, unless that hybrid is non violent. The Rat and Mouse will be used to eliminate any bad humans. We are fully aware that at the early stages of their development they will have to hunt for food and in that process they will have to kill animals to eat, but after several thousand years they should have developed a society similar to ours and therefore should stop killing animals for food.

The Horse is being sent due to its enormous strength and usefulness on the farm The Rabbit will be useful for food in the early stages. The Beaver will be useful for its fur. The Panda Bear is just being sent for its sheer cuddliness and beauty. The plants we have chosen are all useful to animals and humans. The Strawberry is rich in vitamins, the Grapefruit and the Pear are also rich in vitamins. The Oak tree will be useful for building homes and furniture. The willow tree will be useful for building fencing and making carrying implements. The Ivy has ingredients useful for medicine. The Ganja Wanja plant and the Orchid that you two picked have also got extremely useful ingredients for medicine in them, you made a wise choice. Obviously the plants will be grown from seed that has come from Perfectus. Some of the animals will have to be produced from D.N.A. Your mission will be to find an animal on the new planet that has a similar D.N.A. to the animal you are reproducing. Then inject the D.N.A. from Perfectus into an egg from the donor animal and incubate it in your spaceship lab. Then transplant it into a female of the donor species. Are there any questions?” asked Roomeo.

“Do we have to turn our force fields off to work on the animals in the field?” asked Edvax.

“Yes you will. Be very aware that it will be the most dangerous part of the mission, but you will have no choice. Just make sure you turn it back on as soon as you can.” replied Roomeo.

“What weapons will we have access to?” asked Wacka.

“You will have the blaster and the freezer and on the spaceship there is twin laser weapons, obviously these weapons are only to be used as a last resort. Use the freezer if possible, but if the danger is too overwhelming then use your blaster. Are there any more questions?”

“No.” said Edvax.

“No.” said Wacka.

“Now it is time to go into the operating room for the cameras to be fitted.” said Roomeo.

Both of the seedanauts went into the operating room where Trebor was waiting for them. Edvax lay on the table first. Trebor placed a laser over Edvax’s forehead a small incision was made in the middle; this was the exact location of his force field unit. Trebor was going to take the unit out and insert a new unit with a camera modification; this would allow the Perfectusian council to see exactly what the two seedanauts see. The process took ten minutes with no pain at all. Wacka then went through the same process. Trebor told them to go into the testing room.

“Look at those two screens lads.” said Trebor.

Edvax and Wacka looked at the two screens, it was a weird sensation. The image on the screen seemed to repeat forever into itself.

“We will see what you see with the new units implanted into your foreheads. Are there any questions?” asked Trebor.

“Are there any modifications to the force field unit that has just been put in?” asked Wacka.

“Yes, the force field unit will react quicker and has been increased in power to make sure of complete protection.” replied Trebor.

“What about ozone protection?” asked Edvax.

“You will not need ozone protection on the planet.” replied Trebor.

“Any more questions?” asked Trebor.

“No.” said Wacka.

“No Sir.” said Edvax.

“It is time to go into the decontamination chamber. I wish you both good luck.” said Trebor.

Trebor shook their hands and ushered them towards the chamber where Adonis and the others were waiting.

All the members of the council shook hands with the two seedanauts and wished them good luck. They both walked into the chamber and the door was sealed, now they were on their own. They were told to strip and throw their clothes into a bin. Then they had to go into a hot shower. Then they were dried with warm filtered air. Both were instructed to go into another room and were given a drink each.

“The drink will clear your stomach and bowels, after you have drunk it you will soon need to use the toilet. If you look to your left there is a door marked A and B, both are toilets.” said a voice on the intercom.

Wacka and Edvax drank the drink and waited for the response.

Edvax was the first to run for the toilet, he went into door ‘B’ he was closely followed by Wacka who went into door ‘A’.

Wacka quickly sat on the toilet seat and then his bowels exploded into a fluster of air and liquid stools, he then gave a sigh of relief. Edvax also gave a sigh of relief as his bowels emptied of all contents.

“You will now have to go back into the shower and wash again.” said a voice on the intercom.

They both went back into the shower and washed their bodies once again.

“Now you have to have another drink and do it again.” said a voice on the intercom.

This process was repeated four times to make sure the seedanauts had no bacteria or food inside them and both had sore red arses at the end of the process.

“Will you please go into the other room marked ‘C’.” said a voice on the intercom.

Both of them went into the room marked with a ‘C’. Inside the room were two baths full of coloured water.

“Please pick a bath, climb in and wash your body thoroughly using the cream in the container.” said the voice on the intercom.

Edvax climbed in first and started to wash with the cream provided.

“My arse is as sore as a bear with a hangover.” said Wacka.

“There are a variety of chemicals in the bath to cleanse all your nooks and crannies of germs.” said the voice on the intercom.

Edvax nearly fell asleep in the bath.

“Please get out of the bath and dry off using the warm air dispensers.” said the voice.

They both got dried.

“Will you please go through the door marked ‘D’.” said the voice.

“There are a lot of doors in this place Edvax.” said Wacka.

“Yes there is. I can’t wait to see the green door.” said Edvax.

Both went through the door marked ‘D’. Inside were two chairs.

“Please sit down on the chairs and put the masks on.” said the voice.

Both of them sat down and put the masks on.

“The masks will take all the air out of your lungs and replace it with filtered air.” said the voice.

This process took an hour and then they were told to go through the door marked ‘E’.

They both went into the room marked with an ‘E’.

There were two drinks on a table.

“Please drink the liquid on the table; it will replace the friendly bacteria in your stomach and bowels.” said the voice on the intercom.

They drank the drink, it tasted horrible, but both drank the lot.

“Decontamination is complete please go into the room marked ‘F’ and put on your space travelling clothes.” said the voice.

Edvax and Wacka were relieved that the process was over. They went into the room marked with an ‘F’, inside were two identical spacesuits each had a name on it, they picked their own suit up and got dressed, the suits fit perfectly.

“Please go into the room marked with a ‘G’.” said the voice.

Edvax and Wacka went into this room and the shuttle was in the middle with its door open.

“Gentlemen the shuttle is ready to take you to your spaceship please board the craft.” said the voice.

Edvax and Wacka entered the shuttle, both strapped themselves into their seats. The controls were fully automatic.

The roof of the building opened up, it was not long before the shuttle lifted off and headed into the cloudless sky and upwards towards outer space where the spaceship was awaiting their arrival. Edvax felt an extreme sense of loneliness even though his best mate was with him. Wacka felt jubilant and extremely excited at the thought of what the future held. Perfectus was getting smaller and smaller as they travelled further away. A small dot could be seen through the window, an alarm went off informing the seedanauts that the spaceship was ahead, the small dot grew larger as they got nearer.

“It looks beautiful up here Wacka.” said Edvax.

“Yes it does Edvax.” he replied.

As the shuttle approached the spaceship several alarms were sounding and flashing.

“Look at the size of the spaceship, it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be.” said Wacka.

“It is a sight to savour, it was built especially for this particular mission. Roomeo designed it and we will be the first to fly it.” said Edvax.

“We could take half the planet with us in that spaceship.” said Wacka.

Edvax laughed at his mates comment.

“There is a lot of supplies and instruments on board the spaceship, plus all the equipment we have in the shuttles and there is an escape pod on board. It needs to be big to get it all in.” said Edvax.

As they neared the rear of the spaceship a large door automatically opened and the shuttle went through it. All the controls were on automatic, the two seedanauts just sat there admiring the procedure and the view. The shuttle slowly settled down onto the metal interior floor and the exterior door of the spaceship closed.

A voice on the intercom informed the two men that it was now safe to disembark and enter the spaceship, both took their safety belts off and made their way out of the shuttle. Several small robots were outside waiting for the go ahead to unload the cargo.

“Be careful with items three and seven.” said Edvax to the robots.

Both robots acknowledged his orders and unloaded the cargo. Each robot had an identification number on the front. When they had finished unloading, Edvax gave them new names and orders.

“Robot 191, I will name you Runt, you will answer to me or Wacka by that name only. Your task will be to keep the toilets and bath areas clean. You will say your name followed by ‘here sir’, whenever you pass me or Wacka.” said Edvax.

“Runt here sir.” said robot 191 in a squeaky voice.

“Yes, that is good.” said Edvax.

“Robot 192, I will name you Muffler, you will answer to me or Wacka by that name only. Your task will be to follow Runt and make sure he does a good job. You will say your name followed by ‘here sir’, whenever you pass me or Wacka.” said Edvax.

“Muffler here sir.” said robot 192 in a girly squeaky voice.

“Runt, how many robots are there on this spaceship?” asked Edvax.

“There are twelve robots and three cyborgs on this spaceship.”

“Inform them all that they have to attend a meeting with us in the loading bay in one hour.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Runt.

“Wacka you name six of the robots and one of the cyborgs. I will name the rest. We need to get the spaceship on its way first.” said Edvax.

The seedanauts went into the lift and travelled upwards towards the massive dome on the top of the spaceship. The lift was quick and soon stopped, they walked out and into the spaceship control room. The large dome gave them a 360 degree view of outer space.

Wacka contacted the base on Perfectus and informed them that they had docked successfully with the spaceship.

“Timing is crucial, you should initiate the engines at exactly 4 ad. After that you will have two hours to enter the worm hole, and then you can put the spaceship on auto and enjoy the trip.” said a voice from ground control.

Edvax and Wacka set the controls of the spaceship and went back down to the loading bay to see the robots and the three cyborgs, they were all patiently waiting for their True Human bosses.

“Runt here sir.”

“Muffler here sir.” said two of the robots as they walked past.

“Runt, Muffler you stay here. I want four robots and two cyborgs to stay here with them. The others go over there to Wacka.” said Edvax.

Edvax looked at the id numbers of the four unnamed robots and the two cyborgs.

“Robot 193, I will rename you Jammy.”

“Robot 194, I will rename you Teerace, turn your voice pattern to female.

“Robot 195, I will rename you Soo, turn your voice pattern to female.

“Robot 196, I will rename you Acacia, turn your voice pattern to female.

Edvax walked over to the two cyborgs, he walked all the way around them both. These particular models were made from the D.N.A. of prehistoric humans from another planet.

“I do not trust or like cyborgs, in my experience they are untrustworthy and incapable of compassion. You two have the opportunity to change my opinion of you. Cyborg one, I will call you Boosh, your duties will be to protect me and Wacka if we ever need protection. Cyborg two, I will call you Blayer your duties will be to follow Boosh wherever he goes and to do his bidding. Under no circumstances have either of you to indulge in any sexual or deviant practices whilst on this mission and also make sure you are programmed not to lie. We hate liars and deviants and you will be decommissioned if we learn of anything relating to such behaviour.” said Edvax.

Wacka was also in the process of naming his six robots and one cyborg.

“Robot 197, I will name you myoldfruitbat.”

“Robot 198 I will name you Egberto.”

“Robot 199, I will name you Dunconduty.”

“Robot 200, I will name you Aimee, change your voice pattern to female.”

“Robot 201, I will name you Fanny, change your voice pattern to female.”

“Robot 200, I will name you, Gabriella change your voice pattern to female.” said Wacka.

He walked around the last remaining Cyborg, this was a more modern version of the other two, and this one was made using True Human D.N.A.

“I will call you Albatross; your duties will be to keep an eye on all the robots and the other two cyborgs. If there is a problem, no matter how trivial it is, you must report it to me or Edvax.”

Wacka shook the cyborgs hand and welcomed him to the crew. Then they all gathered back together and Edvax addressed them all.

“We have a long mission ahead. Runt will inform you all of the procedure and protocol needed for the duration of the mission.”

Edvax and Wacka proceeded to go back to the control room situated at the top of the spaceship. They then sat down in their respective seats, the journey was already underway and the wormhole was clearly visible in front of the spaceship. The light that was being emitted by the hole was pure white and seemed to be going around in circles, it looked a bit like water going down a plughole. Edvax and Wacka never said a word, they just looked at it in amazement. They could see their Sun clearly on the left and the planet they called ‘The Planet of Certain Death’ was just coming into view at the other side of the Sun, it looked so dark, weird and dingey, the sight of it sent shivers down Edvax’s spine. The spaceship manoeuvred slightly to the right and gathered speed as it headed straight into the centre of the wormhole, the view of the Sun and stars vanished. The light coming from the wormhole was now distorted and blurred. The wormhole closed behind them soon after they had entered it, ‘perfect timing’ thought Edvax. The spaceship was directly on course and had reached its cruising speed, now it was time to relax and enjoy the long journey through the wormhole, which would take about forty years. Edvax and Wacka would be asleep for most of that time, but the robots and Cyborgs would not be resting, for they have considerable work to do by maintaining and looking after the ship and its precious cargo.

Edvax went into his lab and started to unpack some of his instruments and specimens, he put a case with the pollen of the orchid he had found on the island of Purity onto the table.

He had the pollen from this orchid and other similar orchids. He proceeded to create a new plant, and then he placed it into a special incubator that would nurture the new seedling as it grew. Over the period of the next forty five years or so he would produce thousands of orchids and other plant life for growing on the new planet.

The D.N.A. for the True Human life and the animal and bird life could only be utilised whilst on the planet itself.

Wacka came into the lab.

“Are you going into the freeze unit today or are you staying awake for a while longer?” asked Wacka.

“I thought I would give these orchids a good start first and when we wake up in a year’s time to relieve ourselves, they will be already well established.” replied Edvax.

“Good thinking Edvax, but I am going into the freezer now. I will see you when we wake up in a year. I have instructed Albatross to keep an eye on our freezers and vital signs whilst we are asleep.”

“Okay Wacka, see you in a year.” said Edvax.

Wacka went out of the lab and headed straight for the freezer units situated on the middle deck of the spaceship, on the way he passed a robot.

“Runt here sir.” said the robot as he went past.

Edvax carried on working on his orchids; he kept at it for several hours until he was satisfied they would all grow. He then went to look for the freezer units, he passed a robot just outside of the lab.

“Dunconduty here sir.” said the robot as he went past.

Edvax laughed at the strange name that Wacka had given this robot. [He thought to himself] ‘I wonder what strange names he has given the other robots’. Edvax found the room with the freezer units in and entered it. Wacka was already in his freezer fast asleep. Edvax proceeded to climb into a freezer and the lid shut automatically. He could sense the air change around him and in a matter of moments he was asleep.

Meanwhile on the planet Perfectus, Junifer was staying at Patreena’s home, they were both relaxed and talking when the door bell chimed and in walked Adonis.

“Hello girls, I have just called in to let you know that the lads have entered the wormhole and they are safely on their way to the planet called Earth.”

“Thank you for letting us know Adonis, do you want a drink or anything to eat?” asked Patreena.

“No thank you, I have to get off now and take the wife shopping. I just thought I would let you know what is happening to the lads who incidentally are asleep at the moment and they will be for a year.” replied Adonis.

Adonis then walked out of Patreena’s home and said ‘goodbye.’

Junifer and Patreena carried on talking to themselves until the kids came in and caused a commotion.

“Children what is all the fuss about?” asked Patreena.

“Theodorra has taken my doll away from me.” said Andorra.

“Give it back Theodorra and go get your own doll.” said Patreena.

Theodorra gave the doll back and normality was restored.

“Kids will be kids.” said Junifer.

Six months later and a series of alarms were going off in the freezer room of the spaceship. Albatross was the first to investigate the problem. The alarms were from Edvax’s freezer unit, his vital signs were not normal. Albatross realised that Edvax would have to be awakened immediately, his blood pressure was sky high and his heart rate was going too fast. Albatross switched the freezer unit off and put it in slow defrost mode. Edvax slowly awoke from his deep sleep, he could not sit up.

“What is wrong with me Albatross?” asked Edvax.

“The alarms were sounding off because your blood pressure is very high and your heart rate is too fast.” said Albatross.

Edvax tried to sit up, but could not, he felt a lot of pain in the groin area.

“Albatross look at my groin area, I am in a lot of pain down there for some reason.” moaned Edvax.

Albatross looked at Edvax’s groin, his testicles were seven times bigger than normal.

“Edvax your balls are swelling, I think you will have to use the vacuum drain unit sooner than planned to release the excess pressure in them. You are such a virile True Human that your body is producing vast amounts of spermatozoa and it has nowhere to go.” said Albatross.

“Albatross you will have to help me get up.”

Albatross helped Edvax get up and then lifted him off the table.

“Fooking strap back, I feel as though I have a bag of planets between my legs, summon the other two cyborgs and get them to carry me over to the vacuum drain unit.” ordered Edvax.

Albatross summoned the two cyborgs and they soon arrived.

The cyborg that was named Blayer started laughing, even though it was not programmed to laugh it just could not stop itself, it must have been the human element in its manufacture. Albatross ordered it to stop laughing and to help Edvax.

All three of the cyborgs carried Edvax over to the vacuum drain unit and stood him in front of it. Edvax placed his manhood into the unit and pressed the release button. He waited patiently for something to happen, he was not sure what was going to happen because he had never used one of the units before. After several moments he felt a small tickle on the bell end of his manhood and a split second later felt a huge sigh of relief has the pressure in his balls went down. The unit sucked all of the spermatozoa out and ejected it into outer space. He and the cyborgs looked out of the window and saw a huge trail of white spermatozoa following the spaceship it looked like a comets vapour trail. He retracted his manhood and ordered the cyborg to reset the freezer to awaken him every three months instead of every year. This was a pain that Edvax did not want to come back. He then went back to his freezer and checked on Wacka’s to see if he was having the same problem, fortunately Wacka looked okay so he just climbed back into his freezer and went back to sleep.

Albatross and the two cyborgs carried on with their duties.

Life on Perfectus soon got back to normal after Edvax and Wacka had set off on their mission. During the following forty five years Edvax was awoken 180 times to release pressure on his reproductive system. Wacka was lucky enough to have a slower reproductive system and therefore only needed to use the vacuum drain unit on 45 occasions. It is strange to think that Wacka has six kids and Edvax has only three, but that is what life is all about on Perfectus, no two True Humans are the same. Birth control is left to the people concerned and the authorities do not interfere with matters of married life. If a couple want to have ten children then that is their choice, if they choose to have only two then so be it. There are no abortions on this planet and if a girl gets pregnant by accident and does not want the child then the egg is transferred to a woman who wants a child. All women on Perfectus are scanned every day of the week to see if they are pregnant, this is a procedure that is beneficial to the woman as well as it is to the population of the planet. Life is sacred and the thought of killing a woman’s baby just because she does not want it, does not enter into the minds of Perfectusian’s.

Wacka was the first to be awoken after 45 years of interplanetary space travel, he went straight for the vacuum drain unit. He smiled as he looked out of the window and saw the trail of spermatozoa coming from the rear of the spacecraft. Edvax was not far behind him, he also went straight for his vacuum drain unit.

“Oh what a relief that is.” said Edvax as is ball bag was drained.

“How did you sleep Edvax?” asked Wacka.

“I had to wake up every three months to do this.” he replied.

“Why is that?” asked Wacka.

“Albatross said I was producing too much spermatozoa and therefore the pressure built up to bursting point, all my vital sign alarms went off. Albatross woke me up so I could go to the vacuum unit to release the pressure. That cyborg named Blayer would not stop laughing.” said Edvax.

Wacka started laughing and patted Edvax on the back.

“That’s what you get when you are a highly reproductive True Human.”

At that point an alarm went off and Albatross came into the room.

“We are leaving the wormhole sir.” said Albatross.

“Excellent, we must now be in the Earths solar system, lets go have a look Wacka.” said Edvax.

Wacka and Edvax rushed to the control room to get their first view of the solar system that contains the planet Earth. They sat down on the respective seats and admired the view. They were passing a small planet on the outskirts of the system.

“Albatross I want you to log all the planets and all the moons of this solar system, take notes of any comet trails or meteor formations.” said Edvax.

“Can I name the first planet we come to for Patreena?” asked Wacka.

“The first one is yours Wacka.” replied Edvax.

Albatross informed the two seedanauts that the first planet was approaching; it was only a small planet of 3000sectrons in size. It had three small moons of 1200, 1000 and 500sectrons in size.

“I call that planet Bambeenoss, after my son Bambeeno.” said Wacka.

Albatross recorded the name.

We will not reach the next planet for another ten days sir” said Albatross.

“Send a probe down to Bambeenoss, we will pick it up on the way back in eleven years.” said Edvax.

Albatross despatched a probe to the planet.

“Right I am off for a long soak in hot water, keep an eye on things Wacka I will not be long.” said Edvax.

As Edvax walked out of the room a robot passed him.

“Egberto here sir.” said the robot.

Edvax went to the bathroom and quickly run a large tub full of hot water and climbed into it. He relaxed for over an hour in the warm clean water; he had a shave and cut his nails. His hair also needed cutting. He wondered who he could ask to cut his hair, he remembered the robot Wacka had called ‘Dunconduty’ ‘he will do’ he thought, ‘yes he will do’. He pressed a communicator button on the side of the bath and asked Albatross to get Dunconduty to come to the bathroom. The robot soon arrived.

“Dunconduty here sir.” said the robot.

“Dunconduty I want you to cut my hair.” said Edvax.

“Any particular style sir?” asked the robot.

“I want it short on the top, short on the back and short on the sides.” said Edvax.

“You mean you want short back and sides.” said the robot.

“Yes, that will do.” said Edvax.

The robot proceeded to cut his hair and did not take long to do it. Edvax looked in the mirror and admired his youthful good looks.

“Well done Dunconduty, your new duties will include being the crew’s hairdresser.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Edvax spruced himself up and put on his best lowcron casual spacesuit and went back to the control room.

Wacka was busy doing his calculations and observations.

To the two intrepid seedanauts the forty five years of space travel had soon passed by and the next eleven years will be an exciting and very busy part of their mission. Edvax’s orchids have been well looked after by the cyborgs and the robots. The rats and mice had bred well and were well established in both numbers and health. These were the only two mammals that were bred on the spaceship, the rest of the animals would be created and bred on the planet itself.

“Wacka are you going to have a bath and a haircut? You look like a decrepid old goat.” said Edvax.

“Yes, I suppose I had better tidy up a bit, you look like you have just come out of the academy, I like that suit.” said Wacka.

“It is made from a new material called lowcron, there are some suits in your wardrobe. Dunconduty is the crew hairdresser if you want your haircut.” said Edvax.

“Right then I will see you in about an hour, send Dunconduty to the bathroom in about half an hour.” said Wacka.

“OK Wacka, don’t fall asleep in the bath.”

Edvax sat admiring the beautiful view of the Earth’s solar system from the dome of the spaceship. They had already passed the outer planet and were due to pass the next one in ten days. The spaceship was on course to pass all the ten planets of this solar system and Earth would be the last, there were some more further out with large orbits around this Sun but we had not got the time to venture out there but we intended to record and send probes to all of them including Earth. When the new Humans have established themselves on the planet Earth, they should be capable of space travel in about 500,000 years, if all went well.

Meanwhile on Perfectus, Junifer was in the garden relaxing, her forty five years had not gone so quickly, she had stayed with Patreena for the first ten years, but then decided to go home. Everybody visited her on a regular basis, especially her son Gideon who lived with her for a while and then moved out.. Junifer was thinking of her husband and what he might be doing at that very moment, she thought of the time they made love on the island of Purity, she remembered how he used his long powerful erotic tongue to stimulate her, she remembered how he told her about daydreaming and how to use it. Suddenly she opened her eyes and realised she had not tried it yet, she felt instant excitement at the thought of daydreaming and went to close all the doors and entries into her home so that she would be assured of total privacy, she then went back into the garden and started to daydream about her husband. With her eyes wide open she daydreamed of her husband stood in front of her naked, she manipulated the daydream image of him to walk around the garden, then she urged him towards her, she had him jump up and down several times and laughed to herself, she took her clothes off and lay back on the air bed, she tempted the image of her lover closer towards her and arched her back, she looked directly into the eyes of her lover and willed him to kiss her love triangle, this he did with extremely sensitive affection. Junifer could not believe the true sense of sheer delight and sexual excitement that she was experiencing at the hands of the image of her husband. Her love triangle was wet with pure desire, she willed the daydream to unleash the power of the tongue and shivered as it placed it in into the warm opening to her voluptuous body, several times her whole body shivered and trembled with utter delight. She put both her hands to the rear of her back to raise her head up to get a better view of what was happening down below, she willed it to increase the width and length of the tongue, in and out, in and out went the moist and strong tongue. The point of climax was so close, increase by another fraction she thought and the daydream obeyed, she let out such a scream of pure sexual delight and her body shook so violently that she fell off the air bed and onto the floor, the image of her husband had vanished as she lost control of her thoughts as her orgasm took over all her bodily senses. For several minutes she lay shivering on the floor, not shivering with cold but shivering with absolute pleasure.

‘WoW’ what a fantastic daydream - she thought to herself.

Junifer fell asleep on the grass, her ozone layer automatically initiated and she laid there for several hours before waking up.

When she did wake up she brushed the grass off her moist body and went inside to have a shower. The next fifty six years were going to be more exciting and pleasurable than she could have ever imagined, she had discovered the art of daydreaming and she would take full advantage of it.

Ten days after discovering Bambeenoss an alarm was sounding in the spaceship. Edvax and Wacka were both in the control room looking through the dome. The alarm was informing the seedanauts of their approach to the next planet of the Earth solar system, the planet was a small grey boring world about 2274 sectrons in size, it had five moons the biggest was 1172 sectrons. It was Edvax’s turn to name this planet and he called it Pluto, after his great uncle plutonius who was an intrepid seedanaut several thousand years ago.

Albatross recorded the name that Edvax had given it and sent a probe to the planet and its moons.

“It looks so grey and boring, I wonder if the new humans will ever get there?” asked Wacka.

“There will be useful elements and rare ores on that planet, it is very far from the planet Earth, but would be well worth colonising and mining.” replied Edvax.

"I am going to create a great big Heart shape on there to brighten it up." said Wacka as he manouvered a Laser gun towards the Planet.

"That is brilliant." said Edvax after Wacka had finnished.

The next planet was very close to Pluto at this moment in space time and it would only take a day to reach. Preparations to send probes and record data were soon initiated by Albatross.

Edvax went back into his lab to check on his beloved orchids, a robot passed him on its way out of the lab.

“Teerace here sir.” said the robot in a sweet female voice.

“Teerace, please bring me some refreshment and food to the laboratory.” ordered Edvax.

“Yes sir.” replied Teerace.

All the robots were programmed to know what food and drink the seedanauts prefer and what they have had the day before, so repetition was avoided where possible.

Edvax looked at the orchids that he had produced from the D.N.A. and the pollen of the plant he found on the island of Purity. They were absolutely stunning and were a credit to his hard work. He took pictures of them for future reference and adjusted the temperature slightly to make it a bit more humid.

[He thought to himself] I hope the new humans realise the importance of these orchids. He knew that Blayer and Boosh would be left on the planet to keep an eye on the development of the new humans and the animals, so hopefully they would show the humans the true value of orchids.

An alarm was sounding in the spaceship; they were approaching the third planet. Edvax, Wacka and Albatross were in the control room.

“Look at that beautiful planet, it is so blue, look at those rings, what are you going to call this one Wacka?” asked Edvax.

“It reminds me of the deep blue sea on Perfectus. Patreena has a ring with a blue stone set in it, it looks just like that planet, I will call that planet Neptune.” said Wacka.

Albatross recorded the name and sent probes to the planet and all of its nineteen moons. The planet was 49,532 sectrons in size.

“Albatross try and work out why that planet is so blue.” said Edvax.

Albatross scanned the planet and analysed the data.

“It is caused by methane absorbing red light and a chromophore created by a chemical reaction between bacteria and amino acids, this gives the impression of the colour. If you were close to the surface of the planet then it would just look grey. It is a bit like sea-water when you look at it from a distance it looks blue or green, but when you are close it, is grey or clear.” said Albatross.

“Basically what you are saying is that in reality the planet is not blue.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir, that is exactly what I am saying.” said Albatross.

“Nature plays weird and wonderful tricks on our eyes at times.” said Wacka.

It would take eleven days to reach the next planet, the crew worked on their relative projects for most of the time whilst travelling to this planet.

Edvax felt the need to go to the toilet and entered a bathroom. Wacka was already in the bathroom and was bending over wiping his arse.

“Your arse has gone blue.” said Edvax.

“I have been on and off that toilet for ages, I must have eaten something that was disagreeable with me.” moaned Wacka.

“Do not talk daft, the food and hygiene on this spacecraft are second to none, it must be your bodily functions faltering due to long time space travel. I strongly suggest you start exercising more often to alleviate the symptoms.”

“You have a point there Edvax. I have been slacking in my exercise routines since we set off from Perfectus.” said Wacka.

“Your anus looks quite blue and very sore, you should take something for it.” said Edvax.

“I will take some antibiotics and I will start exercising immediately.” said Wacka.

“Good lad, that is the spirit.” said Edvax.

An alarm started sounding on the spaceship. Edvax rushed up to the control room.

“What is it Albatross?” asked Edvax.

“It is a meteor shower sir.” replied Albatross.

“Any damage?”

“No sir, the force field initiated as soon as the scanner picked them up.” replied Albatross.

“Excellent, keep your eyes peeled for any large ones.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Wacka had finished washing his sore botty and started to work out in the spaceships gym. He punished his body for several hours and then he had another shower. From that day onwards he knew he had to keep to a very strict exercise routine.

The meteor shower passed without incident and Wacka entered the control room.

“Ahh Wacka, welcome back, how is your bum?” asked Edvax.

“It is still a bit sore.”

“You will be okay in a day or two.”

“How long before we come to the next planet?” asked Wacka.

“Two days sir.” replied Albatross.

“Right then I will be in the gym for the next two days.” said Wacka.

“OK my old fruit bat, do not overdo it will you.” said Edvax.

“I tell you what Edvax, I would rather have sore muscles than a sore arse.” said Wacka.

Edvax laughed at his old mate and at that moment was feeling a bit sorry for him.

Two days later and Wacka was back to full fitness. Both of the seedanauts were now in tip top health and in high spirits.

An alarm sounded off in the spaceship, they were approaching the fourth planet. Albatross had started scanning the outer moons and satellites. The planet was 51,118 sectrons in size, it has 36 moons of differing sizes. Its mass was lighter than Neptune, but it was larger in size. It had eleven rings. The light blue colour of this planet was the result of absorption of red light by methane in the upper atmosphere.

It was Edvax’s turn to name this planet and he stared at it for several minutes before speaking.

“It is uncanny, that planet looks just like your anus did a few days ago, it even has a small crack running down the middle. How can this happen? How can a planet take the shape of your best friends arse? It is impossible. I cannot believe what I am seeing.” said Edvax.

“What are you going to call this planet Edvax?” asked Wacka.

Edvax did not answer, he just stared for ages in amazement at the light blue planet, and then he spoke.

“I am going to call it Uranus, after seeing your arse the other day it must have been an omen.”

Wacka was bemused by his friend’s choice of name, but at the end of the day it did not matter what it was called.

Albatross recorded the name in the log and sent probes to Uranus and all its piles of moons.

It would take three weeks to reach the next planet. Edvax and Wacka concentrated on studying the Sun for most of this period. The size was recorded as 1,390,000 sectrons and the surface area had an average temperature of 5900 Celsius. Some of the sunspots were averaging 3800 Celsius. The internal core was 16 million Celsius. It was classed as an average size star. Its mass was estimated as approximately 99.7% of the total mass of this particular solar system.

A probe was sent to the Sun, but it did not get very close before burning up, obviously the probe sent valuable scientific information back to the mother ship before disintegrating. Edvax and Wacka left Albatross in charge of logging and deciphering the data from the probe. They had other things to do and each went on their separate ways to do them. Wacka went to the gym and Edvax went to study his orchids.

The three weeks soon passed and they were approaching the fifth planet, it was quite large compared to the others. The size was 120,536 sectrons. It had 15 rings all in line around the planet. Albatross counted 36 moons. The planet was a mixture of colours and was made up of 74% hydrogen and 25% helium, with traces of water, methane, ammonia and rock. It was Wacka’s turn to name the planet, he studied the planet for several hours before coming up with a name.

“I will call this planet Saturn.” said Wacka.

“Why such a strange name?” asked Edvax.

“Oh come on Edvax, how can you say its a strange name when you called the last one Uranus.” said Wacka sarcastically.

Both of them smiled at each other.

“I see what you mean.” said Edvax.

Albatross recorded the name and sent probes to the planet and all of its moons.

“Albatross, get some samples of the rings before we leave orbit.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” replied Albatross.

Albatross sent one of the other cyborgs out on a space walk to collect samples of the rings, it was Blayer that went, he did want Boosh to go but unfortunately when he asked him, for some reason he started shivering. Albatross came to the conclusion that Boosh was a bit short of nerve, he knew he had to report it to Edvax. A cyborg with no nerve is like having a gun with no bullets.

Wacka came out of the gym and started running around the spaceship, he went around one corner and fell head over heels over a robot, he landed on his head and was a bit shook up.

“Muffler here sir.” said the robot.

“Muffler, you daft twat you nearly broke my neck.” shouted Wacka.

“Sorry sir, but you were running and it clearly states in the health and safety rule book that no running was allowed on the spaceship.” said the robot.

“Fook me, all I need is a fooking robot that throws the rule book in my face when it has nearly broke my neck.” murmured Wacka.

“Sorry sir.” said the robot.

“Muffler, get back to your duties and be more careful in future.” shouted Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Wacka got up and carried on with his exercising.

Blayer came back from the space walk and deposited the samples into a sealed container, then he put them into a transport duct to be transported to the lab.

Albatross reported to Edvax and informed him of the situation.

“The samples are in the lab sir.” said Albatross.

“Excellent.” replied Edvax.

“I had a few problems with the other cyborgs sir.” said Albatross.

“What do you mean problems?” asked Edvax.

“Well at first I asked Boosh to do a space walk and collect samples from the rings of Saturn, unfortunately he just stood there shivering and he would not go, so I had to ask Blayer to do it.”

“That is strange behaviour from a cyborg.” said Edvax.

“Yes it is, but both of them are old models and my advice is they should be upgraded A.S.A.P.” said Albatross.

“Albatross are you saying that they are losing their nerve?” asked Edvax.

“Yes I am.” replied Albatross.

“Well I am afraid we cannot upgrade them ourselves and we cannot send them home because the mission stipulates they stay on Earth to keep an eye on the new humans ecological progress, so they will have to cope as best as they can. Another spaceship will land on the planet in a million years, so they can check on them then.” said Edvax.

Albatross understood what his superior was saying and said no more.

“Prepare to set off to the next planet.” said Edvax.

It will take four weeks to get to the next planet.

On the planet Perfectus Patreena was preparing a meal for her friend Junifer. Patreena’s children were staying at their grandma and granddads. Patreena and Junifer would have the house to themselves for all that evening and the day after. Junifer arrived at 6bd and went straight into Patreena’s home.

“Hello Patreena.” said Junifer.

“Hello Junifer.” replied Patreena as she hugged her friend.

“Do you need any help?” asked Junifer.

“You could get some drinks for us if you want.” said Patreena.

Junifer went to the dispenser unit and pressed the relative buttons to get two Portinis with ice and lemon. She then took them over to her friend and gave her one.

“Here you are Patreena.” said Junifer.

“Thanks love.” she replied.

“I wonder what Wacka and Edvax and doing at this moment?” asked Junifer.

“They are probably still in a deep sleep.” replied Patreena.

“No, they were due to wake up several months ago.” said Junifer.

“They cannot report back until they find a wormhole that is open.” said Patreena.

The meal that Patreena has prepared was ready, she dished it out onto two plates and placed them on the air table.

“That looks good Patreena.”

“It is homemade cockorouson with fresh vegetables and a barjuicin sauce.” said Patreena.

“Lovely.” said Junifer.

Both the ladies ate their meal and savoured every morsel.

“That was a beautiful meal Patreena.”

“Thank you, I spent hours preparing it and I used the old fashioned way of cooking it, just like you did with those sumptuous fish and chips forty six years ago.” said Patreena.

“Wow, do you still remember that day?” asked Junifer.

“Yes I do and I remember when we went to the island of Purity and we saw you and Edvax naked by the lake.”

“That was a nice holiday, it is a shame it was not for a longer time.” said Junifer.

“We will go back to the Golden Isle for a month when the lads come back from their mission.” said Patreena.

“Yes we will.” said Junifer.

“Would you like some desert?” asked Patreena.

“I would love some.”

Patreena went over to the dispenser.

“What would you like?”

“I will have Golden berries and fresh dolphin cream please.” replied Junifer.

“That sounds good I think I will have the same.” said Patreena as she pressed the relative buttons on the dispenser.

The food appeared and Patreena took it over to the table and sat down.

“This is what life is all about, having a meal with your best friend and eating food fit for True Humans. This is pure luxury. I wonder what Edvax and Wacka are eating?”

“Probably Albatross eggs and chips.” replied Patreena.

Both the girls started laughing, they both knew that their husbands had no imagination when it came to the choice of food to eat.

“Have you tried daydreaming yet Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“I did it for the first time the other day, it was a fantastic experience. I am looking forward to doing it again.”

“I have done it several times since the lads went away. We could do it together tonight if you want.” said Patreena with lustful eyes.

“What do you mean together?” asked a worried Junifer.

“I mean we could daydream in the same room, I do not mean we could sleep together.” replied Patreena.

“That sounds okay to me Patreena, maybe then we could talk about the experience afterwards.” said Junifer.

Patreena was excited at the prospect of seeing her best friend naked on a bed, she had always had a sexual crush on her but had never said anything, now the chance to have a sexual daydream about her friend was really stimulating her. She cleared the table with help from her friend and then they went into the bedroom where there were two large beds. Both of them took all their clothes off and climbed onto separate beds.

“Did you have an orgasm when you daydreamed the first time Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“I had a beautiful long orgasm.” replied Junifer.

Junifer was soon settled and got herself into a comfortable position on the bed, she opened her legs and placed a shallow pillow under her lower back, she placed another shallow pillow under her head and then she was relaxed.

“Do you want any music to listen to?” asked Patreena.

“Not really, I think peace and quiet would be the best thing.” replied Junifer.

Junifer was very relaxed and soon started to daydream unaware that Patreena was watching her from the other side of the room. Patreena could not see Junifer’s daydream but she could see her reaction to it and it was this reaction that Patreena was yearning for the most, she wanted to see her friend enjoying herself and when she had finished Patreena could then have her own daydream. In other words she could experience multiple orgasms and achieve pure ecstasy.

Junifer was thinking of her husband, she could see him as clear as day, he was stood in front of her with no clothes on, he was smiling mischievously, this made Junifer smile. She summoned him over and imagined him kissing her lower body. His hard muscles were prominent as he bent over to kiss her triangle of love; she had his hands touch both her breasts, with his finger and thumb rolling and gently squeezing the nipples. His tongue was coming out and soon made contact with the base of the triangle of love, this made Junifer shiver with delight. She willed him to place his tongue deep into the entrance to her gorgeous body, she willed him to make the tongue thicker and longer, it was now the perfect size for clitoral and internal stimulation. She arched her back to give him more access to her body. She was now in full control of her sexual daydream. She wanted her husband to enter her with his manhood and she was determined to time it just right before penetration. Her body was shaking and trembling for several minutes, she willed her husband to take the tongue out and place his hard member in, he thrust it in with powerful gusto and Junifer screamed out with sheer ecstatic orgasmic delight. Her whole body started to move up the bed as the thrusts got stronger, she could not stop the day dream even though her orgasm was extreme. Patreena looked on in sheer amazement, she had never seen another woman have an orgasm before and she knew her friend Junifer was having the mother of all orgasms. Eventually Junifer’s mind was so overcome with the pleasures of the flesh that her daydream ended well before her epic orgasm did.

Patreena had watched her friend and the sight excited her so much that she also had an orgasm, hers was not as extreme as Junifer’s, but it was still pleasurable and she still had her own daydreaming experience to look forward to.

Junifer just lay their on the bed shaking every now and then.

Patreena started to daydream about her friend and willed her to come over to her bed. She had her stand in front of her for a brief time whilst she admired her gorgeous body, the lovely jet black hair and breasts that stood out like peaches, her triangle of love was like a forest of curly black eyebrows creating the shape of a triangle, pointing down to the piece of tender flesh that sticks out tantalisingly from the bottom, this was accompanied at both sides by two slightly less prominent pieces of tender flesh. These were the sexual organs of one of the most beautiful women in the entire Universe and Patreena was about to make love to her. Patreena willed Junifer to come closer and then Patreena touched her breasts with both hands.

There was no response from her daydream lover, she realised she would have to make the daydream respond and touched her breasts again, this time Junifer responded with a gentle shiver. Patreena lowered her right hand further down towards the love triangle, she gently prodded the tender piece of flesh and Junifer shuddered. Patreena concentrated hard on her daydream lover, she put a finger into the opening and squeezed the voluptuous piece of vulva gently with her thumb. She willed Junifer to arch her back and open her legs slightly to give her easy access. The inside of the opening was very moist and smelled of sweet nectar. Patreena willed Junifer to turn around and bend over, then she positioned herself with her head between Junifer gorgeous legs. I want you to lower your body close to my mouth [she thought] and Junifer responded, she was perfectly situated so that Patreena could kiss and caress Junifer’s triangle of love, a mere mortal would have found it hard to stay in such a position, but daydreams are not mortal and they can be manipulated in any way. Patreena was in seventh heaven, she kissed and caressed Junifer’s sexual jewels and willed her to climax. Pure nectar dribbled down into Patreena’s mouth and put her in a state of sheer delight. Patreena decided it was time for Junifer to do the same to her and she repositioned herself on the bed and willed her to caress and stimulate Patreena’s triangle of love. This Junifer did with pure expertise and it was not long before Patreena screamed out in overwhelming sexual satisfaction, it was so powerful that she could not hold on to her daydream, she started shaking and shivering with pure ecstatic pleasure. At the same time the real Junifer was watching what was happening to Patreena and she found the experience of watching Patreena have her orgasm had turned her on. After a while Patreena settled down and could not move. Junifer went over to her.

“Are you okay Patreena?” asked Junifer.

For a while she did not answer, but she did smile at Junifer.

“Give me a few minutes to get my breath back Junifer.” said Patreena.

Junifer sat down on the bed and waited patiently for her friend to come round.

“That was a most beautiful sexual experience.” said Patreena.

“You looked as though you were enjoying it.” said Junifer.

Patreena smiled at Junifer and thought to herself ‘If only she knew.’

Meanwhile in deep space an alarm was sounding on the spaceship. Edvax was sat on the toilet, he jumped up in panic and wiped his arse and ran out to see what had set the alarm off. Albatross was at the controls of the spaceship.

“What is it?” asked Edvax.

“It is a comet to the left of us, we are not in danger. It is just an alarm to let us know that a comet is within reach of us if we want to study it.” said Albatross.

At that moment Wacka rushed into the control room.

“What is the alarm going for?” asked Wacka.

“We have chance to study a comet before we reach the next planet.” said Edvax.

“How long before we reach it?” asked Wacka.

“Two hours sir.” replied Albatross.

“Put it on monitor.” said Wacka.

Albatross zoomed in on the comet and put it on the monitor.

“It is a big one, is it heading anywhere near the planet Earth?” asked Edvax.

“No sir it is heading away from that planet.” replied Albatross.

“We will pass as close as we dare. Albatross send a probe to land on it.” ordered Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

“If the new humans ever land on the comet in the future they will be shocked to see the probe.” said Wacka.

“The chances of that happening are millions to one.” said Edvax.

“I am going back to the toilet to finish what I went there for in the first place.” said Edvax.

Wacka laughed at his friends comments.

“Are you going to name the comet sir?” asked Albatross.

“No, we have orders only to name the ten planets.” replied Wacka.

“We are now as close as we can go sir.” said Albatross.

“Get samples from the tail and scan the surface.” said Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Edvax came back into the control room.

“It looks like a giant potato. Albatross I want you to send an impact probe directly at the front of the comet, the probe should be constructed of copper and aluminium and weigh 472 kilogram’s. Send it at a speed of 23 sectrons per hour. Take data immediately and establish the age and physical properties of the comet.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Albatross gave instructions to Blayer and Boosh to create the impact probe. Both of them worked on it for several hours before it was ready for launch.

“The probe is ready for launch sir.” said Albatross.

“Launch when ready. This should be quite spectacular Wacka.” said Edvax.

Albatross launched the impact probe at the comet and estimated impact in 1 hour. All three watched the probe as it made its journey towards the comet.

“These comets have been roaming around space since the beginning of the universe, they are unique and are uncontaminated. We should learn a lot from this experiment.” said Edvax.

“Impact will be in five minutes sir.” said Albatross.

A door opened and in came a robot.

“Jammy here sir. The orchids are all ready for transportation and replanting.” said the robot.

“Okay Jammy, keep a close eye on them for me.” said Edvax.

“Two minutes before impact sir.” said Albatross.

“One minute before impact sir.” said Albatross.

“Ten seconds before impact sir.” said Albatross.

“We have impact sir.” said Albatross.

The probe crashed into the comet and created a bright flash of white light with ejecta which spanned for several sectrons.

“It has a crater the size of one third of a sectron sir and the orbit has been slowed down by 0.0001 millisectrons per hour sir.” said Albatross.

“I don’t think it will alter its orbit for the next billion years or so. Record all data and proceed to the next planet as planned.” said Edvax.

“The second probe has landed safely on the other side of the comet sir.” said Albatross.

“Excellent, get the ship moving towards the next planet.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Another alarm went off in the spaceship.

“What is that alarm for Albatross?” asked Edvax.

“A wormhole is opening sir, we will be able to communicate with the planet Perfectus.” said Albatross.

Edvax realised that the camera that was implanted into his and Wacka’s forehead would transmit everything that they were seeing from now on and the council on Perfectus will see it all.

“How long before we can transmit?” asked Edvax.

“Six hours sir.” replied Albatross.

“Good, that means we have time to have a bath and a meal before we talk to base.” said Edvax.

The Perfectusian’s developed a form of artificial gravity long ago, this enables seedanauts to have the luxury of being able to have a bath on a spaceship, without the artificial gravity the water would not stay in the bath, but would literally float about.

Edvax looked forward to soaking in a hot bath and he was determined to have a good long soak. The water would then be recycled after and used for either watering the plants or filtered and put back into the system. If in the unlikely event water was in short supply, then one of the cyborgs would be sent on a shuttle to the nearest planet for extra supplies.

Edvax climbed into his hot bath, one of the robots that was called Acacia had run it for him. Acacia walked back into the room.

“Acacia here sir.” said the robot in a squeaky female voice.

“Acacia I want you to scrub my back with a loofah.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

The robot grabbed hold of the loofah and started to rub and clean Edvax’s back. Edvax sighed with relief has the robot gently massaged him at the same time.

“Acacia you have the gentle touch of a woman.” said Edvax.

“Thank you sir, I was trained at a school for gentle ladies in a small town called Robotstown, it is not far from Perfectus’s capital city. 60% of all robots are trained there.”

“You can go now Acacia; I will call you if I need you.”

“Yes sir.”

The robot left the room and Edvax relaxed in his bath.

Wacka was also having a bath, he had been working out in his gym for the last two hours and his bath was run by a robot called Fanny. The robot entered the bathroom that Wacka was in.

“Fanny here sir.” said the robot as it entered the room.

“Ah Fanny, I have been thinking about you, this waters too cold, why is it so cold?” asked Wacka.

“It should not be cold sir, I tested it with my temperature gauge and it showed it to be 38degrees centigrade.”

“I suggest you get another gauge fitted because this water is freezing.”

“I cannot understand it sir.”

“Look Fanny, stop fannying about and get some hot water in this tub, quickly.”

“Yes sir.”

The robot turned the hot water on and adjusted the thermostat to make the water hotter. The robot kept apologising to Wacka. All Wacka could do was laugh, he had never seen a quivering robot Fanny before.

“Look Fanny, get your arse out of here and don’t come back until you are in full working order. I might change your name to Vagina because you are a useless little runt.” said Wacka angrily.

The robot left the room and Wacka sorted the water out himself.

“Bloody robots are useless.” he said to himself not realising that contact to the Perfectus council for True Human Life had just come into range, so everything that Wacka and Edvax did and said was now transmitted back to Perfectus.

Wacka started to talk to himself.

“Why is it that it is me who gets the dopey robot? Why couldn’t it be Edvax who got the dopey one? I gave that robot my favourite name and it malfunctioned.”

Wacka had a good old moan to himself and then jumped out of the bath and got dried. He went to the dining room where Edvax was already sat down.

“That bloody Fanny is useless.” shouted Wacka.

“What’s up? I thought you liked Fanny.” said Edvax.

“The bloody robot ran me a cold bath.”

Edvax started laughing.

“It is allright you laughing, I was freezing my bollox off.”

“Why didn’t you get out of the bath and run it again?”

“I should have done, but I didn’t, anyway it does not alter the fact that my Fanny malfunctioned.” said Wacka.

“I will get the cyborgs to look at your Fanny after we have sent Perfectus our message.” said Edvax.

“What are we having for dinner?” asked Wacka.

“Albatross egg and chips.” replied Edvax.

“I hope you haven’t let Fanny cook it.” said Wacka.

“No it was not Fanny who cooked our meal, it was Soo.” said Edvax.

“Excellent, Soo is a good cook.” said Wacka.

Soo came out of the food preparation area and placed the food in front of the two seedanauts.

“Soo here sir.” said the robot as she passed Edvax.

“Ah Soo, I hope you have cooked it well because Wacka’ is in a bad mood.” said Edvax.

“I have cooked it to perfection sir.” said the robot.

“Proof will be in the pudding.” shouted Wacka.

“There is no pudding sir.” said the robot.

“It is a figure of speech you dozy robot.” shouted Wacka.

The two seedanauts settled down to their meal and hardly said a word until they had finished. Edvax kept looking at Wacka and smiled, he knew his mate was getting short tempered, it must be the space travel that was affecting him.

“Come on Wacka we have to report in now.”

Both the seedanauts went out of the dining area and through the spaceship to the control room.

“Albatross have you prepared a report for the council?” asked Edvax.

“Yes sir, it is ready to transmit.”

“Excellent, me and Wacka will send a short report and a personal message at the same time.”

Edvax and Wacka spent a while preparing their personal messages to their families and to the council.

Edvax sent this message to his family.

Hi Junifer, I hope you are well. We have managed to get through the wormhole safely and have arrived at the Earths solar system. Wacka is suffering from a bit of depression but he will get over it. We are in the process of exploring and mapping this solar system before we settle on the planet Earth. I will send you some pictures of the place as soon as I can. We have had some problems with the cyborgs and the robots but nothing too severe. How are mum and dad and Gideon and the girls? That Orchid we found on the island of Atelier has produced some amazing offspring and I cannot wait until we plant them on the planet Earth, how are the ones I left there going on?. We had a brief glimpse of the planet a few weeks ago, but it is at the other side of this solar systems Sun at the moment. It will be my turn to name the next planet we visit and I will name it after you, I think of you all the time. Bye for now, I love you xxxxxxxx Edvax.

Wacka sent this message to his family.

Hi Patreena. We have made it to our destination and our mission has begun, so far so good. Unfortunately we have been saddled with some really dumb robots and I keep getting this urge to eject one of them into outer space, but somehow Edvax manages to calm me down. I hope you are keeping well, how are the kids coping? I named a planet after our son Bambeeno; the new humans will be educated to call the planet by that name for all eternity. Edvax has named one of the cyborgs after the writer of that book you were reading on the island of Purity, don’t ask me why, but he says it is because of the resemblance to the sea bird called Albatross. Tell the kids their dad loves them and I love you as well. It has been a bit hectic since we woke up from hibernation, but we are getting settled now. Bye xxxxx Wacka.

Edvax also sent a message to the council which was only a brief note to say things were going to plan.

“Albatross, how long will it take for our messages to get through?” asked Edvax.

“Three weeks sir.” came the reply.

“So by the time we reach the next planet we should have a reply?” asked Edvax.

“Yes sir.”

The door to the control room opened and a robot came in.

“Runt here sir.” said the robot.

“What do you want? you little runt.” growled Wacka.

“I need to know what to do about the bathroom sir.” said the robot.

“What are you on about? You are supposed to be cleaning the toilets and the bathroom, so get on with it.” shouted Wacka.

“But sir, I need to know how to go about it.”

Wacka was losing his cool and ran over to Runt and kicked him to the other side of the control room.

“You useless piece of scrap metal, you have been specially trained to clean toilets and now you come in here moaning that you don’t know how to do it.”

“Cool it Wacka, it is only a machine, things go wrong with machines, go have a lie down and leave Runt to me.” ordered Edvax.

Wacka left the control room.

Runt was a bit battered and started to squeak a bit.

“Test all your circuits and then report to Boosh for a check up.”

“Yes sir.” squeaked the robot.

Edvax went close up to the glass dome and stared out into deep space. He was deep in thought ‘What is happening to Wacka? Why is he acting in this strange way? What can I do about it? Edvax came to the conclusion that the mission would have to be rearranged slightly and it would be better for Wacka if the other planets were mapped and registered by the cyborgs. He then made the decision to visit one more planet and then go straight to Earth and then hopefully Wacka would settle down to his duties and be his old self.

He turned around and spoke to Albatross.

“Albatross I want you to bypass the planet that we are heading for and instead go directly to the red planet, from there we will go to the planet Earth. Blayer and Boosh can visit and map the other planets whilst we are on Earth. I am very concerned about Wacka’s health and the affect space travel is having on him.”

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

“How long would it take to get to the red planet?” asked Edvax.

“It is not far sir, it will take about twelve hours.”

“Good, let me know when we arrive, I will be in my room.”

Edvax went to his room and slept like a log for eleven hours.

He was then awoken by a robot.

“Gabriella here sir.” said the robot whilst at the same time shaking Edvax to wake him up.

Edvax awoke and looked at the robot.

“Who are you?” asked Edvax.

“Gabriella here sir, I have been told to wake you up as we are approaching the red planet.”

“Thank you Gabriella, tell Albatross I will be there after I have had a shower.”

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Edvax went into the bathroom and bumped into Wacka.

“Did you have a good sleep Wacka?” asked Edvax.

“Yes I slept like a log.” he replied.

“I have decided to go straight to Earth as soon as we have visited the red planet.” said Edvax.

“What about the large planet with the big moons?” asked Wacka.

“Blayer and Boosh can visit the other planets whilst we are on the planet Earth, the important thing is your health and I think being on firm ground will benefit you and bring you back to your old self.”

“You may have a point there Edvax. I have been a bit stroppy of late. How is the robot that I kicked?”

“It is okay, there was only minor damage. This red planet we are approaching is suitable for manual exploration so I have decided me and you can go down and look around for a while.”

Wacka’s eyes lit up and he gave Edvax a deep wide smile and grabbed his head and kissed his forehead..

“I really look forward to that mate, let’s go have a look at it from the control room.”

“I will just have a quick shower Wacka and will meet you there.”

Wacka left the room and went to the control room. Edvax went to shower.

Albatross was in the control room making final adjustments to orbit the red planet.

“How long before we are in orbit?” asked Wacka.

“Twenty minutes sir.”

“Get Blayer to prepare shuttle number seven for immediate launch, me and Edvax are going down to have a look.” said Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Edvax walked into the control room looking fresh and fit.

“The shuttle is being prepared.” said Wacka.

“The planet looks a lot redder than it shows on scan.” said Edvax as he looked through the dome.

“At the moment there is no wind at all anywhere on the planet sir.” said Albatross.

“That means we can land wherever we want to, you pick where you want to land Wacka.” said Edvax.

“Albatross, is the planet in full view of the planet Earth?” asked Wacka.

“Yes sir, it is in full view for most of the time.”

“Get Blayer to put a construction vehicle on the shuttle.” said Wacka.

“What have you got in mind Wacka?” asked Edvax.

“There is a large flat area where we could land and construct something to get the new Earthlings imagination going. I suggest we mould a large face that would be visible from Earth in that area, this would stimulate their curiosity and they will try and get there to see what it is.” said Wacka.

“Do you know Wacka? that is a brilliant idea, absolutely brilliant. Albatross get Blayer to put two construction vehicles on the shuttle, we will both construct the face.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts were getting excited at the prospect of this adventure. It was a spontaneous idea by Wacka, but at least it would not interfere with the mission.

“Don’t forget to take your pride and joy Wacka.” said Edvax.

He was referring to Wacka’s forty two function knife of course.

A door opened and in came a robot.

“Muffler here sir, the shuttle is ready.” said the robot.

“Right Muffler I want you to come with us. Albatross let me know if there are any problems, we will be down there for a little while.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Edvax, Wacka and the robot named Muffler went down to the docking bay and boarded shuttle seven. Wacka took the controls. Edvax checked everything was loaded on board and Muffler stood there waiting for instructions. When the seedanauts were satisfied all was okay Wacka shut the outer doors and initiated launch sequence.

“Muffler, when we arrive on the red planet I want you to concentrate on taking samples from the surface and installing a probe. Me and Wacka are going to go out and have some fun with our construction vehicles.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

All three sat in their seats ready for launch. Several minutes passed and the doors opened ahead of the shuttle. Wacka took to the controls and lifted the shuttle up and slowly glided it out of the mother ship. Edvax just laid back and enjoyed the view.

As soon as the shuttle was clear of the mother ship it speeded up to a very fast pace and proceeded towards the surface of the planet. It was in full sunlight and looked a deep red, there was still no wind on the surface.

“Don’t forget to use your force field at all times Wacka.” said Edvax.

“We will still have to use spacesuits on this planet.” said Wacka.

“Yes I know, but we should still use our force fields as a secondary safety measure.” said Edvax.

“Okay Edvax, you are the boss.” said Wacka smiling.

The shuttle sped down towards the large clearing where they had planned to build a rocky face which could be visible from Earth. The whole journey took about an hour. Wacka chose the area for landing the shuttle with sheer precision.

“That is it there, it is perfect.” said Wacka as he landed the shuttle. A small cloud of red dust surrounded the shuttle as it touched down.

Both the seedanauts went to their construction vehicles and drove out onto the surface of the red planet. At this point they did not need spacesuits as the vehicles were built for all terrains. Wacka revved his vehicle up and sped off towards his chosen spot creating huge tracks on his way. Edvax was a little slower off the mark and went in the other direction to get used to the controls. Both were enjoying the feel and experience of being back on solid ground. Wacka was his old self and that cheeky smile was back on his face.

“Come on Edvax get those two massive rocks and bring them over here for the eyes.” shouted Wacka over the radio communication system.

Wacka was in the process of gouging out an area of the ground for the mouth. Edvax brought one of the massive rocks over.

“Where do you want this Wacka?”

“Just leave it there for a minute Edvax.”

Edvax went for the other big rock and put it at the side of the first and then he moved back and watched his mate at work.

Wacka was in his element, he could move the construction vehicle with sheer ease and precision, he had this uncanny knack of making machines do exactly what he wanted them to do. For several hours he worked hard shaping the area around the face itself and must have moved tonnes of the red planets dusty soil and stone. Eventually he was happy with the outside structure and proceeded to construct the inside including the nose and eyes. For the nose he built a huge mountain of small rocks, for the eyes he used the two rocks that Edvax had brought. Then he dug around the large stones to create an illusion of sunken eyes, he did exactly the same with the mouth thus creating a three d effect. Edvax was amazed at the artistic expertise his mate had. Wacka was steadfastly creating the face out of his own image. Edvax realised he had to take some pictures to show the girls when they go home. Hours and hours passed when all of a sudden Wacka moved his machine to the side of Edvax’s.

“It is finished. What do you think of it?” asked Wacka.

“It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen Wacka.”

“Do you think the new humans will be inspired by it?” asked Wacka proudly.

“Well if they are not, then they are not True Humans and we will have failed.” replied Edvax.

“I will ask Albatross if he can see it clearly from up there.” said Wacka.

“Good idea.” said Edvax.

“Albatross.” said Wacka over the radio.

“Yes sir.”

“Can you see the face we have constructed on this red planet?”

“Yes sir we can, it looks as though it is smiling from here.”

“Put it on our monitor.” asked Edvax.

Albatross put the image on both the vehicles monitor.

Wacka was well pleased with his handy work.

“Come on Edvax let’s have a ride around the planet and create some tracks that look like canals, it will add more interest to the features.”

Both the seedanauts set off side by side and travelled vast distances around the flat plains creating huge tracks in their wake. Eventually they tired out and went back to the shuttle where Muffler was waiting patiently for their arrival.

“That was the best fun I have had for centuries.” said Wacka.

“I am pined to death and need some grub.” said Edvax.

Both of them went into the galley area in the shuttle and ordered food and drink from the dispenser.

“After dinner let’s go out for a walk Edvax.”

“Okay, but don’t forget to put your force field on.”

“I wonder how many years it will be before the new humans spot our handy work?” asked Wacka.

“Adonis reckons it will take about 500.000 years for them to evolve into space travellers, so I don’t think we will be there to see it.” said Edvax smiling.

“No, it is a shame really, but that is how it is, maybe some of our descendants will witness it.” said Wacka.

“We have to be very careful what we do on the planet Earth, we cannot be building smiley faces or the new humans will not evolve correctly.” said Edvax.

“I know what you mean Edvax, if they see a face in my image on their planet they are sure to think it was God who created it and start to idolise it.” said Wacka laughing.

“Hopefully when they have evolved enough to start space travel and visit this red planet they will be mature enough to live with the fact they are not the only ones in this universe.” said Edvax.

A monitor came to life in the room and Albatross started to speak on it.

“There is a message for you both from Perfectus sir.”

“Excellent, we will read them after dinner.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts wolfed their food down as quickly as they could and then they went to their rooms to read their messages in privacy.

Wacka reached his cabin first and turned on his monitor. The message opened straight away. His wife Patreena who he had not seen for nearly 46 years was on the screen.

“Hello Wacka. I received your first message and was overjoyed to learn you had reached your destination safely. I hope you are in high spirits and are well. All the family are okay and they send their love. I miss you very much. The whole planet cheered when they received the first message to say you arrived safely. We can see you now, but there is a few weeks delay. I love you Wacka and cannot wait for your safe return. Bye for now.” Patreena blew Wacka a kiss.

Wacka played the message over again.

Edvax was now in front of his monitor and his message opened. Junifer was on the screen.

“Hello Edvax. I had every confidence in you arriving safely at your destination and I cannot tell you how overjoyed we are to hear from you. It is my birthday tomorrow I am 551. I know you have other things on your mind and I did not expect you to remember it so please do not worry about it. I love you Edvax and I pray for the day of your safe return. Everybody is well here. Goodbye for now.”

Junifer blew him a kiss.

Edvax was upset that he had forgot his wife’s birthday but there was nothing he could do about it now. He went out of his cabin and went into Wacka’s cabin. Who was still watching repeats of his message.

“Come on Wacka, let’s go for a walk on the red planet, incidentally have you thought of a name for it yet?”

“It is a wonderful world, it reminds me of my ma’s big red back garden and that is what I will call this planet. Mars.”

Edvax looked at Wacka and acknowledged the fact it was a good name for a planet.

“That is a better name than Uranus or Saturn it sounds manlier, we still have to name the others in this solar system, but we will have to wait till Blayer and Boosh have visited them and logged them.” said Edvax.

“There is no rush Edvax, we have to spend eleven years on the planet Earth when we reach it, which gives us plenty of time to name planets.”

“Come on let’s go for a walk.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts went into the loading bay and put on their spacesuits and initiated their personal force fields. Then they went into the pressure chamber and shut the door and opened the outside door. Wacka ran out into the newly named Martian atmosphere. The planet was 6794 sectrons in size and the gravity was less than it was on Perfectus this made the two seedanauts feel stronger and they could run a lot faster. The scenery on Mars was spectacular. Wacka ran in a large circle around the shuttle with Edvax in hot pursuit, there was no sign of life either living or dead, it seemed that the red planet had just got its first living visitors since it was formed billions of years ago. It was a small world with its own unique character and extraordinary beauty. Wacka and Edvax spent several hours just running about the local area and picking the odd sample up for analysis. It started to get dark so they went back to the shuttle.

“That was good fun Edvax.”

“Yes it was, did you see the size of that rock I picked up?”

“Yes it was amazing; it was a bit like being superhuman.”

They were back inside the shuttle.

“Muffler, did you install the probe?” asked Edvax.

“Yes sir, it is up and running.” replied the robot.

“Excellent, it is getting dark so we may as well go back to the ship.” said Edvax.

Wacka did a quick instrument check and lifted the shuttle off the ground and high up into the Martian atmosphere. The surface of Mars had been redesigned to Wacka’s specification and it would stay like that for millions of years. There was an atmosphere on the planet and there was plenty of erosion by wind, but the face was there to stay for a very long time. The atmosphere itself consisted of mainly carbon dioxide 95% with a little nitrogen 2.8% and a small bit of argon 1.5% and traces of oxygen and water. The pressure was only minimal at about 0.15% of the pressure on Perfectus. At times it could be a very windy planet despite its thin atmosphere.

Wacka contacted Albatross.

“Albatross we are on our way back, open the cargo doors”

“Yes sir.”

The shuttle slowly entered the mother ship and settled onto the deck, it was a perfect landing.

“Albatross, have you sent probes to the moons of this planet?” asked Edvax.

“Yes sir.” he replied.

“Good. Wacka has called the planet Mars so please document it and then we can get on our way to our final destination.” said Edvax.

“Lets have something to eat Wacka, I am once again famished.”

“That is a good idea Edvax, our appetite is voracious.”

“Albatross how long will it take to get to the planet Earth?” asked Edvax.

“Two days sir.”

“When I have had something to eat I am going to go to bed for two days, so wake me up when we get close to the planet.” said Edvax.

“Me too.” said Wacka.

The two intrepid seedanauts went to the dining room and wolfed down a meal and then went to bed.

An alarm started sounding. Edvax fell out of bed, he was still asleep, but was wandering around the room. The door opened and a robot came in.

“Teerace here sir.” said the robot in a squeaky voice.

Edvax was still half asleep.

“Ah Teerace, you have the knack of appearing when I least expect it, what is all the racket about?”

“We are approaching the planet Earth sir.” said the robot.

“Surely you are joking; I have just gone to bed.”

“You have been asleep for two days solid sir.”

“What about Wacka? is he awake?”

“No sir, he is still asleep.”

“Wow, it must have been all that excitement on the planet Mars that tired us out, get someone to wake Wacka up and tell him we are approaching the planet Earth.”

“Yes sir.”

Edvax went into the bathroom and had a quick shower, he realised he needed a haircut and a shave, but that will have to wait. He wanted to see this new planet Earth. He got dressed and went into the control room where Albatross was waiting.

“Wow, look at that, it is absolutely beautiful, how long before we orbit?” asked Edvax.

“Thirty minutes sir.” said Albatross.

“Get Wacka up here quick, he will want to see this.”

No sooner had he said those words when Wacka rushed through the door.

Chapter Five.

The Planet Earth, 2 million years B.C.

“What is happening?” asked Wacka.

“We have finally arrived at our destination.” replied Edvax.

The spaceship was now in position to orbit the planet.

“Albatross, send probes to both the ice caps and to all the continents, make sure all probes are programmed to return to the mother ship in ten years, under no circumstances must any probe remain on the planet.” said Edvax.

“When are we going down Edvax?” asked an eager Wacka.

“We have to prepare all the D.N.A. and the live specimens first and then work out where is the best habitat for them to survive. It may take a few weeks before we are ready to start colonisation. In the meantime Albatross will scan the entire planet and compute the relative information. I will have to prepare all my orchids and other plants.”

“Can I go down on my own and do a bit of surveying from ground level?” asked Wacka.

“Yes, okay, but do not land, just fly about, look around and then come back. I do not want to lose you Wacka, do not forget we are not really sure what is down there yet.” said Edvax.

“Okay boss.” said Wacka.

“Take a robot with you.” said Edvax.

“I will take Egberto he is old but you can rely on him.” said Wacka.

“Don’t use him as a kickball.” said Edvax whilst laughing.

“It was a spur of the moment thing when I did that, do not worry it will not occur again.” said Wacka.

Wacka went out of the control room and down to the loading bay. Egberto was waiting for him.

“Egberto here sir.” said the robot.

“Come on Egberto we will take shuttle one.” said Wacka.

Wacka and Egberto boarded shuttle number one. Wacka chose shuttle number one because it was only a three seater, it was faster that the other shuttles and it was designed for low level flying, ideal for reconnaissance. Wacka sat down, took the controls and opened the outer doors. He lifted the aircraft off of the deck and slowly glided it away from the mother ship, once clear he sped off towards the deep blue and white planet. Edvax was watching from the dome and he saw his mate fly towards the planet Earth and slowly fade into the atmosphere.

“Albatross, where is this planets moon?” asked Edvax.

“It is at the other side sir; we will pass it in 25 minutes.”

“How big is it?” asked Edvax.

“The Earth is 12,756·3 sectrons and its moon is 3476 sectrons.

The Earth's atmosphere is 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with traces of argon, carbon dioxide and water.” said Albatross.

“Excellent, it is nearly the same atmosphere as Perfectus. Apart from the lower gravity we should feel as though it is home from home.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir it is remarkably like our own planet.” said Albatross.

“When the moon is in view I want you to take an image of the moon and the Earth together and transmit a copy to my wife and Wacka’s wife.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Wacka was in the inner atmosphere and getting lower in altitude all the time. His shuttle was travelling very fast and it was not long before he was very close to the ground, at this point he slowed his speed down and sort of hovered along the surface. He put is shuttle on auto and admired the view. Egberto was under orders to take images of the surface as the shuttle travelled along. Wacka could see there were animals grazing on the ground, some were strange and others seemed to be familiar, its impossible he thought to himself – no two worlds so far apart could have such similar wildlife, but alas only time will tell, for it will not be long before they could land and physically examine the creatures, but for the time being they will have to be left alone. He came to a massive forest with tree tops that were just below the shuttle, there were masses and masses of them. Flocks of strange birds flew out of the trees as the shuttle flew past. Wacka adjusted his flight path to avoid colliding with some, it was not that he worried about his aircraft, it was the bird’s health that he was worried about, he did not want to hurt them in any way and if it meant manoeuvring his aircraft in order to avoid wildlife then he would surely do it. This mission was a peaceful mission and no animals, fish or living thing would be harmed in any way. Wacka spotted a plume of thick black smoke dead ahead and realised there was some sort of volcanic activity in that area, he turned his shuttle around and headed back the other way. He knew that the activity would be monitored by Albatross, so there was no need to take any risks by getting too close.

Edvax was in his lab tending his beloved orchids, there were thousands of them, some were produced using a technique called the meristem culture, where it involves using the mass tissue culture of the growing meristem tip from within new growth of the plant concerned, the nucleus of the cells derived from this small sample of tissue are grown on in nutrient gels. The resulting plants are all identical to the original. The orchid plant that Edvax found on the island of Atelier has produced 25,000 identical plants all are ready for transplanting onto the planet where the habitat has to be carefully chosen. For eleven years Edvax and Wacka will monitor their progress. These will be the first plants to be introduced to the planet Earth. The original plant has also produced seed pods of which the contents were also grown in specially created nutrient gels. An insect when pollinating a flower usually does so by collecting the pollen sacks from one plant and then transmits it to the stigmatic surface of its next orchid flower. There were no insects allowed to travel on this mission so it was up to the crew and Edvax to manually pollinate these gorgeous flowers. In nature, the orchid seed will only grow when exposed to a microscopic fungus, which then helps to break down the sugars and nutrients for the seed, the seed cannot survive without this symbiosis taking place. It is important that the right fungal spores are introduced to the seeds in a sterile atmosphere of a flask or other container, a nutrient gel that has also been sterilised is put into the flask or container and allowed to set then the seeds are laid thinly on the surface. In a little time they will germinate and the surface of the gel will become covered with a mass of round green spheres, these are called protocorms. From seed to mature plant can take over two years. Edvax was a master at producing orchids that were literally out of this world.

Wacka hovered above a strange looking animal; it looked like a large cat with chevron markings on its back and two very large teeth, it seemed to be lying in wait for something. Wacka watched from a distance so that he would not disturb the creature. He noticed another strange creature heading directly to the one that was hiding. Then he realised it was a predator stalking its prey, the prey got closer and closer without seeing the danger that lurked in the shadows. The predator leaped into the air and dug its giant teeth into the startled animal and then slowly but surely began to devour it. Wacka was amazed at the spectacle and but left the predator in peace. He decided it was time to go back to the mother ship and reported in to let them know he was on his way back. He accelerated his shuttle upwards and went directly into outer space and headed for the mother ship, he passed the moon on the way. The mother ship was dead ahead and the loading bay doors were opening. Wacka directed the shuttle into the open doors and landed the shuttle without a hitch. Wacka and Egberto the robot, disembarked from the shuttle and went directly up to the control room. Albatross was in the control room alone.

“Where is Edvax?” asked Wacka.

“He is in his lab attending to his orchids.” replied Albatross.

Wacka left the control room and went directly to the lab and went in.

“Edvax there is some spectacular wildlife already living on this planet. I saw the most awesome cat like animal in some woods, it had two massive front teeth and stalked its prey before catching it.” said Wacka.

“Adonis did tell us that there was life on the planet.” said Edvax.

“Yes I know but I think we are in for a shock when we see the vast diversity of life there actually is here.” said Wacka.

“Maybe orchids exist here too.” said Edvax.

“That is quite possible, for the brief time I was down there I could see plenty of woodland with masses of bird life and there was volcanic activity in several places.” said Wacka with a sense of excitement in his voice.

“It sounds as though eleven years may not be enough time to do our work and finish the mission. If the wildlife is so diverse and varied, we may have too many options to choose from to use our D.N.A. to create new species.” said Edvax.

“We will have to do our best and hope we make the right decisions.” said Wacka.

“Come with me Wacka.”

They both went out of the orchid lab and went along a long corridor and into another larger lab. There were three robots working in this lab. There were literally thousands of cages all in lines with small rodents in them.

“In here are two million rats and mice. Adonis and the council for True Human Life have had these creatures bred especially for this mission and if anything goes wrong with the development and evolution of the new humans then these animals will be used to eliminate them and give the Earth back to its original inhabitants. Our whole mission is to create another world with True Human Life on it. If for any reason the new humans are not True then we will have failed and they will be destroyed in a humane way.” said Edvax.

“Edvax True Humans do not kill.” said Wacka.

“We will not be killing as such, because the animals will do it for us and anyway it is crucial for the development of life in the Universe that we have law abiding, peaceful, fun loving, kind, considerate, curious, tender, inventive, constructive, healthy, thoughtful, independent, and hardworking true Humans in it. There is no room for Warmongers and violent hybrids, if the new humans are not True then they will be destroyed.” said Edvax.

“How are such little animals going to destroy hybrid humans?” asked Wacka.

“That is a good question. Our scientists have implanted a gene into the rodents that can be initiated at any time in the future. These animals breed at a very fast rate; if this gene is activated they will breed even faster. When we go down to the planet we have to take a couple of thousand at a time and release them and make sure the whole planet is populated by them. They have been bred to spread a particular disease that the new humans will find no cure for, this disease will make them go to sleep and they do not wake up, and the disease can be initiated at any time by simply activating a programmed cell that is dormant in the animal’s body. This cell is passed on from generation to generation. It is impossible for the cell to activate itself; if True Humans do evolve on this planet then the animals will not be needed and they will just live their normal lives.” said Edvax.

“The council for True Human Life have thought of everything haven’t they?” said Wacka.

“Yes they have and it is our job to make sure nothing goes wrong.” said Edvax.

“Why are we using D.N.A. instead of letting our own people colonise other planets?” asked Wacka.

“Life on Perfectus is so good and long lasting that it would be hard to get people to leave it and populate other planets, if you do it that way then you are not creating life at all, this way you create life and promote your own race.” said Edvax.

“Has anything ever gone wrong on other planets where the council have sent seedanauts?” asked Wacka.

“No, up to date nothing has ever gone wrong on other missions.” replied Edvax.

“How many live animals are we colonising on this planet?” asked Wacka.

“Two million rats and mice directly and then 100,000 albatrosses, 20,000 dodos, 10,000 wolves, 6,000 panda bears and a few thousand eagles, will be bred using D.N.A. methods impregnated into existing animals on the planet.” replied Edvax.

“Sounds really complicated.” said Wacka.

“We have the cyborgs and the robots to help us, if you need to ask any questions and I am not about just ask them.” said Edvax.

“Edvax I am under orders to keep a close eye on you throughout the mission so I do not think you will be far from me at any time during the eleven years here.” said Wacka.

“You were far enough away when you went down to see the planet surface and left me up here.” said Edvax whilst smiling.

“That was a unique situation, I had to go see it A.S.A.P. just to see what we are up against when we land down there, from now on you will not leave my sight.” said Wacka.

“What about when I have to release spermatozoal pressure?” asked Edvax still smiling.

“Edvax you know what I mean, I think you are just trying to wind me up.” said Wacka.

“Come on mate lets go have albatross egg and chips.” said Edvax whilst putting his left arm around Wacka’s shoulder.

The two seedanauts went to the galley for food and drink.

Two weeks passed and everything was prepared for the first trip down to the planet Earth. Blayer and Boosh were also prepared for their trip to map and log the other planets in the solar system; they were using shuttle number eight and were in the loading bay doing final preparations for their mission which would take about three months, they were taking two robots with them. Albatross will be staying on the mother ship. Edvax and Wacka and three robots will be going down to the planet Earth in shuttle number ten. Number ten was the largest of all the shuttles on board the mother ship; in fact it was so big that all the other shuttles would fit inside it. When it came to equipment the two seedanauts had plenty of it at their disposal. Shuttle ten had been loaded up and prepared for launch by the robots. Edvax took charge of all the D.N.A. and orchids. Top priority was finding some species that were closely related to Humans and then implanting specially treated True Human D.N.A. into young healthy females. Edvax had picked the warm areas of the planet to look for these species first; the only reason being was he did not like being cold and the thought of being in warmer climates attracted him more than the thought of being in cold icy places.

Blayer and Boosh were ready for launch and the outer doors opened, their shuttle slowly lifted off the deck and floated towards the doors and sped off into space. The outer doors then closed.

Edvax, Wacka and three robots were on the massive shuttle which was ready for launch. They had watched Blayer and Boosh set off and were now prepared to set off themselves; both were in a very excited and happy mood. This first trip down would take about a year. The doors of the loading bay opened slowly. Wacka was at the controls, he lifted the shuttle off the deck and slowly steered it towards the open doors, once outside he accelerated and headed directly for Earth. The planet looked a beautiful bright blue with the odd formation of clouds, his coordinates were set for the middle of the planet near its equator, there was a large land mass which was heavily covered with forest which he could clearly see, and this was the area where they were heading for. The massive shuttle slowly descended down to the planet.

“When we are on the planet it is crucial we keep our personal force fields on. The only time we should have to turn it off is when we are implanting D.N.A. into the animals, if possible we should bring them back to the shuttle but it will not always be an option and on the odd occasion we will have to work on the animals outside of the shuttle. We will have to be extremely careful if we do have to turn the field off. We have to make sure we do not hurt or disturb the wildlife in any way, but if we are too far away from the shuttle we will have no choice but to work on them in their natural habitat.” said Edvax.

“If it comes to it Edvax, then it will only be you who will need to take the field off and I will keep a close eye on you at that moment.” said Wacka.

“Make sure you do Wacka because we do not really know what is down there and safety is our top priority.”

The shuttle was soon in the lower atmosphere of the planet, the heat shield protected it from the increase in temperature caused by friction.

Lower and lower they went, it reached the clouds which were blocking their view, they passed through them until at last they could see the ground itself. Wacka lowered the shuttle to a height where he could see the trees but high enough to spot any clearing big enough to land the shuttle.

“Over there Wacka to the left there is a large clearing.” said Edvax.

Wacka veered left and soon spotted the clearing that Edvax had seen and headed straight for it. He hovered temporarily above the clearing to make sure it suited their requirements, and then he slowly landed the shuttle and turned the engines off. Both of the seedanauts looked at each other. Both had the same thing on their minds.

“Who is going to step on the planet first?” asked Wacka.

“I will let you go first Wacka I think you deserve the honour.” said Edvax.

The seedanauts went out of the control room and into the loading bay of the shuttle, the three robots were busy doing their duties in the loading bay. Edvax opened the big metal doors. Wacka stepped outside and walked onto the Earth’s soil, he took a deep breath and said,

“I bless this soil in the name of God and pray that the new humans that we are about to create are True and Sincere of Heart.”

Wacka knelt down and kissed the ground, then he took another deep breath.

Edvax then stepped out and walked upon the Earth’s soil, he took a deep breath and said,

“I bless this soil in the name of God and pray that the new humans that we are about to create are a True and Peaceful race.”

He knelt down and kissed the ground, he sighed with relief and contentment.

“We finally made it Wacka.”

“Yes we did Edvax and now our work begins.”

It was eerily quiet with only a slight breeze. Edvax had a good look at the area but he did not move, there were large trees all the way around the clearing, there was no sign of life at this point in time, he felt a shiver down his spine as though someone had walked over his grave, he rubbed his arms with his hands, he never said a word but just stood there for several minutes. Then they both went back into the shuttle to help with the job of unpacking some of the equipment needed to explore the area. Wacka climbed into a vehicle designed for all terrain and was fitted with powerful cutting equipment on the front; this was the vehicle that they would be using to explore this particular area. Edvax was in a container that housed some of his orchids; he took several orchids and transplanted them around the edge of the clearing. One of the robots who was called Jammy was given the job of releasing the rats and mice at all the places that they visited and the robot was at that moment releasing several hundred of them around the clearing.

Another robot that was called Gabriella was given the job of releasing the Wolves and the Albatrosses that had been bred during the trip to Earth. The robot did indeed release four pairs of wolves and ten pairs of Albatrosses.

The Wolves all paused to survey their new home before slowly setting off into the wilderness. The Albatrosses flew away towards the open sea as soon as they were released. It was not long before Edvax and Wacka heard the familiar sound of the Wolves howling, this was a sure sign that they were settling into their new habitat.

The third robot called Aimee was given the job of planting the Oak trees and Willow trees and all the fruit trees. Aimee had been given strict instructions as to where the best habitats for the trees were. Aimee was also given the job of finding the best habitat for the much loved Panda Bear. This bear was especially adored on the planet Perfectus and it would be a great asset to the new humans.

“Edvax look over there.” said Wacka whilst pointing towards the woods.

Edvax strained his eyes to see what he was pointing at.

“Where are you looking Wacka?”

“Over there by that big tree, it looks like a striped horse.”

Edvax saw the animal and went inside the shuttle for some zoom glasses, he came back out. He could now see the animal as clear as day.

“It is not a horse but it sure looks like one, it has stripes all over its body, we may be able to insert D.N.A. and create an horse out of it.” said Edvax.

“Is it possible there may be horses on this planet?” asked Wacka.

“No, it is not possible, the council for True Human Life have scanned this planet from front to back and they have found no evidence of any of the animals that we have brought. Wacka I want you to try and catch a male and a female of that species, but please keep your force field on at all times.” said Edvax.

“Okay boss, your wish is my command.”

Wacka went inside the shuttle and picked up his pride and joy, he then picked up some more bits and bats and set off towards the all terrain vehicle and climbed aboard, he then set off in the direction of the animal, he parked the vehicle as close as he could get to the animals without spooking them, he then got out and started to stalk them until the time was right, he took his pride and joy and opened up a function and then aimed it at one of the animals he pressed a button and the animal fell to the ground, he slowly went towards it and literally carried it back to the vehicle. The low gravity on the planet had given him extra strength and agility and carrying the animal was an easy task. He noticed the animal was male and proceeded to find a female. It was not long before he found one and did the same thing to that and brought it back to his vehicle. The animal had not been harmed; it was merely put in a deep freeze by his forty two function knife which had a function that enabled him to put animals into a sort of suspended animation. He then boarded the vehicle and set off back towards the shuttle. Edvax saw him coming back.

Wacka got out of the vehicle.

“That was quick Wacka.” said Edvax.

“I don’t mess about Edvax.”

They transferred the animals into the lab in the shuttle and Edvax examined them.

“Their D.N.A. is nearly the same as our horse; we will be able to produce horses with these animals Wacka.” said Edvax.

“Well if we find any animals that are closely related to us as quick as we found these we will be laughing.” said Wacka.

Edvax immediately started the process of injecting D.N.A. from the Perfectus horse into the fertile eggs of the female creature and then took sperm from the male and injected D.N.A. into that and then inseminated the female, it was a very complicated procedure which Edvax did with pure professionalism, it took him several hours. Both the animals were then kept in the shuttle for observation. Aimee was given the job of looking after them amongst her other duties.

Edvax and Wacka prepared the all terrain vehicle for exploration of the jungle and the True Human D.N.A. was loaded onto the vehicle. Albatross had informed them that there was good chance of finding animals that were closely related to humans inside the jungle. Edvax was eager to get going, the trek may take a few months. One of the robots called Jammy would go with them; several thousand rats and mice would also go with them and they would be released along the way. Edvax also loaded some of his orchids which he intended to transplant in the jungle. The vehicle was ready and the two intrepid seedanauts sat down in their seats. Jammy was busy in the back of the vehicle. Wacka drove he vehicle and they set off into the jungle, there was some thick undergrowth to go through but the vehicle went through it like light through glass. There was a sensor on-board that set off an alarm when any sort of life was in front of the vehicle if it went off then the vehicle stopped automatically until it was overridden by one of the seedanauts. This was a built in safety feature so that no animal life was injured by the large vehicle. Albatross was also scanning the area in front of the vehicle as they went along. Albatross was at a great advantage as he was high above the ground in outer space and his scanner could cover a larger distance than the scanner on the vehicle. This was a team effort to find life capable of producing human life.

An alarm went off and the vehicle stopped, both the seedanauts looked through the windscreen with their eyes peeled.

“Can you see anything Wacka?” asked Edvax.


Albatross spoke through the communication system.

“There is something directly in front of the vehicle to the left.”

Both the seedanauts strained their eyes to see what it was.

“Come on, lets go have a look.” said Wacka.

They got out of the vehicle and slowly went towards the area where Albatross had indicated there was life. The grass was quite long, they could smell something strong like old socks.

Wacka was in front and had his knife with forty two functions out, one of the functions was a miniature scanner, he was using this function to pinpoint the creature. According to the miniature scanner the animal was only six yards away. Both of them had their force fields switched on. Each step took them a yard closer. Wacka could not keep his eyes off the spot where it should be, he tried his best not to blink, an alarm went off on his miniature scanner it meant the creature was as close as it could possibly be. All of a sudden the grass moved and in a split second a giant cat with massive front teeth was in the air and started ferociously attacking Wacka. It tried to dig its teeth into Wacka’s trembling body; its teeth just glanced off his force field, Wacka was screaming.

“Get it off, get it off.”

The animal hit Wacka with its large front paw and he was literally thrown several yards away, then it focussed its attention on Edvax who by this time was running away, the animal soon caught up with him and tried to dig its massive teeth into him, fortunately the force field prevented any bodily contact but the situation was still extremely frightening for the two seedanauts. Wacka came to his senses and fumbled for his pride and joy, the animal was still having a go at Edvax and was trying its best to tear him to pieces. Wacka found his knife and managed to get the freezing function initiated and fired at the cat, the animal immediately froze to the spot. Both seedanauts collapsed exhausted, after several moments they sat up, both looked at each other.

“Fooking strap back, that was the most frightening experience of my entire life.” said Wacka.

“It sure was mine as well.” said Edvax.

“Edvax it is a good job we had our force fields on. You saved my life by reminding me to put it on.”

“I told you we had to be careful on this planet, who knows what type of dangerous animal’s lives here.”

They both stood up and went over to look at the big cat, its teeth were as long as a man's hand.

“We may be able to use it for producing the cheetah, it looks very similar.” said Wacka.

“It is a lot bigger and look at the size of those teeth, they look like dinosaur teeth.” said Edvax.

“It is the same type of animal that I saw when I came down on my own in the shuttle; it was stalking its prey then.”

“Lets get it into the vehicle and into a cage, and then we can wake it up. It looks like a male so we need a female.”

Both the seedanauts carried the large creature into the vehicle and put it in a cage. Then they carried on with their journey. They travelled for several hours and did not discover any more life during this time. They stopped for a rest and something to eat. Jammy took the opportunity to release some rats and mice. It was getting dark.

“The days are a lot shorter than on our planet.” said Wacka.

“On this planet the days are about two thirds the length of ours and the hours are shorter. When we told our wives that we will be away from home for 101 Perfectus years the equivalent will be approximately 150 Earth years.” said Edvax.

“I wonder what the girls are doing now?” asked Wacka.

“I don’t know, but one thing is for sure when they see the recording of our experience with the big cat they will surely scream with shock.” said Edvax.

“Yer, just like we did.” said Wacka whilst laughing.

“I am going to see if the cat is okay.” said Edvax.

He walked down the metal corridor and into one of the storage bays where the cat was. Jammy was also in there.

“Jammy here sir.” said the robot.

Edvax looked at the massive cat from a safe distance. He pulled over an air chair and sat on it, he could see right into the cat’s large dark green eyes, it looked so sad in its cage. Edvax was also sad that he had to put it in a cage, but he had no choice for this was a very dangerous animal and quite capable of destroying them all if it had the chance. The animal was laid on the floor with its head fully erect and its teeth hanging down like stalactites, it yawned as if it was tired. Jammy gave it some water from a dispenser that then poured the rest of it into a vessel in the cage. The animal lapped it up just as quickly as the water went in. This animal was capable of indescribable ferocity and it was essential that it was treated with the utmost respect. As soon as a female was to be found then they would instil the D.N.A. of a Perfectus Cheetah into both and thus create a new breed of cat, the robots would look after the siblings for several years and then release them into their habitats. Wacka had given this particular cat a name which befitted its appearance and nature. He called it the Sabre Toothed Tiger.

Edvax left the tiger in piece and went back to Wacka in the control room.

“I am going outside for a breath of fresh air, are you coming?” asked Edvax.

“It looks pitch black out there.” replied Wacka.

“Don’t tell me you are afraid of the dark?”

Wacka stood up and did not even answer his mate’s daft question; they both walked to the loading bay and opened the doors. Both of them initiated their force fields as soon as the door started to move.

They only went as far as the front of the vehicle and sat down on a log.

“It is so quiet and peaceful.” said Edvax.

The Earth’s moon was shining brightly, it lit up the jungle. A dark cloud could be seen in the sky, it was moving quite fast and seemed to be getting closer. A load of little bright lights were flying about a tree as if dancing.

“They look like the fireflies that we have on our planet.” said Wacka.

The dark cloud was moving closer and closer.

“What is that?” asked Wacka.

“I don’t know.” replied Edvax.

An insect landed on Wacka’s head and Edvax noticed it.

“Wacka do not move.”

Wacka sat as still as he could as Edvax captured the insect, he cupped it in his large hands and examined it closely.

“It is a moth, similar to the ones on Perfectus, there are loads of them over there by the trees.” said Edvax.

He showed Wacka the moth and then released it, some sort of bird swooped down very fast and ate the moth. Edvax was taken aback by the speed of the creature. The moving cloud was ever so close and they realised it was not a cloud it was a swarm of nocturnal birds or flying mammals, there were literally millions of them.

“Wacka get your pride and joy out and freeze a few of them.”

Wacka got is knife out and initiated the freezing function; the creatures were now flying all around the two seedanauts and their vehicle. Wacka simply fired his weapon at thin air and brought several of the creatures to the ground. Edvax went to where they had landed. He picked them up for examination. He noticed that they were animals with winged hands and their bodies were covered in fur. They were not birds for they did not have feathers. They looked very much like a Perfectus mouse, both in shape and colour. The wings were made of two fine skins as thin as the finest paper which stretches out on either side of the body, from the front to the hind leg and round to the tail.

“Wacka the diversity of life on this planet is sending me batty.”

“That would be a good name for that creature you have in your hand.” said Wacka.


“Yer, but take the last two letters off and call it a bat.”

“Wacka you are amazing with names.”

The creature’s D.N.A. was checked and logged. Its photo taken and all its limbs measured and recorded. All its friends were still flying all around them and trying to catch the millions of flies and moths that were also in the area.

“Any creature that eats disease carrying insects like flies is a friend of mine.” said Edvax.

The bats were making a lot of squeaking noise they were obviously using this manufactured sound to locate their food; it was not long before they had eaten their fill and moved on. Edvax released the ones they had caught. For a few moments it went quiet again, and then they could hear the wolves howling.

“They have settled in okay Wacka.”

“Yes they have, your Junifer’s choice was a good one. The new humans should get on well with the wolves.”

All went quiet again. The two seedanauts were feeling a bit tired themselves.

“Come on Wacka lets go have a good kip.”

They both went back into the vehicle and went to bed.

Fifteen Earth hours later and they both awoke. Wacka had a quick wash and made some breakfast. Edvax just laid there for half and hour. An alarm started going off. Edvax jumped out of bed and ran to the front of the vehicle, followed closely by Wacka.

“What is it?” asked Wacka.

“I don’t know.”

Albatross communicated with them.

“There is life coming up from behind the vehicle.”

Edvax switched the monitor to the rear of the vehicle and tried to pinpoint the creature.

“Albatross, how far is it away from us?” asked Edvax.

“It is twenty yards and slowly getting closer.”

“Over there.” said Wacka whilst pointing to the creature.

“I see it.” said Edvax.

It was walking in the tracks that the vehicle had made.

“What is it?” asked Wacka.

“It looks like one of our wolves.” Edvax replied.

The animal suddenly stopped and just sat down on the jungle floor, moments later several other younger wolves joined it.

“It is a family of wolves, they must have started breeding as soon as they were released.” said Wacka.

“The female was probably pregnant when we released them.” said Edvax.

“They look so happy and content; at least they will be one of our success stories Edvax.”

The two seedanauts went back to the galley to finish breakfast. Jammy was in the loading bay seeing to the tiger.

“We travelled a fair few sectrons yesterday Edvax.”

“Yes we did and we should do a few more today.” said Edvax.

As soon as they had eaten they went to the controls and started going through the jungle, any undergrowth that was in their way was simply brushed aside. Wacka put the vehicle on auto and sat back and relaxed. After a while an alarm went off and the two seedanauts were once again straining their eyes to see what it was. Albatross communicated with them.

“There is life in the trees above you.”

They both looked up into the trees which very tall and were in full bloom, the animals were very difficult to spot.

“There they are on top of that tree to the right, they are climbing using their hands, we need to catch one.” said Edvax.

Wacka and Edvax got out of their seats and proceeded to the loading bay and opened the doors. Both initiated their force fields and walked outside. Wacka had his knife out and aimed it at the animals using the freeze function. Three animals fell to the ground. They went over and picked them up and brought them inside the vehicle for examination.

“They look like young hairy sub humans.” said Wacka.

“Get a sample of their D.N.A and take their picture. I will measure their body parts and examine their internal organs.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts worked on the animals for several hours and came to a conclusion.

“Their D.N.A is remarkably like ours and their internal organs are the same but there seems to be something missing and I cannot put my finger on it. We will log and name the animals and let them go, and then we will try and find a better match.” said Edvax.

“Okay you are the boss.” said Wacka.

“We will call them mankeys, they look like man and they may be the key to the success of our mission.” said Edvax.

They released the animals and as they were running away from the vehicle they were making loud howling noises and screeching as if they were warning their friends. It was a sure sign of intelligence.

Edvax and Wacka went back to the controls and carried on their way. The jungle was getting dark due to the amount of foliage on the trees shading the sun. Wacka turned on the infra-red lights to get a better view of where they were going, they did not use the normal lights because they may scare life away. Albatross communicated with them.

“There is a large group of life 100 yards ahead.”

Edvax and Wacka were on alert and were eager to see what it was.

This time they would not go out until they knew exactly what was there. Several minutes passed and Albatross communicated again.

“The life is 10 yards in front.”

Wacka slowed the vehicle down to a slow pace. They kept their eyes peeled.

“There is something on that tree.” said Edvax.

“It looks like another mankey but a lot larger.” said Wacka.

“Wacka look over there I see a group of them, they seem to be relaxing in that clearing, they look like they are sunbathing.”

“Animals sunbathing, come on Edvax I think you must have sunstroke.” said Wacka whilst laughing his head off.

A group of the large mankey like creatures were just laying on their backs staring at the sky, others were eating wild fruit and some were playing. It was like a family scene of True Humans on holiday.

“We have to catch a male and female to examine them.” said Edvax.

They both went to the loading bay and opened the doors, their force fields were initiated. Edvax went out first and Wacka followed.

All was quiet apart from a tapping sound coming from the woods.

“What is that noise?” asked Edvax.

“It sounds like someone tapping.” replied Wacka.

“It seems to be coming from those trees.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts looked upwards to try and locate where the tapping was coming from.

“Up there, it looks like a bird banging its head on the tree.” said Wacka.

“It is a bird and it is digging a hole in the tree with its beak.” said Edvax.

“You mean it is some sort of woodpecker.” said Wacka.

“Yes that is it you have hit the nail on the head, woodpecker what a brilliant name for that bird, how do you do it Wacka? How do you think of the names so quick and they are so apt? It is no wonder that you are my hero. We will have to catch some of those birds to take home to Perfectus.” said Edvax with admiration for his friend.

The two seedanauts carried on towards the family of large mankeys.

Wacka was holding his pride and joy and had the freezer function ready for use. Edvax had also got a freezer weapon from the armoury of the vehicle, both were very much prepared this time and they were alert and ready for action. The first large mankey they come across was nearly as tall as Wacka with massive powerful arms; these creatures were a lot bigger and stronger than the last mankeys they had encountered. Wacka immediately froze the animal it was a male with a very hairy silvery back, he then carried on to look for a female, another male stood up and started to bang on its chest and made loud noises that startled both the seedanauts they both fired at the animal at the same time and it fell to the ground. Both of them looked at each other in disbelief.

“My nerves are on end Wacka; this jungle is full of scary surprises, the sooner we catch the right target the better. I want to get out of this place.” said Edvax.

“Yes I know what you mean, I need to change my underclothes as soon as possible.” said Wacka.

Both laughed to ease the tension and carried on looking for a female.

After hearing the commotion the family of mankeys were now on alert and some of them were jumping up and down and banging their chests they seemed to be warning each other of the dangers. But in reality the two seedanauts were no danger to them but they were not to know that. Edvax came across a female and immediately froze it.

“I got one Wacka; let’s get them back to the vehicle.”

Both the seedanauts had to switch their force fields off for a moment to pick them up and they carried a mankey each back to the vehicle. The other mankeys were going ballistic and were throwing fruit, sticks and stones at them, fortunately their force fields had been re initiated by then and the missiles just glanced off them, but the noise they were making was still a bit scary. Eventually they were safely inside their vehicle and the doors were shut. Edvax got down to examining the two large mankeys and worked on them for several hours.

“Wacka we have found the perfect specimens for our mission. These creatures are as close as an animal can get to be nearly human, we should start our work immediately and release them back into the wild. We will put electronic tags on them so we can keep an eye on their progress. We can inform Albatross of the situation and he can scan the world for other creatures of the same family. All we have to do now is inject D.N.A. into the male and female sex organs and wait for the first True Humans to be born; they will not look exactly like us for another several thousand years but eventually they will lose all trace of their surrogate mothers and turn into True Human beings. Well done Wacka.” said Edvax whilst shaking his mate’s hand.

Edvax and Wacka spent several more hours working on the animals and then went outside to catch the others, unfortunately the family had moved on so the two seedanauts decided to follow them and do the work that was needed in the jungle itself. This was against their better judgement but it was necessary at that time, due to the animals going in the direction where the seedanauts had just come from with the vehicle, the vehicle had made a trail through the jungle so it would be easy to follow them on foot. They set off as soon as they could and were notified by Albatross that the family were five hundred yards to the rear of the vehicle. Wacka was in lead position with Edvax close up; they ran as fast as they could and soon caught up with the animals. Both had their freezers at the ready and froze the mankeys as soon as they saw them, when they were convinced they had froze them all, electronic tags were inserted into them. Edvax knew he had to take off his force field for a short period of time whilst he worked on the mankeys. This worried him a bit, he knew it would be a dangerous time. Both Wacka and Albatross were under orders to keep an eye out for any approaching wildlife.

There were sixty two animals in this particular group and two were two young for the process. Out of the others six were male and the rest female, it was going to be a very busy time for Edvax and he soon got to work. Hours and hours went past, the day ended and a new one began. He had worked on fifty nine of the mankeys and the last one was a large silver backed male, it was a beautiful looking creature with massive hands and powerful jaw, it looked as though this could be the leader of the family, its scrotum was large and full of spermatozoa, it reminded Edvax of his when he was awoken by Albatross after several months of space flight. But Edvax had no intention of releasing the pressure on this particular animals balls, for that was the job of nature itself and when it does it will possibly create the first True Human being on this planet.

In a couple of hundred thousand years the new humans will probably think there is a missing link in their evolution but eventually they will work it out, especially if they go to Mars and find the face Edvax and Wacka created that will be the day when they will learn the truth about their very existence.

Edvax and Wacka had finished their work and started to unfreeze the family. They could have just left them and it would wear off in a day or two but they decided to give the family a good start in their new productive lives. It took the two seedanauts nearly twenty four Earth hours to do this particular job and both were literally knackered, they set off back to the vehicle and on the way Albatross informed them of the other member of the family that was still frozen in the undergrowth near the vehicle, it was the first silver back male that Wacka had frozen, in the commotion both the seedanauts had forgotten about it.

“We will treat it in the undergrowth, I am too knackered to carry it into the vehicle.” said Edvax.

“Okay Edvax, I know exactly what you mean, my legs are like jelly and I can’t keep my eyes open.” said Wacka.

It was not long before they came across the silver mankey. Edvax adjusted the animal’s posture so he could work on it; his force field was not on. Albatross and Wacka were scanning the area for any signs of wildlife. Edvax opened his bag and took out a syringe with the D.N.A of True Human Life in it, he inserted it into the animal’s balls and started to press the plunger, then there was an almighty commotion and Edvax screamed in agony, he immediately let go of the syringe, blood was spewing from his left eye, something had crashed into his face and dug into his eye causing him extreme pain and creating a stream of blood that went all over the place. Wacka was so surprised by what had happened that for a few seconds he just stood there and seemed to be in a trance, and then he came to his senses, he initiated his freezer weapon, unfortunately it was set on unfreeze and instead of freezing Edvax he hit the mankey, the silver backed mankey immediately awoke and simply ran away screaming and banging its chest The needle was still in its balls and only half of the contents had gone into them the other half was still in the syringe. This particular mankey had not been electronically tagged.

Wacka frantically tried to change the freezer setting and eventually froze Edvax and the small animal that had crashed into his face. He could not see what it was for all the blood. Wacka had to take his force field off so he could pick his friend up, it took him several nervous minutes to do the task and then he put his field back on with Edvax in his arms he walked to the vehicle. Then he contacted Albatross.

“Albatross Edvax has been badly injured and needs urgent medical attention, can you send a shuttle with the robot called Soo down to assist me with this. I will be back at our shuttle in two hours.”

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

The robot called Soo went to the fastest shuttle and immediately took off for the planet Earth.

Wacka had managed to get his friend into the vehicle and soon turned it around to go back to the shuttle, the slow speed of the vehicle was manually overridden by Wacka and then the vehicle went at an extremely fast pace, this was made easier by the trail the vehicle had previously left. The alarm system was turned off, after all this was an emergency and Wacka did not want to be agitated by noise from alarms, his mate’s life was at stake and nothing else mattered. As he travelled along the trail he could see his mates face covered in blood and an horrible thought entered his head, what would he do if Edvax does not survive? at the moment Edvax was safely in a deep sleep but Wacka has to make the choice of waking him up or leaving him asleep until they go back to Perfectus, but that would be in another fifty odd years and Wacka knew he could not do the D.N.A work without Edvax’s skill and expertise. He had to awaken him and then operate on his injuries, he had no other choice.

The shuttle that Soo the robot was flying, arrived at the clearing where shuttle ten was, the robot landed at the side of the other massive shuttle. Robot Soo took some instruments into the other shuttle and immediately started to get the medical room ready for when the injured patient arrived. Soo was a highly trained medical robot. Wacka would need the robots assistance when they de-freeze Edvax, the first few minutes will be critical for the seedanauts very survival.

Soo finished the preparations and waited for Wacka to arrive. Wacka was only half an hour away. It was the longest half hour of Wacka’s life but he eventually had the shuttle in his sight, he stopped the vehicle very close to the large shuttle and rushed to the loading bay where his mate was, he carefully lifted him up and opened the outer doors, then he ran as fast as he could to the shuttle and went inside. The shuttle doors were then closed. Wacka took Edvax into the medical room and laid him on the operating table. Soo was there.

“Soo here sir.” said the robot.

“Soo I need you to assist me whilst I de-freeze Edvax and then put him to sleep using a sedative. We cannot work on him whilst he is frozen and we cannot work on him whilst he is awake. Before we do that I want you to cleanse his face, whilst I go wash my hands and face. Be careful you do not disturb the creature that has crashed into his face until we have x-rayed his head.” said Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Wacka went to wash his hands and face, he was feeling the strain, he had not had any sleep for thirty two Earth hours, he could if he wanted to wait until later but seeing his mate in the state that he was in just was too heartbreaking and if it meant staying awake for another thirty two hours then so be it. He went back to the operating table. Soo had finished cleansing Edvax’s face and all was revealed.

In Edvax’s left eye was a woodpecker, its beak had gone straight through the eye. The woodpecker was still covered in Edvax’s blood.

“Soo we need to x-ray his head, bring the x-ray unit over.”

Soo brought the portable x-ray unit and positioned it over Edvax’s head and switched it on. They looked at the image on a monitor. Wacka closely examined the image, he could see that the woodpecker’s beak was only a fraction away from Edvax’s brain, this was good news, the bad news was the eye had been totally destroyed and the eye socket was badly damaged. One of the arteries had been cut and needed sealing. Wacka sealed it there and then using a laser.

“Right Soo I will de-freeze him now and at the same time I want you to inject the sedative. The bird must be kept frozen for the time being.” said Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Wacka slowly built up his nerve; he took a deep breath and then he defrosted Edvax. Soo immediately injected a sedative into Edvax. For a split second Edvax was awake and let out a piercing scream. Wacka was sweating profusely, but now Edvax was asleep instead of frozen. His life signs were not normal but at least they were stable.

“Right Soo we need to get the bird out of Edvax’s eye socket without injuring the bird or Edvax. I want you to hold Edvax down whilst I pull the frozen bird out.”

“Yes sir.”

Soo took hold of Edvax’s head and Wacka grabbed the bird, its wings were spread out so it made it awkward to get hold of.

“Right Soo I am ready to pull it out.”

“Ready when you are sir.”

Wacka pulled at the bird and it was slowly extracted from his eye socket. Wacka gave the bird to Soo.

“Clean the bird up and then defrost it, then put it in a cage and give it a thorough check up. I have no doubt if Edvax survives he will want it as a trophy.” said Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said Soo.

Wacka now concentrated on the eye socket and commenced to cut the damaged eye out, there was a lot of loose tissue so he cut it off and scooped it out with a special instrument. Some of the top and bottom eye lids had been damaged this could be repaired when they get back to Perfectus. The optic nerve looked to be okay so Wacka sealed it with a special solution. There was extensive bruising around the area but it looked worse that it actually was, all in all Wacka was pleased with his handy work and gave Edvax another injection to make sure he stayed asleep for at least twenty four hours. Wacka then went to bed. Soo was given the job of looking after both the patients until Wacka awoke. The woodpecker had survived and looked none the worse for its ordeal.

After twenty four hours Soo gave Edvax another injection to keep him asleep whilst Wacka was asleep. Wacka slept for thirty Earth hours and awoke with renewed vigour; he instantly went to see if Edvax was okay. His mate was still asleep.

“Soo when will he wake up?” asked Wacka.

“Will be any time now sir.”

“I am going for some breakfast; inform me if he wakes up.”

“Yes sir.”

Wacka went for a quick wash and then went for some food. He had not eaten for two days and neither had Edvax he was absolutely famished. He pressed the relative buttons on the food dispenser and placed several dodo eggs on seven slices of toast onto his plate. He sat down and ate his meal in the control room and looked through the window, he was thinking of what had happened the day before, he decided there and then that whilst outside of the shuttle or vehicle they must not take their force fields off under any circumstances. What happened to Edvax was terrible and it must not happen again.

“Soo here sir.” said the robot as she walked into the control room.

This startled Wacka and made him jump.

“What’s up Soo?”

“Edvax is awakening.” said the robot.

Wacka rushed out of the control room and ran into the medical room. Edvax was trying to sit up and was murmuring to himself.

“Edvax my old fruit and nut case, how do you feel?” asked Wacka.

Edvax did not answer; he was touching his face with his hands. Wacka had a tear in his eyes he realised his mate was going to be okay, he gave him a drink of water. Edvax sipped it slowly.

“How are you feeling Edvax?”

“I feel as though I have been hit with a ten tonne mallet. I cannot see out of my left eye. What the fooking hell happened?”

“It is a long story, I will tell you later. Can you stand up?”

“Yes, I think so, apart from a massive headache.”

Edvax slid of the bed and tried to stand up, after several minutes he was on two feet.

“Are you hungry?” asked Wacka.

“Yes I am.”

“Come on mate we will go into the galley and have some food and I will put you in the picture.”

Both the seedanauts went into the galley and Wacka prepared some food for the both of them even though he had already eaten he was still peckish.

“I have a lousy headache.” said Edvax.

“I am not surprised you have a headache you have gone through a very stressful time.” said Wacka.

“My left eye is throbbing.”

“Edvax I had to take your eye out, it was totally destroyed by the impact. The camera recorded everything; we will watch what exactly happened to you on the monitor.”

Wacka contacted Albatross.

“Albatross, can you replay Edvax’s camera recording starting from when we found the last mankey in the grass.”

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

A robot entered the room.

“Runt here sir.” said the robot.

“Runt, we are very busy, what do you want?” asked Wacka in a narky voice.

“Blayer wants to know what you want to call the planet they have just logged; it is a massive gas giant with several moons.”

“Call it Jupiter and don’t come back in here for two hours at least, unless it is very urgent.” shouted Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Albatross played the recording, both the seedanauts watched with eyes wide open, well one of them had them both open. The recording showed Edvax bending down to turn the animal over and then he reached into his bag for his instruments and the D.N.A. syringe. He put the needle into the ball bag of the mankey then he started to press the plunger, he adjusted his bodily stance to give himself more freedom to work and for some reason lifted his head up as if he was alerted by something for a split second he could see the woodpecker coming straight for his face, there was nothing he could do, it was so fast, the recording showed the bird entering Edvax’s eye socket. Edvax cringed at the very sight of it.

“I cannot believe it, it is there in full colour but I still cannot believe it happened. Whatever made that bird fly straight into my face? It cannot have done it on purpose, it must have been some sort of accident.” said Edvax.

“Edvax it was purely and simply an accident, you can see in the recording that you lifted your head up at the exact same time as the bird was flying in that direction, it was just one of those things and nothing could have avoided it.” said Wacka.

“You are wrong there Wacka, because if we had kept to our stringent safety rules I would have had my force field on and the bird would have simply bounced off it, but I broke the golden rule and now I am paying the price for it.”

“Yes, well, I have been thinking about that and I have come to the conclusion that we do not take our fields off under any circumstances, do you agree?”


“Good, now let’s get back to work and populate this planet.” said Wacka.

“Wacka I have just got one question to ask you?”

“What is that?”

“What happened to the mankey that I was working on when the bird hit me?”

“Shit I forgot all about that, I tried to freeze you to stop the blood flowing but unfortunately I had my knife set on the wrong setting and when I fired it in the mayhem I unfroze the mankey, the syringe was still in its balls and only half the contents had gone in, unfortunately the mankey ran away, I could not chase it because you were in such a bad state and your life was in danger.”

“We did not put an electronic tag into it so the chance of finding it is nil, that animal could possibly create sub humans.” said Edvax.

“Let us hope and pray it does not.” said Wacka.

The two seedanauts went to the vehicle and prepared to carry on with their mission, there was nothing they could do about the rogue mankey unless it came up to them and surrendered itself.

Edvax was in pain but he shrugged it off, having only one eye was a bit of a disability but he could do nothing about it until he got home.

“Soo I want you come with us, you can help Jammy.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

The vehicle was ready. Edvax and Wacka were at the controls the outer doors were closed. They set off down the trail they had already taken earlier in the week, it was easy going due to the fact the vehicle had already been that way. Wacka put it on auto and initiated all the alarms. The two seedanauts went to the loading bay to check on the sabre toothed tiger.

“We should have transferred him into the shuttle.” said Wacka.

“Yes I know, but it is too late now so he will have to come with us.” said Edvax.

“He is an awesome creature Edvax.”

“He is Wacka.”

“Come on lets get back up front we should be close to the area where we stopped last time.” said Edvax.

They both went back to the cockpit. Wacka sat in the driving seat and turned it off auto. Edvax sat next to him with his eye wide open. They arrived where they stopped before and the vehicle had to slow down to drive through the thick vegetation, they did not stop to look around for the missing mankey. An alarm went off. Albatross contacted them.

“There is a life form fifty yards in front to the right of the vehicle.”

Both he seedanauts looked but they could not see anything. Then Wacka spotted it.

“Edvax I can see it over there, its tail is showing.”

“I can see it as well Wacka.”

“Is it another tiger?” asked Wacka.

“It has got the same markings on the tail but we need a closer look.” replied Edvax.

“We could attract it somehow.” said Wacka.

“That is a bloody good idea, open the loading bay doors and the scent from the one we already have will go outside and hopefully if the one in the grass is the same type of animal it will come to investigate.” said Edvax.

Wacka opened the doors then he initiated a force field around the doors to stop any animal or insect getting into the vehicle. Then they just waited and watched, after several minutes the animal lifted its head up and started sniffing the air.

“It is definitely another sabre tooth, I can see its teeth.” said Wacka.

“You are right it looks as though it is standing up. We will go to the doors and wait; hopefully we will be able to catch it close to the vehicle.” said Edvax.

“Initiate your force field now, we don’t want any accidents do we.” said Wacka. with a smile.

They both put their fields on and waited by the door.

“The tiger may pick our scents up.” said Wacka.

“Possibly, but hopefully the cats scent will be a lot stronger.” said Edvax.

No sooner had he said that when the tiger appeared.

“Let it get as close as possible before you freeze it.” said Edvax.

Slowly but surely the tiger came closer, then it stopped to have a look at the vehicle.

“Freeze it now Wacka, I think it is going to bolt.” said Edvax.

Wacka fired his trusty pride and joy and the animal fell to the ground. Both the seedanauts went outside for a closer look.

“It is a female.” said Edvax.

They both started cheering and dancing up and down.

“I cannot believe we have found a female so soon.” said Edvax.

“It was a stroke of good luck.” said Wacka.

“I will get Soo and Jammy to carry it in.” said Edvax.

He went into the vehicle and brought the two robots out, they picked the tiger up with ease and carried it into the vehicle.

“Put it into a separate cage.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robots.

The male tiger went frantic when he saw the female; he paced up and down his cage. The two robots put the female in a cage and then defrosted it; the tiger soon awoke and also started pacing around its cage.

Edvax and Wacka went back to the cockpit and carried on with their journey, both were happy with the way they handled the capture of the female. Edvax decided to operate on them back in the shuttle when they had finished this run.

“Wacka put the vehicle on auto and we will go for something to eat.”

“Okay boss.” said Wacka.

Both the seedanauts went into the galley. This time it was Edvax who prepared the meal; his choice was a bit more nutritional than what they had been eating of late. As I mentioned earlier in the book all food on Perfectus was manufactured using D.N.A. and biological technology this meant that no animal was killed for human food. The mother ship had a massive store of this specially manufactured food. This was due to the fact all the animals had to be fed as well and it was part of the mission to take some animals back to Perfectus.

It was possible for the seedanauts to manufacture food on the spaceship but the technology and the equipment was only there to be used in an emergency. The chances of running out of food were very remote now they were on Earth.

Edvax used the food dispenser to get the raw ingredients for the meal he was going to prepare; all the right utensils were there. Wacka just relaxed and laid back for a while whilst Edvax prepared the meal. The vehicle was on auto and slowly ploughed through the jungle in a search for life. After about half an hour Wacka stood up.

“I am just going to check on the animals Edvax.”

“Okay.” replied Edvax.

Wacka went into the loading bay.

“Soo here sir.” said a robot.

“Jammy here sir.” said the other robot.

“How are our patients?” asked Wacka.

“All three are doing well sir.” replied Soo.

Wacka went to the cage where the woodpecker was, the bird looked healthy and a lot cleaner than when he first saw it. The robots had placed a log in the cage for the bird to peck at, there was a big hole in the log and dust on the floor of the cage, obviously the bird had been busy. But why do they do that? Why do they make holes in trees? These were intriguing unanswered questions. Wacka was going to study the bird and he might even find a mate for it to get the right answers.

He then went over to the male tiger it was sat down on the floor of the cage. Wacka looked into its eyes and wondered what it may be thinking, the tiger gave a loud roar which made Wacka jump, and then the female tiger did the same thing. Wacka knew that these were truly wild animals and they could never be safely approached in the wild, or in here for that matter.

A voice sounded over the tannoy.

“Wacka grub up come and get it.”

Wacka stood up and left the loading bay. When he arrived in the galley the food was on the table he sat down and licked his lips in anticipation.

“That looks absolutely mouth-watering, what is it?” asked Wacka.

“It is meat and potato pie with fresh vegetables and oxtonian gravy, served with a glass of iced water.” replied Edvax.

“Edvax you absolutely amaze me sometimes, with all that you have been through in the last few days and here we are trillions of miles away from home and still you have the enthusiasm to create beautiful homemade food. I salute your good nature and happy outlook of life.”

“Wacka you practically saved my life, so this is my way of showing my appreciation.”

They ate their meal in silence and savoured every morsel, both patted their belly’s, they were replete.

An alarm sounded in the vehicle, they stood up.

“Back to work Wacka.” said Edvax.

They ran out of the galley and into the cockpit. Albatross contacted them.

“There is life in front seventy five yards to the left.”

The seedanauts looked for any signs of the life.

“Stop the vehicle,” shouted Edvax.

“The life is another seventy yards away, what’s up?” asked Wacka.

“I don’t believe what I can see, it cannot be true. Wacka please tell me that I am dreaming.”

“Edvax I do not know what you are talking about.”

“Over there on the floor near that bare tree, it is an orchid, this planet has already got orchids, it can’t be true it is impossible. The orchid is native to Perfectus and it only grows on other planets when Perfectusian’s have planted it there and to my knowledge no Perfectusian has been here before us.”

“Are you sure it is an orchid?” asked Wacka.

“We have to go get it and do some checks on it. I am ninety nine point nine percent sure it is an orchid. Wacka if it is then we will have discovered something unique about life in the universe.”

“What do you mean unique?” asked Wacka.

“It means that life can be replicated on other planets if the eco system of two planets is similar, in other words you could have two identical plants growing on planets that are separated by millions of light years and we know that seeds cannot escape from a planet on their own so it must be nature she must be the one that controls life on all of the planets in the known universe. Come on lets go get that plant.”

The two seedanauts went to the loading bay, both initiated their force fields and opened the outer doors. Edvax was the first out and rushed towards the plant

“Shit I cannot pick it up without taking my field off.” said Edvax.

“I’ll get Soo to come out and pick it up.” said Wacka.

“That is a good idea Wacka.”

Wacka contacted Soo and asked the robot to come out to meet them.

It was not long before the robot arrived.

“Soo here sir.”

“Soo, I want you to carefully pick that plant up and place it in a sealed container make sure you do not damage any roots and get a good amount of the soil with it.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

The robot went back to the vehicle and brought a container for the plant and then carefully dug it up. Edvax watched with great anticipation. He would have to wait until they got back to the shuttle before he could examine the plant fully; it was a task he was greatly looking forward to. The two seedanauts followed Soo back to the vehicle and went straight to the cockpit to commence looking for the life that had been scanned sixty yards away. Albatross contacted them.

“The life has moved further away and is now one hundred yards to the front of your vehicle.”

Wacka put the vehicle on auto and kept a close look outside for any sign of it. Edvax was in a bit of a daydream scenario and Wacka snapped him out of it.

“Edvax wake up.”

“Sorry I was miles away.”

“Do you know what it means if life can replicate itself on worlds millions of miles apart?” asked Edvax.

“Yes it means there could be another world out there in the universe which has an identical Wacka and Edvax living on it.” replied Wacka.

Edvax laughed at his mates comments, but soon realised it could be possible but highly unlikely.

“Wacka it means that there could already be True Human life on other planets doing exactly the same thing as we are doing, if that plant is a true orchid then the possibility of there being worlds populated with humans that are no relation to us are quite good.”

“Edvax lets concentrate on the mission in hand and find this life that is somewhere in front of us.”

“Yes you are right Wacka, I must stop letting my imagination wander.”

Albatross contacted them.

“The life is twenty yards in front of the vehicle.” said Albatross.

“Wacka stop when it is ten yards in front of us and we will send Jammy out for a look.”

“Okay boss.”

“The life is ten yards in front.” said Albatross.

The vehicle stopped and Edvax went to the loading bay and asked Jammy to go out and scout around the area in front of the vehicle, then Edvax went back to the cockpit so he could see what was happening outside.

It was not long before Jammy was scouting around, the robot was in very deep vegetation and they could only just see his head. The other robot called Soo took the opportunity to release some rats and mice into the area and also planted a few of the plants that they had brought. Jammy reported back to the vehicle.

“Jammy here sir, I have found the life and estimate that there are fifteen of the creatures in the local area all seem to be asleep.”

“What type of life is it?” asked Edvax.

“It is the same as the mankeys we encountered the last time, but a different family.” replied the robot.

Edvax and Wacka jumped off their seats waving their arms into the air and started cheering and singing.

“We have found some more life today, dee dor, dee dor. We have found some more life today, dee dor doo dar day. dee dor doo dar day. dee dor doo dar day. We have found some more life today, dee dor doo dar day.” both of them sang this chorus and danced for several moments and then they went to the loading bay to prepare for implantation of the D.N.A. into the family of mankeys, but this time they would be much more careful.

“Jammy come back and get a freezer unit.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” replied the robot.

“We will take both robots with us and when we have frozen them then they can carry the mankeys back to the vehicle. We will work on them inside the vehicle then we will not have to take our force fields off whilst outside of the vehicle.” said Edvax.

“Good thinking Edvax.”

Edvax, Wacka, Jammy and Soo were all armed with a freezer unit. They started to comb the area and soon located and froze the animals at every opportunity; the mankeys were all asleep at the time, including the two male silver backs that were with them. It was not long before they had captured all fifteen. It was Soo and Jammy’s job to transport the creatures back to the vehicle. Edvax and Wacka went back to get their equipment ready for the procedure of injecting the D.N.A. and other ingredients into the mankeys. Three were too young for the process so they were left to one side whilst the rest were operated on. It was not long before they were put on the operating table and seen to one by one. The first one was a large silverback male, his testicles were extremely big.

“Wacka look at these, they are nearly as big as mine were after three months of space travel.” said Edvax whilst laughing.

“One thing is for sure, that mankey has got balls.” said Wacka.

Both of them laughed, the two robots just stood there like lemons both must be wondering what the two seedanauts were laughing at.

“Soo will you go and prepare me and Wacka some food and let us know when it is ready, a couple of dodo sandwiches will do.”

“Yes sir.” said Soo.

Edvax and Wacka worked hard on the animals and took a break after the seventh one.

“The sandwiches are ready sir.” said Soo.

“Come on Wacka, let’s have a break.”

They washed and went into the galley and had something to eat and drink.

They could see the jungle from the galley window, it was raining heavily. The two seedanauts were silent as they ate their dodo sandwiches. Soo may be a robot but she could make good food.

“I wonder what Patreena and Junifer are doing at this moment.” said Wacka.

“They will be watching the recording of me and you with the dreaded woodpecker. I’ll wager both of them will be screaming and crying when they see the bird fly directly into my face.” said Edvax.

“I’ll tell you what Edvax. I nearly screamed when I saw it happen and a tear did come down my cheek. I honestly thought you were going to die and leave me alone on this planet.”

“You are a good friend Wacka, you saved my life. My eye is still very sore and sometimes the pain is quite severe, but we are born survivors and we are learning about survival all of the time. We should be using the robots a bit more and come to think of it when Blayer and Boosh come back I will ask Albatross to send some more robots down.”

“Good idea Edvax, the robot called Runt is a bit on the lazy side I wonder if that robot is a stack short of a few memory chips.”

“More likely Runt is a chip short of a full bag.” said Edvax whilst laughing his head off.

“Yer Runt is lacking the sense he was created with.” said Wacka whilst laughing.

“Wacka what do you get if you cut up three robots and then make one robot?”

“I don’t know Edvax.”

“You get a Dunconduty-Fanny with a Runt on top.”

Both the seedanauts were rolling about on the floor laughing, neither could stop their merry mirth. The pain in Edvax’s eye had gone; tears of laughter were rolling down his other eye.

“Edvax what do you get if you cross the robot called Acacia and the cyborg called Boosh.”

“I don’t know Wacka, but please tell me.”

“You get an AcaciaBoosh.”

“What is a bloody AcaciaBoosh?” asked Edvax.

“It is a wild tree with attractive yellow or white flowers.” replied Wacka in a sort of serious voice which made Edvax start laughing again.

“You need a haircut Wacka your hair is touching your shoulders.”

“Get Albatross to send Dunconduty down with the other robots and then we can both have a haircut and brush up. We both look like the mankeys that were are treating.” said Wacka.

“Come on let’s get back to work, we still have another five mankeys to operate on and I want to examine that orchid lookalike to see if it is an orchid.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts went back to the loading bay and carried on with their task, it was still raining outside. After several hours they were finished and the robots carried the mankeys back to where they were found, they were then defrosted and were unaware of what had happened to them. All the family had electronic implants in them so that the seedanauts could keep track of them.

Edvax started to examine the orchid using D.N.A. and x-ray techniques it was not long before he realised it was not an orchid.

“Wacka this is not an orchid, it is a very close relation but the plant internal structure is slightly different.”

“That is a bit of a relief then Edvax.” said Wacka.

“Not really, I was hoping it was an orchid but alas it is not. I will still take it back home to Perfectus to study and propagate; after all it is still a beautiful plant.”

“Yes it is, I think Patreena would like one of them in her garden.” said Wacka.

“Let’s lock up and go to bed, I am tired out.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts went to bed; the vehicle was left parked up.

Seventeen Earth hours later and Wacka woke up; he went straight into the shower cubicle and had a cool shower. He was thinking of the time he was in the lake with Patreena on the island of Atelier, the coldness of the shower water had reminded him of those precious moments, ‘one day I will take her back there’- “he thought to himself while smiling.”

Edvax awoke ten minutes later he also went into the shower but did not stay in it too long. Edvax was allergic to cold water and had no intention of revelling in it. He could hear is mate singing. ‘I wonder what Wacka is so happy about’- “he thought to himself.”

Edvax was the first to reach the galley and he started to make some breakfast for the two of them, he could still hear Wacka singing. Edvax shouted for Jammy.

“Jammy here sir.” said the robot as it entered the galley.

“Jammy go tell Wacka that breakfast is ready.”

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

A few minutes later and Wacka walked into the galley whistling.

“What are you so happy about?” asked Edvax

“I had a beautiful dream last night and when I was in the shower I remembered the time when me and Patreena were swimming in the lake on the island of Atelier, you remember Edvax when we caught you and Junifer naked.”

“Oh yes I will never forget that day, me and Junifer thought we were the only ones on that island and at the time when you two appeared we were just about to make passionate love.” said Edvax.

“Edvax, when we go home to Perfectus we can all go back to the Golden Isles and stay there for a month, we will leave you two on your own for a full day on the island of Atelier then you can make love until the dodos come home.” said Wacka seriously.

“Wacka we will do just that, now eat your breakfast.”

Both the seedanauts sat down and ate their dodo boiled eggs with four slices of toast. Edvax finished eating.

“I will go and get the vehicle moving Wacka.”

“Okay boss.”

Edvax went out of the galley and into the cockpit and put the vehicle on auto, he then went to check on the tigers and the woodpecker.

“Soo here sir.” said a robot as Edvax walked past it.

He went into the loading bay both the tigers were asleep the woodpecker was pecking at some wood; he walked over to look at it.

“Now then you little twat, look what you did to my face. Not a pretty sight is it?”

The woodpecker just carried on pecking and never even looked at Edvax. He went over to the tiger’s cage; the male tiger opened its eyes and looked directly at Edvax. It put its tongue out and licked its lips in a sort of hungry gesture.

“You can lick your lips until the dodo comes home but you will never eat me.” said Edvax to the tiger.

The tiger gave Edvax a very long deep stare as if to say “Just give me one chance.”

A shiver went down Edvax’s spine and he decided to leave the animals in peace as the robots would be feeding them soon. He went back up into the cockpit. Wacka was in the driving seat looking out of the window.

“Wacka them tigers give me the creeps I cannot wait until we have operated on them and released them into the wild.”

“It all takes time Edvax, all the animals that we are introducing to this planet will be Human friendly, it is only the native animals that are hostile.”

“What if they turn nasty like the ones on Earth?” asked Edvax.

“If we have done our job properly then there will be no nastiness in any of the animals in a couple of hundred thousand years or so.”

“My mind is on the mankey that escaped, he could destroy all the work we have done.” said Edvax sounding a bit concerned.

“Like I said before, if it happens it happens and there is nothing we can do about it. It will be up to the Council for True Human Life to make a decision about whether to initiate the rats and mice and destroy them. Now just forget about it and relax.” said Wacka.

Albatross contacted the intrepid seedanauts.

“There is a large river two hundred yards to the right of the vehicle, there is life in this river.” said Albatross.

“Lets investigate.” said Edvax.

Wacka changed course and headed for the river. Edvax contacted the robots in the vehicle.

“Jammy have you fed the tigers, the woodpecker and the other animals?” asked Edvax.

“Yes sir.” the robot replied.

“Good, I want you and Soo to prepare to do an underwater survey. We are heading for a large river and there is life in it that we want to study.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said Jammy.

Edvax and Wacka were getting excited at the prospect of doing an underwater survey in this river; it would give them all vital experience for when they have to do the same thing in the open sea.

All the alarms were sounding, there were numerous life sightings.

“Wacka get as close as you can to the bank of the river without putting the vehicle in danger.” said Edvax.

“Yes boss.” said Wacka.

The vehicle was parked up. Edvax and Wacka looked out of the cockpit window in awe at the sight of the wonderful and strange wildlife that was near the river. Animals that were both large and small, some with strange long necks, some with strange long noses. Some were in the river itself with massive jaws and teeth to match.

“Edvax we will have to be very careful here, some of those creatures look very ferocious. We should use the robots to explore the area first, even with our force fields on I think we could be in danger.” said Wacka sounding very concerned.

“You are right Wacka; we need to be extra vigilant.”

“Soo, Jammy, are you ready?” asked Edvax.

“Yes sir.” replied both robots.

The robots did not have force fields to protect them, but they were a lot stronger and more robust than True Humans and they could be repaired by the cyborgs or the other robots if damaged, both robots would be armed with freezer units just in case.

“I want you to roam the local area first and then go into the water to see what is in the river.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said both the robots.

They opened the outer doors and the robots walked out both together, the river was only twenty yards away. Edvax released some of the rats and mice into the area and logged it on the computer so that the robots would not release more. Wacka was keeping a close eye on the robots progress; it was so quiet in the vehicle that you could hear a pin drop. Edvax called into the toilet to release the pressure on his bowels. Wacka was transfixed to the window watching Soo and Jammy.

Albatross contacted them.

“Blayer and Boosh have made contact and they want to know what to name the planet second nearest to the Sun.” said Albatross.

“Albatross you scared me half to death, I was totally transfixed on the two robots and all was quiet in here until you put the fear of God into me.” said Wacka whilst shaking.

“Sorry sir, but with all due respect I have a job to do.” replied Albatross.

“Call it Venus and the next time announce yourself a bit quieter.” said Wacka.

“Yes sir.” said Albatross.

Edvax walked back into the cockpit, he saw that Wacka was bit dishevelled and touchy.

“What’s up with you?” asked Edvax.

“That bloody Albatross has just put the wind up me by announcing himself at top volume.” replied Wacka.

Edvax laughed at his mate’s seriousness of voice.

“He is only doing his job Wacka.”

“Yer yer yer, hot dog, hot dog, go get me a bloody hot dog.” said Wacka.

Edvax realised his mate was a bit perturbed by what had happened so he decided to leave him alone with his thoughts for a while. He went to check on the animals in the loading bay. Both the tigers were awake; they were roaring at each other as though they were communicating, the woodpecker was still pecking at his piece of wood. ‘I must get a female woodpecker soon’- thought Edvax. After several minutes contemplation he went back to the cockpit.

Wacka was still transfixed to the window. Edvax sat at the side of him. Wacka turned his head around and faced Edvax.

“I am sorry for being such a twat Edvax, but these robots and cyborgs at times seem to get on my nerves for some reason.”

“Wacka my old fruit and nutcase it is no problem, Thomus the councillor from the seeds of True Human Life Council told us before we were due to come here that the light was close to the red spectrum and this itself could be a cause of your short -tempered-ness.”

“Yes that is true but I snapped at that robot on the mother ship on the way here.” said Wacka.

Edvax patted Wacka on the shoulder.

“Let’s just get on with the job and if you feel the need to let of some steam then do it; the robots are only robots at the end of the day.” said Edvax.

Both the seedanauts put their arms around each other and hugged tightly.

“I need some exercise Edvax.” said Wacka.

“Put your field on and go and do some jogging around the vehicle.” said Edvax.

“Yes, I think I will do just that.” said Wacka.

Whilst Wacka was outside, Edvax contacted Albatross.

“Albatross, I want you and the others to take extra care when contacting Wacka, because he is at a low ebb at the moment and we need to be a bit more compassionate with him.”

“Yes sir.” replied Albatross.

Edvax kept his one eye on the two robots whilst Wacka was jogging. The robots had already frozen several animals but Edvax was not able to identify them as yet, but he did identify a small bird on a tree pecking away at the bark, it was another woodpecker.

“Soo, there is a woodpecker directly above your head on the tree, freeze it and bring it back here.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Soo instantly saw the bird and captured it without any problems. Edvax was over the two moons about obtaining a second woodpecker. Soo carried the bird and another animal back to the vehicle and then the robot went back out into the jungle. Edvax placed the bird into another cage and put it at the side of the other woodpeckers cage, he then defrosted the woodpecker. He was going to allow the birds to get to know each other before putting them in the same cage. He went to see what the other animal was. After close examination he realised it was a small mankey so he defrosted it and released it back into the jungle. Edvax then went back to the cockpit and carried on looking out of the window. Every now and again Wacka went in front of and by-passed the window. Soo and Jammy were at the edge of the river and preparing to go in; at this point they initiated cameras on their heads so Edvax would be able to watch their every move on a monitor. Soo was the first in the crystal clear water closely followed by Jammy. There was a large group of animals in the middle of the river, some of the animals were segregated from the others, they seemed to be relaxing with their massive mouths wide open, fish were going inside their mouths and were eating morsels of food from the teeth and tongue of these strange enormous creatures, smaller fish were going in-between the creatures toes and nibbling at them, it was as if the large animal was aware of and comfortable with what the fish were doing. There was a bit of a commotion further down river, the robots focussed onto the din. One of the bigger male creatures was attacking a young one, it was only a baby its mother was going frantic. Edvax contacted Soo.

“Soo that large male is trying to kill the baby for some reason. I want you to freeze it now.” said Edvax.

Soo got out her freezer weapon and fired at the large male animal to prevent it from killing the young one, unfortunately it was too late the baby was dead and was floating lifeless. Its mother went over to try and get it to move, she nudged it several times with her massive nose but it did not respond, eventually she left it and it slowly floated to the bottom of the river, several long bodied prehistoric like animals started to eat the baby.

Edvax was absolutely gutted, he had just witnessed infanticide something that he had never seen before. Infanticide was unknown of on Perfectus, people will be shocked to learn of it on this planet. How can any animal kill its young? Why did this animal do it? The baby could not have been a threat to the large creature. Edvax came to his own conclusion after watching the large male go back to the main group it seemed to be parading itself in front of them, it is showing them who is boss, that is the reason, the creature is merely being an aggressive cowardly bully.

“Soo, Jammy, come out of the water it is too dangerous in there and we have seen enough.” said Edvax.

The two robots started to move for the edge of the river when another commotion started to unfold, this time it was closer to the robots, it was getting quite murky underwater and nobody could see exactly what was happening. Edvax could see another male on Soo’s monitor, it was attacking Jammy.

“Soo behind you there is a large male attacking Jammy.” said Edvax.

Soo turned around and struggled to see through the murky water, she changed to infra-red vision. Now Soo could clearly see the animal, the robot put her weapon on shock mode and fired it directly at the animal, this made the creature yelp and it swam away quickly. Jammy was badly damaged so Soo had to lift him up and carry him back to the edge of the river. Edvax informed Wacka of what had happened and they both went to help the two robots get out of the water. Jammy was in a bit of a bad state his left arm was hanging off and the contents of the middle of his body were hanging out. Soo carried him back to the vehicle.

“He needs to be repaired and serviced.” said Edvax.

“We should call it a day and go back to the shuttle.” said Wacka.

“Soo what other animals did you freeze before going into the water?” asked Edvax.

“We froze seven other animals’ sir and all are over by the tree where we caught the woodpecker.” replied the robot.

“Go get them, we are going back to the shuttle for a well earned rest.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Soo brought the animals back to the vehicle and Edvax examined them.

“Defrost and release that one, it is a small mankey and is of no use. The others can be put in cages in the vehicle.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” said the robot.

Wacka went to the cockpit and awaited instructions to start the journey back to the shuttle. Soo had finished loading the animals and Edvax closed the outer doors. He then went to the cockpit.

“Okay Wacka lets get going.” said Edvax.

Wacka turned the vehicle around and they set off back the way they had come. Albatross contacted the seedanauts.

“There is life one hundred yards to the left of the vehicle.”

“Yer well, let it stay there we have had enough for today so we are heading back to the shuttle.” said Edvax.

Edvax and Wacka were both feeling a bit drained out; their motivation and energy levels were a bit low. Edvax knew they had to take a break somewhere where it is safe to walk around without a force field.

“Wacka we need to get away from work and the robots for a while, do you fancy taking a break?” asked Edvax.

“Do bears have picnics in the woods? Do fairies exist on Perfectus? Do the stars shine at night? Of course I would like a break.” replied Wacka.

Edvax contacted Albatross.

“Albatross I want you to scan the whole planet and find a place where me and Wacka can go for a holiday, it must be a warm place without any dangerous creatures preferably close to the sea, we will take some of the Albatrosses and Eagles with us to release them into the wild.” said Edvax.

“Yes sir.” replied the cyborg.

“Get him to send shuttle number two down.” said Wacka.

“I have a better idea. I will send Soo back up with Jammy in shuttle number one and Soo can come back with the shuttle number two, also I will get Albatross to send another couple of robots down to carry on with our work whilst we are away.”

“Edvax that is a brilliant idea and I praise you for it.”

Edvax informed Albatross that it will take four hours to get to the shuttle and they would be having a kip when they got there. He told him what to do about the shuttles. When the two seedanauts arrived at the clearing where the shuttles were, they left all the work to the robots and went straight to bed.

An hour passed and Soo was ready to take off with the shuttle number one. Soo initiated the engines and took off and headed for the mother-ship with Jammy.

Edvax and Wacka were both fast asleep in shuttle number ten.

Fifteen hours later Edvax and Wacka woke up, everything was ready for their holiday, shuttle number two was parked outside and it was full of different types of equipment for enjoying life on holiday. Both the seedanauts had a good look around the shuttle before having something to eat. Both were happy with what they could see in the shuttle. They were in the galley when Albatross contacted them.

“I have found the ideal place for your vacation; it is an island that is in a group of four islands. The island is kidney shaped and it has an active volcano on one end and an array of beautiful beaches on the other end. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. It is twenty five sectrons in length and seventeen sectrons in width. I have initiated a force field covering two hundred and twenty five square sectrons on the beachy end of the island, please be aware there is no force field at the end where the volcano is situated. There are no dangerous animals on this island but there could be danger in the sea or from poisonous insects. Do you want to give the island a name for the record books?”

“Albatross you are a genius, we both appreciate your devotion to your job. I want you to call the island, Atlantis.” said Edvax.

“You can depart whenever you are ready; the location and grid reference of the island are in the shuttle computer. Have a nice trip and please be careful if you go into the sea.” said Albatross.

The two seedanauts carried on eating their breakfast

“I won’t be going into the sea without a submersible.” said Edvax.

“I may nip in for a swim but I will stay close to the shore.” said Wacka.

“There will be a stream or river to swim in Wacka.”

“Come on let’s get going, I can’t wait to get there and get away from these robots.” said Wacka.

Both the seedanauts went out of the galley.

“I will just check on the animals before we set off.” said Edvax.

“Okay boss, I will meet you in the shuttle.” said Wacka.

Edvax went into the loading bay and went to all the cages one by one. All the animals were in good health. The female sabre toothed tiger was pregnant. Edvax realised it would not be long before the seeds of life that they had been planting would bring new life to the planet Earth. He walked out of the shuttle number ten feeling content and happy. He then walked into shuttle number two where Wacka was waiting; he sat down next to Wacka.

“The tiger is pregnant.” said Edvax proudly.

Wacka looked at his mate and leant over to shake his hand.

“Congratulations Edvax, you have done a marvellous job.”

Wacka initiated the engines and the shuttle lifted off. It was a beautiful sunny day. When the shuttle reached cruising height and speed Wacka put the controls on auto. For a while both of them just stared out of the window, both were deep in thought, both were feeling content.

Several hours went by, the shuttle started to lose altitude. Wacka realised they were at their destination, he took the controls off auto and manoeuvred the shuttle towards the island of Atlantis. The force field on the island had been switched off by Albatross so that the shuttle could land. There was a small flat area close to the sea, Wacka landed the shuttle there. Albatross re-initiated the force field.

The two seedanauts immediately left the shuttle to look around their holiday island. They could see the volcano in the distance; it was smoking but not erupting. It was a relief for them to be able to relax and walk around without their personal force fields on. Wacka started to run along the beautiful white sandy beach. Edvax sat down on a log and relaxed. This was going to be the nearest thing to being at home on Perfectus and both of them had every intention of enjoying the mini break from work

Wacka was running along the beach and through the seawater, he could see some caves a few yards inland, he knew that he and Edvax would explore those caves, he carried on running down the edge of the sea he was in his element, and his self esteem was good, his confidence was strong; his fitness was at its peak, he carried on running for several sectrons before turning around and going back.

Edvax was also in his element, for he was asleep on the beach, he was dreaming of Perfectus, he was also relaxed and content. His dream was about his childhood days exploring his local woods looking for fossils and strange wildlife. Wolves would come up to him and lick his face, he could see birds in the trees chirping and whistling. He could see fairies flying about with the dragon flies. He could see women dancing naked in the tall grass, one of them came up to him and beckoned him to dance.

“Edvax wake up, wake up.”

Edvax awoke from his dream; he was not too happy about being awoken.

“Wacka you pillock, I was having a beautiful dream then you woke me up.”

“Edvax there is some caves down there; we should go and explore them.”

“We will, but not today. Now let me to go back to sleep.”

Wacka decided to run down the other way on the beach; he left Edvax to his dreams.

There was a loud bang and Wacka looked in the direction of the sound to see what was happening, it was the volcano that had made the noise, there was smoke and some sort of minor eruption. Wacka ignored it and carried on running; he knew that if it was serious then Albatross would inform them.

Wacka stopped for a few moments rest, he sat on a rock at the edge of the sea, he saw a fossil on the sand and picked it up. It was about the same size as his hand and was round, it was in very good condition and well detailed, he decided to keep it for a souvenir. The sea was very calm; it looked almost flat with just a gentle ripple. Several birds were in the sky just above him, they were squawking and seemed to be fighting over some food that one had in its beak. They looked remarkably similar to the Albatrosses that they had brought to the planet, but their wingspan was a lot smaller. He stood up carried on running along the beach.

Edvax was fast asleep, he was once again dreaming, but unfortunately it was not the same dream as he was having before, this time he was dreaming about the accident, it was more of a nightmare than a dream. The woodpecker that crashed into his face was bigger and in his dream it totally destroyed his face. He was sweating profusely and shaking, eventually the dream became so frightening for Edvax that he awoke screaming in terror. Nobody could hear or see his torment. Albatross was busy doing other things. Wacka was sectrons away.

Edvax stood up like a pair of curtains and pulled himself together; he then went into the shuttle and had a hot shower.

Wacka was still running as hard as he could, the sheer energy that he was using was enough to generate electricity, his bodyweight was less than when he had set off, he decided to turn around and go back. But first he sat on a log and had a rest. He had his head in his hands and was thinking about things in general, he started to get an itchy sensation in his arse, he stood up and looked back at his backside, he could see loads of little insects crawling all over him, he panicked as they bit him, he started jumping up in the air and was frantically brushing the little creatures off his arse, the sea was close by and he realised it was his saviour so he ran towards it and jumped in, the little creatures were immediately washed off, he walked back out of the sea and started to run back to base. He was thinking to himself on the way, “Fooking Albatross the twat, he told us there were no dangerous animals on this island. I would call an animal that bites a human’s arse a dangerous animal. Fooking Albatross the twat.”

Edvax was out of the shower and making something for the two seedanauts to eat, he was unaware of what had just happened to Wacka. The food he was preparing was just basic dodo egg and chips, but it was their favourite meal.

Wacka came running into the shuttle and he was rubbing his arse.

“What’s up with you?” asked Edvax.

“I got ants in my pants.” replied Wacka.

Edvax started to laugh.

“What do you mean ants in your pants?”

“I sat on a log for a rest and all these little black insects with six legs and sharp pincers started to bite my arse. That twat Albatross told us there were no dangerous animals on this island.”

Wacka showed Edvax the damage to his arse. Edvax laughed out loud as he looked at his mates red raw anus.

“You are not having much luck with your arse on this trip are you Wacka?”

“Edvax it is not funny, my arse is as sore as Fook and its Albatross’s fault.”

“It is not Albatross’s fault, he only scanned the island for dangerous life threatening creatures, the insects that you call ants are not life threatening, all you need is a good wash and a bit of cream on your arse.”

Wacka went into the wash room and had a shower before eating his meal. Edvax went outside of the shuttle and roamed around until his buddy had finished. Both then sat down and ate their well cooked meal.

“How is it now?” asked Edvax.

“It is a lot better but it still a bit red.”

“Look on the bright side at least you have got both your eyes.”

“Yes that is true, but I still say Albatross is a twat.”

Both of them laughed and then ate their meal in silence and went to bed for an early night.

The next morning and Wacka was up early doing his exercise routines. Edvax slept a bit longer. After a short while Wacka came back into the shuttle and went to wake Edvax up.

“Edvax wake up, we should set off early to explore those caves.”

“Wacka, why do you always wake me up when I am having a nice dream?”

“Edvax, you could always recreate your dreams by using the daydream method.”

“Are you saying that it works this far away from home?”

“Yes it does, I have done it several times myself.”

“I wish you had told me a bit earlier.”

“Come on Edvax get up and we’ll have breakfast and then set off to the caves.”

“Okay, but you are preparing it this time.”

Wacka went into the galley and produced a basic breakfast for him and Edvax. Both sat down and consumed it quickly.

“We need to take some locating lights and a beacon so that Albatross knows where we are.” said Edvax.

“I have already packed them up.” said Wacka.

“Good that means we can set off now.”

Both of them walked out of the shuttle and towards the caves.

“Are they far?” asked Edvax.

“About six sectrons it should only take about an hour to get there.” said Wacka.

“Come on lets run a bit of the way.” said Edvax.

The seedanauts started to run on the beach, it was a beautiful hot day with no wind and the sea gently rippled the seashore. It was not long before they reached the caves; they rested for a while outside the largest cave.

“We will put the beacon here, then we will place lights at half a sectron intervals inside the cave.” said Edvax.

Wacka put the beacon outside of the large cave and switched it on, it made a few bleeping noises and settled down.

The two seedanauts entered the cave; it was well lit up with natural light for as far as they could see. The cave had a slight incline, they walked slowly down, after a short distance Wacka noticed something shiny in the cave wall, he prised it out of the wall with his knife.

“What is it?” asked Edvax.

“I not right sure, it looks like some sort of gemstone.” replied Wacka.

“Keep it for analysis.” said Edvax.

As they got deeper into the cave it got darker and they had to use their lights. They found more of the shiny rocks in the cave.

Edvax stopped and started to dig into the wall.

“What are you doing?” asked Wacka.

“I am signing my name for future generations to discover and then they will wonder at the spectacle.” replied Edvax.

“You cannot date it Edvax so how can they know when it was created?”

“There are certain things in life that can be dated if you have the right tools to do it, I will leave a few clues for the new humans to make it easy for them.”

Edvax carried on digging into the stone wall and was creating his name and Wacka’s, he forged it deeply and put a message in binary code at the side of it, then he placed an ampoule full of the D.N.A. of A True Human Being at the side of it. He stood back and admired his creation, and then he sealed it with a special solution to make it last for millions of years.

“When the humans find Atlantis they will explore it like we did and then they will get the biggest surprise of their entire life.” said Edvax.

“Yer, just like we did on the red planet.” said Wacka

“Two clues is enough, if the new humans don’t work it out from that then they are not True Humans.” said Edvax.

They carried on deeper into the cave; it was getting warmer and warmer as they got deeper and deeper. Both were sweating.

“Let’s sit down for a rest and a bite to eat.” said Edvax.

“Good idea boss.” said Wacka.

Wacka placed a location light in the middle of the cave. Edvax got the sandwiches and drinks out. Both sat down and chatted whilst eating.

“Have you ever been in a cave on Perfectus.” asked Wacka.

“No, I haven’t.” replied Edvax.

“I have been in quite a few on our planet, but none as deep as this one, it is so large and roomy. Most caves on Perfectus are hard to go down due to the lack of space. I wonder if this cave ever ends.”

“It must stop somewhere Wacka, don’t forget this planet has a molten core and that also explains the rise in temperature.”

“I have not seen any fossils or animal bones down here as yet.” said Wacka.

“No, I haven’t either.”

The two seedanauts got up and restarted their journey down into the cave; the shiny gemstones were now abundant. They picked up some more of the best samples, some were red, some were green; a lot were as clear as ice. There was a large cavern to the left, they could hear strange noises coming from it, as they got closer they got a strong sense of smell from the cavern, they looked inside but did not enter it, they placed a light at the entrance and it lit up half of the cavern. There were literally thousands if not millions of bats in the cavern; all were oblivious of the seedanauts presence. The floor itself seemed to be moving on closer inspection Edvax could see large black insects feeding off the bats shit and the smell was awful.

“We won’t bother going in there Wacka.” said Edvax.

“I was hoping you would say that.” he replied.

They walked past the cavern and carried on down into the cave, both were shrugging their shoulders as though someone had walked over their grave. The sight of the bats and insects made their flesh creep; both of them kept scratching their own backs, but they kept going until they came to a dead end.

“It is a dead end.” said Edvax.

“It can’t be, I don’t believe it, all this way for nothing.” said Wacka.

“That’s how it goes Wacka; at least we got some shiny rocks for our troubles and anyway what were you expecting to find?”

“I thought we may find some sort of evidence of life or at least some fossils.” said Wacka.

They sat down for a rest and discussed what to do next.

“Let’s go back out of the cave and relax on the beach for a while.” said Wacka.

“Okay.” said Edvax.

They set off at a faster pace than they were going when they entered the cave. They picked up the locating lights on the way; it was not long before they were back on the beach.

Edvax sat down on a rock. Wacka stood up for a while.

“Watch you don’t get ants in your pants Edvax.” said Wacka.

“What time is it?” asked Edvax.

“I haven’t a clue.” replied Wacka.

“The Sun is quite high in the sky so it must be dinnertime.” said Edvax.

“We have only just eaten in the cave.” said Wacka.

“Yes but that was only a sandwich, my stomach is now asking for a proper meal.” said Edvax.

“I will go for a quick swim first and then we will go for some dinner.” said Wacka. as he ran into the sea.

Edvax sat there watching his best mate swim about in the clear blue sea; he started laughing when he saw Wacka bang his head on a floating log. He started to think about Junifer and what she may be doing at that moment in time, he thought of all the good times that they had experienced over the last five hundred years, he thought of his children and wondered if he had got any grandchildren. It had been forty six years since they had left Perfectus anything could have happened in that time. He remembered the time when his son in law got his arse stuck in a hole in the ground when they were on the island of Purity, in an instant he felt a sharp pain on the top of his head.

Wacka was still in the sea swimming, he was unaware of the dreadful occurrence on the beach. He tried to go as deep as he dare and never saw the danger approaching from behind. Wacka was at his fittest and was swimming hard and deep. He was ready for food and started to go back up to the surface, he was taken by surprise when something held him back, struggling to free himself from whatever it was made him use the little oxygen that was in his lungs, he glimpsed the thing that was holding him back and he nearly died of shock, but he passed out. What he had seen was Boosh the cyborg. The cyborg was on a mission to kill Wacka and it looked like he had succeeded. Wacka’s lifeless body floated to the bottom of the sea, he had died before he could say goodbye to his best mate, he had died alone, he had died on an Alien planet. Boosh the cyborg was a killer.

On the beach Blayer was standing over Edvax’s body, his metal weapon that he had used to split Edvax’s skull in two was still in the cyborgs hand. Edvax’s lifeless body was on the floor with horrible injuries to his head, the camera that was in his forehead had also been split in two; this meant that the scene was not recorded.

The cyborgs had turned against the seedanauts when they returned from their mission to plot the remaining planets in the solar system. They had planned it between them to take over the new planet Earth and make it their own.

Albatross was also a victim of the two killer cyborgs as they disposed of the mother ship by sending it on a course directly into the Sun, all evidence of the two cyborgs survival was to be destroyed. Nobody would know they existed. It was a perfect plan to control their own world and do whatever they wanted. Time was now on their side and all they had to do was wait and see how and when the sub humans evolve. They had plans to go into hibernation for a million years or so and then wake up and control this world.

Chapter Six.

Six months later back on the planet Perfectus.

Junifer was oblivious of what had happened to her husband on the planet Earth, as far as she was concerned he was in the safe hands of his best mate Wacka.

Junifer was on her own relaxing in the back garden. She had a two piece swimsuit on and was laid on an air bed looking up to the sky, at her side was a small table with a drink on it, she took a sip of the drink and noticed an air taxi hovering above her home. This was an unusual sight because air taxis do not usually hover; it was as if the passenger in this particular taxi was pensive about landing, she could not take her eyes off the taxi. After several minutes the taxi started to descend and to her amazement landed in her back garden. She stood up to go see who it was. A tall well built man got out of the taxi, she realised it was Adonis the leader of the Council for True Human Life. Her heart skipped a beat and she felt slightly uneasy. Adonis had not been to her home for forty odd years, ‘Why is he here now?

Junifer went to greet her visitor.

“Hello Junifer how are you?” asked Adonis.

“I am fine Adonis and how are you?”

“We have a problem and it is only right that we inform you and Patreena of the developments. Could you get Patreena to come over here so we can all talk together?”

“I will ask her now, please come inside.”

Junifer went to the monitor and sent Patreena a light message and asked her to come over A.S.A.P.

“Would you like a drink Adonis?” asked Junifer.

“I will have a double marteeno on the rocks please.” replied Adonis.

Junifer got the drinks and sat down opposite Adonis, her hands and body were shaking with trepidation. Both just sat there not saying a word, after several lengthy minutes Patreena came running into Junifer’s home, she went straight for Junifer and put her arms around her and cuddled her, Junifer was cold all over and still shaking.

“What is up? why is Adonis here?” asked Patreena.

“I do not know.”

Adonis stood up.

“Ladies please sit down I have got some bad news.”

Junifer and Patreena sat down next to each other holding hands.

“We have not heard anything from Edvax and Wacka for five months, we are convinced that the mission has failed and they are both missing or dead.”

Junifer and Patreena could not believe what they were hearing, both were crying uncontrollably. Adonis was unsure of what to do for he also had tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat. He decided to go and try and console the girls, he stood up and put his arms around both of them, all three cuddled and cried for several minutes. Junifer collapsed onto the floor. Patreena and Adonis struggled to pick her up and put her onto an air bed.

“I am so sorry Patreena, if only I could turn back time.” said Adonis.

“At this moment there is nothing I can say to you Adonis, I think it would be best if you left us alone, we will have plenty of questions to ask later, for the time being I need to join hearts with my best friend and try to come to terms with it.”

“I will go now.” said Adonis.

He left the two girls alone and went outside where his air taxi was waiting; he boarded it and flew away.

Patreena held her friends head in her arms and cried herself to sleep; both the girls were fast asleep on the air bed for several hours.

Junifer woke up first; she kissed her friend on the cheek, wake up Patreena, wake up. Patreena opened her eyes.

“What are we going to do without them?” asked Junifer.

“I do not know Junifer.”

“I feel so sick inside my stomach and my heart feels so empty. I cannot possibly live without Edvax.” said Junifer.

“Junifer, we have to tell the rest of our family and our friends.”

“They may have made a mistake, maybe they are not dead, maybe they are marooned on the planet.” said Junifer.

“You can ask Adonis those questions later; in the meantime we have to tell our family what has happened.”

Patreena went onto the monitor and sent several messages to all their family and some friends; she asked them all to come to Junifer’s home A.S.A.P. Then she went into the dining area and made them both a warm drink. When she took the drinks into the living area Junifer was sat down with her head in her hands.

“Here you are love a nice warm drink.” said Patreena.

“Patreena we have both lost our husbands we should be trying to find out exactly what went wrong.”

“There is plenty of time for that; we need to inform our family first.”

They cuddled each other and slowly started to sip their drink. Junifer’s children all walked into the room, Helena was the first to speak.

“What is up mum?” asked Helena.

“Your dad and Wacka are missing presumed dead.”

Helena and Clifteena stood there for several seconds before going to their mum, both had tears running down their cheeks; they put their arms around their mother and cuddled her. Gideon sat down on an air chair and did not say a word. The two son in-laws of Edvax also sat down and said nothing. Patreena was waiting patiently for her family to come in. Then Edvax’s mum and dad walked in.

“What is the problem?” asked Edvax’s dad.

“Dad and uncle Wacka are missing.” said Gideon.

“On no it is our worst nightmare come true, how long have they been missing?” asked Edvax’s mum.

“Six months.” said Patreena.

Edvax’s dad cuddled his wife and consoled her as best he could.

All of Patreena’s children rushed in, Bambeeno was the first to speak.

“What is up mum?” he asked.

“Your dad and uncle Edvax are missing and the council think they are both dead.” replied Patreena.

Those words echoed around the room and created such an atmosphere of sadness that everyone present started to cry, even the two son in-laws were weeping real tears; none of these True Humans had ever felt such dreadful loss and acute sadness before.

On Perfectus no one died young, but in the vastness of space there is danger and all seedanauts are taking a risk by going out into space.

“I swear to almighty God that I will find out what happened to Edvax and Wacka, somehow I will find the truth.” said Junifer.

“I hope you do love, I hope you do.” said Edvax’s dad.

Both families stayed there all night and it was Patreena and her family who were first to leave in the morning. On the way out Patreena kissed and cuddled her best friend.

“Junifer me and you will go see Adonis and ask him the right questions tomorrow.” said Patreena.

“Okay Patreena I will come over to your place in the morning.” said Junifer.

“I will send Adonis a light message to arrange a time for a meeting.” said Patreena.

Patreena and her family walked out of Junifer’s home and summoned an air taxi to take them home.

“Junifer we are going as well love, please let us know of any developments.” said Edvax’s dad.

Edvax’s mum kissed and cuddled Junifer and bid her and her family farewell, both walked out of her home and summoned a taxi.

Junifer sat back down, she was still wearing the two piece swim suit that she had on the day before, she realised she needed to have a shower and get dressed.

“Can I come with you to see Adonis?” asked Clifteena.

“I think you all should come.” replied Junifer.

“We will all go.” said Gideon.

Junifer left the room and went into the bathroom, she started to fill the bath with hot water and got undressed, the bath soon filled up. She put some essence of Orchid into the bathwater, it was her husbands’ favourite aroma, she climbed into the deep bath and laid back and relaxed. She thought of Edvax and wished he had not gone to that awful planet called Earth. she wished that the council had took notice of Thomus and cancelled the mission. She wished that she had talked him out of going, she started to cry uncontrollably.

She could hear a voice outside of the bathroom.

“Mum, are you allright?”

“Yes love I am allright.” she replied.

It was Helena who was asking.

Junifer knew that she could wish until the end of time but it would not bring Edvax back. She laid in the bath for ages until the water got too cold for her and she climbed out.

“I have to pull myself together.” she said to herself.

She got herself dried and walked out of the bathroom and into the front room. Helena and Clifteena were sat down talking.

“Hello girls”

“Hello mum”

“Have you had anything to eat?”


“I will prepare us all a meal.”

“Okay mum.”

Junifer went into the dining area and spent an hour preparing some food for them all, when it was ready she shouted them all in.

Gideon, Clifteena, Helena, Jack, Bill and Junifer sat down and consumed the beautiful meal that Junifer had made. Conversation was sparse as everyone did not know what to say in such sorrowful circumstances. Any talking was done by Junifer who sensed the uneasiness and sorrow.

“We will have to get up early tomorrow to go the council for True Human Life, it is very important that I find out what happened to your dad. I need to know what really happened to him and Wacka.”

“We will all be up early mum.” said Gideon.

A light message lit up in front of Junifer, it was from Patreena, it said,

-We have a meeting with the full Council tomorrow at 10 bd; see you at my home at 9bd..........Love Patreena.-

Junifer sent a reply saying the whole family would be there.

They finished their meal and then went to relax for an hour in the lounge area and one by one they all went to bed.

Junifer was the first to get up the next day and she was ready to go at 8.00bd, the others slept in until 8.30bd and then ended up rushing about to get ready. They had to be at Patreena’s at 9.00bd so they were a bit pushed for time, it was 8.55bd when they set off to Patreena’s. They summoned an air taxi that was big enough for both families and it did not take long to reach Patreena’s home, they were already waiting outside their home and boarded the taxi straight away.

“Hello everybody.” said Patreena.

One by one they all said “Hello”

The air taxi slowly lifted up into the sky and the force field initiated and it sped off towards the capital city where the Council for True Human Life was situated.

“Are you feeling nervous Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“Yes I am feeling a bit scared and very anxious.”

“I am also very nervous and scared.” said Patreena.

“We have to know the truth otherwise we will never get over our grief.” said Junifer with a little tear in her eye.

“I wonder if the council really know what happened?” asked Gideon.

“We will soon find out.” said Helena.

The air taxi was now cruising at full speed, the Sun was shining brightly with no clouds at all in the sky. There were quite a few air taxis heading in the same direction. The council will be showing the whole world what happened to the seedanauts on the dreadful planet Earth. The people will be able to see it by video transmission on large monitors set up all around the world. Only relatives and specially hand picked people will be at the council for True Human Life to view it and then be able to ask questions. Every man and woman on the planet of Perfectus wanted to know what went wrong with this tragic mission and today on Restday they hopefully would find out. The air taxi started to lose altitude and slowly headed for council headquarters. Junifer got a shiver down her spine and grabbed hold of Patreena’s hand and squeezed it gently, both smiled at each other. The air taxi landed and they all climbed off. Junifer was the last to disembark and hesitated slightly.

“Come on mum they will be waiting for us.” said Gideon.

Junifer got off and followed the others into the council building, it was crammed solid with thousands of people and special seats had been put in prime positions for the close families. Some relatives were already there including Edvax and Wacka’s parents. Junifer and Patreena and their families sat down and waited for the inquiry to begin, people were chattering amongst themselves. All the Council for True Human Life were sat at a long table on a podium with Adonis in the middle of the group. Two massive screens were to the left and right of the podium and a smaller screen in the middle.

Adonis stood up and addressed the people.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the planet Perfectus, it is with great regret that I inform you that the mission to spread seeds of humankind on the planet Earth has failed and both of the seedanauts called Edvax and Wacka have been presumed murdered.”

Adonis paused as the crowd started to talk loudly amongst themselves, there was utter disbelief in all the people minds. Junifer and Patreena were crying.

Adonis carried on,

“We have just received the last video transmission from both of the seedanauts personal video cameras that were implanted in there foreheads, these cameras have recorded everything that happened. It is apparent that the two cyborgs had turned against them. There were three cyborgs on the mission but these two were old models and something has gone drastically wrong with their mental stability. The third cyborg was presumably destroyed by these two cyborgs, the mother ship was then sent into the Sun, but gladly the third cyborg managed to transmit these last video recordings before presumably burning up. Thomus will direct you through the recordings and answer any questions.”

Thomus stood up and went to the little screen in the middle of the podium; in his hand was a little stick with a small blob on the end.

“Ladies and gentlemen this was the final video to be transmitted by Edvax, as you can see at this moment Edvax and Wacka are inside a cave on the planet Earth, they have been exploring this cave and are now on the way out. They are both in a healthy and happy mood, both are in high spirits. When they come out of the cave they chat and decide to go back to the shuttle for some food. Wacka then decided to go for a swim first. Edvax cannot swim so he stays on the beach and sits down. Edvax is watching his mate swim. If you look at the sky you will see that the force field that was put over one half of the island has been switched off. Edvax did not notice this, we think he was either in the process of daydreaming or he was busy watching his mate swimming, either way it could have cost him his life.

[Thomus then put the video on pause]

I would like to warn you that his death was a gruesome one and it may upset a lot of you to see it.

[Thomus restarted the video]

Edvax is still sat on the rock, all of a sudden a splash of blood shot all over the screen and the video went dead, this was the very moment of his death and we assume he must have died instantly.

The second video we will show you is from Wacka’s camera.

Wacka is now going into the sea, he swims under the water for a while and then pops his head up to look at his mate Edvax.

[Thomus put the video on pause]

If you look closely at the trees behind Edvax you can clearly see the cyborg with a weapon in his hands. Wacka was obviously too busy swimming to notice the cyborg.

[Thomus restarted the video]

Wacka is now going deeper and deeper into the depths of the sea, he his trying to test his fitness to see how deep he can go, when he decides to turn around he struggles to move and he looks down to see what is preventing him from moving.”

[Thomus puts the video on pause]

The entire audience gasp in horror.

He uses his stick to point at the screen but the image is so clear that he does not really need it.

“As you can see the cyborg is holding Wacka’s leg and therefore preventing him from going back up to the surface, the cyborg is causing Wacka to drown. Wacka can do nothing about it. But the cyborg underestimates Wacka’s true fitness and stamina.”

[Thomus restarts the video]

“Wacka seems lifeless and the cyborg lets him go. Wacka’s body gently floats down but starts to return to the top, but as you can see he is not yet dead and he manages to get to the shore.”

The audience gasp in terrifying horror as they see the extent of Edvax’s injuries as Wacka’s camera had recorded it. Edvax’s skull was split in two.

“Wacka had managed to get his forty two function knife out of his pocket and is seen to freeze his friend Edvax; he then turns the knife towards himself and presses the freeze button. Both of the seedanauts are now presumed dead, but Wacka’s camera was still working and manages to work for another two days before the mother ship stops transmitting. The cyborg that was on the mother ship somehow resets the force field on the island. The two killer cyborgs are nowhere to be seen. We do not know what their plans are or why they did it. We think it has something to do with the red shift to the dark end of the spectrum and the council were warned about this before the mission. Up to the point of the alleged murders the mission was going to plan and some seeds were indeed sown. There are other videos of the mission and anyone can have a copy to examine at their leisure. The council will not let it rest until we have caught and brought these two cyborgs back to Perfectus to face justice and to explain their actions. Edvax has given both these cyborgs names and indeed did name the other one that was in the mother ship. I now hand you back to Adonis who has some more important news for us all.”

Thomus went and sat down.

Adonis stood up.

“Ladies and gentlemen we cannot send True Humans to investigate these tragic occurrences due to the fact that we have other serious problems to contend with. There have been developments in relation to the Planet of Certain Death. Long range scanning of this planet has revealed there is a lot of activity in orbit of the planet, we are deeply concerned about this activity, our scientists are convinced that we are about to be attacked by the beings that live on this planet. The activity appears to be spaceships amassing around the planet, if it is true then we will be in a very serious position and it is paramount that we defend ourselves to the full, therefore the council are authorising the use of weapons to defend ourselves, and our scientists are in the process of improving our global force field defences. We have sent probes to investigate the area. Are there any questions relating to any of the issues raised?”

Nearly every hand in the place was raised.

“Junifer, what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“If Edvax and Wacka are frozen, how long will it last and will it be possible to bring them back to bury them on Perfectus?”

“If Wacka had his weapon set on full then it will last until someone defrosts them and to bring them back is a possibility but for the unforeseeable future we have to use all our resources to protect ourselves from the creatures from the Planet of Certain Death, our lives are in danger and we need to concentrate on protecting ourselves.”

“Patreena, what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“How long do cyborgs live and could I be a cyborg?”

“Cyborgs can last indefinitely if they are maintained properly, if you became a cyborg you would keep your brain and heart, the rest of the body would become mechanical.”

“Gideon what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“Will the two cyborgs that murdered Edvax and Wacka survive for long on the planet Earth?”

“They could survive there indefinitely.”

“Helena what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“What did my dad call the three cyborgs?”

“He called the one that we think was destroyed Albatross and the two killers were called Blayer and Boosh. They also gave names to all the robots.”

“Clifteena what is your question?”

“Did my dad feel any pain when he died?”

“No love he did not, he must have died instantly.”

“Bill what is your question?”

“Did they plant any seeds of life in the short time they survived on the planet?”

“Yes they did, several creatures that they called mankeys were given the D.N.A. of True Humans and the donation was successful, unfortunately during the process one of the mankeys escaped with only half of the solution in its body therefore it could be possible for this mankey to produce sub human beings. Edvax and Wacka also managed to colonise the planet with rats and mice, horses, albatrosses, wolves, eagles, cheetahs, dodo’s and some plants. Some of the robots are still tending these animals and plants.”

“Jack what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“Was Edvax injured before he was murdered?”

“Edvax did suffer a serious eye injury when a bird flew into his face, it was one of the rare times when he took his force field off, Wacka saved his life on that day.”

“Andorra what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“I would like to volunteer to go get my dad and Edvax from the planet Earth and bring them home.”

“That may not be possible for a good few years my dear.”

“Bambeeno what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“Has anyone ever seen a creature from the Planet of Certain Death?”

“No, but hopefully when the probes are in position we should get some good images, the planet is on a parallel orbit to Perfectus and therefore difficult to see.”

“Theodorra what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“I want to help defend our Planet.”

“You will soon have that option my dear.”

“Airran what is your question?” asked Adonis.

“Will we have to kill the creatures from the Planet of Certain Death?”

“Only in the art of self defence, but the council will try and repel the creatures using defensive measures rather than offensive measures.”

The meeting went on for hours and hours. Eventually Junifer and Patreena and their families went home, leaving the rest of their world to carry on the discussion.

When they arrived home everybody stayed at Patreena’s.

Patreena and Junifer were discussing their futures and what they could do to help defend their world.

“We should both go and learn the art of self defence.” said Junifer.

“That is a good idea I will ask Adonis about it.”

“We should also learn to use the weapons that are available, the knife that Wacka had would be a good weapon to have.” said Junifer.

“Roomeo made the knife with forty two functions especially for Wacka. I will ask Roomeo if he would make us one each with all the same functions.” said Patreena.

“Patreena I think we should add a couple of our own functions, do not forget that the cyborg sneaked up on my Edvax. We should have a function that warns us of impending danger.”

“Yes you are so right Junifer; I will invite Roomeo over here to discuss the matter.”

“He may be still at the meeting.” said Junifer.

Patreena sent Roomeo a light message which read,

Roomeo could you come A.S.A.P. to Patreena Plates home to discuss the design and implementation of a new weapon.

Signed............. Patreena.

She sent the message and then they carried on discussing the serious situation that was being created.

A light message appeared before Junifer’s eyes, it read,

Junifer, one of the probes has confirmed our worst fears. Massive spaceships are under construction in orbit of the Planet of Certain Death. Some of these spaceships are already on the move. Underground shelters are being hastily constructed as we speak, unfortunately we will not have time to save all our people, some of which are taking their chance by travelling to other planets in an attempt to try and save themselves. I could arrange for you and all your family to go on one of these shuttles, just let me know.

Signed .....Adonis.

Junifer immediately sent a reply, it read,

Dear Adonis.

I have no intention of leaving the world of Perfectus. I will stay here to stand and fight with my friend Patreena. We will give all our family the option of going to a safe planet but I think they will stay with us. Thank you for keeping us up to date with the situation.

Signed ..........Junifer.

Roomeo walked into the room and announced himself.

“Hello everybody, we should get down to business straight away.”

“Hello Roomeo welcome to our humble abode.” said Patreena.

“We need you to manufacture a weapon to our specifications and we need them as fast as possible.” said Junifer.

“What type of weapon are you thinking of?” asked Roomeo.

“Something similar to the knife with forty two functions that you made for Wacka, but we want to add some more functions.” said Patreena.

“Your husband designed it and I built it, it would be a good weapon to have without any modifications.” said Roomeo.

“Roomeo, Wacka died with the weapon in his pocket, so there is a weak point in its design, we want to seal all weak points and have a weapon that we can rely on.” said Junifer.

“I agree entirely, so please tell me what modifications you would like me to add and I will tell you if it is possible.”

“Both Edvax and Wacka did not see or hear their alleged killers, so the first modification should be some sort of alarm to inform us of danger approaching.” said Junifer.

“Another should be a tool for creating a window in our force fields to allow us to fire through it.” said Patreena.

“That will be more difficult, but not impossible.” said Roomeo.

“Could you modify our personal force fields so that we can join up together inside one force field, if you could it would come in handy if one of us should get injured.” said Junifer.

“Yes that could be done.” said Roomeo.

“Will the creatures from the Planet of Certain Death be able to disarm our force fields?” asked Patreena.

“We have never been to war before. Originally our force fields were developed to protect us from wild animals and poisonous stinging insects, so it is quite feasible that the enemy can disable it, but we just don’t know until it actually happens.” replied Roomeo.

“Can you put a laser weapon function on the knife that can be utilised instantly with the push of a button?” asked Patreena.

“There is already a laser weapon on the existing model but I will increase its power and accuracy.”

“Well Roomeo I think that is it, how soon can you have our weapons ready?” asked Junifer.

“At the end of the week, I will go now and get my team organised to work straight away on the weapons.”

“Goodbye Roomeo.” said Patreena.

“Goodbye Roomeo.” said Junifer.

“See you later ladies, look after yourselves, and if you need to get to a safe area send me an urgent light message.”

Roomeo went outside and ordered an air taxi; he climbed into it and went straight to his lab.

Junifer and Patreena arranged to have self defence lessons along with the rest of the family. On the monitor there were news reports of people mysteriously going missing without trace, this was obvious confirmation that personal force fields are not working as they should be.

“Maybe the missing people have gone into hiding and they have switched their fields’ off.” said Patreena.

“We cannot speculate about what is happening to the others, our main objective is our own survival, we have to be assertive and strong. Whatever you do, do not switch your field off.” said Junifer.

“Junifer we will have to switch it off sometimes, especially when we go to the toilet or when we eat.” said Patreena.

“Yes I know, but in situations like that one of us must keep an eye open for danger whilst the others do their thing, it is the only way we can protect each other.” said Junifer.

“Junifer I am getting really scared.” said Patreena.

“Patreena, so am I, in fact as Edvax would delicately put it, I’m shitting myself.” said Junifer.

They both laughed at each other, it eased the tension.

“It is strange how things turn out, fifty years ago we had everything and now we are in the prospect of having nothing, we have lost our husbands and now we are being attacked by aliens.” said Patreena.

“Patreena, I will not rest until my husbands body has been brought home for burial, no matter how long it takes. I will wait until the day that I can go get him.”

“Junifer, I will go with you.”

“We must make a pact with each other and swear to fulfil it.” said Junifer.


Junifer took a knife out of the drawer; she cut the palm of her hand with the knife, then she cut the palm of Patreena’s hand, they both clasped their hands together, blood dripped onto the floor.

“I do solemnly swear by almighty God, that I Junifer Smith will go to the dreadful planet called Earth and retrieve Edvax and Wacka’s body for burial on their home planet called Perfectus, so help me God.”

“I do solemnly swear by almighty God, that I Patreena Plate will go to the dreadful planet called Earth and retrieve Wacka and Edvax’s body for burial on their home planet called Perfectus, so help me God.”

They both hugged each other and they started to cry, tears were streaming down both their faces, eventually they fell asleep in each others arms, neither had a force field on, they looked so vulnerable. If they were going to survive the oncoming onslaught they will have to do better than that and learn the art of survival as soon as possible.

Several weeks passed and the whole planet was in a state of alert.

Adonis had confirmed on the video monitor that the planet Perfectus was about to be attacked by the aliens from the planet of Certain Death.

Junifer and Patreena had finished their self defence training and Roomeo was coming to their home to give them the new weapons. Junifer had come out of the training school the stronger of the two, but Patreena was not far behind. Both the ladies were in Patreena’s home when Roomeo arrived.

“Hello ladies.” said Roomeo as he walked into the home.

“Roomeo, how are you?” asked Junifer.

“I am as fit as a fiddle and I am so proud of these weapons that I have made especially for you two.”

Roomeo opened a case and took out two forty nine function knifes.

“Look at these beauties.” said Roomeo.

“Wow.” said Patreena has she held one in her hand.

“They have all the functions you wanted and an extra one, our scientists came up with it at the last minute, as you may have learnt over the last few weeks the aliens have developed a way to disarm our force fields, but they can only disarm it if the user of the field is in contact with salt water, somehow they have learnt to spray large amounts of salt water over the user and this disables the field, then the alien simply kill and eat the user. It is crucial that we keep away from the sea, but if your force field is disabled then you can use the extra function on your knife, this function will enable the user to become invisible.”

“Will you teach us how to use the knife?” asked Junifer.

“Yes, I will train you how to use the weapons; in fact I will stay here until you know what every function is for.”

Roomeo spent hours going through the functions of the knife, both the ladies were eager to learn, on occasion laughter was heard as they found certain functions comical, especially function number twenty nine, when operated a large ‘o’ ring or loop appeared, it looked like a ring of pure white light.

“What is it used for?” asked Patreena.

“Well you have to bear in mind that Wacka designed the knife, the function twenty nine is a cheese cleaner and it is used to clean the male sexual organ, you place the loop over the organ and press the switch and a beam of laser light evaporates all the cheese around the top of the organ.” said Roomeo.

Both the ladies looked at each other in disgust.

“Can we utilise it for another purpose?” asked Junifer.

“Yes, you can use it to cauterise any wound, especially wounds to the hands and feet, the loop can be made bigger to envelope the whole body if need be.”

A light message appeared in front of Roomeo, it read,

Roomeo, reports are coming in that the aliens have destroyed three of our fleeing spaceships, all the sixteen thousand people on the ships have been taken. I enclose an image of the alien that we are at war with; the image was taken by a survivor on board one of the fleeing ships he was killed soon after this image was transmitted.

signed ....Adonis.

Roomeo showed the ladies the message and they discussed the sheer brutality and unreserved ugliness of the aliens.

“That is one hell of one ugly bar-steward.” said Roomeo.

“How can any beast look as ugly as that?” asked Junifer.

“It is the most grotesque bizarre weird creepy and spine chilling evil looking mother of all the ugly creatures in the universe.” said Patreena.

“We have to learn to kill or disable it and fast.” said Roomeo.

“We need to capture one of them.” said Junifer.

“How do we do that?” asked Patreena.

“We need to get out there into outer space and do what they are doing to us and ambush an alien ship.” said Roomeo.

“That is a brilliant idea Roomeo, how soon can we go?” asked Junifer.

“I will organise it now.”

Roomeo sent a light message to Adonis explaining his plans and awaited a reply. Junifer looked at Roomeo and had a bright idea.

“Roomeo, with Edvax and Wacka being presumed dead, me and Patreena are now without a male, could you give us both a right good rogering before we go into battle?”

Patreena’s eyes lit up after hearing her friend’s words.

“Yes, I certainly could do that for you, but if the reply to my light message comes through I will have to stop to read it.”

Junifer took all her clothes off and so did Patreena. Roomeo pulled his zip down and administered pure pleasure to both the ladies. After several hours the reply to his light message came through, it read,

Roomeo, the spaceship will be ready at 22ad tonight, it will be fully armed and will have a crew of seven plus whoever you are taking with you.

signed......... Adonis.

“Come on ladies let’s go to battle.” said Roomeo.

They went outside and summoned an air taxi, it came straight away.

All three boarded the taxi and it hastily lifted off into the sky and speeded away towards the capital. The air taxi landed close to their spaceship and they did not waste any time boarding it. Once aboard Roomeo took to the controls and it lifted off. It was the first time that the ladies had been on a spaceship; they were both in awe of it all. The spaceship was soon in dark outer space and the outer force field was switched on and it enveloped the whole craft.

“We will try and ambush a lone alien spaceship and hopefully board it.” said Roomeo.

“Can we use function forty nine on our knives?” asked Patreena.

“Yes, that is a good idea, invisibility will give us the edge, but always make sure you leave your force fields on.” said Roomeo.

The mood on the spaceship was of excitement with a hint of nervousness, there were seven other True Humans on board but there were no cyborgs, after what happened on the planet Earth, people on Perfectus were distrusting of cyborgs at that moment in time, robots however were still in favour and the spaceship was full of them.

“We are going to go to the far side of the Sun to scout around for alien ships.” said Roomeo.

No sooner had he said it when an alarm started to sound and Roomeo soon realised it was an alien vessel that had made it go off.

“Will they know we are here?” asked Junifer.

“Hopefully not, but we do not know their capabilities, we will have to try the element of surprise.” replied Roomeo.

“How will we be able to get into their vessel?” asked Patreena.

“If we can disable it, we can then tractor beam it back to Perfectus and work a way out of getting inside, unless of course you have any ideas.” replied Roomeo.

“I have an idea.” said Junifer.

“What is that?” asked Roomeo.

“Get as close as we can with the mother ship, then we can launch a shuttle and land it on top of the vessel and burn a hole into it and then attack the creatures from within.”

“That is a brave and possibly suicidal thing to do, lets do it.” said Roomeo.

All the occupants of the Perfectus spaceship were in agreement of the plan, it was immediately initiated and the spaceship closed in on the alien ship. At that point in time there was no indication that the aliens were aware of their presence. Roomeo put the mother ship behind a large comet close to the alien vessel, the shuttle was launched with Junifer, Patreena and four others on-board, Roomeo and two others remained on the mother ship. The shuttle approached the alien vessel from behind, it was much smaller and would fit easily on top, the pilot of the Perfectus shuttle landed it safely in the middle of the top of the alien vessel, a pressure seal was made and the lower hatch was opened. Junifer took out her knife and initiated function thirty one which was the laser weapon; she burnt a hole in the alien vessel big enough for them to crawl through, as the seal of the ship was broken a slight hissing sound was heard, one of the two vessels was obviously under less pressure than the other. The hole was created and the fragment of metal fell into the vessel.

“Rupert do a test to see what their air consists of.” said Patreena.

Rupert put a probe into the alien vessel and read out the results.

“It is exactly the same as ours but slightly less pressure.” said Rupert.

“Right we go in. I will go first followed by Patreena then Rupert and then Chow.

Robbo and Martino stay on the shuttle.” said Junifer.

She dived through the hole and into the alien vessel, her weapon was firmly in her hand, Patreena was close by followed by Chow and Rupert. All four started to walk through the corridors of the vessel; there was no sign of life. Inch by inch they walked through the ship, all four covering each other with weapons firmly in hand. Junifer could hear a noise in front, she used sign language to communicate with the others, she was warning them of where the sound was coming from. They approached the area with absolute caution, they came to a door that was shut and on the wall there was some sort of switch to open the door but no-one knew how to use it.

Junifer decided to laser beam the door and blow it open, she signalled the others to stand back. Junifer fired her weapon at the door it immediately fell open; they rushed in and spread out. In the room were glass cubicles with aliens inside, they were all in a deep sleep.

“This vessel must have been into deep space that would explain why we got in the ship so easy. Chow can you work out how to use these sleeping cubicles? We need to make sure these aliens don’t wake up.” said Junifer.

“What if there are some aliens that are awake?” asked Patreena.

“Good point Patreena, me and you will search the rest of the ship whilst Chow and Martino keep these ugly barstewards asleep.”

Junifer and Patreena went out of the room and carried on down the corridor, they had not got far when they came to another door but this time it opened as they approached, it was the control room, and there were no aliens in it. Junifer sent a light message to Roomeo, it read,

Roomeo we have secured the alien vessel without any injuries, you can now initiate the tractor beam. Tell Rupert and Robbo to reseal the alien vessel and take the shuttle back to the mother ship; we will stay on the alien vessel until we reach Perfectus.

Signed........... Junifer.

Junifer and Patreena had a good look around the control room, the equipment looked rather strange, it will be left to the scientists on Perfectus to work out how it all works. Junifer sat down on a metal chair that was two sizes bigger than her arse.

“Those ugly Aliens must have big arses.” said Junifer.

“We could both sit in that chair.” said Patreena.

Junifer looked out of the window, she could clearly see the mother ship in front, and the shuttle was just docking with it. The Alien ship started to move as the tractor beam was initiated.

“I wonder which direction the planet Earth is?” asked Junifer.

“Wacka once told me where it is.” said Patreena.

Patreena stared out of the window and tried to get her bearings with Perfectus and the Sun.

“See those two bright stars over there to the right of the mother-ship, that is the direction of Earth, but it is obviously in another galaxy millions of sectrons away.” said Patreena.

Junifer stared into the direction of the planet Earth for ages and seemed to be transfixed onto the area; her thoughts were very strong,

'Be patient Edvax, be patient my love, one day I will come for you and bring you home, I promise.' thought Junifer.

Patreena knew what Junifer was thinking and went over to her; she put her arms around her and gave her a hug, both of them just stared out of the window in the direction of the planet Earth.

A light message flashed in front of Junifer’s eyes, it read,

We are approaching Perfectus; we have decided to place the craft on the other side of our planet and hopefully land undetected. Please be aware that you will have to be decontaminated before leaving the craft and that the craft will be placed in quarantine whilst the interior is examined thoroughly. It is absolutely critical that nothing is removed from the craft until it is out of quarantine.

Signed ......Thomus.

“We had better get decontaminated and get ready to disembark.” said Junifer.

“Do we use our knives to decontaminate?” asked Patreena.

“Yes, use function twenty nine and envelope all your body, but we have to find the air lock first.” said Junifer.

They both went back to the room where the aliens were asleep and entered.

“We will be landing on Perfectus soon, are the aliens secure?” asked Junifer.

“Yes Junifer they are secure.” replied Chow.

“Good, now we need to find their air lock and decontaminate before leaving the ship.” said Junifer.

All four of them walked out of the room and looked for the air lock. On Perfectus ships the air locks are situated at the front and back of the craft, but this alien ship was a different design and it was difficult to find any air lock, it was Chow who finally found it.

“It is here he shouted.”

Junifer and the others ran over to him, they tried to work out how to open it.

“I will send Roomeo a picture of the lock and hopefully he will work out how to open it.” said Junifer.

“Do not bother, I think I know how to open it.” said Chow.

“How?” asked Patreena.

Chow took his little nine function knife out of his pocket, it was given to him by his great great granddad, it was his favourite knife. It had a function on it that Junifer’s forty nine function knife did not have. He pulled a small piece of plastic out of the end and placed it into a small hole in the front of the air lock, he fiddled about a little bit and the air lock opened. The others just looked at him in amazement.

“Chow, you are a pure genius.” said Patreena.

“Chow, I want you to work with us throughout this war.” said Junifer.

Martino was speechless and dumbfounded. They all entered the airlock and Patreena decontaminated all four of them in turn. They stayed in there and waited patiently for their orders to come out.

A few hours passed and the order came through to open the outside door of the airlock, Chow immediately set to work opening the door.

It did not take long and they were all outside of the alien ship. Roomeo greeted them as they came out.

“We will go into the vessel the same way as you came out, it has to be decontaminated before the aliens are transferred to a laboratory. Are the aliens secure?” asked Roomeo.

“Yes Roomeo they are secure, all of them are in a deep sleep in the same room down the corridor to the left.” said Junifer.

The technicians started to work on the alien ship. Junifer and the others went for a wash and brush up and then decided to go get some food. Roomeo took charge of the examination of the alien vessel; he knew it was crucial to their very survival that every little thing was learnt about these ugliest of creatures. The whole area was sealed off.

The whole alien vessel was enveloped in powerful bacterial wash and then dried with a laser beam. The entrance to the airlock was also cleaned thoroughly. The technicians wore special clothes and all had their personal force fields switched on, but these fields would have to be switched off when they worked on the aliens, they entered the vessel with caution even though they had been reassured by Junifer that the aliens were secure. Roomeo was the only one carrying a weapon. As they walked through the vessel they decontaminated it along the way, nothing was overlooked. They entered the room where the aliens were asleep, they soon realised that Junifer and Patreena were not exaggerating when they said the aliens were ugly. They were a ghastly green colour; they had three deep red eyes, they had two long arms with what looked like pincers for hands, their legs were short and fat, their feet were just like their arms, they had no clothes on but they were wearing a belt with some nodules in small pockets on it.

“Open the cubicles one at a time and move the aliens outside, do not move them two at a time, wait until one is secure in the lab before moving another.” ordered Roomeo.

The technicians did not argue with Roomeo, they all knew that these creatures were extremely dangerous and without mercy, none of them wanted to take any chances. They simply followed orders and moved them one by one. There were six of them, but nobody knew what sex they were, for there were no signs of any sexual organs.

“Only two to go.” said one of the technicians as he grabbed hold of one of the creatures.

“This is a heavy one.” said his mate.

Roomeo was looking on as they struggled to lift the insidious creature.

“Gandee give them a hand.” said Roomeo to one of the others.

Gandee grabbed hold of the fat alien and the three lifted it out of the cubicle. Gandee soon realised it felt warmer than the others, but he never thought for one minute it may be awake, they carried it into the airlock closely followed by Roomeo, they gently placed in onto the floor whilst the door was opened. Gandee was the first to bend down to pick the alien back up, without any warning the alien lifted its left arm up; it got a grip on Gandee’s neck and started to throttle him, Gandee was trying to scream but he could not due to the aliens grip around his throat. Roomeo grappled for his weapon and aimed it at the alien, but it was too late, Gandee’s head popped off like a champagne cork, blood shot out of the top of his torso and spread around the airlock like a fountain, the alien let go of Gandee and was in the process of standing up. Roomeo fired his weapon but missed the alien, the other two were trying to get there force fields back on. The alien quickly grabbed hold of Matchal, with one hand it lifted him up by his groin and it closed its pincers. Matchal screamed in pure agony, the alien used its other pincer to squeeze his head until it popped off; he fell to the floor dead as a door nail. Roomeo let off another shot and missed again, by this time he was shaking like a leaf and was covered in blood. More technicians appeared on the scene, the alien grabbed hold of Shemouroo by the arms and stretched them out wide and then pulled them both off. Shemouroo screamed in distress and started to run away, blood was spewing out of his shoulders. Roomeo had slipped onto the blood drenched floor and was struggling to fire another shot, the alien was coming his way, it bent down to grab hold of Roomeo. Roomeo’s bowels opened up and an awful stench filled the area, the alien back peddled with sheer disgust, at that instant one of the other technicians managed to get a good shot at it with a laser weapon, the alien fell to the ground with a hole in its chest, it was dead.

Roomeo was literally shitting himself on the blood soaked floor and his heart was going ten to the dozen. Poor Shemouroo was still running around like a chicken with no arms, one of the technicians spotted him and froze him. They then tended the injured Shemouroo whilst Roomeo was still trembling on the floor; there was nothing that could be done for the two dead humans. Roomeo was in no fit state to give orders so one of the technicians took over command. The area looked like a war zone and it had to be decontaminated all over again, nobody knew of what the alien’s blood may contain so extra care was taken whilst cleaning it up. At least now the Perfectusian’s had a dead alien to study and they could examine it with a clear conscience. Roomeo was in a state of severe shock and was hospitalised, if he had practised what he had been preaching then he would not be in the state that he was in. Shemouroo was also hospitalised, he was one of the lucky ones for he will have his arms sewn back on again. Unfortunately even the Perfectusian’s had not got the technology to sew heads back on, so the other two dead Perfectusian’s were buried.

The final alien was moved after the clean up operation, but this time all the technicians were armed whilst it was moved.

Eventually the alien vessel was empty and so the interior of the spaceship could be examined and hopefully the Perfectusian’s can find out how it all works. The dead alien was taken to a special lab for an autopsy, in the days to follow some of the technicians started to have nightmares after seeing what they have seen.

Junifer was relaxing in the garden with Patreena; both were eagerly awaiting Roomeo’s report on the alien vessel, nobody as yet had told them of the terrible things that had occurred on the alien spaceship. Hours later when a technician called at their home to personally give them the news; they were both treated for shock after hearing the horror stories. It seemed to be bad news after bad news and both the ladies were hardening to it, both were all cried out, both were getting vengeful, both were determined to survive.

The war with the aliens was stepping up a bit and reports of casualties were more common, but the aliens had not penetrated the force field around the planet. It was the Perfectusian’s who were trying to escape to other worlds that were the casualties. So far no-one on the planets surface had been attacked, apart form Roomeo and the technicians of course, but they were attacked by captured aliens.

Junifer and Patreena were inside talking about recent events.

“We have to pick a name for the aliens, so that we know who we are talking about.” said Patreena.

“It will have to be something that means ugly or putrid.” said Junifer.

“Wacka used to have a name for ugly things and it is perfect for those ugly barstewards, it was a word called Fetid.” said Patreena.

“Fetid that sounds like an ideal word for us to give to those vile creatures.” said Junifer.

“Right then we will call them Fetids.”

Junifer sent a light message to all her family and friends telling them that they had given the aliens a name.

“Do you think Roomeo will ever recover from his ordeal?” asked Patreena.

“Yes he will, he is a strong man, all he needs is a few weeks rest.” replied Junifer.

“I hope so. I enjoyed the fun and games of the other night.”

“Yes so did I.” said Junifer.

There were plenty of people interested in the autopsy of the dead alien. It was lying on an air table in the middle of the large room. Doctors and specialists were ready to cut it up for medical research. A sample of its blood was given to a doctor for analysis; he took it into another room to do tests. The alien looked so horrible and hideous; it was hard for anyone to concentrate on the job in hand. When an incision was made into the aliens green chest, brownish thick bloody liquid seeped out, it stunk awful and some of them had to put on respirators. The alien’s chest was now wide open and inside was some strange looking vital organs. Its heart was jet black, its lungs were green, its liver was grey, its stomach was brown and very large. The doctor opened the stomach and emptied its contents into a metal dish. Two of the others fainted as they saw what was in there. For several moments everyone just stood and looked at the two front teeth from a True Humans mouth in the dish. It was obvious that these hideous creatures were eating True Humans. Amongst the other contents of the stomach were fingernails and small bones. Never in the history of True Humans on Perfectus has anything like this been seen before. Perfectusian’s had been all over the Universe and never witnessed such terrible creatures. Creatures that have been living practically on their doorstep for millions of years and up to now have gone undiscovered. Why are they so gruesome and violent? Why are they eating True Humans? We have to figure a way to destroy them before they destroy us. The doctor who had taken the blood for tests came back into the room, he looked disturbed.

“What’s it made up of?” asked one doctor.

“It is acidic, it is very viscous, it is slimy, it burns to the touch, it destroys plant life, it is sticky, it cannot be watered down, it is riddled with microbes. In my opinion it is made up of pure 100% badness.”

“See if you can develop some sort of virus to attack the blood cells.” said a doctor.

“Yes sir.” the other doctor replied.

The doctor carried on with the autopsy and tried to find any sexual organs, there were none externally. After removing several vital organs he came across what he was looking for. The creature did indeed have a sexual organ and it was tucked inside its crotch, when active the organ would come out of a small hole between its legs. It was very small and thin, so obviously it was used only for reproduction and not for pleasure. The doctor realised these creatures did not get sexual pleasure in any shape or form. They were highly intelligent killing machines without mercy or compassion. It was going to be very difficult to defeat them and he knew it. He would have to put in his report to the Council for True Human Life that defence would be the best weapon to use against these aliens and therefore dig in and hope they leave to venture further afield away from Perfectus. As long as the force field keeps them away from the planet itself, then the Perfectusian’s will be safe. This would mean that they would be prisoners on their own planet but they had no choice. The autopsy was finished and the creature was then frozen and isolated. The other creatures that were alive were put in secure units to be studied.

The aliens had discovered how to break the personal force field of the individual Perfectusian, but they had not been able to break the one surrounding the planet. People stopped trying to escape from the planet and instead started to burrow underground in an effort to create a bolt hole if ever the aliens do get through the outer force field. Junifer and Patreena were also digging a large deep hole in the ground to construct stronger defences. All the family were there to help and a small army of robots were also in full support. There were no cyborgs there. The construction took six months to complete and during this time Roomeo had regained full health and fitness, but he still suffered from the odd nightmare. He called to see Junifer and Patreena on the day they finished their bolt hole. They were both in the garden when is air taxi landed. He climbed out of the taxi and slowly walked over to them, neither recognised him due to the fact he had a beard and was looking a lot slimmer.

“Hello girls.” he shouted as he walked towards them.

They both recognised the voice but not the person.

“Roomeo, you look so different.” said Patreena has she cuddled him.

“Roomeo that beard suits you.” said Junifer has she hugged him and give him a kiss on the cheek.

“It is nice to see you two ladies again.”

“It is nice to see you again, we heard you were pretty shaken up by the alien who attacked you.” said Patreena.

“I thought I was going to die when that alien came towards me and I virtually experienced pure fear and then literally shit myself.”

Both the girls started laughing.

“We did hear about your mishap, but I think it could happen to anyone in that situation.” said Junifer.

“I am back in full health now and ready to fight to defend my planet.”

“So are we Roomeo. We have just finished our bolt hole, do you want to look at it.”

“Yes, okay girls lead the way.”

All three went towards a large tree, as they approached the trunk of the tree it split in half and revealed a steep slope into the ground. Slowly they walked down it to the bottom, the tree closed automatically as the last one passed it.

“That is an ingenious idea to have the door inside a tree.” said Roomeo.

“Yes, it was Patreena’s idea.” said Junifer.

At the bottom of the slope was another solid door, Patreena put her hand on the door and it opened.

“Why don’t you have an air door?” asked Roomeo.

“The aliens can see through an air door. This solid door is a lot stronger.” said Patreena.

They went through the door into a large room full of the necessities of life. It was like a home from home.

“The kitchen is through there, the bathroom over there and our bedrooms are in there, it is completely air conditioned and water is created using special filters based in the ground around the area. We could live here for several years without having to leave.” said Junifer whilst pointing to the rooms in question.

“Well girls you have thought of everything, are all your family moving in with you if the aliens break through?”

“Yes, everyone will come here, even Edvax’s mum and dad.” replied Junifer.

“Lets hope you never need to use this place, hey girls.” said Roomeo.

The girls looked at Roomeo in admiration but did not answer his query. They knew that it was highly likely they would have to use the bolt hole.

“Would you like a drink?” asked Junifer.

“Yes please, can I have a sweet cup of honeydew?”

“”Coming up.” said Junifer.

Junifer gave Roomeo his drink. He slowly sipped it.

“Ahh that is good, it makes me feel warm inside.” said Roomeo.

Patreena looked at Roomeo and immediately had an idea.

“Nobody on Perfectus wants to kill the aliens, so what if we try and change their attitude towards us?” asked Patreena.

“What do you mean?” asked Roomeo.

“At the autopsy of the dead alien, one of the technicians said the alien’s blood contained 100% badness, what if we create something that is 100% goodness and inject it into them. They would stop attacking us and we then could make peace with them.”

“That is a brilliant idea. I will get our scientists onto it right away.” said Roomeo.

“It won’t work.” said Junifer.

“We must try anything if its plausible.” said Roomeo.

“The honeydew drink made you feel good Roomeo, so maybe something similar will work on the aliens.” said Patreena.

“We could try it on the ones we captured off the alien spaceship.” said Roomeo.

“Let’s try and create it first.” said Junifer.

“Right then I’m off to get it sorted out, I’ll see you girls later.”

“Okay Roomeo, look after yourself and if you do manage to create the goodness make sure you use a cyborg to test it out on the aliens.” said Junifer.

“I know what you mean Junifer. I cannot see any Perfectusian volunteering to go into the aliens room to see if it works.” said Roomeo whilst laughing.

“Goodbye Roomeo.” said Patreena.

“Goodbye ladies.”

He went outside and summoned an air taxi.

The girls carried on discussing the situation in the bolt hole.

“Junifer do you still have Edvax’s orchids?” asked Patreena.

“Yes, there are three robots in his laboratory looking after them. I have not been in since he died.”

“Let’s go have a look.” said Patreena.

Both the women went out of the bolt hole and headed straight for Edvax’s lab which was located at the other side of Junifer’s home. When they arrived there Junifer hesitated before she eventually plucked up courage and went in. A small shiver ran down her spine, and a tear appeared out of her left eye.

“Are you okay Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“Yes Patreena, I am okay, it is just the sight of those beautiful orchids. Edvax loved his orchids. The robots have done a good job in looking after them.”

“Yes they have.” said Patreena.

“Just look at this place it is pure splendour, all the orchids are in full bloom, it’s as though they are showing us some sort of sign and the aroma is out of this world.” sighed Junifer.

“You are right Junifer, the odour is unique. This place is full of pure goodness.”

Both of the girls looked at each other. Junifer put her hand over her mouth as if in shock.

“Patreena, are you thinking what I am thinking?”

“I think I am.”

“Edvax’s orchids could be the answer we are looking for.” said Junifer.

“It would be fantastic if we could make it work.” said Patreena.

“Let’s give it a go, we have nothing to lose and we could get the robots to help us.” said Junifer.

“We’ll start straight away.” said Patreena.

They walked slowly through the laboratory to get to the instrument area at the other end. Small birds with long tongues were flying all over the place.

“What are they?” asked Patreena.

“They are humming birds, if you get close to one as it hovers above an orchid you can listen to the sound of its wings.” said Junifer.

Patreena went as close as could get to one of the birds as it was putting its long tongue down into the orchids flower and sucking out the nectar, she could clearly hear the humming sound of the birds wings as they flapped ever so quickly. Pollen from the flower settled onto the bird’s beak as it brushed against its stigmatic surface.

“They are eating something from the plant.” said Patreena.

“Yes it is nectar; it is the plants way of spreading its pollen to other plants. They lure the birds in with the smell and taste of nectar, I used to do the same with Edvax.” said Junifer smiling.

“Amazing, I can now see why these flowers were his favourites.” said Patreena.

They carried on walking towards the instruments. Junifer picked an orchid up on the way and placed it on a table at the side of a large microscope.

“We need to study them inside out.” said Junifer.

Edvax had a vast array on instruments in his lab. Junifer knew how to use most of them. One of those instruments was called a goodometer; it was used to measure the goodness in vegetable foodstuff. Junifer was hoping it would work on exotic plants like the orchid. She tried to measure the goodness of the orchid she had previously picked up, she sliced a small piece of the flower and placed it into the goodometer and pressed the relative button. The machine started buzzing and made strange noises before it flashed a result of 96% goodness, it was not enough. She cut a piece of the leaf and placed it into the goodometer, it flashed a result of 93%. Way too low. She took a sample from the central bud that was in the middle of the flower and placed it into the goodometer, it flashed a result of 97%. It was the nearest so far but still too low.

“What if we mix it with something else?” asked Patreena.

“That is a good idea Patreena, but with what?”

“Roomeo had a drink of honeydew and he said it made him feel good, let’s try and mix some honeydew with it.”

“Patreena you are a genius, go get some from the bolt hole and I will prepare another sample.”

Patreena ran out of the lab as quick as she could go and soon brought back some honeydew. Junifer mixed a bit of it with the orchid sample and placed it into the goodometer. It buzzed and flashed out a result of 99%. So close yet so far, it was only 1% from their goal of 100%. At this point Junifer was getting tired and frustrated, how can they get the magic 100%? What is missing? Both the girls looked at each other for inspiration, both stared deep into each others eyes.

“We need just one more ingredient to push it up by 1%, think Patreena, think.”

Both the girls fell silent for several moments.

“Holy water, we need some holy water.” said Patreena.

“Yes, yes, that is it. I will go to the Temple at the other end of our city and get some, in the meantime you have something to eat I will not be long.” said Junifer excitedly.

Junifer ran out of lab and summoned an air taxi down, it came straight away and she boarded it. The air taxi set off towards the Temple at high speed. The skies were quiet, not may people were travelling by air taxi since the aliens arrived, even though the outer force field was still intact no-one felt safe flying in air taxis. Junifer was different because she had more gumption than the average Perfectusian. The air taxi soon arrived on the outside of the Temple and Junifer instantly got off and ran into the Temple. It was a massive place with beautiful statues of former Priests and an even bigger statue at the front of God. Junifer slowly walked through the aisles to the front of the Temple Hall, a lone Priest was stood at the bottom lighting a candle.

“Father, can I have a word?” asked Junifer.

“Yes my dear, what can I do for you?”

“I need some holy water.”

“How much would you like my dear?”

Junifer handed the Priest a glass container with a lid. The Priest filled it with Holy Water from a large Font.

“Use it sparingly my dear, it is very potent.”

“I will Father. Thank you and God bless you.”

Junifer went back outside and re-summoned the air taxi and set off back to her home. Patreena was tucking into a meal as Junifer walked back into the lab.

“Did you get it?” asked Patreena.

“Yes I did.” replied Junifer.

Junifer went straight to the mixture and placed a tiny drop of Holy Water into it, she then retested it for goodness. They waited in anticipation of the result. It seemed to be taking ages and then it flashed in front of them, they looked at it in awe. It read 100%.

They went straight to each other and cheered loudly and hugged each other tightly whilst jumping up and down.

“Yippee, yippeeee, we did it.” said Patreena.

“We have to tell Roomeo and the others.” said Junifer.

“They were going to try and do the same thing.” said Patreena.

“Yes I know, but it looks as though we beat them to it.” said Junifer.

“It needs to be tested as soon as possible.” said Patreena.

Junifer sent a light message to the Committee for True Human Life and also a copy to Roomeo, informing all of them about their creation and then they waited patiently for a response.

“Do you think it will work Junifer?”

“I hope and pray it does.” replied Junifer.

“How will they test it?” asked Patreena.

“They will put some of the potion into a capsule that is fixed to a dart, shoot it at the alien and then wait to see what happens.”

“Wouldn’t it be safer to put the alien to sleep and then inject it?” asked Patreena.

“Well, maybe they will do it that way. We will have to wait and see.” replied Junifer.

“I would like to be there when they test It.” said Patreena.

“So would I. I will mention it to Roomeo when he comes.”

“I think we should both get some rest, it has been a long day.” said Junifer.

“But you haven’t eaten much today Junifer.”

“I am not very hungry. I will have a good breakfast in the morning.”

“You look tired out.”

“I feel it, goodnight Patreena.”

“Goodnight Junifer.”

Hours passed by and both the girls were sound asleep. Patreena had fallen asleep in the lounge on an air bed, she still was fully dressed. Junifer had gone to bed and was naked. Roomeo entered the home and put a light on. He spotted Patreena asleep on the air bed.

“Patreena wake up.” shouted Roomeo as he shook her to awaken her.

Patreena opened her eyes and looked at Roomeo.

“What is up Roomeo?”

“The Fetids have broken through the outer force field.”

Patreena sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Where is Junifer.” asked Roomeo.

“She is asleep in her room.”

Roomeo went into Junifer’s room; she was laying on top of the bed naked face down.

“Junifer wake up.” shouted Roomeo.

Patreena walked into the room. She started to shake Junifer.

“Wake up Junifer.” said Patreena.

Junifer was in the middle of a dream, she could see her husband clearly in the dream. He was sitting on a beach and she could see that one of the cyborgs was creeping up on him.

“Edvax, Edvax, look out.” she shouted

She saw the cyborg strike Edvax and she screamed out in despair.

“Junifer wake up.” shouted Roomeo.

Junifer awoke but was still screaming out and she was sweating profusely, when she realised she had been dreaming she started to cry. Patreena put her arms around her best friend.

“Are you okay love?” she asked tenderly.

“I dreamt I saw Edvax getting killed and I tried to warn him.” said Junifer whilst sobbing.

There were a few moments of silence as Junifer regained her composure.

“Junifer, the Fetids have got through the outer force field.” said Roomeo.

Junifer sat up on the bed and wiped her eyes.

“We have to try the potion.” said Junifer.

“Where is it?” asked Roomeo.

“It is in Edvax’s lab.” replied Junifer.

“I will go get it.” said Patreena.

“You will have to excuse me Roomeo whilst I go have a cold shower to wake me up.” said Junifer as she stood up to go to the bathroom.

Roomeo sat down on the bed and watched Junifer admiringly as she walked seductively out of the room.

‘What a beautiful woman’ he thought to himself and then Patreena walked into the room with the potion in a bottle.

“Here you are Roomeo.” said Patreena as she handed it to him.

“Thank you.”

“Where is Junifer?” asked Patreena.

“She is in the shower.” replied Roomeo.

“I think I will have a quick one as well.” said Patreena as she started to take her clothes off.

Roomeo just sat there on the bed admiring her exquisite female form as she slowly disrobed and left the room. As Patreena walked into the bathroom, Junifer was getting out of the shower.

“Are you okay now love?” asked Patreena.

“Yes I am fine. A cold shower does you the world of good.”

Patreena went into the shower and turned it on. Junifer was drying herself whilst at the same time walking back into the bedroom. Roomeo was still sat on the bed drooling like a schoolboy who had never seen a naked lady before. Junifer knew he was staring at her and she enjoyed the attention, but she was not in the mood for physical contact. Patreena walked out of the bathroom. Roomeo did not know where to look, he was torn between two beauties, wherever should he let his eyes roam. The girls just carried on getting ready and casually smiled at him now and again. Poor Roomeo, he had a rod of iron in his pants that was in need of quenching, but it would have to wait. Junifer was the first to be dressed and ready for battle, soon followed by Patreena. Roomeo stood up. All three walked out of the room and into the lounge. A robot came into the room.

“Robot I want you to send an urgent light message to all of my relatives and Patreena’s relatives and tell them to come to the bolt hole as soon as possible, inform them that the Fetids have broken through the outer force field.” said Junifer.

“Yes mam.” replied the robot in a high pitched voice.

“Roomeo we need some sort of military vessel to move around in, air taxis are too vulnerable and will be no good now that we are at war.” said Junifer.

Roomeo got in touch with his colleague Thomus, who then sent a military aircraft for the three of them. They patiently awaited its arrival. Whilst waiting some of their families arrived to go into the bolt hole. One of them was Theodorra, Patreena’s daughter.

“Hello mum.” said Theodorra as she cuddled her mum.

“Hello dear.” she replied.

“Where are you going?” asked Theodorra.

“To fight the Fetids with Roomeo and Junifer.”

“Can I come?” she asked.

“No love you cannot. I have already lost my husband. I do not want to lose you as well.”

“Please come back safely mum.” said Theodorra with tears in her eyes.

“I will dear I will.”

The military aircraft landed and the three climbed inside Theodorra followed the other family members into the bolt hole.

The military aircraft took of into the sky at high speed.

“Have you worked out a way of injecting the potion Roomeo?” asked Junifer.

“Yes, we have put an extra function on Wacka’s knife design to fifty functions and number fifty is the one to use.”

“What do we do with our old knife?” asked Patreena.

“Keep it in your pocket, two knives are better than one.” replied Roomeo.

“Wacka first created these knifes as tools for survival, he did not intend them to be used for killing.” said Patreena.

“We need it to protect ourselves, if you do not use it you will die, it is as simple as that.” said Junifer.

The aircraft landed quickly and all three got off and went into a concealed lab that was deep underground. All the Fetids were in separate areas.

“We will try it on the female first.” said Roomeo.

“How do you know which is which?” asked Patreena.

“The females all have a larger chin and mouth, if you look closely you can see their chins are fatter at the base and their mouths are constantly open.” replied Roomeo.

“I wonder why?” asked Junifer.

She received no answer.

“We will send a cyborg into the room and inject the Fetid with some of your potion, we have chosen the female due to the overpowering strength of the males.” said Roomeo.

Junifer and Patreena’s potion was taken into another room by a lab technician to be processed and loaded into the weapon. Soon after the technician returned with the loaded fifty function knife and gave it to a cyborg. The cyborg had already been given instructions on how to use it. The force field around the entrance to the room was turned off for a split second to allow the cyborg to enter. The female Fetid walked towards the cyborg. The cyborg aimed and fired at the Fetid hitting it , but the Fetid was quick off the cuff and managed to slice the cyborgs head clean off its shoulders with a swift grasping blow from its right claw. Then a strange chemical reaction was affecting the Fetid. Its colour was slowly changing from manky green to a beautiful pinkish red. Something had definitely happened to it’s genetically structure.

”It has worked.” said Junifer excitedly.

“Yes it has.” said Patreena.

“Let’s not jump to conclusions, we still have to test its animosity to True Humans and don’t forget what the female has just done to a cyborg. A cyborg that is ten times stronger then us.” said Roomeo.

“It caught the cyborg by surprise Roomeo.” said Junifer.

“Even so we must be careful; maybe the potion was not strong enough. I won’t risk one of us until I am sure it has worked.”

“Send another cyborg in Roomeo.” said Patreena.

“Good idea, I will get another and send them straight in.”

Junifer and Patreena stared into the room whilst Roomeo looked for another cyborg. The Fetid was gently touching the cyborg for some reason, maybe it was checking to see if it was still capable of moving or maybe it was feeling some sort of remorse for destroying it.

“Well one thing is for sure the Fetid looks a lot nicer now.” said Patreena.

“Looks can be deceiving, the proof will be in the pudding.” said Junifer.

“I have never heard you say that before Junifer.”

“It is something that Edvax used to say.”

“Did he like making pudding?”

“No he never had pudding, but he liked his afters.”

They both started to laugh and the Fetid smiled at them in a funny sort of way.

“Did you see that?” asked Junifer.

“Yes I did, it seemed to be smiling.” replied Patreena.

Roomeo entered the room quickly accompanied by another cyborg. Roomeo disengaged the force field and the cyborg went straight into the other room. The Fetid went up to the cyborg and touched it gently on the chest, but it did not strike out. Junifer and the others watched in awe, but nothing happened. The potion must have worked.

“We need to try a True Human now.” said Junifer.

“Yes but who would go in? Who would be brave enough to go in?” said Roomeo.

“We need to ask for a volunteer.” said Patreena.

“That is a brilliant idea Patreena, we will ask the world for a volunteer.” said Roomeo.

“In the meantime I suggest we start producing the potions on a mass scale and issue knives to all and sundry.” said Junifer.

“I will get on with it straight away.” said Roomeo.

“What about the cyborg?” asked Patreena.

“Leave it in there and see if anything happens.” replied Roomeo as he walked out of the room.

Junifer and Patreena carried on watching the Fetid and the cyborg for several hours but nothing happened.

“Come on, let’s go for something to eat.” said Patreena.

They both walked out of the room and went down to the refreshment area down a long corridor, once inside they went to a dispenser and pressed the relative buttons and sat down on an air table to eat. They had been there for a while and were chatting amongst them selves when a light message appeared before Junifer face, it read,

Junifer I have succeeded in getting a volunteer to go into the Fetids room. I will meet you there in one hour.

Signed Roomeo.

“Finish your meal Patreena, Roomeo has got a volunteer.”

“Male or Female?” asked Patreena.

“I don’t know, does it matter?”

“No not really, I was just curious.”

“Come on lets go see who it is.” said Junifer.

They both went back to the room where the Fetids were and waited for Roomeo to arrive. The cyborg was still in the other room with the female Fetid and was unharmed. Roomeo walked into the room with a tall handsome male True Human, both the girls looked at him in admiration. Patreena’s legs turned to jelly.

“Hello girls, this is Samari.”

“Hello Samari, my name is Junifer.”

Samari grabbed hold of Junifer’s hand and kissed it gently.

“Hello Junifer pleased to meet you.” he said.

“Hello Samari my name is Patreena.”

Samari grabbed hold of Patreena’s hand and kissed it gently.

“Hello Patreena I am pleased to meet you. Roomeo has told me all about you two. I am very sorry to hear about your husband’s fate on the planet Earth.” said Samari.

“One day we will go back for them.” said Junifer.

“Both of us.” stressed Patreena.

“That may be a long time from now Junifer.” said Roomeo.

“We will wait patiently until the time comes. Edvax and Wacka have been deep frozen, so as long as they are in that state their bodies will be safe.” she replied.

“Fair comment Junifer.” said Roomeo.

“Are you going straight in without any protection?” asked Patreena.

“No love I am not. I will have my force field activated for the first few moments and then I will switch it off.” replied Samari.

“You are so brave Samari.” said Junifer.

“If that potion is as good as you say it is then bravery does not come into it, but if it isn’t you can change my name on my tombstone to Dumbari.”

The girls laughed at Samari.

“I wish you luck Samari.” said Junifer.

He initiated his force field and disengaged the one on the entrance and slowly walked in. The cyborg was still stood there unharmed. The Fetid looked at Samari and moved forward slightly. Samari slowly walked over to a seat and sat down; the Fetid just looked at him without reaction.

“Cyborg, you can go.” said Samari.

The cyborg walked out of the room and on its way out re-initiated the room force field. Junifer, Roomeo and Patreena were just stood there transfixed to the viewing window. For several moments Samari and the Fetid just stared at each other.

“How long do you think the potion will last Junifer?” asked Roomeo.

“Forever, well for as long as the creature lives anyway.” she replied.

Samari stood up and walked closer to the Fetid who in turn walked backwards away from Samari. This gave him confidence to disengage his force field. Once disengaged, he restarted walking towards the creature. He was as close as he dare get when all of a sudden the creature moved, this put the fear of God into Samari and both the girls let out a small shriek, but their fears were unfounded as the creature was putting out its claw in friendship and Samari realised this and put out his hand. They were shaking hands in a strange sort of way; this confirmed that the potion did indeed work on the female Fetids. The trio outside of the room breathed a sigh of relief. Samari put his arm around the gruesome creatures back and sort of patted it. The creature did the same to Samari and nearly broke his neck. Obviously the Fetids were not used to personal contact, but now they could get used to it.

“We need to produce food on a mass scale for these Fetids to eat, to stop them eating us.” said Roomeo.

“We also need to be vigilant regarding the ones who have not being treated with potion.” said Junifer.

“At least we can tell from a distance those that have been treated.” said Patreena.

A light message appeared in front of Roomeo’s eyes, it read,

Roomeo, the outer force field has been resealed, but at least a thousand Fetids have broken through.

Signed Adonis.

He told the girls the news and they both cheered, but danger was still there and it had to be dealt with. Samari came out of the room unharmed and smiling.

“It looks as though the potion is potent.” said Samari.

“Yes, we were just talking about it.” said Junifer.

“They still smell pretty bad though.” said Patreena.

The four of them laughed and all looked at the smelly Fetid that had just been treated.

“She could do with a bath.” said Samari.

“We should go back to our home now and see our families.” said Junifer.

“Come on then we will use the aircraft.” said Roomeo.

Patreena, Junifer and Roomeo walked out of the complex, but Samari stayed for a little longer to take notes.

Once outside Junifer took a deep breath and exhaled, all of a sudden there was an almighty flash of light and a violent explosion, all three were caught unawares. Samari came outside to witness a scene of sheer carnage. Roomeo was totally torn to bits by the force of the explosion; both the girls had lost their arms and legs. Samari took out his knife and immediately used the freezer function on the two girl’s torsos, he froze them instantly. Roomeo was beyond help. He used the communication function on the knife to get medical assistance, it arrived very quickly and the area was sealed off. Samari sat down on the floor and was suffering from severe shock; he had not got a clue as to what had caused the explosion. Adonis and some technicians arrived at the scene.

“Get those two girls to the emergency care unit as quick as you can.” shouted Adonis to the crew of the ambulance.

Junifer and Patreena were in no condition to say anything and poor Roomeo was spread about the whole complex, the only thing that remained near the scene was his multi function knife. Adonis picked it up.

“What happened Samari and where is Roomeo?” asked Adonis.

“He has been annihilated by the blast, but I do not know what caused it.”

“Could it have been the Fetids?” asked Adonis.

“Possibly, I just don’t know. I was inside the complex when I heard a bang and came outside to see what it was, I saw the girls in bits and Roomeo was missing.” said Samari whilst trembling and then he collapsed onto the floor.

“Roomeo, Roomeo, where for art thou Roomeo?” shouted Adonis loudly.

“He will not answer sir, for we have found his head over by the Bushes.” said one of the technicians.

Adonis just stood there and never said a word. His face was a picture of pure sadness and misery. He had just lost one of his best friends and one of the members of the committee for True Human Life. Roomeo was one of the most experienced members of the committee and he will leave a large hole to be filled. Who could possibly replace him and what about the two girls who were specially trained to defend our planet, what would become of them? And to top it all Samari had fainted.

“Samari should go to the emergency care unit with the girls.” said Adonis.

Robots carried all three into an air ambulance with any spare parts that were scattered around them and the craft took off at a fast rate.

The technicians carried on searching the area for clues and anymore body parts. They found an arm and something that looked like a singed Minge. Everything was collected and shipped off to the emergency care unit to be identified ready for possible reconstruction.

The seeds of Life.

[part two]

Destiny to return to the Planet Earth.


Albut Ross


Perfectus had been under siege for a million years before the Fetids were finally pushed back to their own planet and after that for the last five hundred thousand years the Perfectusian’s have had peace and have lived in safety. They have advanced a great deal since Junifer and Patreena were put into the Cryogenic freezer. The Council for True Human Life were now in a position to bring them out of the freezer and hopefully rebuild the two girls shattered bodies. Obviously the population of the planet had changed tremendously since they were alive and to bring them back will be a great shock to them, but before they were injured it was their wish to be frozen and then awoken when the technology was there to save them. That day has finally come and the girls would now be able to fulfil their destiny.

Chapter one.


The Cryogenic freezer was full of Perfectusian’s that had been frozen after being injured during the war with the Fetids from the Planet of Certain Death. The Council for True Human Life were all in a state of euphoria after learning from their chief scientists that the injured Perfectusian’s could at last be brought back to life. None of the people in the freezer had actually died, but all had been too badly injured to be treated at the time of the war, but now new artificial vital organs were available to rebuild these people, the only ones that will not benefit are the ones with too much brain damage, for they will have to wait for a bit longer. The brain is an extremely delicate and complex organ that would be difficult to emulate, even the most modern Cyborgs have had to have artificial brains, but the fact that vital organs like the heart and the kidneys and liver can now be made on demand is a great step forward for the Perfectusian’s. A mission to go back to the dreadful Planet Earth was uppermost in the council’s thoughts, and Junifer would be the one they would like to lead the people who go there.

The council leader was a female called Judear, she was a tall blonde haired woman of six hundred years of age, and she was well respected by all.

“Are you absolutely sure that we can safely bring these people out of the Cryogenic chamber without any risk?” asked Judear.

“Yes mam, we have no doubt that now is the time to bring them back, the only risk is if the soul has left the body, if it has then we will be fighting a losing battle, if it is still there then these people will end up living normal lives and they will probably live longer than any of us.” said the chief scientist and Doctor called Benjamin.

“Can’t we find out if the soul is still there without defrosting them?” asked Judear.

“No mam, we cannot, the soul is the very essence of life itself and it is very hard to trace when the person is deep-frozen. Technically they are not dead so the soul should still be there, but no-one has ever been frozen for such a long period of time so we are not really sure of what will happen when we defrost them, it is purely a case of only time will tell.”

“The council have decided to let you go ahead with the procedure and we all pray that it works. Go do your duty Benjamin and good luck” said Judear.

“Thank you mam.” said Benjamin.

Benjamin and his Doctors and Scientists left the council chamber and headed for the cryogenic complex to prepare to defrost the True Human guinea pigs. It was going to be a long laborious procedure and the sooner they started the better. Benjamin’s team were all eager to get cracking and the initial discussion was about who to do first.

“We should do Patreena first as she has the worst injuries, the others will take up less time.” said Benjamin.

“Can we not do two at a time?” asked Doctor Woo.

“No, not at the beginning, don’t forget we are treading on unknown territory here and we do not want any hastily made mistakes. Bring Patreena’s chamber into the defrosting room and we will operate on her first, bear in mind it will take six hours to slowly defrost her and during that time we have to flush all her bodily fluids out and clean her veins and arteries, before we even attempt to replace any vital organs.”

Doctor Woo went into the freezer room and pressed a few buttons on a panel and Patreena’s chamber slowly came out of storage and was positioned in front of the Doctor and another Doctor. They both pushed the chamber into the defrosting room where Benjamin and the others were waiting patiently. Benjamin took a little card out of the chamber and loaded it into a computer which then displayed all Patreena’s medical history and a full list of her injuries.

“Well this poor woman has been really badly injured, both legs and both arms destroyed, her pancreas is missing and the front of the Minge is missing, her stomach and one lung have holes in them. Her brain and other vital organs are okay. Doctor Woo, please initiate the defrost procedure. We can work on Patreena’s arms and legs whilst she defrosts. Doctor Decrepid can you see to the flushing out of the bodily fluids and Doctor Dyed can you organise some limbs for the lady.” said Benjamin.

Doctor Dyed went out of the room into another room where both female and male limbs were being stored. These limbs were all mechanical cyborg limbs that had been mass produced. Doctor Dyed glanced through them to try and get some that would reflect the beauty of the woman that they were intended for; the room itself was very large and well organised, after a short while he had made his choice and carried them back into the defrosting room. He placed them at the side of Patreena’s chamber and Benjamin picked one of the legs up and started to work on the components at the body end of the leg, he then opened the chamber and started to work on Patreena’s left leg. Several hours had passed and Doctor Decrepid was well into the process of cleaning Patreena’s veins, arteries and stomach, it was a job that would take the whole six hours of defrosting Doctor Benjamin had managed to get the first leg in position and was working on the second leg.

“The leg moved.” said Doctor Woo.

“It can’t have moved because the lady is still half frozen.” said Benjamin.

“I am telling you Doctor Benjamin, that the left leg has just moved on its own.” said Doctor Woo.

All of them looked at the screen where all the vital signs should be displayed and there was no sign of life.

“Maybe it is the soul awakening.” said Doctor Decrepid.

“We will carry on regardless, the camera will pick out any further movement and we can look at it later.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Work continued on Patreena’s shattered body. Benjamin and Doctor Dyed finished operating on the limbs and were in the process of repairing the pancreas and lungs. The defrosting procedure was now into its fifth hour.

“Get ready for the blood transfusion Doctor Woo.” said Doctor Benjamin.

The lungs and the pancreas were now repaired and the hole in the stomach had been sealed.

“The flushing out of the bodily fluids is now complete.” said Doctor Decrepid.

“Excellent.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Patreena’s body shook slightly.

“Put the blood in with a mixture of two parts per million of the Goodness potion.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Doctor Woo started the blood flowing into Patreena’s body and adjusted the tap on the Goodness dispenser to two parts per million of the blood and then all of them stood back and watched her body turn a beautiful shade of pink, for another two hours they waited patiently for the blood and potion to fill Patreena’s body. Then they put a mask over her mouth and gave her oxygen, the lungs could clearly be seen to inflate.

“How many units of blood have gone in so far Doctor Woo?” asked Doctor Benjamin.

“Seven sir.” she replied.

“Right, you can now put in the magic ingredient.”

Doctor Woo placed a needle into Patreena’s skin in the middle of her stomach and gently injected some liquid. She then stood back and watched the vital signs display monitor.

“Give her twelve volts of electricity.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Doctor Decrepid fixed two probes onto Patreena’s skin and stood back whilst the shock went into Patreena’s body; it shook violently, but nothing showed on the display monitor.

“Give her twenty four volts of electricity.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Patreena’s body shook violently and then her heart started to beat, the display monitor started to beep, beep, beep. Patreena sat up and started gasping for air. All the Doctors started cheering and dancing around the room. Patreena was in a dazed state and she was unsure of what was happening, her legs had worked perfectly, exactly as they were designed to do, even Doctor Benjamin was amazed at the sight of Patreena sitting up for the first time.

“Do not move dear, stay on your back for a while whilst your body is rejuvenated, we need to do some tests on you.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“Where am I? Where am I?” she asked.

“You are in hospital on Perfectus, do not worry you are in safe hands.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“The Fetids are attacking we must go to our bolt holes.” shouted Patreena in a distressed state.

“The Fetids are no longer a danger Patreena, so please relax and let us do our work.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Patreena laid back down on the table and stared at the roof, she noticed that it was a very strange unrecognisable construction. ‘Where am I?’ she thought to herself. In her mind she had a brief memory of some sort of explosion before she blacked out, but she did not know it was over a million years ago and that was a fact that would be a great shock to her later on. All of the Doctors were busily doing tests on her bodily functions and injecting more medicines and potions into her body. After an hour Benjamin decided to let the Council for True Human Life know that the reincarnation of Patreena was a complete success and that Junifer would be the next to undergo the complex and long procedure.

“Bring the other lady in now Doctor Woo.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Doctor Woo went into the freezer room with Doctor Dyed and pressed the relative buttons on the panel to retrieve Junifer’s cryogenic chamber. After a few moments it appeared in front of them and they wheeled it back into the other room and put it at the side of Patreena’s bed. Patreena was unaware of who it was and just stared at the ceiling for ages, she seemed to be in a trance.

“We will use the exact same procedure on Junifer and then if it is a success we will go and rest for the night.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Patreena heard the Doctor mention the word Junifer and instantly more long lost memories entered her head.

Doctor Benjamin retrieved the little card from the cryogenic chamber and put it into the computer to display Junifer’s medical history and a list of her injuries.

“This lady has the same limbs missing, both kidneys are damaged and her liver is in bad shape, there is also slight damage to her left ear, her brain is in perfect order and her heart and lungs are okay. Doctor Woo please start the defrost procedure. Doctor Decrepid please do the flushing out of the bodily fluids and Doctor Dyed please organise some limbs for the lady.”

Everyone once again started the laborious work of repairing Junifer’s shattered body.

Patreena was getting a bit more responsive and sat up to see if she could recognise the lady in the other cryogenic chamber, she looked long and hard at the lady’s face and then laid back down and tried to remember what had happened to her, bit by bit her memory came back and she started to weep. She realised that the lady next to her was her best friend and the two of them had been involved in some sort of explosion, then she remembered her other friend Roomeo.

“What happened to Roomeo?” she eagerly asked the Doctors.

“I don’t know love, but we can find out for you.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“I will find out.” said one of the Scientists who was working on the instruments panel.

“Thank you.” said Patreena in anticipation.

The Scientist pressed some buttons on his machine and up popped Roomeo’s medical records and death certificate.

“Your friend Roomeo was killed instantly in the blast, there was no trace of his body and only his head was ever found.” said the Scientist to Patreena.

Patreena put her hands over her mouth and started to cry uncontrollably, the Doctors just left her to her own devices for a while. They were too busy to console the poor woman.

Junifer was by now half defrosted and had received her two new legs. The bodily fluid flushing procedure was well under way. Doctor Dyed was in the process of repairing her left ear with delicate bionic surgery.

Poor Patreena had cried herself to sleep and was being fed intravenously.

Five hours into the defrosting procedure and Junifer was once again looking like she did before the explosion, but like Patreena she would be half Woman and half Cyborg, that is of course if the procedure works as well on her as it did on her friend. The Doctors were all full of confidence and were actively rushing about doing their relative jobs.

“Get ready with the blood transfusion Doctor Woo.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“The flushing out of the bodily fluids is now complete.” said Doctor Decrepid.

“Good work.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Junifer’s body shook slightly, just like Patreena’s did..

“Put the blood in with a mixture of two parts per million of the Goodness potion.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Doctor Woo started the blood flowing into Patreena’s body and adjusted the tap on the Goodness dispenser to two parts per million of the blood and then all of them stood back and watched her body turn a beautiful shade of pink, for another two and half hours they waited patiently for the blood and potion to fill Junifer’s body. Then they put a mask over her mouth and gave her oxygen, the lungs could clearly be seen to inflate.

“How many units of blood have gone in so far Doctor Woo?” asked Doctor Benjamin.

“Seven and a half units sir.” she replied.

“Right, you can now put in the magic ingredient.”

Doctor Woo placed a needle into Patreena’s skin in the middle of her stomach and gently injected some liquid. She then stood back and watched the vital signs display monitor.

“Give her twelve volts of electricity.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Doctor Decrepid fixed two probes onto Junifer’s skin and stood back whilst the shock went into Junifer’s body; it shook violently, but nothing showed on the display monitor.

“Give her twenty four volts of electricity.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Once again Junifer’s body shook violently but nothing else happened. All of the Doctor’s looked at each other in dismay.

“Give her thirty volts of electricity.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“Wait, Wait.” shouted Doctor Decrepid as he looked underneath Junifer’s body.

“There is something under her that may be Perfectussing her body, it looks like a knife.” said Doctor Decrepid.

He struggled to pull the knife from under her body but it was stuck to her skin near the base of the spine, but eventually it came free.

“The electricity might have been going through the knife and into the metal part of the bed, try it again.” said Doctor Decrepid.

Once again twenty four volts of electricity went through Junifer’s body and all of a sudden they all stood back in amazement as she was brought back to life, she was coughing and spluttering, her mask was blown off her mouth as she struggled to breathe. All the Doctors were jumping up and down and cheering, Junifer was still struggling to breathe and looked somewhat bewildered. All the commotion had awoken Patreena who was sat up watching the Doctors celebrate their amazing achievement. Cryogenics was now a reality, these two True Human beings were nearly one and a half million years old, and they still had their original souls and memories. This was a true miracle. A miracle, that could now be repeated over and over again. Doctor Benjamin went to Junifer’s aid as she was starting to hyperventilate; he placed the mask back onto her face and tried to calm her down. Junifer was still feeling bewildered and unsure of what was really happening. Patreena looked at her with intense eyes and then started to cry again.

It was still at an early stage of their recovery and there was a lot of hard work and strict physiotherapy to go through for the both of them, but at long last they were alive and in a few weeks time will be ready to fulfil their final destiny. Junifer was settling down and getting used to her new environment, the Doctors were all over her doing tests and monitoring her bodily functions. Patreena tried to get off her bed but was stopped by Doctor Woo.

“Do not get off the bed yet Patreena, we have still more tests to do and then you have to go through some physiotherapy to get used to your new legs and arms.” said Doctor Woo.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“You are on the planet Perfectus, a very long time into your future.”

“Are any of my family alive?”

“No they are not, but you may have descendants, we will check for you. Now please relax and try to build up your strength.”

Patreena laid back onto the bed and tried once again to dig deep into her thoughts to get out the full facts of what happened. Junifer was still in a state of severe shock and bewilderment. Doctor Benjamin held her hand for a while to give her True Human contact; it seemed to relax her a bit.

“We need to put the girls to sleep for the night and come back tomorrow. I do not know about you lot, but I am really tired out, the robots will keep a close eye on them.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Junifer and Patreena were given drugs to make them sleep, all the Doctors and technicians then left them in the defrosting room with several robots to keep an eye on them.

“Goodnight everyone.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“Goodnight Doctor.” they all replied.

Twelve hours later and the Doctors and technicians were arriving back at the cryogenic complex. Junifer and Patreena had been awakened by the robots. Both were still confused as to what was happening. Doctor Woo walked in and spoke to the girls.

“Patreena how are you feeling this lovely morning?” asked Doctor Woo.

Patreena just looked at her with starry eyes and said nothing.

“What about you Junifer, how are you?”

Junifer looked at the beautiful female Doctor and replied.

“Where are we?”

“You are on the planet Perfectus, you have been brought back to life using cryogenics.” said the Doctor.

“How long have we been frozen?” asked Junifer.

“One and a half million Perfectus years.”

“That is impossible.” said Junifer.

“It is a fact and not only that we are in the process of bringing several more people back to life from the same era.” said the Doctor.

“Any of our family?” asked Junifer.

“Unfortunately no, but some of your friends are here.”

“What happened to our families?” asked Patreena.

“The Fetids destroyed your bolt hole and everyone that was in it.”

Both of the girls started to cry uncontrollably. Doctor Woo left them on their own for a while and went to see Doctor Benjamin.

“The girls are very upset Doctor.” said Doctor Woo to Doctor Benjamin.

“It was to be expected, but I think they will soon come out of it when they realise what they have to do to fulfil their destinies.”

“Who is the third person to be unfrozen?” asked Doctor Woo.

“A man called Samari Tan, he is in bay 632, his injures are not that bad, it seems he lost the will to live after seeing these two girls dismembered by the Fetid attack, the shock literally stopped his heart and he was immediately frozen by the authorities as a result.”

“Have I to bring him in Doctor?” asked Woo.

“Yes please do.” Doctor Benjamin replied.

Doctor Woo and Doctor Decrepid went into the defrosting room to retrieve Samari Tan. They pressed the relative buttons to summon his chamber and awaited its arrival. It soon arrived.

“Wow, what a good looking man.” said Doctor Woo as she gazed at the frozen body.

They wheeled him into the other room and doctor Benjamin took out the little card from the cryogenic chamber and put it into the computer to display Samari’s medical history and a list of his injuries. [If he had any?]

On the monitor it just simply stated ‘Died of broken heart’ but no physical injuries.

“This is going to be more difficult than the other two, how do we mend a broken heart?” asked Doctor Benjamin.

“We could try increasing the dose of goodness potion.” said Doctor Woo.

“That is a good idea, double the dose to four parts per million and lets see what happens, but we must still keep to the strict defrosting time period.”

All the Doctors and technicians got to work on preparing to defrost Samari. With there being no limbs or vital organs to transfer some of the other Doctors merely looked on in interest and took no real part in this particular patient’s recovery.

“Doctor Woo, please start the defrost procedure. Doctor Decrepid please do the flushing out of the bodily fluids.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Slowly the procedure was initiated and after a few hours the body of Samari started to gain some pinkish colour.

“We may as well have a drink whilst we are waiting, there is nothing much we can do for a few hours, the robots will keep an eye on him.” said Doctor Benjamin.

All the Doctors, technicians and scientists went out of the defrosting room and into another room down the corridor for refreshments. All sat around a long elongated table to eat and drink, they conversed with each other about the revolutionary new procedure of Cryogenics.

“Do you think Samari will be brought back?” asked Doctor Decrepid.

“It is too early to tell, but his body has started to gain colour and the bodily fluids are draining nicely.” replied Doctor Benjamin.

“If he died of a broken heart his soul must have gone already.” said Doctor Woo.

“Not necessarily, he was frozen immediately after collapsing to the floor and at the time they could not resuscitate him at the clinic so he was classed as dead on arrival, but he was put into a Cryogenic chamber just in case, so hopefully we will be able to bring him back.” said Doctor Benjamin.

“I do hope so, for he is a perfect specimen of a man.” said Doctor Woo shyly.

After an hour chatting and nourishing themselves they went back to the defrosting room and got back to the job in hand. Samari was beginning to look a healthy colour and the procedure was going well.

“The flushing out of the bodily fluids is now complete.” said Doctor Decrepid.

“Scan his heart to see where it is broken.” said Doctor Benjamin.

A scanner was moved above Samari’s body and switched on, all of them could see his heart on a monitor as clear as day. At the bottom was what looked like a crack leading upwards in the middle of his heart.

“Some of the fluids have entered the ribcage and need to be removed, the break in his heart can be sealed using Hughie Dooey glue, we will cut just above the second rib and enter here.” said Doctor Benjamin whilst pointing to an area on the monitor.

Doctor Woo went for some Hughie Dooey glue from the storeroom. Doctor Benjamin made a small incision in-between the lower ribs and opened the skin, he shoved a flexible pipe inside and drained the excess fluid away. Doctor Woo returned with the Hughie Dooey glue and gave it to Doctor Decrepid. He put some of the glue into a long flexible tubular instrument that was then inserted into the small incision to stick the two parts of the broken heart together, it was a tricky awkward procedure that both Doctor Benjamin and Doctor Decrepid did with sheer skill and expertise. The glue took several minutes to cure and seal the two sides of the heart together. The little incision was then glued back together and the job was done.

“Right Doctor Woo start the blood inflow with four parts per million of goodness potion.”

After a long while waiting patiently, Doctor Benjamin spoke to Doctor Woo.

“How many units are in his body now?”

“Six and a half units.” replied Doctor Woo.

“When we get to seven units you can put in the magic ingredient.”

Doctor Woo patiently watched the instrument that was dosing Samari with his new blood and at the exact point that it indicated seven units she placed a needle into Samari’s skin in the middle of his stomach and gently injected some liquid, she then stood back and watched the vital signs display monitor.

“Inflate the lungs and then give him twelve volts of electricity.” said Doctor Benjamin.

Doctor Decrepid pumped oxygen into Samari’s lungs through his mouth to inflate them and then fixed two probes onto Samari’s skin. He pressed a button and stood back whilst the shock went into his body; it shook violently and he immediately sat up and started gasping for breath. Everyone was shocked at this sudden movement. Doctor Woo started to cry with sheer joy. Samari had awoken and was breathing, even though he was struggling to do it.

Doctor Decrepid placed an oxygen mask over Samari’s mouth and pushed him back onto the bed.

“Try to relax Samari, we need to do some tests on you.”

Samari was feeling strange and was not really sure of what was happening, he stared at the ceiling in bewilderment, just like the girls did earlier. Who were at that very moment watching the proceedings from their own bed, neither had recognised him as yet, but both were intrigued and excited at what they were witnessing.

Samari tried to come to terms with what was happening and looked at the two girls that were staring at him, his mind was a blur, but Junifer was somehow recognisable and familiar. The Doctors were running about doing their relative duties. Samari's eyes was transfixed in Junifer and Patreena’s direction and then he had a tear in his left eye as he remembered who they were and he suddenly called out,

“Junifer, it is me, Samari.”

Both Junifer and Patreena looked at him in earnest, both gasped in anticipation,

“Oh my God, it is Samari.” said Junifer.

The room went eerily quiet, all you could hear were doctors and technicians walking about and chattering amongst themselves. Junifer, Patreena and Samari all realised at that moment exactly what was happening. They all knew that somehow they had been brought back to life and in fact it was not a dream. Patreena shouted out,

“Samari, we cannot walk, you must come to us.”

Samari got up off the bed and walked towards the girls,

“I cannot believe what I am seeing.” he said.

He cuddled the girls one by one and then they all began to cry. The Doctors and Technicians also began to cry, it was one of those moments when True Human feelings were unleashed all at once, and there was not a dry eye in the whole complex. Compassion, love, kindness, happiness, relief, joy, Humanity and excitement, these were the emotions all were experiencing.

Junifer knew that her destiny was going to be fulfilled and she realised she finally was on her way to Earth to retrieve the body of her long lost husband Edvax and his best mate Wacka, that is if they can find them of course.

Samari was the only one who did not need Physiotherapy, both the girls needed to learn how to use their new limbs. Samari knew he must help them to get back to full fitness and that is precisely what he did. For several months he helped them get back to full health. Patreena took to using her new legs very quickly, but her hands were for some reason difficult for her to utilise properly, the problem was that the grip was so strong that she often squeezed too hard when picking things up and on the odd occasion she has broke ornaments and instruments. Once when she shook the hand of one of the technicians she nearly broke it. Junifer on the other hand had got used to all her new limbs very quickly and she relished the thought of using them on the planet Earth and one thing was for sure, the girls were going to be a lot stronger and quicker on their feet than any of the others, especially while they were on Earth.

The Council for True Human Life were meeting today to discuss the mission to return to the planet Earth. Reports that were coming in from the scanning room were not very good. They soon discovered that the planet Earth had become vastly populated by humans as they had planned, but there seemed to be a lot of bad vibrations and negative signals reaching the scanners. These scanners had vastly improved over the last million years or so and it was now possible to keep track of the souls of dead humans. These humans were dying at a very early age and a lot of them were releasing tortured souls, it was evident something had gone tragically wrong with their evolution and it was their duty to discover what it was that had gone disastrously wrong.

The leader of the council was a woman called Judear, she was addressing the other eleven members who were all sat around a solid Gold table. The council had evolved enormously whilst Junifer, Samari and Patreena were frozen in the Cryogenic chamber. The modern Perfectusian was capable of amazing things which included telepathy, but the spoken word was favoured and used most often.

“Do the reborn know of their impending trip to the planet Earth?” asked Judear

“They know that they are going, but they do not know when, for we have not informed them that we can now generate a wormhole whenever we need to, in their day they had to wait for one to open before attempting space travel to other galaxies.” replied Lathkeen.

“We need to inform them of the importance of this mission, for it is not only a mission to recover the bodies of the two long lost True Humans, it is also imperative we discover what went wrong with the new humans evolution. I have seen the old records of the first trip to the planet called Earth and it worries me something shocking, these records show that the two intrepid seedanauts did all they could to make the mission a success, but unfortunately two of the cyborgs went haywire and turned against them, it is possible that these two cyborgs are still in existence and therefore should be captured intact and brought back for interrogation. Please summon the new seedanauts to the council within the next few days so we can inform them of the situation. This meeting is adjourned until they appear.” said Judear.

The council chamber was evacuated by the members and one of them, who was called Angael, arranged to go see the reborn.

Junifer was running around a field of grass as fast as she could go, behind her was Samari trying his best to keep up. Patreena was at the side of the field resting on a seat whilst watching them. A few more people were scattered about the area, all were trying hard to get back to full health. Angael arrived at the scene and started asking people questions.

“Excuse me have you seen Junifer or Patreena?”

“Patreena is sat down over there.” replied one of the girls.

Angael walked slowly over to where Patreena was sat down. Junifer went past them as fast as a cheetah not knowing who she was.



“Hello, my name is Angael. I am from the Council for True Human Life. Can I have a word?”

“Of course you can.”

“The council have had a meeting in relation to the planned expedition to the planet Earth, we are ready to send you on your way, are you and the others ready to depart?”

Patreena looked shocked at the news and struggled to reply.

“How can that be, surely we have to wait for a wormhole to appear?”

“No, we can generate our own wormholes in this day and age, the conditions on Earth at the moment are turning this mission into an urgent one, so are you ready or not?.”

“Well I don’t think I am, but Samari and Junifer are definitely ready, they are over there on the field trying to outrun each other.” said Patreena as she pointed to the two of them.

“What is holding you up?”

“I cannot get used to my left hand, sometimes it squeezes harder than I want it to.” replied Patreena.

“That is a triviality Patreena, do not let it worry you, if you need to shake hands with anyone use the other one, we need you to go as soon as possible, please tell the others. I have to go now, we will let you know when the next council meeting is, it is imperative you all attend. Goodbye.”

She walked away from a stunned Patreena. Never in a million years did Patreena think the mission would come as soon as it has. Junifer and Samari were coming closer and she called them over.

“Junifer, Samari, come over here a minute.”

“What’s up love?” asked Samari.

“Did you see the lady who I was talking to?” asked Patreena.

“Yes we did, who was she?” asked Junifer.

“She was from the Council for True Human Life. Apparently they have had a meeting and decided to send us to Earth as soon as possible, she wanted to know if we were fit. I told her that you two were but I was not, but the committee still want us to go to Earth as a matter of urgency.”

“When?” asked Samari.

“We have to go to the next council meeting, she will let us know when and then we will be given all the details.”

Junifer went closer to Patreena and put her arms around her.

“This is it Patreena, at long last we can get our husbands bodies back to their home planet for a decent burial.”

All three hugged and kissed each other in turn.

“Junifer, I am a bit worried about my left hand, it does not always do what I want it to.”

“We will test it on the way to Earth and try to cure the problem, but we cannot let it stand in our way.”

The three of them just carried on with their routine whilst patiently awaiting contact from the Council.

That contact did not come until early the next morning when all three were awoken abruptly by a robot, who politely asked them to get dressed and get ready for transport. All three rushed about getting their things together and were met outside the complex by another ninety eight reborn’s. There was not much conversation as everyone scrambled to get into a large vehicle which silently moved away from the complex towards the council chambers several sectrons away. People just seemed to be in some sort of trance as some of them were still half asleep. No one spoke a word on the vehicle. Junifer sat there dreaming of what might happen on the planet Earth. ‘Will the new humans have evolved properly? Will they be hostile? Will we ever come back? Then she realised that this mission would be a lot more organised and emergency procedures would be more stringent. Fear turned to excitement as she smiled and daydreamed of her husband's happy go lucky face. The vehicle stopped and people started to disembark. Junifer, Samari and Patreena were the last to get off. A robot directed all of them to the council chambers, they were twice the size and much more luxurious than the last time she visited them all those years ago. Still no one spoke as they walked into the council chambers and towards the massive meeting room. All the councillors were sat around a large table, with Judear the leader at the very top. About one hundred Perfectusian’s from the present time were already sat down at the left hand side of the table, the reborns were directed to the right hand side and slowly but surely all got a seat. When everyone had settled down the doors were closed and then the leader spoke.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to this most important of all council meetings. Over the last several thousand years we have observed a lot about the planet Earth and we are not happy by what we have seen. Some of you, especially the reborns will be very upset from what I am going to say and what I am about to show you on the monitor, but it needs to be dealt with. We need the reborns on this mission because they were part of the original mission to the planet and they may have vital information relating to it. If you have any questions before I start to demonstrate what has been going on, please ask now.”

Junifer put her hand up.

“Yes Junifer.”

“Who will lead the mission?”

“You will be in full control of the mission, with Samari and Patreena as second and third in command. Lathkeen will be the only member of the council that will go with you, she will be there to advise on Moral and Humanitarian problems. Everyone in this room apart from the other committee members will be going on the mission, which is scheduled for tonight at 26ad.”

There was a surprised expression on all their faces and mumbling was heard from all the reborns in the room.

“Any more questions.” asked Judear.

No one muttered a word, he carried on with the demonstration which started off with a brief chat and a movie.

“As you all know the majority of the people on Perfectus believe in God, but we do not make people believe in God, some of our people have not made there mind up, but they are a minority and that is up to them. On Earth things were going from bad to worse and God in his infinite wisdom sent his son to the planet to try and guide the people in the right direction, unfortunately it went tragically wrong and this film which is very graphic may upset some if not all of you, but please watch for you need to know what type of people you are dealing with.”

Judear motioned to a robot who then started the film, the place went silent as the lights went out, a cold shiver went down Junifer’s spine.

The audience gasped as human beings in rags appeared on the monitor, thousands of them gathering on an hillside, at the top of the hill was a man with long hair and a small beard and moustache, he had beautiful blue eyes and was dressed in a white garb with sandals on his feet, he was preaching to the crowd who were listening with absolute silence, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the man talking. There was a strong sense of True Human warmth coming from this man, all the audience in the council chamber could sense it.

“God is there for you, he is there to help you get through life, just speak to him and he will listen, you must love thy neighbour and trust the stranger, man was not born to be at war he was born to be at peace, not only with himself but with every living thing around him. You need to change thy ways and be a united people with compassion and purpose in your hearts, to carry on as you are would be a travesty of True Human nature, you were not put on this Earth to kill each other, you were put here to colonise and populate this beautiful world, no True Human prospers by war they will only prosper by peace, go forth and preach the good word of peace and unite with your enemy with the prospect of a peaceful world, and you will be rewarded by God and your own people for all your hard work.”

“What is thy name?” shouted an old man at the front.

“My name is Jesus of Nazareth, I come to preach to you, your family and your neighbour, you are heading for catastrophe if you do not change your ways, now go and spread the word of peace.”

The crowd slowly dispersed muttering amongst themselves as they walked. Jesus walked away holding a staff in his hand smiling at the people as he went passed them. One of them spoke to him.

“Where art thou going now Jesus?”

“I am heading for Jerusalem.” he replied.

“Can I walk with you?” asked the man.

“Anyone who wishes can walk with me.” replied Jesus.

Several people joined Jesus on his long walk to Jerusalem.

The film shifted location and showed a group of thirteen people sitting around a long table.

"I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer, for I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfilment in the kingdom of God. I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me, one who is eating with me."

They all looked saddened, and one by one they said to him, "Surely not I?"

"It is one of the Twelve, one who dips bread into the bowl with me. The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him, but woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born."

"Surely not I, Rabbi?" said Judas the one who would betray him.

"Yes, it is you." Jesus answered.

As soon as Judas had taken the bread, he went outside, and it was night. Whilst they were eating, Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying,

"Take it, this is my body given for you, do this in remembrance of me."

Then he took the cup, gave thanks and offered it to them, and they all drank from it.

"This cup is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many."

The film shifted location again.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled, trust in God, trust also in me. In my Father's house are many rooms, if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you, and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going."

"Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" asked Thomus.

"I am the way and the truth and the life, no-one comes to [God] the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well, from now on, you do know him and have seen him."

"Lord, show us [God] the Father and that will be enough for us."

"Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father? Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own, rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or at least believe on the evidence of the miracles themselves. If you love me, you will obey what I command. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counsellor to be with you forever-the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him, but you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you. I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you. Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me, because I live, you also will live. On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you. Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him. If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him. He who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own, they belong to the Father who sent me. All this I have spoken while still with you, but the Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." answered Jesus.

The film shifted location again.

Jesus was arrested and taken to the high priest, and all the chief priests, elders and teachers of the law came together. Peter followed him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest. There he sat with the guards and warmed himself at a fire. The chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin were looking for evidence against Jesus so that they could put him to death, but they did not find any. Many testified falsely against him, but their statements did not agree. Then some stood up and gave a false testimony against him.

We heard him say,

'I will destroy this man-made temple and in three days will build another, not made by man.'"

Yet even then their testimony did not agree. Then the high priest stood up before them and asked Jesus,

"Are you not going to answer? What is this testimony that these men are bringing against you?"

Jesus remained silent and gave no answer. Again the high priest asked him,

"Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?"

"I am." said Jesus.

"And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven."

The high priest pulled at his clothes.

"Why do we need any more witnesses? You have heard the blasphemy. What do you think?"

They all condemned him as worthy of death. Then some began to spit at him, they blindfolded him, struck him with their fists, and said, ‘Prophesy!’ And then the guards took him and beat him. While Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant girls of the high priest came by. When she saw Peter warming himself, she looked closely at him.

"You were also with that Nazarene, Jesus," she shouted.

But he denied it.

"I don't know or understand what you're talking about," he said, and went out into the entrance.

When the servant girl saw him there, she shouted again to those standing around,

"This fellow is one of them."

Again he denied it. After a little while, those standing near said to Peter,

"Surely you are one of them, for you are a Galilean."

He began to call down curses on himself, and he swore to them,

"I don't know this man you're talking about."

Immediately the cock crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken to him,

"Before the cock crows twice, you will disown me three times." And he broke down and wept.

Early in the morning, all the chief priests and the elders of the people came to the decision to put Jesus to death. They bound him, led him away and handed him over to Pilate, the governor. When Judas, who had betrayed him, saw that Jesus was condemned, he was overcome with remorse and returned the thirty silver coins to the chief priests and the elders.

"I have sinned, for I have betrayed innocent blood."

"What is that to us? That's your responsibility."

So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself.

The Jews led Jesus from Caiaphas [the High Priest] to the palace of the Roman governor, by now it was early morning. Pilate came out to them and asked,

"What charges are you bringing against this man?"

"If he were not a criminal, we would not have handed him over to you."

"Take him yourselves and judge him by your own law." said Pilate

"But we have no right to execute anyone," the Jews objected.

Pilate then went back inside the palace, summoned Jesus and asked him,

"Are you the king of the Jews?”

“Is that your own idea, or did others talk to you about me?" "Am I a Jew? It was your people and your chief priests who handed you over to me. What is it you have done?" Pilate replied

"My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews, but now my kingdom is from another place." said Jesus.

"You are a king, then!" said Pilate.

"You are right in saying I am a king. In fact, for this reason I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me." answered Jesus.

"What is truth?" Pilate asked.

With this he went out again to the Jews and shouted,

"I find no basis for a charge against him."

But they insisted,

"He stirs up the people all over Judea by his teaching. He started in Galilee and has come all the way here."

On hearing this, Pilate asked if the man was a Galilean. When he learned that Jesus was under Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who was also in Jerusalem at that time.

When Herod saw Jesus, he was greatly pleased, because for a long time he had been eager to see him. From what he had heard about him, he had hoped to see him perform some miracle. He plied him with many questions, but Jesus gave him no answer. The chief priests and the teachers of the law were standing there, vehemently accusing him. Then Herod and his soldiers ridiculed and mocked him. Dressing him in an elegant robe, they sent him back to Pilate. That day Herod and Pilate became friends, before this they had been bitter enemies.

Pilate called together the chief priests, the rulers and the people, and said to them,

"You brought me this man as one who was inciting the people to rebellion. I have examined him in your presence and have found no basis for your charges against him. Neither has Herod, for he sent him back to us, as you can see, he has done nothing to deserve death. It is your custom for me to release to you one prisoner at the time of the Passover. Do you want me to release 'the king of the Jews'?"

"No, not him! Give us Barrabas!"

Barrabas had been thrown into prison for an insurrection in the city, and for murder. Wanting to release Jesus, Pilate appealed to them again. But they kept shouting,

"Crucify him! Crucify him!"

For the third time he spoke to them,

"Why? What crime has this man committed? I have found in him no grounds for the death penalty. Therefore I will have him punished and then release him."

Then Pilate took Jesus and had him flogged. The soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head. They clothed him in a purple robe and went up to him again and again, saying,

"Hail, king of the Jews!" And they struck him in the face. They spat on him, and took the staff and struck him on the head again and again. Once more Pilate came out and said to the Jews,

"Look, I am bringing him out to you to let you know that I find no basis for a charge against him."

When Jesus came out wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe, Pilate said to them,

"Here is the man!"

As soon as the chief priests and their officials saw him, they shouted,

"Crucify! Crucify!"

"You take him and crucify him. As for me, I find no basis for a charge against him." answered Pilate.

"We have a law, and according to that law he must die, because he claimed to be the Son of God." The Jews insisted.

When Pilate heard this, he was even more afraid, and he went back inside the palace.

"Where do you come from?" he asked Jesus, but Jesus gave him no answer.

“Do you refuse to speak to me? Don't you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?"

"You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin." answered Jesus.

From then on, Pilate tried to set Jesus free, but the Jews kept shouting,

"If you let this man go, you are no friend of Caesar. Anyone who claims to be a king opposes Caesar."

When Pilate heard this and saw that he was getting nowhere, but instead uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd.

"I am innocent of this man's blood. It is your responsibility!" "Let his blood be on us and on our children!" answered all the people.

Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barrabas to them and handed Jesus over to be crucified.

The film stopped and Judear spoke,

“I have to warn you now that the scene you will witness next is not one that any True Human should witness, as you have seen so far the human race on Earth is not as it is on Perfectus, in fact it is more characteristic of the Fetids that live on our parallel planet, one of our theories is that somehow the Fetids contaminated or sabotaged the original mission to the planet Earth and now we are seeing the result. Please be prepared for what you are about to see for it is vile in the extreme.”

The film continued.

Jesus was stripped of most of his clothing and tied to a post by his hands, a soldier whips him with a stick of wood with lashes of leather at varying lengths with balls of metal embedded on the end, the metal enters the skin of Jesus and causes extensive bruising and bleeding. The heavy whip is brought down with full force again and again all over the body of Jesus.

The skin on his back is hanging in ribbons and the entire area is an unrecognisable mass of torn, bleeding tissue.

The half fainting Jesus is then untied and allowed to slump to the stone pavement, wet with his own blood. The Roman soldiers see a great joke in this provincial Jew claiming to be a king. They throw a robe across his shoulders and place a stick in his hand for a sceptre. A small bundle of branches covered with long thorns is pressed into his scalp. Blood starts to pour from his scalp as the thorns dig into the skull. After mocking Jesus and striking him across the face, the soldiers take the stick from his hand and strike him across the head, driving the thorns deeper into his scalp. At long last they tire of their sadistic actions and the robe was torn from his back. The heavy beam of the cross is tied to his shoulders and the procession of the condemned Christ, two thieves and the execution detail, begins its slow journey. The weight of the heavy wooden beam, together with the shock produced by blood loss, is too much and he stumbles and falls. He tries to rise, but he cannot.

When they arrive at Golgotha, Jesus is thrown down onto the beam of wood and a soldier feels for the depression in the wrist and drives a square nail into the skin and through into the wood, he then moves to the other side and does exactly the same. The cross is lifted into position and a sign is placed at the top which states,

‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’

A soldier goes to the feet of Jesus and places one across the other and drives a long metal nail through the skin and deep into the wood. Jesus was now in pure agony and pain.

Jesus can feel the coldness of death creeping through his body.

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing.” said Jesus.

There was a short silence and then Jesus spoke again,

“Father I commit my spirit into thy hands.”

Jesus died, the film ended.

The entire audience at the council meeting were in shock, several of the reborns had fainted, all the rest were sat with tears in their eyes, no-one spoke. Junifer was crying her eyes out along with Samari and Patreena. Even Judear who had already witnessed the film, was crying, sadness filled the entire room, the only movement was by the robots going about their business. The whole atmosphere was absolutely melancholy. After several minutes Judear spoke,

“I apologise for causing you such distress, but we had no choice, it was crucial that you should learn the truth about this planet and its inhabitants. For those of you who would like to see the history of the last two thousand Earth years on the wretched planet, we have produced a video record for personal viewing, today we have shown you this particular extract due to its content and as you have seen it clearly demonstrates how God had realised there was a problem with the evolution of these particular humans and so to try and cure it he sent his own son there, who in turn tried to put the humans on the right track, unfortunately they repaid him by killing his son. As a direct result of this it is apparent that God has abandoned non True Humans on this planet, but there are still some who he has not abandoned and it is those that we are most interested in, for they are the ones who will be invited back to Perfectus to live out there lives in complete peace and harmony, the ones that are left behind on the wretched planet will be left to the mercy of the rats and mice, for those inhumane people have sinned beyond comprehension and they will stew in there own evilness. We could, if we wanted to, cure them of their badness, but it is not in our best interest to cure the killers of Gods only child, for there is a chance the badness will come through their genes and enter our society. If any of you do study the two thousand year history of the planet Earth, I warn you now it is abhorrent. The mission to go to this planet starts tonight at 26ad. All of you should be ready for that time, for those of you that are capable of mind reading you can access my mind to learn of the Earth history, the reborns can see the video evidence on the spaceship on the way to Earth. Please remember that the Fetids who we were at war with, only killed for food, some of the humans on the planet Earth kill for no reason whatsoever and are therefore untrustworthy to the extreme, do not take any unnecessary chances, especially with the ones that are in charge of the individual countries, for they are the worst of them all. I wish you all good luck on your mission and a full itinerary of who is going on it, is shown on the monitors at the back of this room. Thank you.”

Judear walked away from the council table and went towards the door.

“Excuse me, can I ask a question?” shouted a young woman.

“Yes dear, of course you can.” replied Judear.

“Do the reborns know of our evolutionary abilities?”

“No dear, they do not, but they will learn all about them on the way to Earth. I will place you in charge of informing them. What is your name?”

“It is Maryrose.”

“What are your normal duties?”

“I am a Medical Doctor.”

“Well Maryrose, I wish you luck on the mission and hope you inform all the reborns of our new capabilities.”

“I will do my very best, thank you.”

Judear walked away and out.

Maryrose had already seen the history of the Earthlings and she was aware of who was going on the return mission and in what capacity. She went straight out of the room and made her way to the launch pad, she was going to prepare for the shuttle launch that same night.

Junifer, Samari, and Patreena and most of the other reborns were talking amongst themselves, only the odd few had the nerve to watch the monitors. Most thought they had seen enough of the Earthling violence.

“How could they do such a terrible thing to another of their kind?” asked Samari.

“He was the Son of God, who went to there to help them and they killed him.” said Patreena whilst tears flowed down both her cheeks.

“The humans on Earth are obviously very, very, primitive and somehow their genetic make up has been altered, it is our job to find out what went wrong and to find Edvax and Wacka and bring them home. Then we can bring any True Humans that do exist on the planet back to Perfectus.” said Junifer.

“What will happen to the other humans?” asked Samari.

“The rats and mice will once again be re-initiated and they will destroy all the inhuman life that is left, and then that world will return to nature itself. Come on, let us go and prepare for our long trip to Earth.” replied Junifer.

Over the next several hours everyone was busy loading the shuttle with personal belongings and other vital items.

The shuttle was ready and loaded, only the passengers to go on. Slowly they all boarded the shuttle, there were no special decontamination procedures on this trip, for the damage had already been done to the Earths environment by the Earthlings themselves. Junifer, Lathkeen, Patreena, Samari and the pilot of the shuttle were in the front of the craft awaiting others to embark. The instruments were checked and all the normal take off procedures were now in operation.

“How many more people to board?” asked the pilot.

“Three more sir.” replied a voice over the communicator.

“Tell them to get their finger out.” said the pilot.

“They have just boarded sir.” spoke the voice.

“Excellent, seal the doors and let’s get going.”

The shuttle slowly lifted up into the sky and then swiftly sped upwards towards outer space, it would not be long before it docked with the giant spacecraft that would take them to Earth through the wormhole created by the Perfectusian’s.

Junifer was looking out of the window at the front of the shuttle, all she could see was blackness’ and millions of bright stars, the shuttle turned slightly to the left and then the giant mother-ship came into view, it was a beautiful sight. Junifer was mesmerised by the sheer size and beauty of the mother-ship, slowly, but surely, they approached the giant spacecraft, it was not long before the entire view from the shuttle was taken up by the mother-ship, which was shaped like a giant heart, they entered through an open door and landed on its deck, people disembarked as soon as it had landed, all were carrying their personal belongings with them. Junifer and Patreena were the last to leave the shuttle.

“Where do we go now?” asked Patreena.

“We have to look on the monitor to see where our cabins are.” replied Junifer as she walked to the large monitor at the entrance to another room. Patreena followed her. There was a crowd of people all looking at the monitor to see where they were going to live for the next year or so.

“We are on the top level near the dome, the rooms will inform us when we near them.” said Junifer.

The girls walked slowly to an entrance to a lift to take them to the top level. Samari was close behind them.

“I am with you girls.” said Samari.

They both smiled at him, but did not say anything. All three got into a lift and the doors shut, it started to move in a speedily fashion and soon stopped at the top level. They got out and a voice spoke over the tannoy system.

“Please turn left and then go to the room at the end of the corridor, the door will open as you reach it.”

The three of them walked down the clinically clean corridor towards their room, the door automatically opened to allow them to enter. They walked in. The room contained three other rooms, all had their respective names on a door, they ventured into their own rooms and did their own thing. Junifer went straight into her shower. Patreena made herself a snack. Samari just stared into outer space out of his window, wondering what was waiting in the future for him and his friends.

A voice spoke as if from nowhere.

“Will all reborns assemble in room 101, for debriefing by Doctor Maryrose, when you leave your room directions will be automatically shown to you.”

Samari did not hear the message, but both the girls did. Patreena walked into his room.

“Samari? did you hear the message? come on we have to go to room 101.”

Samari did not say anything and looked bewildered, but followed his friends out of the room and into the corridor. A voice told them to turn right and enter the lift to level six. Once there they got out of the lift and saw a room marked 101 directly ahead, they entered it was already full of reborns and they must have been the last to arrive. Everyone was chatting away when a woman walked into the room and introduced herself.

“Hello everyone, my name is Doctor Maryrose and it is my job to educate you in relation to how the modern Perfectusian has evolved and what the modern Perfectusian has achieved whilst you have been in your long deep sleep. It is very important that you have this information otherwise you could feel as though you are experiencing supernatural happenings, when in reality it is normal True Human behaviour. For starters I will stop talking to you with my mouth and instead communicate with my mind, if anyone does not understand what is happening it is imperative they speak up.”

Doctor Maryrose started to communicate using telepathy and all the reborns could hear her even though she did not speak.

“When you are on Earth, on the odd occasion it will become a very useful way to communicate to modern Perfectusian’s, the fact that you will not be able to use this type of communication with other reborns does not matter, for you will be able to speak to a modern Perfectusian using mind control and they obviously can reply to you using the same method. One modern Perfectusian will be sent with three reborns at different locations around the planet. Also, the modern Perfectusian will have the ability to fly on the planet Earth, this will be beneficial if large distances need to be overcome. When you arrive on the planet you will notice a lot of cold spots wherever untrue humans are gathered, keep your force fields on at all times and no harm will become of you. There will be times when you experience warm areas, in these areas it will be a pleasant feeling where almost certainly True Humans will be gathered. We are not sure of how many True Humans there are on this planet, but all have to be given the choice of coming to Perfectus to live out their lives in peace and harmony, no untrue Human will be given that choice. They will be left to the rats and mice and eventually the planet Earth will be given back to Nature. Any Questions?”

“What language do the Earthlings speak?” asked Samari verbally.

“That is an excellent question and the answer is various. There are many different tribes on the planet and all have their own ways of conversing, unlike Perfectusian’s who have only one language, these humans have evolved separately and therefore speak differently. This does not mean we cannot communicate with them, because we can. Everyone will be issued with a decoder that can decode any language spoken on this planet and if you need to speak the same language back to them it will do it for you. Any more questions?” replied Maryrose telepathically.

“How far can we go when defending ourselves against possible violent attack?” asked Patreena verbally.

“Your conscience will not allow you to kill either untrue or True Humans, but you will be allowed to give instant justice to any violent offender. If for instance you see an untrue human using violence against another human or indeed against any animal, you can turn that violence against the untrue human by using any method at your disposal. In effect you will be using the offender to punish the offender, thus using the offenders own methods of evilness against him or herself. This will have two affects on the offender. One is to show them what it is like to hurt someone and the other is to save the True Human or animal from their wickedness. Once all the True Humans are off the planet, it does not matter what these untrue humans get up to, for eventually Nature will dispose of them for all time. Any more questions?” asked Maryrose telepathically.

“What are our priorities?” asked Junifer verbally.

“Twenty of you will be with four of us to search for Edvax and Wacka, the rest will spread around the planet looking for and communicating with the True Humans. If you find Edvax and Wacka sooner rather than later, then you will be assigned to searching for True Humans for the remainder of the mission.”

“How long is the mission expected to last?” asked Nobhead.

“We expect it to last at least five Earth years.”

The room went silent for several moments.

“Are there anymore questions?” asked Maryrose telepathically.

Nobody spoke.

“You can all go back to your duties now and during your mission if you need to know anything at all please do not hesitate to ask me.”

Everyone in the room stood up and started to leave.

A message was heard by all on the spaceship, it said,

'The wormhole is now open and the ship is ready to enter, please prepare for speed factor three as we start our mission to Earth.'

Everybody went to do their relative duties. Junifer went to the front of the ship to look out of the window and to speak to Lathkeen who was already in there. Samari and Patreena went to their own rooms.

Junifer went up to Lathkeen and stood at the side of her, both were looking out of the large window, the wormhole was clearly visible straight ahead as the ship moved closer to it. It was a wonderful sight that not many True Human beings have ever seen. The ship started to judder slightly as it picked up speed, it was only a very slight sensation, but it was still noticeable. Junifer felt a shiver run down her spine and her stomach was full of butterflies. The day had finally arrived, she was on her way to find her long lost husband and his best mate. She stood there pensive for quite a while before sitting down to study the plan of events. She was determined to find Edvax and Wacka at any cost and now it was only a matter of time and a bit of old fashioned True Human patience before it became reality. She was deep in thought when Patreena walked in and put her hand on Junifer’s shoulder, the movement took Junifer by surprise, it made her quiver and gasp for air as if shocked.

“Sorry love did I startle you?” asked Patreena.

“Yes, you did a bit, my mind was on another planet.”

Patreena smiled at her friend and gave her a cuddle.

“Come on lets go get some food and take a rest.” said Patreena They both held hands as they walked through the door and walked down the corridor towards the galley. Patreena squeezed her friends hand forgetting she did not have full control over it.

“Oww,” muttered Junifer.

“Oops, sorry, I forgot about my bionic hand.”

“You will have to be careful with it on Earth.” said Junifer.

They went into their respective rooms laid down and fell asleep.

Junifer was dreaming, she could see her family as clear as day, all of them were there, laughing and having fun, she could hear a voice in the background saying,

“We have arrived please wake up.” It was Lathkeen using telepathy to inform them and to wake them up, it was a few minutes before Junifer actually did wake. The others were already awake busily moving around getting dressed and sprucing themselves up.

“How long have we been asleep?” asked Junifer.

“10 hours.” replied Samari.

“We have arrived in the Earth's Solar system.” said Patreena.

“Patreena we are passing a planet called Mars, named so by your hubby Wacka, he named it after his mums garden, I think you should take a look at it.” said Lathkeen smiling as she walked through the door.

All of them went towards the window, but could not see the planet clearly.

“Come up to the control room we will see it in more detail and close up.” said Lathkeen.

They all went out and hurried towards the lift and up to the control room , several people were already in there laughing and joking with each other.

“We have detected a probe on the planet and look what is at the side of the probe.” said Lathkeen.

Junifer and Patreena were gob smacked to see a large face on the planet, it was smiling at them.

“How has that got there?” asked Patreena.

“It was put there by your husbands two million years ago, they did it for a bit of fun and it has stayed there all this time without damage, not a meteor strike on it.” said Lathkeen.

“Can the people on Earth see it.” asked Junifer.

“Oh yes they can and it is bewildering to them how it was formed.” said Lathkeen whilst laughing.

The probe was picked up off the planet and the heart shaped spaceship then moved away towards Earth. It would not be long before they arrived. It was Junifer's intention to park the ship at the dark side of the Earth's Moon to avoid detection, not that it mattered, as the Earthlings did not have the power to deter the Perfectusians anyway, but it was best to be stealthy for the start of the mission.

There was a lot of activity on the ship, people were moving around all over the place, alarms were heard, engines and instruments on the shuttles were being tested, people were talking, it was very exciting for the reborns.

“Come on Patreena lets go and get kitted up for the mission.” said Junifer excitedly.

Samari smiled broadly as he watched the two women run about like youngsters in a sweet shop, but he too was excited about the mission.

The ship was stationary hidden behind the Moon, everyone who was going down to the planet Earth was ready and awaiting instructions to launch their shuttle craft, on the planet Earth there were people sending in reports to the police of an unidentified flying object approaching the Moon, but when the Governments were informed they just ignored them as they were ignorant to the public of this planet.

They boarded the shuttles. Junifer got the go ahead to launch her shuttle from the mother ship, she held her best friends hand and gently squeezed it, her pilot slowly lifted the shuttle up and sped out into the darkness of space towards the blue planet, other shuttles slowly followed all with their own destinations and missions on the planet Earth. It was not long before they were in the orbit of this blue planet, they were scanning the surface for a suitable place to start their mission, they decided a place called Wibsey in England was the ideal starting point and instructions were sent to the pilot to land there, on the way down they passed the I.S.S. Which had an Earth space shuttle attached to it, the pilot of the Perfectusian ship smiled at the thought of its primitive construction, an astronaut looked out at the same time as they passed it and looked shocked as he shouted for his comrades to take a look at the UFOs that were passing by, a button was pressed by the pilot to jam all communications between the Earth spaceship and its base of operations. A force field was initiated as the ship entered the atmosphere and it shook slightly as it went down into the clouds, everyone on board was looking out to view this strange World, small aircraft were seen flying about the place, it started to get dark as they entered the Earths shadow, lights of buildings and roads could clearly be seen, the space ship headed for a secluded area of trees called Judy Woods and landed in the middle, the ship was enveloped in a mist which made it invisible to the naked eye and all instruments of detection.

Junifer, Patreena, Samari and Lathkeen went to a smaller vehicle specially created for the mission, it was shaped like an Earth vehicle called an Hillman Hunter, but this was no ordinary vehicle for this could do almost anything required of it, the shape was only to make it blend in with other Earth transport. They climbed aboard and set off up an hill called Riding Hill, on the way they noticed a man at the side of the road, he was struggling to walk,

“Is he okay?” asked Samari.

“I don't know.” replied Junifer.

“Stop here I will see if he's okay.” said Samari, who then got out and went over to the man.

The man saw him coming and was a bit surprised at is clothes and stance, he changed direction to avoid this stranger.

Samari rushed over,

“Are you allright?” he asked the man in a language called English.

“Feck off.” came the reply.

Samari was bewildered at the reply and asked Lathkeen what it meant,

“It means go away.” she said Telepathically to Samari.

“I want to help you if you are having trouble walking.” said Samari.

“If you want to help me give us a tenner.” replied the man laughing.

“What is a tenner?” asked Samari.

“It is the local currency.” replied Lathkeen.

“Have we got any?” asked Samari.

“Yes, we have plenty.” replied Junifer who then handed Samari a bag of money, he took a few thousand out and gave it to the man, who simply said thanks and walked straight into a building named the Furnace Inn.

Samari got back into the Hillman, his first encounter with an Earth man was a strange one. They went up to a junction in the road and Junifer decided to put the vehicle in flying mode to survey the area, by this time the man who went into the Furnace was looking out of the window, he nearly died of heart attack when he saw the Hillman Hunter rise into the night sky, he soon decided not to tell anyone in there of his unexpected windfall, after all who would believe him.

The Hillman floated gently above the buildings towards the centre of a City Called Bradford, it was not in a very well kept condition, there was a massive hole in the centre with a large pool of stagnant water , small rodents were swimming freely in the pool.

“Are they the Rats that were sent to this planet on the first mission?” asked Patreena.

“Yes they are.” replied Lathkeen.

“They seem to be enjoying life here, they look well fed.” said Samari.

“Yes and over there are some mice which also were brought here, maybe we have misjudged the Earthlings.” said Lathkeen.

At that moment several loud bangs were heard.

All looked in the direction of the noise, an earthling was seen running down towards the pond, others were running behind him shouting. Other loud bangs were heard and the earthling fell to the ground.

“Samari go and see what's happening.” said Junifer.

Samari got out of the Hillman and went towards the man who was laying on the floor, he seemed to be injured, the other earthlings were getting closer to the man and were firing some sort of weapon at him. Samari took his knife out and froze the pursuers in their tracks whilst he tended the injured man. He could clearly see blood coming from his chest and hastily changed the setting on his knife to heal the man's none life threatening wound, a projectile came out of the wound and fell to the floor, Samari picked it up, he realised for some reason the pursuers were trying to kill this man. He touched the man on the forehead and he came around.

“Are you okay?” he asked the earth man.

“Who are you?” came the reply.

“I am Samari Tan from the planet Perfectus.”

“ Yer right and I am Ben Doon from the planet Gogetfucktus.” said the wounded man as he got up and ran away.

Samari let him go, he was bewildered at the man's reaction to his help, he defrosted the other humans and climbed back into the Hillman.

“Did you see that?”

“Yes we did.” replied Junifer.

“There is no law and order here, these people are oblivious to other peoples feelings, they are literally doing whatsoever they wish to each other, the stories are true about this place we have to be very very careful whilst roaming these streets, make sure your fields are on before we go out again.” said Lathkeen.

The vehicle slowly drove down the road towards a large beautiful building called the Bradford Cathedral.

“Lets go in and have a look.” said Patreena.

All four of them got out of the Hillman and went inside the Church.

“Wow, these earthlings build beautiful Churches.” said Samari.

A female earthling came towards them, Junifer could sense the warmth from this lady, she knew instantly that she was a True Human.

“Can I help you?” asked the lady.

“We are just looking at your beautiful Church, is it ancient?” asked Junifer,

“It was built about a thousand years ago.” replied the lady.

Patreena then put a signal above the ladies aura to let the mother ship know she is True Human ready for embarkation. The lady was unaware of this sign.

“Here are some leaflets to give you some history of the Church.” said the lady as she walked away.

“Thank you.” they all said together.

“Just look at those windows, are they not beautiful?” said Samari.

They spent a while looking around the Church and heard an alarm from outside.

“What's wrong with the Hillman?” asked Patreena.

They rushed outside to see why the Hillman was alarming.

A little runt of a man was trying to get into it, he was hitting it with a metal bar.

“What are you doing?” asked Patreena.

“What's it got to do with you bitch?” came the reply.

The vehicle has done nothing to you so why are you trying to damage it?” asked Patreena sternly.

The man walked over to Patreena and pulled out a knife.

“I will cut your throat if you don't feck off bitch.”

Patreena was not perturbed by this little man's threat and told him to go away and leave the Hillman alone. The others watched on in amazement. The man shoved his wretched little face as close as he could to Patreena's and shouted abuse at her.

She grabbed his nose with her left hand and gently squeezed it, unfortunately she was using the hand that was not full operational and his nose came off, the man ran away screaming with blood pouring down his face. Samari took his knife out and froze the man to the spot.

All of them were laughing at the spectacle.

“You will have to put it back on Patreena.” said Lathkeen.

Patreena walked over to the nose-less man and put his nose back on with special glue from her own multi function knife.

“You have put it back on upside down.” said Junifer whilst laughing.

“It serves him right, he should be more respectful of living and material things.” replied Patreena as she defrosted the little runt who then scuttled away into the darkness.

“Come on lets get back to Judy Woods.” said Junifer.

“Lets stay on the road Junifer, we may see more strange goings on.” said Lathkeen.

The Hillman set off down the road towards the city centre, no sooner had they turned left when there was an almighty bang and the Hillman shook. Another vehicle had hit it, one of the occupants had been thrown through the vehicle window and onto the Hillman, it was a male earth-man whose face was scrunched up against the window of the Hillman.

Junifer, Samari, Lathkeen and Patreena were stunned but unhurt, the Hillman had not a blemish on it, the earth vehicle was in a bad state, all seven occupants of the damaged vehicle ran away from the scene including the man who hit the Hillman window.

Patreena froze them all as quick as she could.

“Is everyone okay?” asked Samari.

“Yes.” came several replies.

“Let us go see what is happening and why they ran away.” said Junifer.

All of them got out of the Hillman and walked towards the men who were frozen solid in various states of pose. Some were injured with blood on their bodies, others were unhurt.

“Wake up the one who landed on the Hillman Patreena.” said Junifer.

He slowly woke up and looked straight at Junifer and thought he was seeing an angel., his face was bloody, his nose was squashed, Junifer looked directly back at him.

“Am I dead.” he asked her.

“No you are not dead, but you should be the way you hit our vehicle so hard, why were you going so fast?”

“Are you the police?”

“No, we are beings from another planet.” replied Junifer.

The injured man looked at Junifer and smiled,

“Yer right and I am a working man.” he said whilst laughing.

“Why were you going so fast?” asked Junifer again.

“We have stolen the car and wanted to get away from the scene so we don't get caught.” he replied nervously.

“Why do you steal things?” asked Junifer.

“Because we can do it without fear of capture and it is easier to steal than work for it.”

“What happens if you do get caught?” she asked.

“Nowt really, sometimes we may go to prison or maybe we will get fined a few quid, or they just let us off, who knows, anyway have yer got a fag on yer?” asked the man.

“What's a fag?” asked Junifer.

“You know, a cigarette or a splif or even a cigar.”

“I am sorry but we do not have those things, what happens to you when you go to prison?” asked Junifer.

“We get three hot meals a day, we get our own warm bed, we get access to television and radio, basically it is an holiday, the only thing we lose is our freedom.”

Junifer and the others were getting more confused by the hour, there seemed to be no sense of well being or sense of righteousness amongst some of these people, they just literally did whatever they wanted no matter who was hurt in the process, it was the first step before total anarchy and the governments did not appear to care.

“Come on, I have had enough for one day lets get back to the shuttle before something else happens.” said Junifer in a sad voice.

Patreena and Samari unfroze the others and let them carry on running.

They got back into the Hillman and arose into the air, at that point an alarm was heard, it was an alarm none of them had heard before, they looked down and saw a vehicle marked police that had blue flashing lights and was alarming. They just ignored it and carried on towards Judy Woods and the shuttle. On the way they noticed several of these police cars going in different directions.

A light message from the mother-ship came to them in the Hillman, it read,

'There is a faint signal from the other side of this Solar system's Sun.'

Junifer sent a reply telling them to send a shuttle to investigate what it is.

They arrived at Judy Woods and parked inside the shuttle.

“That was an experience I will never forget.” said Junifer.

“I am hungry.” said Patreena.

They all went into the galley and prepared some food and drink.

A robot came into the galley with supplies.

“Robot, how strong was that signal that was detected.” asked Lathkeen.

“It was very weak, but they think it could be from the original spaceship that came here in the past.” replied the robot.

“That's impossible.” shouted Samari.

Junifer looked at Patreena and she looked back, both stood up and left the area quickly and went straight to the control room and rushed in.

“Play that signal for us.” asked Junifer.

The signal was put over the shuttles tannoy, everyone could hear it.

“Speed it up.” asked Junifer.

The sound was once again put over the tannoy, it was speeded up three times

“Oh my God, it is the sound of an Albatross.” shouted Patreena as she put her hand over her mouth as in shock.

“What does that mean?.” asked Samari as he walked in.

“They have a distinctive sound when mating, Edvax named the only cyborg he could trust Albutross and installed a distress signal that only we would recognise into its system, it is that distress signal that you can hear.” replied Junifer excitedly.

Ask the mother-ship if they have sent a shuttle to investigate yet.” said Junifer.

A reply soon came back.

“The shuttle is on its way.”

“Ask it to come to earth to pick us up.” said Junifer.

They acknowledged the request.

“Patreena, are you coming with me?.” asked Junifer.

“I certainly am.” she replied quickly.

“I think all four of us should go.” said Lathkeen.

“Can I stay here, there are a lot of True Humans here that need our help. I want to start work as soon as possible and guide them to a better World.” said Samari in a quiet but stern voice.

Junifer walked up to him and put her arms around him and cuddled him.

“I understand how you feel Samari, you can stay here and do your work, we will see you soon, do be careful there are a lot of bad ones out there.” said Junifer.

The women prepared themselves for the journey to the other side of the Sun, it was not long before the shuttle arrived and they climbed aboard. It soon lifted off into the night sky and out into space. Earthlings were reporting it as a U.F.O. To the Police who were too busy to investigate it.

Samari did not waste any time, after eating he set off on foot out of the shuttle and walked up Riding Hill towards Shelf, it was getting light as the Sun was rising and he met a few people walking their dogs, all the animals just stood still and stared at Samari as he walked past them. Samari simply smiled to the dogs owners who for some reason they did not smile back. He carried on and turned left at the top of a road called Manorley Lane. Vehicles were on the main road speeding past him in both directions, some with loud noises coming from them that sounded like distorted music. Samari felt threatened and turned his personal force field on and carried on walking on the road. A vehicle stopped at the side of him, an ugly looking woman opened the window and shouted out loud,

“Yowt? Mush? Do you know where the fooking Furnace is?”

Samari looked at the woman and quietly replied.

“I am sorry but I am new around here and I don't know where anything is.”

She got out of the car and showed Samari a concealed weapon.

“Do you know what this is?” asked the woman.

“Is it a toothpick?” replied Samari seriously.

“No it fooking isn't, its a knife and I'm gunner cut yer balls off with it if you don't gimme all yer money.”

Samari lifted about twenty thousand pounds in twenty's out of his back pocket, the woman and her driver male friend looked at him with eyes aghast.

“Fooking strap a thousand dicks on my head, where did you get all that money from.” asked the ugly woman.

“Oh I have got loads of it back at the shuttle.” said Samari proudly.

“We want it all.” shouted the woman.

“Surely that is not allowed on this planet, don't you know its dishonest to steal things from other people?” asked Samari.

She poked the knife into Samari's stomach, the force field prevented it entering his skin, a small shiver went down the ugly woman's spine as she realised this was no ordinary man.

She shouted for her mate to come out and help, he soon came.

Vehicles were still speeding past them, no-one stopped to help Samari.

Both the ugly earthlings were now stood in front of Samari. They both looked like Fetid rejects thought Samari. Then the penny dropped he realised that somehow the original DNA must have been contaminated by the Fetids at the beginning of the mission to colonise this World.

It was time Samari acted and wondered what he could do with these two, he knew he could not kill them, but he could manipulate their appearance a bit, to sort of punish them for their dastardly deeds.

The dopey fat male earthling tried to put his fat arms around Samari, the female was trying to grab the money, Samari pulled out a weapon of his own and froze the two as they stood, he pondered as to what to do with them and then he had an idea that would quieten them both down for a long time to come.

He lifted the woman into the back of the car, then he lifted the man into the front, he cut the man's cock and balls off and implanted them onto the woman's vagina, he then created a vagina for the man and adjusted his inners to fit, he sealed the wound and redressed them both, he then put the man back into the driving seat and the woman into the front passenger seat, he unfroze them both at the same time. He gave them both a whiff of gas that would erase their memories of what had happened.

As they woke up he bent down and looked through the window and said,

“Have a nice day and thank you for the directions.”

The fat male started the vehicle and both looked at the strange man and drove off unaware of what had occurred, until they go to the toilet of course and then they were in for the shock of their lives.

Samari carried on walking on the road until he came to an earthling Church called Saint Michaels. He could sense warmth coming from the Church and decided to take a look inside, the gate creaked loudly as he opened it and walked through. He opened the large old wooden door into the Church and walked in, no-one was in there, he walked around admiring the beautiful stained glass windows and the small alter. He was going to leave a cup of essence of goodness but he soon realised this place did not need it and he slowly left the Church as he found it and turned left to carry on the road.

He heard a sound coming from above and looked up, it was a bird in the sky hovering majestically, he watched it for a while and then carried on.

He saw an old lady come out of large building with vast varieties of images on it, she was carrying three large bags with the letters lidl on them, she looked as though she was struggling so Samari went straight over the road to help, unfortunately he forgot about the traffic on the road, a vehicle hit him and knocked him to the other side, the woman looked at him shocked as Samari simply got up and went straight to her, the vehicle carried on as though they did not care if Samari was alive or dead, it was a classic hit and run.

“Can I help?” Samari asked.

“These bags are heavy lovey.” she replied.

Samari got his weapon out and sprayed a substance onto the bottom of each bag, this took the weight away and then it was like carrying bags of air for the woman.

“Thank you very much.” said the lady to Samari, as she walked away smiling.

Samari carried on walking on this road until he came to a building with a sign on saying Prince of Orange, he decided to go in, on a wall was a video screen and a man was singing and dancing, Samari went up to the bar area, a man stood behind the bar asked sternly,

“Yes sir, what can I get you?”

Samari looked at him and then looked around the bar, he realised it was some sort of refreshment place and ordered an orange juice, the bloke behind the bar gave him an orange juice and said sternly,

“That will be 90p please.”

Samari looked at him bewildered, but soon cottoned on to the fact the man wanted money for the drink so he gave him a 20 quid note out of a big roll of cash. The bloke took it and came back with the change.

There was great excitement on the ship. Patreena and Junifer were both nervously biting their beautiful nails as they looked through the window out into space, they could see a small dot in the distance, this is where the signal had been coming from, it has already been established to be the original mother-ship of the previous mission, but so far no sign of life had been detected on the ship.

Lathkeen walked into the control room and went up to the ladies.

“We have detected movement on the ship.”

Neither Junifer nor Patreena answered, both were staring intensely out to space, both were in a World of their own.

Lathkeen sent them both a thought message and at the same time they responded.

“Is it Edvax and Wacka?”

“We cannot detect life, only movement, it is possible the robots are still in service.” replied Lathkeen verbally.

“What, after all this time?” asked Junifer.

“Who knows until we get there what we may find.” said Lathkeen as she herself looked out of the spaceship window.

“How long before we arrive?” asked Patreena.

“We will be alongside in twenty Earth minutes.” replied Lathkeen.

“Heavens above, I will have to sit down, the suspense is killing me.” said Junifer nervously.

“Patreena went over to a drink dispenser and ordered two Portini on the rocks and took them over to Junifer.

“Here drink this it will perk you up a bit.” said Patreena as she drank out of her own vessel.

“Thanks.” replied Junifer.

“Why does time fly when your having sex but it crawls at times like this?” asked Patreena.

Junifer laughed at her friends comments.

“That reminds me, I wonder how Samari is coping with his walkabouts?” said Junifer whilst smiling.

“He will no doubt be helping people in trouble.” replied Patreena.

“I hope he doesn't have to get his weapon out whilst on walkabouts.” said Junifer still smiling.

“One thing is for sure, Samari knows how to use it if he needs to get it out.” said Patreena.

They both laughed.

Lathkeen spoke,

“Look at that, it is as though it was built yesterday, the robots must have been maintaining it all these years.”

They were alongside the massive spaceship.

“How soon can we board?” asked Junifer.

“There is something in all of the windows, I cannot make out what it is.” said Patreena.

“Never mind that, lets get to a shuttle and pop over and see for ourselves.” said Lathkeen.

The three ladies rushed out of the control room and went down to the small shuttle bay and climbed aboard a small shuttle.

“Will we need some security with us.” asked Patreena.

“No, we will be okay on our own, there is no sign of life on the ship and we have our forcefields to protect us from any possible danger.” said Lathkeen sternly.

The small shuttle lifted up and slowly went out of the doors as they opened.

Lathkeen sent a coded message asking the massive spaceship to open shuttle exit doors. The doors opened immediately and they slowly went inside, all three were shaking in anticipation of what they would find.

The small shuttle came to rest, all engines and instruments stopped, all was quiet, they went to the door and Patreena opened it, a gust of beautiful smelling fresh air hit them in the face.

“What is that smell?.” asked Lathkeen.

No-one answered.

They stepped out and onto the deck, there were flowers everywhere.

“What are they?” asked Lathkeen in amazement.

“They are Orchids.” Smiled Junifer.

A door opened and a robot came in.

“Soo here Sir.” said the robot.

All three looked at each other.

“What are your duties Soo?” asked Patreena.

“I am head cook and washer up Sir.” replied Soo.

“Do not call me Sir, you can call all three of us Madam and tell the rest to do the same.” said Patreena.

“Yes Madam.” replied Soo.

“Where have all these Orchids come from?.” Asked Lathkeen.

“Edvax asked us to look after them until he came back Madam.” replied Soo.

“Is Edvax on-board?” asked Junifer.

“No Madam.”

“How many robots are there on-board.” asked Lathkeen.

“There are ten including me Madam.”

“You have done a fantastic job looking after the ship and contents Soo, I want you to gather all the other robots and bring them here.”

“Yes Madam.”

“Are there any Cyborgs on the ship?” asked Junifer.

“We have one cyborg that was damaged a long time ago and has not been touched since, it is in Edvax's room.”

Junifer looked at Patreena and ordered Soo to take them to the room.

The robot went towards the door and it opened, the three girls followed, there were flowers in the corridors and beyond, the smell of fresh air was amazing. They passed a robot on the way,

“Dunconduty here Madam.” said the robot.

“Better not be.” said Patreena laughing.

After walking down several corridors they came to a room with Edvax's name on it and entered, on the floor was a Cyborg with external damage to its chest.

Lathkeen bent over it and used her knife to scan for any sort of electrical movement.

“Can it be repaired?” asked Junifer.

“I don't know yet, we need to get it to the Lab.” replied Lathkeen.

“Soo get a couple of robots to transport the Cyborg to the Lab.” said Junifer.

“Yes Madam.”

There was a diagram of the ship on the wall all three went to look at it.

“The lab is down the corridor we will go down and set up the equipment to try and repair the cyborg.” said Lathkeen.

All three walked out of the room and into the lab, it was several minutes before the robots arrived, the cyborg was placed on a large metal table, a robot spoke,

“Runt here Madam.”

“Runt, that is a strange name who gave you that name?” asked Lathkeen.

“I bet it was Edvax.” shouted both Patreena and Junifer at the same time whilst laughing.

“Yes Madam, it was indeed Edvax.” replied runt.

Lathkeen fixed the Cyborg up to the instrument panel to see if the memory modules were intact, instantly information was coming up on the screen. The modules were in perfect order, all information was recorded and played back. The girls watched in awe at the sight of their two husbands talking to the Cyborg all those years ago.

“I will go and try and get this ship on an orbit around the Moon.” said Lathkeen as she walked out of the door.

“Gather all the robots in one hour in the docking bay Soo.”

“Yes Madam.”

Junifer and Patreena watched the screen.

Edvax was about to name the Cyborg.

“I will call you Albatross; your duties will be to keep an eye on all the robots and the other two cyborgs. If there is a problem, no matter how trivial it is, you must report it to me or Wacka.”

“Fast forward it to when Edvax and Wacka were attacked.” said Junifer.

They watched as the intrepid seedanauts were brutally attacked by the rogue cyborgs.

“Stop it there.” shouted Junifer.

“Zoom in.”

They could see a figure in the background, hiding in the trees.

“It looks like Albutross.” said Patreena.

“Do you think he may have moved the bodies when Blayer and Boosh went away?” asked Junifer excitedly.

“It is possible, but how did he get back to the Mother ship?” asked Patreena.

“Lets get back to Earth as quick as we can, leave Albutross in here, the technicians can check him out on our Mother ship.” said Junifer.

Samari went to an empty seat and sat down with his drink, he watched the screen, the man on it was singing and dancing, Samari started tapping his feet to the music, 'this is good ' he thought to himself as he looked around the room, there were seven others in the room, two were talking really loudly as if they wanted the whole World to listen, none of it made sense to Samari.

He watched the screen as other singers and dancers came into view, one in particular caught his eye, she was called Christina Aguilera, Samari could not take his eyes off her as she writhed about the screen singing her heart out.

“Excuse me.”

“Excuse me sir.” shouted a voice out loud of which shocked Samari as he watched the screen.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” asked Samari.

“You have dropped something on the floor, under the table.” said the stranger with an unwashed face and clothes to match.

Samari picked it up, it was his multi function weapon.

“Thank you very much, for being so honest, can I buy you a drink?” asked Samari gratefully.

Samari pulled his wad out and gave the stranger a twenty quid note.

“Thanks.” said the stranger as he walked back towards the bar.

Samari finished his drink, stood up and walked to the door and out of the pub, no-one inside spoke, but all watched the tall good looking stranger walk out, a bunch of males were coming in at the same time and bumped into Samari all were carrying metal bars and wooden clubs he counted nine of them they were smelly spotty unkempt characters, ugly in the extreme, Samari went back into the place and watched as the mob went straight through and out of the other side, "Thats him." shouted one of them as the rest waded in with their weopens and hit the poor guy until he was on the floor covered in blood. Samari went out the back and froze them one by one, he went over to the injured man and tended his wounds.

"Are you okay?." asked Samari.

"What the hell it me." he replied.

"Those males were hitting you for some reson and I do not think they would have sto