Pen and Pencil drawings.

These artworks are for my graphic book I am writing about my life in Buttershaw and Wibsey and bradford since I was eight years old. If I do not have a real picture of a past event in my life then I will draw it from memory and put it in my book, they are not intended to be works of art but merely graphic descriptions.

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She took all. 2011    Folly Hall Mills in Pencil 2013.           

Concert Room, BHWMC 2012.    Handy 2012.    I turned my Heart into a Book. 2001    This drawing is a Tribute to Mary. 2010    Leander [ A character from my Book. 2003]    A Nude painting. 2011.

Let Me finish. 2012   Heart Attack 2012.    Take Time off and Create. 2012    Spacetravel, a picture for a Book. 2012.    The Windowsill 2012.    The Beach. 2012.   Cat and Giraffe. 2012.  

Molten Iron in your boot.   Managers office.   The Dambusters.   A bully at School.   A mixture of flowers in pencil.   A belly bar.  

John Street Market 1964 ish.   Dogracing down Beck 1960s.   Smallwoods dry cleaners. became Dubarrys.   Shelf Woods 1964.   Front window.  

Build a Guider 1964.   The Volcano.   The Tunnel.   Nelly fell off his bike and saw bluebirds.   Plot night 1965.   Beck Hill Working Mans Club. 1970.

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