The Househusband's Idea's and Innovation's page.

This page will be full of gadgets and idea's and inventive ways of making life easier for the average Human being.

Everybody in the Househusband home will contribute to this particular page.

Our First idea relates to the humble gaming keyboard. All the people in the Househusband home like to play games on the internet. The most favourite game is Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory. Both games are best played in the dark but unfortunately sometimes you press the wrong button on your keyboard simply because you cannot see them properly. Albutross's idea is for a keyboard that either has letters and numbers that are luminous or can be lit up at the touch of a button. see illustration       Keyboard Illustration

Our Second idea relates to children's pushchairs. All parents know how difficult it is to pull a pushchair up a flight of stairs. Well this idea hopefully from Albutross will make it as easy to pull your pushchair up a flight of stairs as it is to pull it on flat ground.  see illustration  The easypulling pushchair.

Our Third idea relates to the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Mr Dyson overcame a lot of obstacles before is creation became a reality and we have had a Dyson vacuum cleaner since the famous DC01 was put on the market. We love the awesome suction power. Unfortunately there is one problem with it and Perisher has tried to solve it. see illustration The Beltless Vacuum Cleaner

Our Forth idea relates to the gamers computer desk. Have you ever noticed the shape of the desks on offer are all designed for people who sit facing the desk directly in front. In reality gamers [People who play computer games a lot] are always facing their desks at an angle. Well Perisher our computer whizzkid has come up with this design to solve the problem of keyboards overhanging the desk.   The Gamers Computer Desk

Our Fifth idea relates to stacking tin cans on top of each other. Well Salteena our resident keep fit Fanatic has come up with an ingenius Innovation [nice one Salteena] The Tin Can Shelfer

Our Sixth is an ingeneous idea for a cord for your bath plug, 2010 we experienced on several ocassions the cord on our plug broke and we ended up with a loose plug, some bright spark called me; had this idea and it works to a treat.Plug cord.

The Toilet Roll Holder super grip

Fun with Sparklers.

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