in France. 2014 and behond.

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Statues in A quiet field in France. 2014

A Beautiful picture made of six square tiles over a doorway in France.   St Aubin Fosse Louvain.   A Buzzard.   A Lovely French Park. 2014   A Shop Window. 2014   An Airport in France 2014.   One way to get to France 2014.   Another way to get to France. 2014   Someone made use of an old Ladder. 2014  

A Coypu. 2014   Pine Tree.   Lets go down this Road.   Finch stands proudly on a post. 2014   Flowers in full bloom 2014.   Sharing a Meal in France 2014.   The oldest Tree in France 2014.   Mayenne 2014.

The Sun goes down in Gorron 2014.  Boucherie 2014.  Butterflies in Gorron 2013.   The Red Moon in Gorron. 2013   A grey Cat in Gorron 2013.   An Hornet in Gorron 2013.   Cycling in the Countryside in Gorron 2013.   Boutique.

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