Buttershaw Waste Management. put on here in 2003

Did you know that Buttershaw in Bradford, has a unique Human Waste Management Plant of its own.

It is situated underground, on land locally known as the Beck, between  Edge End Road  and Cooper Lane.

The Househusbands have created an animated G.I.F. [See Below] to give you some idea of what it is like.

Waste enters the first tank and then some of the solids settle to the bottom, it overflows into the next tank where any solids that have got over the first tank settle down to the bottom, in Theory the idea is that when it gets to tank 3 it is clean water and this overflows into the stream in the middle of the Beck.

Well I think they forgot about one major aspect when they designed it, and that is the weather.

We were brought up in Buttershaw and on many occasion when it had rained heavy there was Human Waste flowing out of the system and into the beck, we used to laugh and joke about the size and shape of some of the stools floating freely downstream. We would climb inside the system to catch rats with our dogs. There was a testing station situated halfway down the stream where Council workers used to test the water coming out of the system. For some reason the council stopped testing the water and knocked the testing station down. But the concrete base is still there.

If you paddled or swam in the water downstream, you would be doing it in Buttershaws Sewage Water.

underneath is a picture of the Sewer outlet I took in 2005.

underneath is a picture of the Beck above the Sewer Outlet.

underneath is a picture of the other end of the Tunnel running under Carr House Lane.

Go under the Tunnel safely [not recomended in reality] with us.  https://flic.kr/p/2pAsuir   

It is quite possible that the Council have now [2024] connected Buttershaw to the Mains Sewer.

The Beck has changed a lot since we played down there and now there are houses on the shelf side of the stream.

There were houses there 100 years ago see this Picture   The Furnace on the Beck between Shelf and Buttershaw

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