Bradford in the year 2005 and beyond.


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And underneath is Bradford in the year 2006







Click here and Take a look at Bradfords beautiful Cathedral.   in 2007 Bradford Cathedral 2007.


And underneath is Bradford and Bingley in the year 2007 



Three rise locks 2007      Views around the locks 2007     Five Rise Locks 2007  


Sir Titus Salts Mills.    The lake is still there.


Underneath are a dozen views taken from the Big Wheel at the side of  City Hall in october 2007, unfortunately we were shooting into the Sun but still managed to get some good uns.


The Wheel.   Top of Hall.   Going up.   Close up of the Clock.   Rooftops.  


   Over the City.  Into the distance.   Looking towards St Georges Hall.


The Clock Tower.   Inside the cage.    From inside the cage.   Downwards.  


Bradford in the year 2008.


The Sun rises.  Odeon 2008  Odeon Triffids  Odeon Plants   Triffids.


Odeon Sprouting.  Dome of Life.   Odeon.   Forster Square October 21st 2008.   Forster Square October 21st 2008.


Cenotaph.   The Big Wheel is back in Bradford.   The Oastler Statue.   The Boy and Barrel pub.   Not Reet sure about this building.   Multi Coloured advertising.

In October 2008 we nipped over to Lister Park to have a look around and also to visit Cartwright Hall. Underneath are some pictures of the trip.

We asked for permission to take some pictures and were told we could but we should not use flash, so some of the pictures may be darkish.


Cartwright Hall entrance 2008.   Statue in the Grounds.   Waterfall.   Statue of Mr Cartwright   Waterspouts.   Colourful Trees.   Nutty Squirrel.


Art.   Female Statue.   Statue.   Hercules.   Bronze Stag.   Bandstand.


Painting.   Painting.   A Painting inside the Hall.   A Painting inside the Hall.   A Painting inside the Hall.   A Painting inside the Hall.   A Model of the Hall.


     Bradford in the year 2009.


J. B. Priestley. O.M.   Bradford Beck 2009.   A Fountain.   Ye Olde Forster Square 2009.   Bradford City Hall 2009.   Looking towards The Beautiful Historic Cathedral.   Bradford Cathedral.




  Bradford in the year 2010.


Bradford 2010.   Bradford 2010.   Bradford 2010.   Bradford 2010.   Bradford 2010.   Bradford 2010.


Bradford 2010.   Bradford City football ground. 2010   Oasis.   Giant Rat collarred in Forster Square, Bradford August 2010.


We visited the City Hall on 11th of September 2010, it was  an open day for the Public, here are a few pictures.


The Trowel used to lay the first Stone.   City Hall.   Dining Room.   Lord Mayors Parlour.   Lady Mayoresse's Parlour.   Dome in the hall.


A picture inside.   Great Horton Library.   Corridor.   Display Cabinet.   Descisions to make.   Pictures.


Treasure.   Model.  Statues.    A Painting of Bradford in 1835 ish.    A few landmarks.

Bradford in the Year 2011.


I bought an old Ford car, I had to take it to the Ford dealers on Canal road for a free health check after it broke down. I walked back into town to catch the bus home, on the way I took some pictures of the Bradford Urban Garden.


Bradford Urban Garden March  2011.    Individual letters.


I did not take any photos of Bradford in the Year 2012 or 2013 because I was ill and lost my interest in anything and all things.


These were taken in 2014.

Bradford Industrial Museum. 2014. 

These were taken in 2015.



and in 2016.




I visited Bradford in 2022 to see my Mother who still lives there, here are a few pictures as we roamed around


Still under construction with more images to come.

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