Bits and Bobs 2002.

When people upgrade their computers they always seem to hang onto their old bits and pieces when in reality they could sell them on to other computer users who cannot afford to buy new parts. There should be some sort of swap shop online that people could use to exchange parts with each other.

I had a perfectly good ati tv card on my windows 95 pc and upgraded my software to win me then the card would not work and I could not find any new drivers online. Eventually I gave the card away to another windows 95 user who is still using it today. But it just goes to show that when you upgrade one part of your computer then another part does not like the change.

I built a computer out of old bits and pieces and ended up with a decent system for my daughter. She used it for a few weeks and then went out and bought an  Apollo printer without consulting me first. Unfortunately the  connection to the P.C. from the printer was USB and there were no USB connections on the base unit. so she could not use it. I took the computer to bits and found the motherboard did support USB but it had 8 pins instead of 10 pins. I had a 10 pin connection but could not get hold of the older 8 pin connection. So I went online to try and find out what the extra pin was actually for and come to the conclusion the extra grey wire could be taken away and I converted the 10 pin USB connection into an 8 pin connection by removing one of the grey wires. To my surprise it worked straight away and she has had no problem with her printer or any other USB device since.



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