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I am not a religious person at heart but I do believe Jesus did exist and he did suffer at the hands of man.

We are supposed to be civilised human beings now in the year 2003 but unfortunately in reality we are not, there is more murders and violent incidents in this country than ever before in our history.

Everyday you hear of someone being murdered or robbed or violently assaulted in this country and it seems to just get worse and worse each year. Governments do nothing, they are just not interested in home affairs. We have one of the best trained Armed Forces in the world and all the househusbands are really proud of what the army, navy and air force stand for and what they do to make us feel safe at home and abroad. The government should concentrate on making our beautiful country a safe place to live for the majority of decent people who live in it.

So far I have read about one tenth of the Bible and it has been all about war and violence.

One person who has got my attention is called Gideon.

Gideon had problems with some bad people 2000 years ago and he plotted revenge on the people who hurt him and his family, after a while he got his revenge and in the bible it calls the story Gideon's Revenge.   Bad People.

Obviously there are good people in the Bible and a favourite is the good Samaritan. He as far as I am concerned represents everything that modern man should be, but unfortunately modern man is far too greedy and self-centred and is not in the same league as the good Samaritan. I suppose it is harder in this modern age to be a good Samaritan, due to the attitudes of the people who need assistance. Let me give just one example of what I mean.

A modern day Samaritan was walking down a street in Bradford, England. A middle aged couple were at the bottom arguing, when the  Samaritan got to where they were the man was beating the lady with his fists, the Samaritan immediately interfered and told the man to stop it, the man started to swear at the Samaritan and carried on hitting the woman, the Samaritan got hold of the man and dragged him away from the woman and the two men ended up fighting between themselves. The Samaritan was getting the better of the man until the woman turned on the Samaritan and both the man and woman laid into the Samaritan and knocked him unconscious. The Samaritan ended up in hospital and the couple were never traced. This is typical of how ungrateful and ignorant and undisciplined and vile modern man is. But when I spoke to the Samaritan he said he would do it again. See The Good Samaritan

The story of Moses is a bit confusing to me. I can understand the way he led his people to the promised land, but some of the things that happened trying to get there are a bit hard to comprehend. See Moses

The Offering of Fruit is what we should all do to each other on a regular basis. Fruit is one of the things in life that is good for your Health and it would be such a nice gesture for people to do. See Picture

The story of Abraham sacrificing his own son Isaac. How can any man kill his own son [even if God told him to] but when God realised he was going to do it God sent down an angel to prevent him from sacrificing his son Isaac.     See Picture

Here is a modern day story that I think is relevant to the Bible itself.  In the news today on the 1st of July 2003 is one of the worst news stories I have ever heard in all my life. Scientists are thinking of taking fertile eggs from dead babies to use in ivf treatment, in other words it will be possible  that a child will be born whose natural mother will be an aborted foetus. This cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstances. Why is the Human being turning out to be so cruel and thoughtless. Why are we ordinary decent caring people letting these Frankenstein's get away with awful things like this. Surely we should be looking at other ways of helping people who need ivf treatment. Surely we should be evolving into better Human Beings and not  worse.

The story of Noah's Ark is another that is hard to comprehend and if it ever did happen then it should happen again A.S.A.P. because what is happening in this world at the moment is far worse than what was happening when Noah was supposed to be alive.........Full Stop


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