An Allotment or Garden Plot according to our Council.

Up and down the country of England there are hundreds of allotments that people can rent from their council on a yearly basis to grow their own fruit and veg, we aquired this one in September 2007, it was vastly overgrown with weeds and had a lot of broken glass on it but we decied to take it on, the huts that were on it were in bad shape, one was taken down and the others repaired using materials from the hut that was taken down. We have ceated a story of the progress and the enjoyment of having an allotment.

Soon as I saw the state of the plot I realised I would need lots of help to cultivate it. There are now four of us involved in the plot and each has a quarter of the land to work on. The first few pictures were taken at the very begining in November 2007.

I have not had the motivation to write about the allotment until now May 13th 2010. We have had a lot of problems over the last three years with vandals and we had to involve the police on several occasions. The crime numbers just kept going up. We were ready to throw the towel in after failing to entice fresh blood into the project, this changed in late 2009 when I was approached by my in-laws who wanted to help, since that day we have progressed very much even though we have had our new hut broken into.


The Allotment was being attacked by Vandals and Ferrels so we packed it in, we now live in an unlawfull Country.

here are some pics of damage and of our hard work done for the Ferrels to destroy.

The Robin watched us work.

The hard work we put into it was amazing.

We sieved the Soil.

We found Pottery and Bottles.

They destroyed it bit by bit.

This Parliament is totally useless in every sense of the word.......


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