Space and Time

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In the news today are announcements of a comet heading towards Earth on collision course, it is going to take 15 or 16 years to get here so no reason to panic as yet. 

All the members of the Househusband home are fascinated by space and time. we like to get together on a clear evening and have a drink in the garden and look up to the sky and observe the stars and many objects flying high above, some of them are satellites reflecting the suns light, they seem to vanish all of a sudden when in earths shadow. Obviously history as well as future is part of time and space and is regularly discussed in our get together. Perisher is an avid eclipse of the sun fan and has travelled all over the world to watch them.  

It was in the news that the planet earth is getting fatter in the middle, if it is true it would explain all the climate change we are experiencing around the world.

Did you know that the earth is 3 million miles closer to the sun in wintertime. [in the northern hemisphere]

The moon takes 76 years to complete its orbit round the Planet Earth.

The People who lost their live's when the Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated on re-entry into the earths atmosphere were true Heroes and deserve to be recognised as such. It takes some guts to do what they do and America should be proud of them.

There is an organisation called S.E.T.I. who have been searching for extra terrestrial life in the vastness of space for 40 years and have found nothing so far. The people involved are very dedicated to their work and they have our respect and admiration for their patience.

The Americans sent a probe to try and intercept a Asteroid called Eros, all sorts of things went wrong with the probe in the early stages of its flight towards Eros and it was miles off course before they could do anything about it. It took an extra year and 12million extra budget before they got it back on track for Eros. The probe did not let them down again and surpassed NASA'S wildest dreams by sending beautiful crisp images of the comet and allowing the NASA technicians to land the probe on the surface of the Asteroid. We salute the sheer skill and determination of all NASA personnel......Well done   See Eros


and Rosetta

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Shooting Stars  in Bradford

Life after Death. 


Light speed



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