My father [God rest his soul] bought himself a wheelchair a year before he died and all the family decided to donate the wheelchair to the hospital where he was treated for the disease he had. [Parkinsons disease]

The wheelchair was stolen by a two legged animal called a scumbag. I wrote to the Local newspaper to try and get it back to the Hospital. Unfortunately the scumbag has still got the wheelchair. The paper wanted a photograph of the wheelchair but we did not have one. But saying that we will recognise it as soon as we see it, because it had a painting of an eagle on the back that my father painted on himself.

Here is a copy of the story in the local paper. Any resemblance to other stories around the world are purely coincidental.


Wheelchair plea by dead man's son

A Wibsey man has made an impassioned plea for the return of a special wheelchair he believes has been stolen from St Luke's Hospital.

Edward and his family donated the wheelchair to St Luke's after the death of his father, also named Edward.

Edward Senior suffered from Parkinson's disease and had to save up to buy the special Mobility wheelchair, which cost around 1,000.

He had decorated the wheelchair himself, using the artistic skills he used therapeutically in his fight against his nervous system disorder. On the back of the chair is a distinctive design which features a silver and blue eagle backed by clouds.

When he died in January 1998, aged 66, his wife Sheila decided to donate the chair to Ward F3 at St Luke's Hospital, where he had been a patient for several years.

His son Edward said: "When my father died, the wheelchair was not being used and we did not know what to do with it until my mother suggested we donate it to the hospital."

But two weeks ago the wheelchair went missing from the front entrance of St Luke's hospital.

After an extensive search, carried out by staff, the chair has still not turned up - despite its distinctive appearance.

And now Edward fears the worst, saying: "I believe it has been taken by somebody."

He appealed for the wheelchair's return, saying: "Can I appeal through your newspaper to the Bradford people and other thoughtful and compassionate human beings throughout the region to help trace the chair? It is despicable to steal from a hospital, especially when it is so vital for the wellbeing of other human beings."

Bradford Central police confirmed that a wheelchair had been reported stolen.

A hospital spokesman said that the disappearance of the wheelchair was mysterious and that its whereabouts remained unknown but said that staff at the hospital had not given up hope of locating the chair somewhere in the hospital.

He said: "Edward can be assured that we will do everything we can to find the wheelchair."

This story was printed in 1999 and the wheelchair is still missing today June 2nd 2003.

update.  The wheelchair is still missing today February 28th 2019.