Perisher.  I am a keen golfer and will take control of this page.

My golfing days started when I was a teenager. we used to go the local park and play on a ten hole putting green. we lost more golf balls than we got into the actual holes on the green. The putting green was on the edge of an historic woodland near Halifax in Yorkshire, there was a pond at the bottom which contained loads of crested newts and frogs, the council had the pond filled in and the newts perished. But that was twenty years ago and now crested newts are protected by law. The putting green is still there and the historic wood is also well maintained and cared for by local groups and local people. I find the best time to go through the woods is in springtime when all the plants and trees are coming to life. 

My handicap is 9 and I try to play at least once a week usually on a Sunday and sometimes while I am  on holiday. I do not enter many competitions because of my hectic lifestyle.  

This is Salteena learning to play the Game of Golf.


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