Beautiful art.

Here are some paintings and pictures painted and taken over the last three hundred years for your perusal from your own armchair in the safety of your own home, we hope you enjoy looking at  beauty created by Man and Woman.

A Family group.   Mars and Venus.   Origin of the Milky Way.   Saint George.   The Holy Family.   The Mystic marriage of St Catherine.

Shakespeare talking to Anne Hathaway   Owls.   Canon with deciples.   Bachus and Ariadne.   Christs agony in the garden.   Death of Procrius.

Napoleon.    Autumn leaves.   More Autumn leaves.   Bay.   Countess.   Daydreamer.   A Dutch home.

Dutch waterway.   Egypt.   An horse fair.   Roman Canal.

In the wood.   Kerry.   Lady with the big boobies.   Lady with fan.   A Landscape.   His Misstress.   Sir Isumbras.

A Spy in the camp.   A Stampede.   The Madonna.   The Night watch.   The Young shepherd.   A Villa.

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